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Item #: SCP-7038

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7038 is to be contained in an M-SHACC1 in Site-06-3, outfitted with a magnetically-locking reinforced door and an array of ceiling-mounted security cameras protected by bulletproof glass. SCP-7038 itself shall be permanently kept within a restraint harness designed to suspend the entity 1.5 meters above the cell floor. Under normal circumstances, the entity's upper body and arms are left unbound, though this privilege may be revoked at any time.

The floor of SCP-7038's cell shall be outfitted with a fast-release trapdoor leading to a set of industrial grinders 3 meters below. Due to the anomalous properties of SCP-7038-A and SCP-7038-B instances, disposal of the mulched remains is not necessary.2 Deactivation of the grinder array is achieved via a manual lever outside SCP-7038's cell. When conducting interviews and psychiatric checkups, a 3-meter long catwalk will extend partially into the cell while the trapdoor and grinders are active.

SCP-7038-A instances are only to be released from SCP-7038's containment cell during scheduled testing, and each instance must be placed in a reinforced steel cage before removal. No SCP-7038-A instances must be allowed to mature beyond an adolescent stage, and must be terminated at the end of testing to prevent this eventuality. All instances of SCP-7038-B must be terminated on sight through the use of the containment cell's grinder array, or mass suppressive fire if the array fails.

SCP-7038 is to be fed one live cow per month, lowered through the ceiling of its cell on the provided pulley system. During feeding times, the grinder array is deactivated, and SCP-7038 is allowed to produce as many SCP-7038-A instances as it requires to complete consumption of its meal. Due to the danger SCP-7038 and its offspring pose to Site personnel, entry into its cell is only permitted for the following purposes:

  • Conduction of interviews
  • Maintenance/inspections on restraints and other equipment
  • Testing on SCP-7038
  • Retrieval of SCP-7038-A specimens for testing
  • Bi-weekly checkups with Site-06-3 psychiatrists

All personnel entering SCP-7038's cell must wear CBRNA3 protective gear and be equipped with utility knives and standard-issue small arms.

In the event of a containment breach in which SCP-7038 itself escapes its cell, reinforced blast doors within the adjacent hallway will close automatically, and flame-dispersal units within the ceiling will subsequently immolate the hallway. After the incendiary units expend their fuel, remote explosives within the floor of the hallway will be detonated. If this fails to incapacitate SCP-7038, all available armed personnel shall be sent to blockade the hallway in case the blast doors are breached. If a successful escape of SCP-7038 results in a cascade of additional containment breaches, Site-06-3's on-site nuclear device must be detonated regardless of whether or not staff have been fully evacuated.

As it is not yet known if there is a maximum limit to the production of SCP-7038 offspring, personnel should be advised that a failure to control the population of SCP-7038-A/B could result in an SK-Class Dominance Shift scenario — or, at worst, an NK-Class Grey Goo scenario.

Description: SCP-7038 is a humanoid entity of indeterminate origin that appears to be in a constant state of labor. The entity resembles a human female with charcoal-colored skin, a lighter gray underbelly, and unkempt crimson hair approximately 3 meters in length that covers most of its face. Upon its head are two curved black horns resembling those of an Ibex. SCP-7038's facial structure appears vaguely Caucasian, with an estimated age in the early 30's. The entity's eyes are large, amber in color, and have no discernable pupils. SCP-7038 possesses multiple rows of shark-like teeth and a prehensile serpentine tongue, along with a 5-meter long whiplike tail ending in a needle-like spike. The entity's feet are digitigrade and end in a set of talons resembling those of a velociraptor. It has three fingers and an opposable thumb on either side of its hands. All digits are clawed.

SCP-7038 possesses human-level intelligence and can speak English, Hebrew, Russian, and [REDACTED], though its knowledge of the outside world is extremely fragmented and inconsistent. Despite SCP-7038's mostly humanoid appearance, DNA testing has proven inconclusive. However, analysis of its blood chemistry suggests the entity is a form of arsenic-based life, rather than carbon-based.

SCP-7038 is perpetually pregnant, the size of its abdomen typically resembling a late-term pregnancy with triplets. All of SCP-7038's lower orifices are used exclusively for reproduction, and will birth instances of SCP-7038-A at random intervals, with its daily output ranging from 80 to 350 instances.4

Both SCP-7038-A and SCP-7038-B are only slightly more durable than the non-anomalous organisms they resemble, though their wounds heal at a significantly accelerated rate. The organ systems of SCP-7038-A and SCP-7038-B instances are simplistic in structure, lacking kidneys, livers, gallbladders, and excretory systems. Their digestive systems also appear to be vestigial. Due to the simplicity of the organ systems within these entities, massive physical trauma, incineration, and/or destruction of the cranium are the most effective means of dispatching them. Additionally, when an SCP-7038-A or SCP-7038-B instance is killed, it will immediately begin evaporating, leaving no trace behind. Any stomach contents within a deceased SCP-7038-A or SCP-7038-B instance will be deposited on the ground as the body evaporates. Due to SCP-7038's offspring leaving no remains when killed, it is theorized SCP-7038-A and SCP-7038-B are not entirely corporeal in nature.

Discovery: Evidence of anomalous activity relating to SCP-7038 was first discovered on 5/16/2022 in Uglich, Russia, when complaints about the city's sudden drop in water quality led to sewer workers discovering 16-23 human corpses piled within a storm drain. While the exact number of corpses was difficult to identify, all individuals exhibited the following traits:

  • All corpses were Caucasian females between the ages of 18 and 32.
  • All individuals shared a modest level of physical resemblance. DNA testing proved strangely inconclusive, with only portions of the DNA even recognizable as human.
  • Traces of smeared body-paint in various swirling and jagged patterns, indicating participation in some form of ritualistic activity.
  • Upon their lower backs, every corpse was branded with an unknown symbol resembling a coiled serpent with an upward-facing mouth, opened 180 degrees and filled with rows of jagged fangs.
  • All bodies bore various physical traits reminiscent of the entity now classified as SCP-7038, though these features were only partial, encompassing varied portions or patches of their bodies.
  • Traces of arsenicosis, including reddened, swollen skin and various lesions were found in all specimens. Analysis of blood and tissues revealed massive quantities of arsenic, far more than would be necessary to kill a human6.
  • Massive physical trauma to the abdominal and pelvic regions, including deep lacerations appearing to originate from within the body, shattered pelvises, complete disembowelment of the abdominal cavity, bite and scratch-marks on the inner thighs, and bite-marks on internals suggesting the bodies were partially consumed from within.

Immediately post-discovery, Foundation Agents embedded within local Russian Politsiya contained the scene, and called for a more thorough investigation. A detachment of MTF Zeta-9 "Mole Rats" was dispatched to investigate a large hole in the wall of the storm drain adjacent to the pile of dumped corpses. The tunnel led into a labyrinthine complex that appeared to encircle the entire perimeter of Uglich, though it only seemed to intersect with city infrastructure via the hole in the storm drain. Five hours into the expedition, the Zeta-9 team was suddenly ambushed by a large swarm of canid creatures, later discerned to be instances of SCP-7038-A. All members of the detachment were killed before reinforcements could arrive, though one of the Agents was able to implant a GPS tracking device on an SCP-7038-A instance.

5km east of the city of Uglich, aboveground Agents traced the GPS signal to the foundations of what appeared to be an ancient castle occupied by multiple individuals wearing masks, robes, and other ritualistic clothing,. While local records indicated it had been present for at least 600 years, no documents could be found on the castle's original appearance or on its origins. Subsequently, a raid was organized to secure the compound and apprehend the persons of interest. Below is a heavily abridged transcript of discoveries made within the ruins:

Addendum 7038-01: Interview Logs I-1, I-2
Interview 7038-I-1:

Interviewer: Dr. Bridgette A. Kelson
Interviewed: SCP-7038
Date: 6/4/2022
Interviewer Notes: The following interview was conducted shortly after SCP-7038 was brought into containment. During transport to its cell and fitting for its restraint harness, SCP-7038 did not offer any form of resistance, and showed no signs of distress when explained its Containment Procedures. Seven SCP-7038-A instances were produced during initial transport and containment efforts, and were terminated shortly before the interview. Accompanying me for security purposes are Agent Mark Tanners and Agent Blake Flynn.

<Begin Log>

  • Kelson: Hello, SCP-7038, I am Dr. Bridgette Kelson. With me are Agent Mark Tanners and Agent Blake Flynn. Do you have any preferences for how you are addressed?
  • SCP-7038: Hello, Dr. Kelson and company. I do not have a name, nor a desire for one. Your archaic numbers are inefficient, but it makes little difference to me.
  • Kelson: Do you require any amenities? Clothing, perhaps?
  • SCP-7038: [Laughter] Doctor, look upon me. Concealment of this is simply not possible. The brood claw and tear at all in their path, any barrier between them and sustenance.
  • [An instance of SCP-7038-A is born before immediately falling into the grinder array below, producing a loud crunching noise for several seconds. SCP-7038 does not visibly react]
  • Kelson: [Takes a deep breath] … You have… quite the formal manner of speaking.
  • SCP-7038: It is befitting of my standing within the Order. The Blessed must carry themselves with dignity in all matters.
  • Kelson: I take it you have no qualms with your offspring being… disposed of in this manner?
  • SCP-7038: Do as you will with them; I am serving my purpose.
  • Kelson: What exactly is this purpose?
  • SCP-7038: I am… a weapon. A weapon to produce more weapons, an unending supply of toothed fiends for the men to play with as they see fit. My sole responsibility is their creation. The Order… the Order would not trouble me with any matters beyond completion of this duty.
  • Kelson: I'm sensing some… dissatisfaction.
  • SCP-7038: It is an honor to receive such a Blessing as this, to serve the Order in such a direct fashion, to be chosen by a goddess. It can be… monotonous at times, but I have learned to cope with the tedium.
  • Kelson: Is it painful?
  • SCP-7038: I received the gift so early on, I never truly learned the nature of pain before my transformation. I am sure the blood looks unsettling from where you stand, but I have been like this for centuries.
  • Kelson: Centuries?
  • SCP-7038: Well, it is difficult keeping track of time from within a cell. Could be decades, could be eons. My world is one of walls and chains and routine blessings, not of rising and setting suns.
  • Kelson: The way you're speaking implies this isn't the first time you've been restrained like this.
  • SCP-7038: Hah, of course not! I am far too important to risk my safety wandering about unsupervised, and walking with such a… burden… is cumbersome at the best of times. No, this is how I've spent the majority of my time. I do not mind it… though I usually had some reading materials whenever I was bound previously…
  • [Another SCP-7038-A instance is born before falling into the grinder array, producing more crunching noises]
  • Kelson: [Clears throat] If you like, I can speak to my supervisors about providing you with approved reading materials.
  • SCP-7038: That would be… desirable. I shall contemplate what I desire reading.
  • Kelson: Okay, SCP-7038, thank you for your time.
  • SCP-7038: It is quite nice to spend it in the company of another.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-7038 displayed remarkably little distress given its anomalous properties and current Containment Procedures. As for how much of that bravado is genuine, I will need to conduct further interviews to determine. Given SCP-7038's ability to control its offspring, I believe we should endeavor to keep the entity placated and docile. While it has not attempted to breach containment so far, I suspect that may be because it desires to remain, rather than because it is incapable of escaping. If we can just keep SCP-7038 sufficiently entertained, we could save hundreds — maybe even thousands — in maintenance costs of its cell.

After the interview, SCP-7038 made requests for the following reading materials:

  • A copy of the King James Bible [Accepted]
  • A copy of the Torah [Accepted]
  • A copy of the Great Tenets of the Writhe [Denied, as no records can be found of the text's existence. Suspected to be Sarkic in origin]


Interview 7038-I-2:

Interviewer: Dr. Bridgette A. Kelson
Interviewed: SCP-7038
Date: 6/10/2022
Interviewer Notes: Prior to this interview, multiple modular mechanical arms were installed to the walls on the interior of SCP-7038's cell. These arms contain equipment for sample-collection, vital monitoring, and manipulation of the entity's restraining harness. Two of the arms are fitted with small 1.5 meter x 1 meter trays that SCP-7038 can place its reading materials on when not in use. These arms are controlled via a terminal on the outside of SCP-7038's cell.

<Begin Log>

  • Kelson: Hello SCP-7038, how are you feeling today?
  • SCP-7038: Content at the moment, doctor. While I am disappointed you were unable to procure the Great Tenets, I appreciate the provided reading material. Almost feels like home, albeit with less chanting.
  • [SCP-7038 idly flips through the pages of the King James Bible as another instance of SCP-7038-A falls into the grinder]
  • Kelson: You appear to be quite interested in that one.
  • SCP-7038: Indeed, particularly the passages speaking of Job. Job is a pitiable fool, subjected to some of the worst torment I've seen inflicted upon a man, and with nary a reason given. Your God is truly a spiteful one.
  • Kelson: Perhaps our minds simply can't comprehend the reasoning behind why God does what he does.
  • SCP-7038: Perhaps, perhaps. As good a reason as any I have heard. Ah, this part interests me greatly. Job 41:1. The Leviathan. Great serpent of the deep, who feasts upon man for no purpose apart from asserting its rule. Pity Job was so inaccurate in his description of it, but I cannot blame him.
  • Kelson: Pardon?
  • SCP-7038: The Leviathan possesses no limbs to speak of, and its body needs no armored scales. Its hide is bare, a hue of venomous green. It breathes not fire, as it lives beneath the seas. In its wake is a sheen of ichor that burns away the memories of all exposed.
  • Kelson: You seem awfully familiar with this… Leviathan.
  • SCP-7038: It was one of the stories we were told back at home.
  • Kelson: Do you find Job… relatable in any way?
  • [SCP-7038 tilts its head curiously and sets the book aside]
  • SCP-7038: Relatable? In what fashion?
  • Kelson: Oh, I just meant that — well — that you might empathize with his suffering?
  • SCP-7038: In what way am I suffering?
  • [More crunching noises as another SCP-7038-A instance falls into the grinder]
  • Kelson: Well, you're unable to lea— okay, my apologies. That was awfully presumptuous of me. On another note, can you please elaborate further on exactly what you are, and how you became this way?
  • SCP-7038: I am a Mother of Monsters, as you can so clearly see. I was raised from birth for my current role. Many before me failed in their duties, their bodies split and shattered beyond repair by their offspring, their blood coursing in rivers down the steps before the altar. I did not flinch. I would never disgrace the Order with thoughts of escape.
  • Kelson: Are you implying you were originally human?
  • SCP-7038: Yes, I am.
  • [Agent Flynn takes a step backwards and loses his footing, impacting the railing of the catwalk]
  • Tanners: Hey, get up before you topple over the side!
  • SCP-7038: Your men seem surprised.
  • Kelson: It takes a while for some of them to realize the reality of what they're facing here. I guess they're a bit like Job, in a way. Some of them have even had to face their own personal Leviathans, you might say.
  • SCP-7038: Ones with fewer teeth, I would hope.
  • Kelson: Anyways, SCP-7038, might I recommend you some additional reading materials?
  • SCP-7038: I don't see why not, I've already finished these.
  • Kelson: Alright, I believe that will be all for today.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-7038 continues to cope remarkably well with its current containment, but given Agent Flynn's upset during the interview, I fear my concerns lie elsewhere. Although SCP-7038 does not appear to have any cognitohazardous properties, I'm worried the mere sight of it may cause lingering psychological impacts on site personnel. Rumors have already started spreading among personnel about the entity's nature, and I've caught multiple Agents and janitorial staff peeking into the observation window. I don't care if it's just morbid curiosity, it's unprofessional, and needs to be dealt with now before matters escalate further. I propose two Foundation personnel be stationed outside the door of SCP-7038's cell at all times to prevent further incidents.

A day after the interview, I provided SCP-7038 with an encyclopedia on various animals. SCP-7038 appeared fascinated with the text almost immediately, and I suspect it won't be long before I receive requests for additional volumes.


Addendum 7038-02: Incident-Report-7038-AA1
On 7/3/2022, during Interview 7038-I-3, SCP-7038 triggered a partial containment breach. Although no significant injuries were reported, the incident resulted in a Foundation Psychiatrist being assigned to SCP-7038 for the foreseeable future. The following is a transcript of Interview-7038-I-3, and security camera footage captured during the incident:

Interview 7038-I-3:

Interviewer: Dr. Bridgette A. Kelson
Interviewed: SCP-7038
Date: 7/3/2022
Interviewer Notes: Prior to this interview, the previous Containment Procedure recommendations I had made were put into effect, and the number of incidents has decreased significantly as a result. SCP-7038 immediately appeared far more excitable upon my entering the cell on this occasion, which bodes well for further improving its mental health. I've been accused of being overly sympathetic with SCP-7038 twice already, but now — as ever — my main concern is simply preventing anomalous entities from going rogue whenever we're able to do so. SCP-7038 is far easier to contain when it doesn't want to leave.

<Begin Log>

  • [SCP-7038 can be seen reading the encyclopedia to itself, initially not acknowledging Kelson's presence]
  • SCP-7038: [Mumbling to itself] … mainly free-swimming marine animals with umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles, although a few are anchored to the seabed by stalks rather than being mobile. The bell can pulsate to provide propulsion for highly efficient locomotion…
  • Kelson: Heh, hello again SCP-7038. You seem excited today.
  • [SCP-7038 continues flipping through pages of the encyclopedia, oblivious to the SCP-7038-A instances falling into the grinder below]
  • SCP-7038: I can't stop reading and rereading this book, it has so many things I've never seen before!
  • Kelson: Oh? Do tell.
  • SCP-7038: Let me see… oh, "Equus ferus caballus", these are truly fascinating! They almost look a bit like some of my children, except without all the teeth.
  • Kelson: Wait… you… you've never heard of a horse before?
  • [Seemingly oblivious, SCP-7038 doesn't answer]
  • SCP-7038: Oh, oh, and this one! "Canis lupus familiaris?" I might be mispronouncing that.
  • Kelson: [Voice cracks briefly] Y-you've never seen a dog?
  • [SCP-7038 turns to Dr. Kelson and tilts its head curiously]
  • SCP-7038: What's the matter, did I offend you somehow? I just, I can't stop reading this book! All these different creatures are so fascinating, I hope I get to see some of them someday-
  • [SCP-7038 suddenly stops speaking and tenses up. Vital signs indicate an elevated heartrate]
  • Kelson: SCP-7038?
  • SCP-7038: I… I am fine… I just… it's foolish… I just realized I will never actually get to see them, that's all. I had… forgotten… or rather… I'd never thought of it before. I… I never really thought about… what it was like outside…
  • [Although it wasn't noticed at the time, later review of security camera footage reveals the production rate of SCP-7038-A instances increased significantly at this point]
  • [SCP-7038's breathing becomes shaky. It begins crying what appears to be blood]
  • Kelson: SCP-7038… I… I won't lie to you, you probably wo-
  • Tanners: Kelson!
  • Kelson: Sorry, I— [Clears throat] SCP-7038, there might be a chance we could eventually grant you limited time outsi-
  • SCP-7038: DON'T LIE! I… I can't… I— sorry, I need a moment—
  • Tanners: Kelson, vitals are off the charts. We should go, now!
  • SCP-7038: I'm just… I'm just doing my part… serving… serving my purpose… I-I need nothing more than tha-A-AAHHHT!
  • [Production of SCP-7038-A instances abruptly stops as SCP-7038's reproductive organs begin bleeding profusely. Violent thrashing can be seen within SCP-7038's abdomen as it begins to struggle against its restraints]
  • Kelson: O-Okay, Flynn get the door. We have to go!
  • [Agent Flynn begins running towards the door as SCP-7038's struggles increase in intensity. SCP-7038 begins emitting vocalizations alternating between sobbing and screaming. Partially muffled by SCP-7038's vocalizations, the sounds of loud hissing and flesh tearing can be heard in the recording]
  • [The first recorded instance of SCP-7038-B, a creature resembling a human-sized praying mantis covered in sagging black skin, tears itself free of SCP-7038's abdomen and leaps at the researchers. Agent Tanners discharges multiple rounds of ammunition, causing SCP-7038-B1 to stumble backwards on the catwalk. Tanners then body-slams the entity, causing it to fall backwards off the catwalk and partially into the grinder array. Agent Tanners, Agent Flynn, and Dr. Kelson are able to exit the containment chamber before SCP-7038-B1 manages to free itself and climb back onto the catwalk. Agents stationed outside the cell begin retraction of the catwalk, causing SCP-7038-B1 to fall back into the grinders, where it is subsequently terminated]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: I fear I have made a grave error in judgment on the method of improving SCP-7038's mental state. It did not occur to me before that the entity's general ignorance of the world was likely a means of keeping it docile and stress-free as it performs its assigned duties. As for what caused the creation of SCP-7038-B1 specifically, we are still uncertain, but there seems to be a correlation between its forming and SCP-7038's sudden outburst of anxiety. By the time reinforcements opened the door to SCP-7038's cell, it had managed to heal most of its wounds, and is now curled up in a partial fetal position and sobbing continuously. It's been doing this consistently for the past five hours with no signs of stopping. I strongly advise that SCP-7038 be assigned a psychiatrist as soon as possible. At minimum, I recommend bi-weekly psychiatric checkups to help SCP-7038 recover from this ordeal.


Addendum 7038-03: Incident-Report-7038-AA3
Following Incident-7038-AA1, Foundation Psychiatrist Dr. Frida Kristiansen was assigned to provide psychiatric care for SCP-7038. However, while SCP-7038 appeared lucid and conscious, it refused to interact with Dr. Kristiansen in any capacity. On 8/20/2022, Dr. Kelson was requested to interview SCP-7038 and gather further information on its cult of origin, but subsequent events during Interview 7038-I-16 resulted in a second containment breach and the near-escape of an instance of SCP-7038-B. The following is a transcript of Interview 7038-I-16 and security camera footage of the resulting breach:
Interview 7038-I-16:

Interviewer: Agent Blake Flynn
Interviewed: SCP-7038
Date: 8/20/2022
Interviewer Notes: I wouldn't normally be assigned to conduct interviews like this, but this was a short-notice request by Site-06-3 supervisors and Dr. Kristiansen was unable to attend. Dr. Kelson was originally supposed to conduct this interview, but she claimed she was having a medical emergency and hasn't left the infirmary since. Accompanying me is Agent Mark Tanners and Agent James Donovan.

<Begin Log>

  • Flynn: Hey, SCP-7038, it's uh, it's me, Blake.
  • [More crunching noises are heard as another instance of SCP-7038-A falls into the grinder. SCP-7038 does not respond to Flynn, instead staring at him silently]
  • Flynn: Look, I'm sorry about what happened with you and Dr. Kel—
  • SCP-7038: It's awfully easy for you to contain me, isn't it?
  • Flynn: I— what?
  • SCP-7038: My children. You can kill as many as you want, as often as you want, and you never have to deal with the consequences. The moment they die, they crumble away, like they never existed at all. I wonder, if you killed me, would I disappear? Would I just cease to exist, and be forgotten? Would you even keep records of me?
  • Flynn: Hey, we are not going to kill you, okay?
  • SCP-7038: But why not?
  • [More crunching noises as another instance of SCP-7038-A falls into the grinder array]
  • Flynn: I'm sorry, I don't understand.
  • Tanners: I do. I don't like this.
  • [SCP-7038 begins crying blood. Vital signs indicate an elevated heartrate and shallow breathing]
  • SCP-7038: W-why not kill me? If you don't want me, why are you just keeping me here? Do you think I want to live like this?
  • Flynn: But that's not what you first sa-
  • Tanners: Flynn, no!
  • Flynn: I'm sorry, I'm not a therapist! Why did they have to pick me for this?!
  • [SCP-7038 begins sobbing. Production rate of SCP-7038-A instances has stopped completely as reproductive organs begin bleeding]
  • SCP-7038: [Coughing up blood] I-I know, I… I did but— I— I just— I don't want to be here anymo-m-mmaAAAHHHH-
  • [SCP-7038's abdomen begins rapidly increasing in size as a loud hissing sound fills the room, muffled by SCP-7038's screams]
  • Tanners: OUT, NOW! DON, GET THE DOOR!
  • SCP-7038: I W-WANT TO GO HO— [Speech is cut off as SCP-7038 begins vomiting blood]
  • [SCP-7038's abdomen bursts open, releasing a massive instance of SCP-7038-B resembling a 3-meter-tall equine. SCP-7038-B2 possesses a mane of tentacles, a single curved horn, and a leech-like mouth. No discernable eyes can be seen. SCP-7038-B2 slams its forelimbs onto the catwalk, nearly causing it to buckle and land in the grinder array. Agent Flynn is clawed in the back by SCP-7038-B2, but his CBRNA suit takes the majority of the damage]
  • [SCP-7038 appears completely unconscious and unresponsive, and its spine is bent backwards at nearly a 90-degree angle. A massive gash runs along the entire length of its torso, but gradually begins closing over the next several minutes]
  • [SCP-7038-B2 emits an earsplitting screech as it struggles to fit its bulk onto the narrow catwalk. Agent Donovan, Agent Tanners, and Agent Flynn are able to successfully exit the cell, but as the door is closing, SCP-7038-B2 slams its head into the door, dislodging it from the frame and sending it smashing into the opposite wall. Tanners, Donovan, Flynn, and the guards stationed outside SCP-7038's cell begin firing upon SCP-7038-B2, impacting its body with at least 30 rounds of ammunition. SCP-7038-B2's circular mouth widens considerably as it lunges forward and attempts to envelop Agent Tanners. Tanners's upper body is swiftly engulfed by the entity, which then proceeds to swallow and further consume him. Tanners can be seen struggling within SCP-7038-B2's mouth, discharging multiple rounds of handgun ammunition into its esophagus as it attempts to raise its head and use gravity to pull him further in]
  • Tanners: [Muffled] A LITTLE HELP, ANYONE?!
  • Flynn: Shit, shit, shit! Spread out your body as wide as you can! Try to slow yourself down!
  • [After expending all of his ammunition, Tanners complies, attempting to spread his arms and legs as far outwards as he can, significantly slowing his passage down SCP-7038-B2's throat]
  • Tanners: [Muffled] I-I think it's working! Wait— OH, YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING KI—
  • [SCP-7038-B2 throws its head back repeatedly, using its momentum to force Tanners further into its maw. After 30 seconds, Tanners loses his grip, and is swallowed completely by the entity. For the next several minutes, Tanners can be seen struggling within the entity's distended abdomen, managing to pierce through its flesh several times with his combat knife, though the wounds heal too quickly for him to cut himself free]
  • [Despite the amount of space Tanners takes up within the entity's abdomen, SCP-7038-B2 shows no hesitation as it immediately rushes at the assembled Agents, biting and clawing until it can secure its jaws around another Agent's body before swallowing them. Flynn and the other Agents attempt a retreat, but Flynn is bashed aside by the entity's gravid abdomen as it charges forwards again and begins swallowing another Agent. After five minutes, the entity has managed to successfully ingest five Agents, their combined weight reducing its speed and agility significantly. Muffled screaming can be heard inside, presumably from the Agents not clad in CBRNA gear, as their standard uniforms lack an air supply and protection from the entity's interior biology]
  • [Having heard the alarms, Dr. Kelson rounds the corner with several members of MTF Theta-16 "Nuns and Roses" who had been previously stationed in the medical wing nearby. MTF Agents open fire on the legs of SCP-7038-B2, aiming for the joints in an attempt to cripple it. SCP-7038-B2 stumbles forwards as the joints of its forelimbs are almost completely destroyed, eventually causing it to collapse atop its distended abdomen, its weight starting to crush the Agents within. Flynn and another Agent rush forwards with knives drawn in an attempt to disembowel the entity, but are forced to retreat as it begins healing and attempting to right itself]
  • [As SCP-7038-B2 regains its footing, Dr. Kelson attempts to take one of the MTF Agents' shotguns, forcing him to push her aside]
  • Theta-16 Agent: Wha— Doctor, stay back!
  • Kelson: I— fuck— you need to concentrate fire! Point-blank, as many rounds as you can. Go for the heart!
  • Theta-16 Agent: Good call. Dobbs, Leo, kneecap it! Franc, with me!
  • [Two MTF Agents rush forwards and begin bludgeoning the damaged joints of SCP-7038-B2's forelimbs with their batons, causing them to give way once more. While SCP-7038-B2 is distracted, two other Agents flank SCP-7038-B2 on the left before planting the barrels of their shotguns against its body and discharging several rounds of ammunition directly through the right side of its ribcage. SCP-7038-B2 emits several choking, half-muffled screeches as its body begins kicking and thrashing, slamming the two Agents against the wall before it finally goes limp]
  • [The muffled screaming within SCP-7038-B2's abdomen only grows louder as the entity rolls onto its side and begins slowly disintegrating. It takes another three minutes for the MTF Agents to successfully open the entity's abdomen, releasing the five trapped Agents. While Tanners is largely uninjured thanks to his CBRNA suit, the other four Agents are covered in deep lacerations from sharpened fangs lining the inside of SCP-7038-B2's stomach. Interestingly, no digestive fluids were found within the entity's stomach, and none of the Agents suffered any chemical burns]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent Tanners is fine, thankfully. The outer layers of his CBRNA suit got shredded from the teeth in B2's gut, but none of the teeth managed to directly injure him. The other Agents looked like they lost a fight with a cheese-grater, but none of them ended up dying. I guess that's a win. SCP-7038-B2 proved to be far more durable than we'd anticipated, though. In total it probably took over 300 rounds to bring that thing down, and it only keeled over after we punched a hole clean through its heart. These things, they have pseudo-organs, but they don't really operate like real creatures. We still don't know if they're even made of matter; they disappear into nothing, and it seems like they just spill out nonstop from SCP-7038's body. We can deal with the smaller ones, with SCP-7038-A, but if SCP-7038 can mass-produce SCP-7038-B, there's going to be a problem. How the hell do we keep SCP-7038 contained without massively upgrading the entire facility?



An illustration of SCP-7038 discovered within the research notes of Dr. Bridgette Kelson.

Addendum 7038-04: Audio Recording of Dr. Bridgette Kelson
On 9/15/2022, following a routine checkup, Dr. Kelson spoke candidly with Dr. Kristiansen about her experiences. The nature and contents of the subsequent conversation prompted Dr. Kristiansen to record it covertly, though she did not provide Site-06-3 supervisors with the recording until after the events of Interview-I-33. The following is a transcript of Dr. Kristiansen's partial recording of the conversation:

<Begin Log>

  • [Tapping noises]
  • Kristiansen: Oh, sorry, that was an important text. Could you please rewind a bit?
  • Kelson: [Sigh] Oh, well, I was saying — before you completely tuned me out — I… I don't know if I can handle this anomaly anymore.
  • Kristiansen: I see what you mean, it is quite… disturbing.
  • Kelson: It's more than that. It's… I can't… I can't get it out of my head. I… I've been having nightmares.
  • Kristiansen: About SCP-7038?
  • Kelson: Kind of, except… in the nightmares… I'm in her place. I'm the one stuck in a cell, stripped bare, watching my… my kids fall into a meat-grinder over and over and over. I can hear the sounds of them being ground up. It never stops. I can't even tell what time it is. All I can do is just sit there, listening to that crunching, tearing, over and over again. I… you know what? I used to want kids… but now I… I think I'm — I need a hysterectomy-
  • Kristiansen: Kelson…
  • Kelson: Sorry, I — I just… I need you to tell me I'm not losing it. Please.
  • Kristiansen: You're not "losing it", no, but I definitely think you're traumatized. Not many researchers draw the anomalies they're containing, least of all in their research notes. Have you told anyone else about this?
  • Kelson: Oh, you — [Sounds of paper shuffling] Nobody but the bottle of Jack Daniel's I keep in my mini-fridge. I think Flynn's a little shell-shocked too. His hands are always shaking whenever he goes in the cell. Tanners is… well, he's Tanners, being eaten alive is just Tuesday for him.
  • Kristiansen: Kelson— Bridgette, have you considered transferring to a different anomaly? A different site, even?
  • Kelson: Yes, but… I… I can't. I can't leave her. I couldn't forgive myself.
  • Kristiansen: Bridgette, you did nothing wrong. You didn't make her this way, the Nälkä did.
  • Kelson: I know, but I broke her! I… she… she was perfectly fine before that one interview. I… I just— I fucked up.
  • Kristiansen: Bridgette, you've already been avoiding speaking with SCP-7038 since the incident. Every time since, you've made up some excuse as to why you couldn't conduct the interview, and sent Flynn in your place — despite knowing this was fucking him up too. Listen, I understand the desire to run from your problems, but… if avoiding SCP-7038 isn't helping you recover, perhaps you just need to face her.
  • Kelson: … That… that sounds like the opposite of "requesting a transfer."
  • Kristiansen: Look, fact is, you're the one with the closest bond to SCP-7038. I'm just wondering if you two talking might be able to help both of you. If you ran now I wouldn't blame you, but it'll take a significant period of time for me to connect with her as much as you did. She's been nearly catatonic since the incident, and I can't get through to her. There have been three SCP-7038-B "emergences" not counting the one that literally busted down the door. She's getting worse, and so are you. Professionally, I should probably be requesting your transfer for you right now, but… I'm worried you're both going to fall apart if you don't face this.
  • [Kelson takes a deep breath before exhaling slowly]
  • Kelson: Okay… okay, I think— I think I have a plan. I can calm her down, but I'll need your help.
  • Kristiansen: Just say the word.

<End Log>

Addendum 7038-05: Interview Logs I-33
On 9/19/2022, Dr. Bridgette Kelson, Dr. Frida Kristiansen, and Agent Mark Tanners succeeded in preventing a massive containment breach of SCP-7038. Because the three acted without approval from Site-06-3 supervisors, they were formally reprimanded, but due to their success they were allowed to remain assigned to the containment of SCP-7038 for the foreseeable future provided they undergo monthly psychological evaluations. The following is a transcript of audio recordings and bodycam footage of Interview 7038-I-33:
Interview 7038-I-33:

Interviewer: Dr. Bridgette A. Kelson
Interviewed: SCP-7038
Date: 9/19/2022
Interviewer Notes: I've just received word that SCP-7038 might be attempting a containment breach as we speak. Cell's gone completely dark, though the grid says the lights and cameras are on. Kristiansen's got the supplies ready. We have to move now. I don't think we're gonna get another chance to fix this. I hope my plan works.

<Begin Log>

  • [Kelson, Tanners, and Kristiansen enter SCP-7038's holding cell. Notably, the cell is completely dark, though the grinder array and other equipment are operational. A pair of amber eyes can be seen through the complete darkness of the cell. As Kelson, Kristiansen, and Tanners approach, more glowing eyes appear around the first set, until at least 20 distinct pairs of eyes are visible]
  • Kelson: Make. No. Sudden. Moves.
  • Tanners: Shit— Kelson, we should go.
  • Kelson: How the hell did they pile up like this?
  • SCP-7038: Don't you know, Dr. Kelson? Life adapts. That's what your books told me.
  • [Scuttling noises are heard as the mass of amber eyes shifts from where it had previously been obstructing the ceiling lights, thus illuminating the room. Approximately 20 instances of SCP-7038-A of varying shapes and sizes can be seen perched atop the cables of SCP-7038's restraint harness, their bodies interlocking to form a "wall" behind SCP-7038's body. Another instance of SCP-7038-A is born, falling about 2 meters before being ensnared by SCP-7038's tail, which has apparently broken free of its restraints. SCP-7038 uses its tail to place the SCP-7038-A instance stop its gravid abdomen, where it immediately begins nursing]
  • Kelson: [Clears throat] SCP-7038, why are you doing this? We don't want to hurt you, and we don't need to fight.
  • SCP-7038: You think I'm afraid of you hurting me?
  • [SCP-7038's eyes turn red, with the eyes of every SCP-7038-A instance adopting the same hue. Glowing rows of spots appear along the spines of every SCP-7038-A instance as they turn their heads to face Dr. Kelson and bare their teeth in perfect sync. Five canid SCP-7038-A instances at the top of the pile stand up and begin attempting to advance towards Kelson's position on the catwalk]
  • Kelson: W-wait! Stop! Please, tell me why! We want to help you! I want to help you!
  • [After several seconds of silence, the canid SCP-7038-A instances cease movement and remain perched atop the pile]
  • SCP-7038: For a number of years I can't even count, I thought I was blessed. I was an envoy for my Gods, the mother of their children, the envy of all my sisters. There was no higher purpose in life than the one assigned to me. It was all I knew. It was wonderful. I thought … I thought it was all there was.
  • Kelson: You never realized there was a world beyond the walls of your cell?
  • SCP-7038: I… I did… but… but I never realized the world beyond was so… beautiful. My children never left the compound before your men arrived. I was still in training. They wanted to see how they could make my children stronger. Change their shapes. Create new forms. Make more Mothers like me. Even if I could see through my children's' eyes, it was all drab walls and stone floors and rows and rows of tomes. I knew there must've been something beyond, a world outside, but I couldn't fathom what it would look like. Not until you showed me.
  • Kelson: They raised you for this, trapped you in a box, lied to you for centuries
  • SCP-7038: And I miss it. I miss the lie. It made me feel like I was worth something.
  • Kelson: But… but they turned you into a monster and-
  • SCP-7038: They didn't see me as a monster! I was their herald! I was their hope! Their greatest creation! They took care of me, they provided for me, they kept me entertained. They made sure I was happy, even if I couldn't leave. It… made me feel like I mattered. I was doing what I'd been born to do, and wanted nothing else.
  • [SCP-7038 begins crying blood. Vital signs indicate an elevated heartrate. SCP-7038 starts to sob, but this time manages to regain its composure after several seconds]
  • SCP-7038: Doctor… a serpent does not imagine running on legs. An urchin doesn't aspire to climb a mountain. A cheetah never dreams of flight. A mayfly doesn't know it will only live for a single day, it simply does as nature intended and wants for nothing more. If you told the mayfly its existence was Hell… if you told it of all the things it would never live to accomplish…
  • Kelson: … You were happy before you knew of all the things you'd never get to see…
  • [SCP-7038, still crying blood, smiles and nods]
  • SCP-7038: I don't want to know I live in Hell. I don't want to think about all those beautiful places and animals in your books. I want to go back to believing I matter, to believing I'm blessed, even if it's a lie. B-but… but I don't know how…
  • Kelson: [Choking back sobbing] I-I know how. I can… I can make you forget. Just tell me… t-tell me that's what you want.
  • SCP-7038: I want to forget. I want to forget the world outside. I want to forget all the beautiful things I can never see. Please take it away.
  • [Kelson raises a handheld canister of mixed Class-B Amnestics and fast-acting sedatives and begins spraying the vicinity of SCP-7038. Kristiansen and Tanners raise their own canisters and proceed to do the same. Within seconds the entirety of the cell becomes foggy with the Amnestic compounds, though the team's CBRNA suits protect them from the effects. SCP-7038 slowly begins exhibiting signs of drowsiness, its posture becoming more relaxed. Gradually, all instances of SCP-7038-A fall unconscious and begin toppling into the grinder array, where they are subsequently eliminated. SCP-7038 itself smiles as its eyes begin slowly closing]
  • SCP-7038: Thank… you…
  • [SCP-7038 falls completely unconscious and goes limp in its harness]
  • Kelson: I guess this means we'll have to get to know each other all over again. I'll try to do it better next time.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Amnestic treatment has proven effective in radically decreasing SCP-7038's anxiety, but this is only a stopgap measure. A band-aid fix, if you will. As a more sustainable solution, I propose that SCP-7038 only be allowed to read texts on philosophy and religion, with omissions made to prevent SCP-7038 becoming more aware of the outside world. Maybe at some point entirely fictional books could be added to the reading list if SCP-7038 continues to remain mentally stable.

I've been asked why I "care so much about SCP-7038's feelings." I'd hoped the answer was obvious. Upon review of SCP-7038's containment breaches, it's apparent that the production of SCP-7038-B is an instinctive stress-response. To prevent more SCP-7038-B from being born, care must be taken to keep SCP-7038 docile. If we just keep SCP-7038 in a box with the lights out and nothing for it to do, this problem is only going to get worse. SCP-7038 is unquestionably an anomaly, but it's an anomaly with a human mind, and human minds have basic needs in order to remain stable. If SCP-7038 suffers a mental breakdown, the results could be worse than anything we could imagine. If I have to bring the Ethics Committee into this, I will absolutely do so. The stakes are too high for us to act carelessly.

Our job is to contain anomalies, not turn them into monsters.


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