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Small Amount of SCP-7047.

Item #: SCP-7047

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-7047 is stored in an object containment locker at Site-14. With the exception of testing purposes, SCP-7047 is to be directly observed when outside of its containment unit.

Containment Procedures are scheduled to be updated pending the results of Addendum-05.

Description: SCP-7047 is a large collection of dominoes. Other than its ability to absorb ambient kinetic energy, it possesses no physical anomalies.

SCP-7047's anomalous properties occur when a large amount of it is placed in a localized area and is not observed for an indeterminate period of time.12 SCP-7047 will reposition itself in one or multiple lines; nearby objects may be repositioned so they are significantly involved with the anomaly's domino effect in some fashion.

The chain reaction begins when the first tile tips over. While the endpoint of the chain reaction may change during each activation, it is hypothesized to be dependent on the objects, areas, and individuals present near SCP-7047 during that time.

Discovery: SCP-7047 was recovered following an explosion occurring at a sewer line in Lucknow, India. The Foundation took over the investigation and made mention of the words "Miracle Liberation Front"5.

While the bodies found were too damaged for proper identification, documents recovered from the scene indicated that MLF had established a base in the area. SCP-7047, alongside other anomalous items that were stored there, were used in part for the purposes of weaponization, and advancements in technology.

SCP-7047 activated during Foundation transport, causing massive traffic delays and mass exposure of its properties to nearby civilians, necessitating prolonged amnestization. SCP-7047 was then transferred to Site-14 for further study.

Addendum-01: On 12/17/2013, Agent Rodney and Agent Polk were present at Site-14 to review and cross-examine recently uncovered information pertaining to MLF. At the same time, SCP-7047activated.

Addendum-02: The aftermath of SCP-7047's activation led to multiple casualties, the loss of several anomalies, and Site-14 sustaining significant damage. It was believed that this was the end of the event. However, it was later discovered that most of SCP-7047 had vanished without apparent cause.

This coincided with a series of highly improbable events occurring across various areas of the globe. Below is a partial list of known recorded events.

Location Event
El Paso, United States Following the announcement of Mango Margallo's death, many of his fans set up makeshift memorials within the city limits of El Paso, Texas. Several patrons had gotten heavily inebriated and started a brawl, which escalated when the nearest bar close to the memorial got involved in the fight. One of the patrons decided to drive away from the scene in a panic and inadvertently crashed into another car smuggling illegal fireworks. A Canadian tourist happened to witness the crash and managed to steal some of the fireworks before police arrived. An SCP-7047 tile was found near the bottles of beer the patrons were drinking.
British Columbia A Canadian couple had set up a baby shower in the countryside. Witnesses reported that the father had launched several fireworks as a means of revealing the gender of the baby. Instead, one of the fireworks collided with a hill, starting a massive wildfire and putting the nearby Native American settlement in danger. The couple was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. The baby was revealed to be a girl. An SCP-7047 tile was found near where the fireworks were being stored.
Bern, Switzerland Tommy Baso, a member of a local doomsday cult, witnessed a rampant wildfire occurring in Canada on the news. Believing it to be a sign of the end times, Baso decided to rob a jewelry store before fleeing the country. However, Baso attempted to rob a gun store by complete accident instead. Federal investigators had to identify Baso by his driver's license due to his facial features being completely unrecognizable. An SCP-7047 tile was found in his pockets.
Johannesburg, South Africa. In the aftermath of Baso's death, the Global Occult Coalition found evidence that he had major ties to a fast-growing Sarkic cult in South Africa. Coalition forces were deployed and encountered the cult, engaging in a large-scale human sacrifice operation in an attempt to revive an unknown deceased entity. The conflict resulted in high causalities and the near nuclear destruction of Johannesburg. Fortunately, the crisis was narrowly resolved in favor of the Coalition; the remaining cult members transformed into birds and fled the country. An SCP-7047 tile was found at the scene.
Firestone, Colorado A geriatric man was mowing his lawn when he saw a flock of birds flying in the sky when he suffered severe stomach pains. The man panicked and ran back into his residence. The lawnmower continued to operate and eventually left the premises. An SCP-7047 tile was found in the toilet bowl.

These events were connected to each other in some fashion, and an SCP-7047 tile is always found at the scene. The most widely-accepted theory for this is due to SCP-7047's kinetic-absorption properties; the anomaly had absorbed high amounts of kinetic energy outside its containment unit in a long time frame, leading to the augmentation of its preexisting capabilities.

Foundation assets were deployed to require missing SCP-7047 tiles, and mitigating disruptions caused by the anomaly. New intel suggested that SCP-7047 next activation would occur within or near El Paso County, Colorado, United States.

MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") and multiple agents were deployed into the area in response, in the hope of stopping SCP-7047's influence.

Addendum-03: Complication arose during the operation; Epsilon-6 encountered and got into a violent confrontation with a highly trained reality-bender, resulting in several causalities and the loss of private property. The SCP-7047 tile was recovered and the entire town was amnestized in the aftermath.

Shortly after, additional SCP-7047 tiles remerged in events corresponding to the anomaly's modus operandi. Among these included:

  • A bank teller slipped on the floor caused by a leaky water cooler. The teller suffocated due to a large number of banknotes stuffed into his trachea.
  • A Ferris wheel detaching from its support and rolling away from a traveling carnival. Despite it theoretically being too heavy to support its own weight, the wheel managed to spin twenty miles before tipping over. There were no casualties reported, and the riders commented that it was 'frightening, but got fun soon after, then boring.'
  • A group of local kids were playing a game of jacks when a bucket of black paint spilled on them from above. The kids cried.
  • The UIU were conducting a raid on an individual suspected of selling illegal paratechnology. Their intel was wrong, however, and they instead raided a marijuana farm. An outlet fire occurred and burned the farm. The UIU agents ended up being put on temporary paid leave for 'accidental doping.'
  • Agent Polk and Agent Rodney were leaving a convenience store when the former tripped and dropped his bottle of liquor on the sidewalk. They inspect the area and find an SCP-7047 tile under Agent Polk's shoe. Agent Polk flies into a rage until being calmed down by Agent Rodney.

Unlike earlier observations, subsequent SCP-7047 events appear to occur rapidly and more than half of them do not appear to connect with each other. The Foundation tracked a major SCP-7047 event that was inbound towards Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. In preparation, Foundation brought in several SRA's, experimental technologies, and Foundation plants in the area to contain the anomalous phenomena.

Addendum-04: In the aftermath, Agent Rodney and Agent Polk reported two tiles in their possession; no were found at the scene of the anomaly. Due to deviation from the typical behavior of SCP-7047 further investigation was authorized. While the anomalous phenomena that have taken place within █████ ████████ have sufficiently ceased, it was found that, during containment efforts, multiple co-independent SCP-7047 events have split off from the main anomaly.

While the exact number of coinciding SCP-7047 events have varied, it is theorized that ten to twenty are existing at once at any given time. Furthermore, it appears that SRA's have no effect on SCP-7047.

Weeks later following the event of Addendum-04, SCP-7047 had been exclusively targeting other groups and locations associated with other GoI's:

Location Event
Munich, Germany A bio-mechanic jellyfish-like creature was captured by the GOC. Before the creature could be slated for termination, a lightning bolt had struck its body, augmenting its psychic abilities and teleporting elsewhere. Current tracking reports suggest it is heading towards the Eastern Coast of the United States. An SCP-7047 tile was recovered in the area where the lightning struck.
Florida, United States The Sarkic cult that had fled Johannesburg attempted to resume its previous activities until being stopped by the UIU and GOC. Only several members survived due to heavy car traffic caused by a fallen tree; the group has been rumored to be settled in the Northeastern portion of the United States. An SCP-7047 tile was recovered by the tree.
Yokohama, Japan The Church of the Broken God were attempting to introduce multiple thaumaturgic spells into the internet when a power outage occurred. Although the spell failed, massive surges of thaumaturgic energy traveled through data networks and servers across the world. The energy has been traced somewhere in the state of New York, United States. An SCP-7047 tile was found at the group's base of operations.
Toronto, Canada A MLF-based operation team was stationed in New York City. They had become alerted to the situation and diverted significant resources to confronting SCP-7047. The team fled when Foundation forces attempted to intercept them but did recover their notes in the process. Instead of the MLF doing their best to capture and weaponize the anomaly as previously thought, it is now known they were tasked with destroying the anomaly in its entirety, basing their previous experiences with it, and information gleaned from their precognitive members claiming catastrophic results if SCP-7047 is not stopped soon.

Addendum-05: As of 07/03/2014, a new development concerning SCP-7047 occurred. All events were making their way to New York City. The Foundation decided to work alongside the GOC and the UIU, citing the threat of an SK-Class "Broken Masquerade" scenario all available Foundation resources and assets were on scene, and the city was put on lockdown.

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