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Item#: 7040
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Special Containment Procedures: Following the Dolgoch Viaduct's reconstruction and the Talyllyn Railway reopening in 2018, SCP-7040 has effectively neutralized its own anomalous properties.


Talyllyn at the foot of the Alltwyllt incline.

Description: SCP-7040 is a Kerr, Stuart & Co. Ltd. 0-4-2ST Narrow-Gauge Steam-Engine (nicknamed 'Talyllyn'). The base of the locomotive is black in colouration, with gold accents on the rims of the cabin windows, headlamp, whistle, and a gold-coloured railing along the boiler and cabin. SCP-7040 is connected to four passenger coaches of similar appearance, each coach has a maximum capacity of 20 persons per carriage. At the date of interest, the conductor was Donald Geddings and the fireman was Douglas Flower.

Discovery: SCP-7040 was first reported on November 16th, 1867 after an elderly civilian, Rhys Griffith, reported a Narrow-Gauge Steam-Engine plummeting off the remains of the Dolgoch Viaduct and into the Afon Fathew River near the town of Tywyn, Wales.

Constables Raymond Hughes and Nigel Evans were dispatched to investigate, but the Steam-Engine was not discovered. The next night, Mr. Griffith reported the same event and Constables Hughes and Evans arrived between two-to-four hours later1 with a team of ten labourers to clear any debris. Unable to locate the remains of the Steam-Engine, the two Constables and the team of workers returned to Tywyn, filing Mr. Griffith's claims as a case of mental impairment caused by years of working in the local coal mines and natural degradation of his health due to old age.

Four days later, Mr. Griffith filed another report with Constable Charles Bethell, who was an undercover field agent embedded within Tywyn after Griffith's rumours spread to surrounding towns.


Talyllyn posed on the Dolgoch Viaduct.

Two days after the interview, Quarantine Squadron Alpha-VI ("Minutemen")2 arrived outside the town of Tywyn to conduct an investigation of the Tallylyn railway line.

Multiple Quarantine Teams3 are spread out along the Afon Fathew River. Teams Orange and Green were noted to have encountered SCP-7040, though Team Green's records have become unintelligible due to ageing.

After the events of Incident-7040-I and subsequent Inquiry into the disappearance of Orange Team, Lieutenant Alwyn Pewitt was relocated to Field Sanatorium-XI for evaluation and redeployment.

Between the 12th and 14th of December, 1867, Lieutenant Pewitt wrote a journal entry describing his experience with SCP-7040. The journal was found by staff and was subsequently confiscated.

Below is the transcribed journal entry from Alwyn Pewitt.

I can't get that blasted train out of my head. I close my eyes and all I see is the headlamp of the train blazing past me. I watched my best mate die in front of me, I can't believe I let that happen to him.

I'm sorry, Andreas.

We shouldn't have messed with the bloody thing in the first place. It needs our absence, not our presence. If only I'd have realized that sooner. It needs to be put to rest.

This will be my final entry in this damned journal. I can't do this anymore. I'll sign my resignation and return home to Elain with my two boys.

Goodbye, Andreas.

Lieutenant Pewitt submitted a notice of resignation the following day, requesting to return home and never come into contact with the Foundation.

After signing the Krenell-Nonsolicitation-Agreement, Alwyn Pewitt was released from Foundation care and returned to his home in Manchester.

After another failed inquiry into SCP-7040's anomalous phenomena in 1868, Regional Controller5 Sulien Yale closed SCP-7040's file for the foreseeable future.

The department managing SCP-7040's documentation, the Department of Spectral Locomotion, was permanently discontinued due to a lack of funding, effectively abandoning SCP-7040's file along with a plethora of anomalies which have since been officially circulated into the Foundation database in 2017 when the original documentation was re-discovered.

On March 5th, 2017, Containment Team Rostock was dispatched to re-contain SCP-7040

Following the events of Addendum.7040.3 and Additional Event Occurrence.7040.1, Head of Quarantine and Containment Wilson Yurek of Research Site-726 put forward a motion to rebuild the Viaduct after studying documents left behind by the Department of Spectral Locomotion.

Under the supervision of the Third Overseer, the United Kingdoms Board of Containment held a vote.

24 16 5

Reconstruction of the Dolgoch Viaduct commenced on June 21st, 2017 and concluded on April 3rd, 2018. The names of Andreas Erswood, Alwyn Pewitt, Lewys Pyre, Powel Wathen, Teilo Merrick, and Alexander Skarsgård were inscribed on a support beam of the Viaduct.

On April 28th, 2018, the Talyllyn Railway was re-opened for tourists. All members of Rostock Team and the research team were present, and SCP-7040 has effectively neutralized its own anomalous properties.



Message from Doctor Wilson Yurek and Containment staff:

We are all immeasurably proud.

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