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Begin Audio Transcript - Call Log - 7/7/2022 - 09:24:77 - Site-19 Documentation Dept. TO Site-19 Director's Office

Dir. O'Leary: Hey Clarence, what's the issue?

C. Robinson: Hey, you ever tell the secretary there I think she's cute?

Dir. O'Leary: Still at that? You know I can't do that, man.

C. Robinson: (chuckling) I was hoping this might be the lucky call. Anyway, calling for a handful of reasons. One was to finally give you a congratulations now that you're actually in the office. Can't be any more of a pain than Director August, I can tell you that much. The department here's rooting for you.

Dir. O'Leary: Well I appreciate that! Settling in around here has been an absolute mess, what with yesterday's power outage and some things shaking around up top.

C. Robinson: Power outage? Where at?

Dir. O'Leary: Like, the whole building's security cams. There's just no footage of anything from the 6th. Security was really concerned.

C. Robinson: Huh. I'm sure we'll be hearing abou- wait, isn't today the 6th?

Dir. O'Leary: My watch says it's the 7th, and it's never been wrong.

C. Robinson: Odd, I could swear yesterday was the 5th. Maybe I had one too many last night.

Dir. O'Leary: Well that's hardly unusual.

C. Robinson: (chuckling) C'mon man, I swear I'm trying to quit!

Dir. O'Leary: (chuckling) I know, I know.

C. Robinson: Anyway the other couple of things I wanted to talk to you about are more odd ones. I was cataloguing a new skip that came in with Patra out of the investigation department. I think it was slot 70… 7043!

Dir. O'Leary: That hadn't been filled yet?

C. Robinson: I wanna say something was there and it just got moved. Lucky for me, I guess. Makes it easier to find an open spot without pulling up the search or throwing a dart at the board. Anyway, turn the brain off, start tacking away, you know how it is.

Dir. O'Leary: Yeah, sure.

C. Robinson: I uh, finish the description bit and I'm about to scan the one addendum document when I look over and notice the page just filled itself in with addendums.

Dir. O'Leary: I thought you hated AIC's.

C. Robinson: I do, which is why I wasn't using one. I double-checked. I ran the addendums through the search to see what came up and there was three or four things above my clearance level but that was about it. I don't know what to make of them. I cut the addendums out so I could finish but I still have them on a separate document here if you wanna look into it.

Dir. O'Leary: They just.. appeared there?

C. Robinson: Poof. Like outta thin air. Nothing on the screen and then suddenly there's like 9 or 10 documents. Kinda odd stuff too. I didn't really look them over in case there's a brain hazard or something but the couple glances I took.. I don't recognize the formatting.

Dir. O'Leary: I mean, I've got a lot on my plate right now, but you've piqued my interest. I'll run them by the folks in infohazards and then take a look, why not.

C. Robinson: You want me to email them or fax them over?

Dir. O'Leary: (chuckling) Did you know that old place is the only one that still has a fax machine? There's one in the IT department for testing some things and that's about it. You and the other doc departments are the only people that ancient.

C. Robinson: (laughing) Yeah, well, I still say it's the best way to send a sheet of paper. I'll send the email over in a bit then.

Dir. O'Leary: I appreciate it. Was there something else?

C. Robinson: Yeah, how come the whole building smells like cigarettes and gas station liquor?

Begin Audio Transcript - Call Log - 7/8/2022 - 14:34:86 - Site-19 Director's Office TO Site-19 Documentation Dept.

Dir. O'Leary: Hey, Clarence?

C. Robinson: What's up, boss?

Dir. O'Leary: "Boss" is never gonna stop feeling weird, is it.

C. Robinson: I can call you something else, if you'd like.

Dir. O'Leary: No, that's alright. Hey, listen, I sent off those weird addendums you sent me to infohazards. To make a long story short, none of us should've seen those. The both of us are getting scheduled for amnestics in a couple of days. Amnestics department is getting a lot of people in, actually.

C. Robinson: Well. Fuck.

Dir. O'Leary: Yeah, man.

a few seconds of silence pass.

Dir. O'Leary: I figure it's probably okay to read those addendums at this point, right? I mean, we're getting wiped anyhow.

C. Robinson: Hey man, that's a you thing. If I'm not supposed to see it, I'm not gonna see it.

Dir. O'Leary: Yeah, well, on that note, the O5's have an extra note they'd like you to add to skip 7043. I'm gonna forward it over to you. Once you do that, send me the final version, would you?

C. Robinson: Yeah, sure. Fax or email?

Director O'Leary chuckles to himself.

C. Robinson: (chuckling) I still say it's the best!

End Log.

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