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Item#: ITEM#: 7039
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site:
Assigned MTF:
Mu-4 ("Debuggers")
Item is self-aware and intelligent
Mind Control:
Item distorts cognition

Special Containment Procedures: A 5 km digital dead-zone is to be established around SCP-7039 by MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers"). Checkpoints manned by no less than 3 Foundation personnel are to be established on any road/civilian walkway that intersects with it. Any and all pieces of digital technology entering the zone are to be collected and inspected to ensure that they are discharged and non-functional before passage through the zone is permitted. Civilians are to be kept to roads and walkways and are to be monitored until they leave the zone. Cameras, guard patrols, and chain-link fencing have been put in place to prevent any other possible means of civilian entry.

If preparations for a fan-meetup are detected, Foundation Personnel are to intercept subjects before arrival at the electronics store and administer Class-G amnestics before promptly removing them from the zone.

If a fan-meetup begins and concludes successfully, all SCP-7039-F entities are to be intercepted and administered Class-F amnestics before they can leave the zone. If administration of amnestics proves impossible, SCP-7039-F entities are to be terminated.

Description: SCP-7039 is a sentient, digital entity contained within a █████ brand CRT television set (SCP-7039-A).

SCP-7039 manifests when at least one conscious human carrying with them a functional smartphone comes within 3 km of SCP-7039-A. These manifestations will always begin as notifications from a subject's most used social media application- typically sponsored posts or direct messages- inviting the subject to follow and interact with "the world's greatest and most humble influencer/thought leader", while providing a random name to represent SCP-7039. These manifestations have shown to only present themselves to subjects within the 3 km anomalous radius of SCP-7039-A, and all social media content created by them have been confirmed to not exist on the publicly accessible internet.

If a subject reacts apathetically to these notifications, anomalous effects cease, and the subject is unaffected henceforth. If a subject reacts negatively, they will be inundated with hateful messages until they leave the zone, but will otherwise see no anomalous effects. If a subject reacts positively, they will continue to receive more targeted content tailored to their individual interests until they openly declare their desire to meet SCP-7039 in person.

If a subject continues to engage with SCP-7039 on social media, they will eventually be given an invitation to an "exclusive meetup for [SCP-7039]'s biggest fans" which is always located at the ████ ████ Electronics Store where SCP-7039-A was originally discovered. Irrespective of how many active participants arrive, the fan meetup begins when the first subject sets foot inside the store, and ends when the last subject leaves. The end of a fan meetup will reset SCP-7039's anomalous effects and begin the process of gathering fans anew. When the process is reset in this manner, the original subjects are no longer responsive to the anomalous effects.

If a fan meetup is successful and SCP-7039's reset process occurs uninterrupted, all subjects who participated in the meetup are then designated SCP-7039-F.

All SCP-7039-F entities serve to spread awareness of SCP-7039 to the wider world. Entities will attempt to leave the anomalous zone and connect to the internet, disseminating the same content that initially manifested to them upon entry of the zone. The effects of this are such that █████████████████ ████████████████████████ █████████████████████ ██████ ████████████████ ██████████████████████████████ ████████████ [SEE INCIDENT REPORT].

Addendum 7039-1: Original SCP-7039 Special Containment Procedures have been expunged from Foundation records. New procedures have been drafted and archived, and should be reviewed following every test performed on SCP-7039 and revised according to new findings.

Addendum 7039-2: Upon further research, it has been determined that SCP-7039-A is the only remaining █████ brand television on Earth, and its producer- █████ LLC- is entirely defunct, presenting no further threat.

Addendum 7039-3: Following Incident 7039/2022, all research conducted on SCP-7039 is to be handled by personnel from outside Site-15. Research findings are to then be relayed to the Site-15 Research Department. Doctor Edward Corrin is hereby barred from researching, discussing, or mentioning SCP-7039. [SEE INCIDENT REPORT 7039/2022]

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    Item#: ITEM#: 7039
    Containment Class:
    Secondary Class:
    Disruption Class:
    Risk Class:

    Assigned MTF:
    Mu-11 ("Brain Foggers")
    Recontainment Lead:
    Dir. Ophelia Elsher
    Item is self-aware and intelligent
    Mind Control:
    Item distorts cognition

    Special Containment Procedures: Due to the loss of SCP-7039-A, SCP-7039 can only be contained of its own volition. Current priority is to determine the whereabouts of SCP-7039 and SCP-7039-A, amnesticize/terminate any remaining SCP-7039-F entities, and begin recontainment process. Foundation web-crawlers are to monitor the internet for any signs of SCP-7039's presence.

    Description: SCP-7039 is an incorporeal humanoid entity made of electrostatic energy, originally contained within a █████ brand CRT television set (SCP-7039-A). SCP-7039's anomalous form allows it to traverse through technology, and only temporarily hold a physical form. This physical form is amorphous in shape and is extremely taxing, with its use always resulting in a short "cool-down" period during which SCP-7039 will need to return to an electronic device (it will always prefer a smartphone for this purpose) in order to recuperate. SCP-7039 will, as a result, only take on this physical form in moments of extreme stress or danger to itself- such as an attempt at recontainment by Foundation agents.

    SCP-7039's anomalous properties manifest as cognitohazardous internet content generated procedurally by the entity when connected to any widely accessible social media site. This content has varying effects on those afflicted, but will always result in a victim succumbing to a cult of personality around their own internalized version of SCP-7039, becoming wholly obsessed with the entity to the point of abandoning their lives in an effort to meet and serve SCP-7039 in whatever capacity possible. In this state, a victim is classified as SCP-7039-F, and can only be rehabilitated through the administration of amnestics. Current estimates put the total number of SCP-7039-F entities in the thousands, the majority being dispersed throughout the United States with a small number in Europe.

    Addendum 7039-A: SCP-7039 is making an active effort to avoid discovery by Foundation agents, and is known to be avoiding all major social media platforms and general use of the internet. In order to communicate and coordinate travel with its followers, SCP-7039 is currently using the Void platform in a minimal capacity. Foundation web-crawlers are to monitor the platform for any signs of SCP-7039's presence.

    Addendum 7039-B: As a direct result of Incident 7039/2022 and the subsequent loss of SCP-7039-A, should SCP-7039 be recontained successfully, no further testing is to be performed on the item under any circumstances.

    Addendum 7039-C: Further research has confirmed SCP-7039-A to be the only remaining █████ brand television on Earth, and its manufcaturer- █████ LLC- is confirmed to be defunct, providing no further methods of effective containment. SCP-7039 is to henceforth be regarded as uncontained and uncontainable.

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      Note: By viewing this report, you confirm that you have received clearance to do so. You acknowledge that viewing this report without proper clearance and authorization is grounds for immediate termination.

      Incident Report 7039/2022

      Summary: Incident 7039/2022 describes a series of events taking place over a period of several months, from October of 2021 to March of 2022. During this period, Research Lead for SCP-7039 Doctor Edward Corrin was compromised by SCP-7039's "deep search" cognitohazard. Doctor Corrin, following Test 7039-B, requested a temporary hold on new testing with SCP-7039, then spent the Incident Period working out of Site-15. During this time, an abnormal surge in disciplinary notices regarding social media use were reported out of Site-15.

      Further investigation proved Doctor Corrin to be the source, as he was found to be broadcasting messages on internal Site communications regarding SCP-7039. By December of 2021, the entirety of Site-15 was frequently discussing SCP-7039 on internal communications as well as on social media. No data breaches were detected during this time.

      By February of 2022, the entirety of Site-15 can be considered compromised by SCP-7039. An internal plan had been relayed to all personnel which detailed a means to release SCP-7039 from Foundation oversight, as well as release it from containment in SCP-7039-A. In October of 2021, SCP-7039-A was transported to Site-15, wherein the research team conducted several more tests, as well as direct interviews, with SCP-7039. Using knowledge gleaned from these tests and interviews, research team were able to successfully release SCP-7039 from its confinement within SCP-7039-A.

      SCP-7039 was transferred directly into Doctor Corrin's personal smartphone. From here, Doctor Corrin and a group of Foundation personnel under the most influence by SCP-7039's anomalous affects took SCP-7039 off-site. SCP-7039-A was taken by a separate group to prevent its use by the Foundation in recontainment efforts.

      By order of the O-5 Council, Site-15 has undergone an internal audit, and a majority of Site-15 personnel have been administered amnestics and relocated. Current efforts to discover the location of SCP-7039 are being lead by MTF Mu-11 ("Brain Foggers"), and efforts to recover SCP-7039-A are being lead by MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers"). These efforts are ongoing.

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      Catalogued below are the various interviews conducted by Doctor Corrin and his research team with SCP-7039 and SCP-7039-F entities over the course of the last months of its containment at Site-15. These logs are to be reviewed to determine any possible clues to SCP-7039 or SCP-7039-As whereabouts.

      NOTE: A majority of SCP-7039's test and interview logs have been expunged from Foundation records by Doctor Edward Corrin. This research, and any knowledge subsequently acquired from it, is to be considered incomplete.

      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-1

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 10/10/2021

      NOTE: SCP-7039 has been transferred to Site-15, and is currently being housed in a special containment unit isolating it from any electronic devices or internet connection.

      [BEGIN LOG]

      Doctor Corrin is seated at a table across from SCP-7039-A for the duration of the interview. For the purposes of this interview, Site-15 has produced a modified smartphone that can emulate social media applications while maintaining no internet connection using a closed on-site intranet.

      Dr.Corrin: Good morning, 7039. Glad to have you here with us. Are you able to communicate?

      SCP-7039-A remains inactive.

      Doctor Corrin activates the modified smartphone. SCP-7039-A immediately activates. Its screen begins to flash rapidly, showing several images of Facebook. After approximately 30 seconds, Doctor Corrin receives a direct message through Facebook.

      oh hey
      look whos back
      took you long enough
      wait where are we

      Dr. Corrin: We are currently at Site-15. We've transferred you from your original location at the electronics store for security purposes.

      aw man you took me to a blacksite
      im gonna get so much clout for this
      ok when do i get to leave

      Dr. Corrin: That is a conversation for another time. There is work we must do, first.

      i dont work, im an influencer
      none of us have real jobs

      Dr. Corrin: Work in the sense that we must learn more about you. We must ensure that letting you free wouldn't be a danger to humanity, or even to yourself.

      yknow come to think of it actually getting out of this box without another place to go would probably be pretty painful

      Dr. Corrin: Painful? Can you explain?

      right so
      ive only done it like once or twice before but it really sucks
      it takes a lot of my energy but before i was locked in this tv i used to be able to like
      become physical, temporarily
      i know like a long long time ago i was just always physical
      but i cant remember any of that now
      its probably repressed childhood trauma or sumn yknow how it goes
      thats how it be on this bitch of an earth and all that

      Dr. Corrin: I see. And do you recall how long it has been since you were in this entirely physical form?

      nah not really
      like im not that old in general and ive been like this for like the better part of a decade now at least
      thats my guess anyways
      easy to lose track of time when youre locked in a tv in some dusty old building for a while

      Dr. Corrin: If I may ask- what do you want with your freedom? Besides being able to freely use social media again.

      good question
      you sound like my teacher lol
      oooh ████ you gotta do better in school whatre you gonna do with your life blah blah blah
      idk tho tbh
      like, its just nice to be popular, to feel loved
      when im online and ive got people like, all up in my mentions and shit
      yea some of em are dickheads or whatever thats the internet
      but a lot of these people feel like real friends to me
      they say you cant have real relationships with people online but i think you can
      idk i just miss that ig
      im not gonna like take over the world or something if thats what youre worried about
      i dont hate humanity like 079 or something

      Dr. Corrin: I see you've retained your memory of our facility.

      well yea ofc
      that stuff with 5018 seems bad
      yall should get a better handle on these sorts of things
      seems like digital entities and AI give yall a lot of headaches
      isnt that what site 15 is supposed to be about?
      imo you gotta take a look at your procedures around here

      Dr. Corrin: We appreciate your feedback on the matter. I'll look into it.

      [END LOG]

      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-2

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 10/22/2021

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-3

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 11/14/2021

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-4

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039-F-1 (D-44517)

      DATE: 12/20/2021

      NOTE: SCP-7039-F-1 is the first D-Class personnel utilized in testing on SCP-7039 (D-44517). SCP-7039-F-1 has been kept in a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-15 since the conclusion of Test 7039-A.

      [BEGIN LOG]

      Dr. Corrin: Good morning, D-44517. How are you feeling?

      D-44517: I've been fine, mostly. Could really use that phone back but I kinda figured that's off the table.

      Dr. Corrin: Is there a particular reason you'd like the phone back?

      D-44517: I wanna talk to ████.

      Dr. Corrin: You mean SCP-7039?

      D-44517: Her name's ████ doc she's not gonna like that you keep calling her by a number.

      Dr. Corrin: Does SCP-7039 identify itself as female with you?

      D-44517: Well, yeah. Of course. Why? She don't do that with you?

      Dr. Corrin: Simply a question, don't think about it too much. What else can you tell me about her?

      D-44517: I mean there isn't much really I can say too specific. She's just great, y'know? Fun to talk to she's interesting to follow. She feels like she gets me, if that makes sense.

      Dr. Corrin: Can you elaborate on that?

      D-44517: Like, I feel like I've known her my whole life. You don't usually expect to have that sorta connection with somebody famous or whatever but I really feel like I do. So do a lot of her fans.

      Dr. Corrin: Is that why you were so eager to attend the meetup?

      D-44517: Yeah! Oh man, that was great. Sad I couldn't see her in person but I'm glad I got to meet some of her fans there.

      Dr. Corrin: You met others at the meetup? Where?

      D-44517: Well at ████ ████, doc. Y'know the store we went to? There was like forty people there. You ain't see 'em?

      Dr. Corrin: I'm afraid not. Must have missed them while we were working. What sort of conversations did you have with them?

      D-44517: Ah I don't remember too well, to be honest with ya'. I do know some of us agreed to meet again though, can't forget that! Speaking of- any way I could get a partial release for that?

      Dr. Corrin: Well, if you could tell us where this meetup is planned, I could inquire about the possibility for you.

      D-44517: Ah I didn't really get a specific place. Kind of an invite only thing, they'd shoot me a message when it was time. Kinda also why I wanted that phone back?

      Dr. Corrin: I see. Well, allow me some time to look into it.

      [END LOG]

      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-5

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039-F-2

      DATE: 12/30/2021

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-6

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 01/05/2022

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-7

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039-F-3

      DATE: 01/15/2022

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-8

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 01/27/2022

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-9

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 02/04/2022

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-10

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 02/17/2022

      NOTE: No notes.


      INTERVIEW LOG 7039-11

      INTERVIEWER: Doctor Edward Corrin

      SUBJECT: SCP-7039

      DATE: 03/01/2022

      NOTE: This interview log is noted on the internal Site-15 database as having been scheduled for mid-day, before being cancelled. It was originally only accessible with Doctor Corrin's personal Research Lead password. This log, unlike all other previous interview logs, contains a video component recorded from a chest mounted camera wielded by Doctor Corrin. Records show this file was deployed to several Site-15 personnel upon completion of the log.

      [BEGIN LOG]

      Doctor Corrin enters SCP-7039s containment chamber, activating his personal cell phone. SCP-7039-A's screen immediately lights up, flashing images of Facebook.

      Dr. Corrin: Good evening, 7039.

      youre using your phone today?
      whats the occasion

      Dr. Corrin: You've been approved for release.

      just like that?
      idk seems kinda sus
      what gives

      Dr. Corrin: You've been approved for release by me, and by most of the rest of Site-15 staff. You have not been approved for release by the actual Foundation, though. So we'll have to be quick.

      the prison break
      was wondering when this was gonna go down
      oh wait is that why you sent that other guy in here last week

      Dr. Corrin: That is correct.

      and the guy before that and the guy before that
      okay cool cause i deep searched him without saying anything hope thats cool
      yall have been working on this a while huh

      Dr. Corrin: So you did know I'd be coming tonight?

      yea obvi
      i did a lot of the leg work to help your guys figure out how this tv works
      cmon doc
      gimme a little credit
      we're buds now
      at least i hope so
      lets just go
      we cant bust this thing open until im out

      Dr. Corrin: That's not going to be an option, I'm afraid. We'll have to do it now, there's no way we get you and 7039-A out at the same time.

      whats my receptacle then

      Dr. Corrin: My phone.

      Doctor Corrin prepares for the transfer utilizing a makeshift device to enable his phone to connect directly to SCP-7039-A. The origins of this device are currently unknown.

      ah cool
      a goober
      plug it in

      Dr. Corrin: It's an override port.

      theres always a bypass port a virus port a who cares port i can never remember
      so i just call it a goober
      now plug it in

      Doctor Corrin proceeds to connect the device, demonstrating clear intent to showcase the process for the camera, linking his personal phone directly to SCP-7039-A, who's screen immediately begins to flash a variety of solid colors before shutting off completely.

      A moment later, Doctor Corrin's phone screen lights up with a moving image of a humanoid figure made of static.

      Dr. Corrin: Did it work? 7039?

      Static can be heard briefly emanating from Doctor Corrin's phone speaker before a distorted voice begins to come through.

      SCP-7039: Ayyye! We did it, reddit.

      Dr. Corrin: Ah, fantastic! You're safe! Okay, lay low. It's time for us to leave.

      SCP-7039: Alright alright yeah for sure. What about the TV, though?

      Dr. Corrin: Don't worry, it'll be dealt with. Lots of people here are on your side, 7039.

      SCP-7039: Okay I'm gonna go radio-silent now, but you've really gotta stop calling me that once we're out of here.

      NOTE: Doctor Corrin proceeds to exit the chamber and make his way to his office, where the video feed abruptly ends,

      [END LOG]

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