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Item #: SCP-7037

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7037 is to be contained in a thaumaturgically augmented storage locker located in the Storage Wing of Site-37; unless otherwise approved by at least one member of the O5 Council, this locker is to be disconnected from baseline reality at all times to minimize its influence of probabilistic reality.1

Description: SCP-7037 is a forty-seven leaf clover that has a constant effect on relative, probabilistic reality, resulting in the perceivable existence of good fortune.2 As such effects have been observed as far as 50 km away from the source, an exact sphere of influence is unknown, though it is reasonably assumed to be no further than 100 km.

Addendum-1: Discovery

SCP-7037 was discovered in the home Reuben Walsh, located within a small village in rural Ireland. The anomaly was initial brought to Foundation attention after Evelyn O'Shannon made a social media posting detailing that her mother had miraculously recovered from Stage 4 lung cancer despite being complete bedridden and comatose a day prior. Two members of MTF Pulse-17 ("Your Everyday Citizens") were dispatched to the location under the guise of tourists and, through conversation with locals, discovered multiple other instances of unlikely, probabilistic outcomes, including, but not limited to,3 the following:

  • Three separate marriages occurring on the same day, at the same church, with all three couples sharing the same surname "Ortiz."
  • A seven year old boy falls out of a tree from an approximate elevation of 25 meters; he sustained no injuries despite the likelihood of simply surviving a fall being less than a 10% chance.
  • During a storm, lightning strikes an elderly woman 7 times4; similar to the boy, she sustained no injuries.

After Doctor Celzin determined these instances, along with others not listed, to be impossibly unlikely to occur within baseline, probabilistic reality, additional MTF Pulse-17 members with thaumaturgic abilities were dispatched and, using their abilities, were to enter and investigate citizen homes through use of thaumaturgical persuasion. During this search, SCP-7037 was recovered from the home of Reuben Walsh who, through specified mnestic treatment, was implanted with false memories of the clover wilting.

Addendum-2: Testing Excerpts

Multiple tests were approved by Doctor Celzin to ascertain specifications and limits of SCP-7037's anomalous properties. While testing was extensive,5 only important excerpts have been included for documental efficiency.


Experiment: D-19732 is isolated in a room with SCP-70376 which is disconnected from baseline, probabilistic reality via thaumaturgic seals. Within the room is a table, chair, and six decks of cards. D-19732 is prompted to shuffle each deck as much as they wish, but not to check the faces of any cards.

Result: Inspection of the cards revealed that, despite varying methods and time taken to shuffle each deck, all six held the exact order of cards. As each shuffle is a 1 in 52!7 chance, the statistical probability of such an occurrence is 1 in 52!6, or 1 in 2.75 x 10407 chance.

Additional Notes: This is a statistical impossibility. Truly. If we go off of the calculation that there are 1082 atoms in our observable universe, you could turn every atom into its own universe, every atom of those universes into its own, and repeat twice more, pick a random atom, and that's just 10410. That's only a thousand times less likely than this shuffle. We are dealing with an anomaly that makes the impossible possible, and we need to be careful. — Senior Researcher Asher Celzin.

Following Test Log 7037-07, the following five tests replicated the same experiment with seven, eight, ten, twenty, and fifty decks respectively. All resulted in the same outcome; all decks held the same shuffle. After the conclusion of Test Log 7037-12,8 Doctor Celzin submitted the following proposal to update containment procedures to the Site Director.

Following the denial of Doctor Celzin's proposal, experimentation continued as it had initially.


Experiment: D-19732 is once again isolated in a room with SCP-7037 that is disconnected from baseline, probabilistic reality. Within the room is a table, chair, and a singular coin, alongside a set of instructions to flip the coin one-hundred times and record results.

Results: Despite no column being listed, D-19732 wrote in once denoted "edge" and marked said column 100 times. Following questioning alongside analysis of video footage, said results were confirmed. Research into baseline probability of this result, along with a use of a SPP,9 calculated the baseline probability to be a 1 in 6000 chance, whereas the results of testing suggest replicating such a result is 1 in 1.53 x 10378, a result similarly miniscule to that of the Test Log 7037-07.

Additional Notes: Despite multiple other intended tests, I think we perfectly understand what this anomaly is capable of. It doesn't just skew chance; it plays with it. Thirty-two tests disprove any coincidence, and further tests will deny any of even the most skeptic among us, but in the meantime I highly suggest increasing security clearance regarding SCP-7037. I fear what may happen if it falls into the wrong hands. — Senior Researcher Asher Celzin

Similarly to tests following Test Log 7037-07, the following three tests after Test Log 7037-32 replicated the same experiment with two-hundred, five-hundred, and one-thousand coin flips respectively, all yielding the same results; all coins landed on their edge, every single time. Additionally, different coins were used throughout to nullify any suspicion that the coin itself may have been anomalous. At this time, Doctor Celzin also submitted another proposal to the Site Director, as can be seen below.

Following completion of her suspension, Doctor Celzin filed a secondary request to take over as the lead participant, alongside her current responsibilities as head researcher, of SCP-7037. This motion, unlike the prior, was approved due to presumed non-threat of the anomaly. The following tests were conducted under such conditions.


Experiment: Senior Research Asher Celzin is isolated in a room with SCP-7037 and is disconnected from baseline probabilistic reality. Within the room is a table, chair, and three lottery tickets.10 The tickets were within SCP-7037's sphere of influence. Doctor Celzin proceeds to scratch each off and compare them to their respective, winning numbers.

Results: All three tickets win their respective jackpots, summing up to an approximate total of $777 million. As a result, the Ethics Committee conducted a brief investigation into the manner of SCP-7037 testing and ultimately determined that, despite the influence of SCP-7037, Doctor Celzin had a right to the money, though was strictly discouraged from replication of similar testing.

Additional Notes: I have no use for the money; I want to get that off my chest first and foremost. I split it amongst various charities, put a lot into the Foundation, and even sent some home to my folks, but I kept none of it. This was an example, a perfect one, of just how powerful this anomaly is. And how dangerous it is. And I will continue testing until someone above me finally believes me.

Senior Researcher Asher Celzin filed a proposal with the previous file attached in a third email correspondence with Site-37's Director. Unlike previous messages however, Doctor Celzin's went unanswered for four days. Documents of the exchange are below.

Following her correspondence with the Director, Doctor Celzin submitted multiple proposals to Assistant Director Sherwood Watson's email. All went unacknowledged. Despite such, Doctor Celzin reportedly continued researching the effects of SCP-7037.

Addendum-3: Incident-7037-01


DATE: 7/07/20██

FOREWORD: Incident-7037-01 occurred approximately twenty-seven minutes after the arrival of O5-1 to Site-37 for a meeting with its Site Director. The perpetuator of this incident has been identified to be SCP-7037's head researcher Asher Celzin. The following is a concise summary of the incident:

[0000]: Doctor Celzin can be see in an experimentation cell, presumably conducting a test related to SCP-7037.

[0003]: O5-1 arrives at Site-37 alongside one member11 of MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") as a an escort.

[0004]: Site-37's Director notifies all staff of Class 4 clearance of the O5's arrival as per standard procedure.

[0005]: Celzin acknowledges the notice and appears to grow increasingly troubled over the course of the following five or six minutes.

[0011]: After confirming O5-1's identity, the Site Director leads the O5 to his personal office.

[0017]: Despite appearing visibly conflicted, Celzin continues and completes their experimentation with SCP-7037 and is seen noting the results.

[0023]: The Site Director can be seen leading O5-1 throughout Site-37 as per the O5's own request.

[0025]: Celzin completes notation of results and appears to gather up equipment; a few minutes later she is seen to be heading towards the site's Storage Wing, presumably to return SCP-7037 to its containment locker.

[0031]: An unexpected breach occurs regarding a non-hostile humanoid anomaly; due to this, O5-1 sends their own MTF guard to aid in re-containment. The Director and O5 continue towards the Storage Wing due to the lack of danger affiliated with the breach.

[0033]: Celzin enters the Storage wing and is seen moving towards SCP-7037's storage locker; once they notice the Site Director and O5-1, however, they freeze in place.

[0034]: When O5-1 is approximately one meter away from Celzin, she suddenly arms herself with her personal sidearm, leveling the gun at the Overseer's head. The following dialogue is exchanged:

Director: Asher! What the fuck are you doing? Put the gun down.

O5-1: Lass, I'm not sure what you're trying to pull, but I'm not sure you know who-

[0035]: Celzin pulls the trigger, but the gun jams. She sighs in visible relief and drops the firearm.

Celzin: …I was right.


Following the events of Incident-7037-01, Asher Celzin was immediately detained, questioned, and put through psychological analysis testing due to the sudden, irregular behavior. Such tests reveal that she was not only of a perfectly sane and unaltered state of mind, but that her actions were executed with the intent of O5-1's survival; the following is her own testimony given at the end of her evaluation:

"Denial after denial after denial. I couldn't take it anymore, all of the… inaction. I've spoken with Velrium before — hell, I considered him a friend! — but he wouldn't do anything. Nothing serious, at least. Just a quick 'denied' and he went on with his day. So when I heard an O5 was in the building, I… I got the terrible idea to put a gun to their head. I wasn't going to act on it at first, I swear, but when we crossed paths it was like the clover had brought him right to me. And as luck would have it, the gun jammed, just as I expected. Fuck- I probably wrote my own death sentence, but at least they'll be forced to pay the damn anomaly some mind." - Senior Researcher Asher Celzin

Celzin's reprimanding is pending Site Director Velrium Zerwick's O5-1's discretion.

In accordance to O5-1's declarations, Velrium Zerwick was placed on immediate suspended leave. Despite her promotion, Asher Celzin was also placed on a brief suspension period of two months per the request of multiple other Overseers despite O5-1's protests. As such, Doctor Celzin is currently serving her suspension period of two months, following which she will assume role of Site Director at Site-37. During this period, Sherwood Watson is to temporarily assume this role.

Additionally, SCP-7037 was taken into Overseer custody following this incident with the intent of further testing. O5-6 has assumed role as the primary researcher for said anomaly.

Addendum-3: O5 Council Census Regarding SCP-7037


Date: 7/09/20██

Foreword: Following the events of Incident-7037-1, O5-1 called a non-emergency meeting of the Council to discuss further procedure regarding SCP-7037 itself. Due to other vital proceedings, however, multiple Overseers were unable to attend; as the subject matter was not considered of the utmost necessity, the meeting proceeded despite the absence of O5-3, O5-8, O5-10, and O5-12.

<O5-4 enters Overseer Hall and takes her seat, effectively being the last to arrive of the nine present members. As she sits, O5-1 activates thaumaturgical wards on the hall, rendering it a reality exclusion zone as is standard procedure.>

O5-1: All are present? <A unanimous round of confirmation is heard from the other eight.> Perfect. You have all read the briefing, I'm sure.

O5-9: I read the briefing alright. Someone tried to take your life, One. And you rewarded her for it?

O5-2: Did you read the full file? It seems it was quite expectant that she would fail. She even drafted a hypothesis on it.

O5-9: And if she didn't? I feel as though the situation is being regarded far too lightly for an attempt on a council member's life.

O5-13: The way I see it, it's One's life, not ours. If he believes she is to be acquitted, then she is acquitted. It is no skin off my back.

O5-11: Regardless of our own beliefs regarding this Doctor Celzin, we are not here to discuss such semantics. One?

O5-1: Thank you. I appreciate your concerns, but the matter at hand here is SCP-7037, not worries regarding myself. Six and I have taken it upon ourselves to conduct our own research into the anomaly, and the result are… interesting, to say the least. Six, if you could?

<O5-6 produces multiple copies of a printed file and distributes it to everyone present. File is included below.>

O5-1: Please take a moment to read through it. All of you.


SCP-7037 is an anomaly capable of modifying any and all probabilities to an extent such that it would not be unwise to consider it a passive reality bender. What is of curious note, however, is the extent to which it seems related to the human psyche. For instance, in an attempt to replicate Doctor Celzin's six-deck test, we substituted the human participant with an AI; the results were eye-opening, as no deck shared a shuffle. Once the human component was reintroduced, however, the results returned to statistical impossibilities.

Of extreme note, however, are its capabilities to protect said human component, though this seems to come at a cost. With approval of the Ethics Committee, we conducted several tests which should have harmed the participating personnel, yet in all instances excluding those which would cause minor injuries12 a failure always occurred which negated the administration of such harm. Whether this is an intentional trait of the anomaly or simply its passive effect on probability on a grander scale is unknown.

What is known, however, is that situations in which its modification of probability saves lives results in the wilting of exactly one clover leaf. This was true for both Incident-7037-1 and one of our own tests replicating the same scenario. As such, SCP-7037 may prove to be an invaluable tool, but a finite resource nonetheless.

<Over the course of approximately five minutes all Overseers read through the file.>

O5-4: So what does this make SCP-7037? Some sort of anomalously good omen?

O5-9: Or some sort of trick. Who's to say the anomaly won't suddenly decide to skew chance against us?

O5-2: The original files, which heavily outline SCP-7037's lack of a consciousness.

O5-9: And if that's a trick, too? We've seen smart anomalies before; it is dangerous to trust one even for a moment. Remember the Falling Dawn Incident?

<O5-6 visibly shudders; O5-5 and O5-11 appear uncomfortable.>

O5-13: We all remember that incident, but I think we should also be keen to acknowledge anomalies which have done us good. O5-8 is still kicking because of the damn pill, and O5-3 is more spectral than they are human.

O5-9: That doesn't change that fact that SCP-7037 might be dangerous-

O5-7: I'd argue your continued skepticism is just as dangerous. There is very little point to it over such a relatively trivial matter.

O5-9: Trivial!? We're all reading the same document here, aren't we? It toys with probability like a toddler with Lego; chaotically! How is this trivial?

O5-7: If you would stop shouting I'm sure others would love to explain. This is a council meeting; try to control yourself.

<O5-9 glares at O5-7 but ultimately remains silent.>

O5-7: Thank you. Now, if anyone would like to refute? Civil-like, mind you.

<Silence permeates the room for a few moments. Eventually, O5-11 speaks.>

O5-11: I may be a bit biased, but I see very little detriment in utilizing SCP-7037 as a tool which may benefit the Foundation's functions. We already have anecdotal proof that it has prevented an Overseer's death.

O5-2: I agree. That is quite undeniable. In fact, through all of Doctor Celzin's, One's, and Six's research there has not been one instance which suggests the effects of this anomaly are negative.

O5-13: They suggest quite the opposite, actually. With nearly two-hundred recorded tests, it seems statistically improbable a negative outcome would occur.

O5-9: Statistically improbable. Are you hearing yourself? This anomaly takes probability and twists it into whatever the hell it wants! Statistical probabilities don't exist when speaking of this anomaly. The tests prove that just as much as anything else.

O5-6: Will you not listen to reason?

O5-4: As much as I hate to agree with Nine, they bring up valid concerns, though I also believe their paranoia steers them more-so than their mind.

O5-9: …thank you?

O5-4: Regardless, I think we should take into consideration his points as much so as our own.

O5-5: Back and forth, back and forth…

O5-1: <Sighs.> Very well. Perhaps you misunderstand our intentions for the anomaly.

O5-9: And what are your intentions exactly?

O5-1: I wish to install SCP-7037 into the Overseer Hall directly and-

O5-9: Not a shot in hell.

O5-6: Nine, let's not-

O5-9: Don't "Nine" me. The Overseer Hall? Are you stupid? Do you-

O5-7: Nine.

O5-9: -really think-

O5-7: Nine.

O5-9: -that I'll just sit here and-

<O5-7 slams his fist into the table.>

O5-7: Nine! <The room falls silent.> You're acting like a child. Calm down, and remember your station.

<Nine appears visibly offended but falls silent, lowering his head.>

O5-7: Clearly this meeting is going no where. One, mind moving on to the official proposal.

O5-1: Yes. Of course. <O5-1 clears their throat.> This is O5 proposal 7037-1; I, head of the O5 Council, hereby propose SCP-7037 be installed with the Overseer Hall with the express intent of utilization as a Foundation failsafe. All in favor?



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