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Photo Of SCP-7048-2 Prior To It Being Played.

Item #: SCP-7048

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7048-1 through SCP-7048-4 are to be kept in a standard containment locker within Storage Wing-48 in Site-484 and regularly checked for degradation and erosion in an environment measured at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity.1

Description: SCP-7048 is a series of 4 film reels, each designated SCP-7048-1 through SCP-7048-4. Each film reel is labeled 'Gilliam Gilcrest Film Productions.' GGFP is a potential group of interest under investigation following the Discovery of SCP-7048.2

When one of the instances of SCP-7048 is placed inside a projector, the individual viewing the film will be transported into the film and placed into the role of the main character, and will act through the entire movie before returning to the real world once the film ends.

Recovery Log: SCP-7048 came to the Foundation's attention when one of its agents, Agent Dalton Lively, was cleaning out his father's attic, following his passing, before coming across the SCP in a cardboard box. Believing it to be a standard film reel, Agent Lively placed SCP-7048-2 in a projector also found in the attic before proceeding to be transported into the film.

Once the film had concluded and Agent Lively was returned to the real world, he contacted the SCP Foundation to turn it in.


Following the discovery of SCP-7048, four tests were conducted to see the contents of each film reel.


During further investigations into Agent Lively's attic, a carrying case for SCP-7048 was discovered. On the carrying case was a message to whoever purchased the SCP.

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