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Item#: 7035
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7035 is self-contained in Nx-84, where it resides. Site-43, under the supervision of PENTAGRAM, is to remotely monitor Nx-84 via aerial reconnaissance. PENTAGRAM, as well as Foundation and UIU personnel, are prohibited from operating in Nx-84.

Following Nx-84's expansion to its current size, Agent-7993 has been deployed to remove any interest or attachment to the former United States East Coast to prevent any civilian attempts to explore Nx-84 or SCP-7035-2.

Site-43 is to remain the main supervisory site for SCP-7035, despite recent events, due to it remaining the next nearest site, with Site-55, Site-28, Site-83, Site-98, Site-322, and Area-179 having been destroyed and Site-184 not possessing the required facilities for the oversight of SCP-7035.

Description: SCP-7035 is a nineteen-year-old human female that is capable of opening Extrauniversal Selective Ways.Ways capable of transporting entrants with specific traits between universes. One of the rarest and most difficult to recreate ways. on mirrors. Ways created by SCP-7035 lead to SCP-7035-2, a universe that has significantly diverged from the baseline (>10°). SCP-7035 can only create Ways on surfaces that exist in the exact location.In relation to Earth in SCP-7035-2 as in the Baseline Universe. SCP-7035 is only capable of maintaining one way at a time, designated as SCP-7035-A.

All objects and living beings tested so far have been able to pass through SCP-7035-A with the exception of SCP-7035.

Addendum June/1976:

Addendum July/1976:

SCP-7035 appears to have full control over creating and closing their own Extrauniversal Selective Ways, something the Foundation and PENTAGRAM have struggled to study, let alone replicate for decades. This, along with SCP-7035's statements about these ways warrant the exploration of SCP-7035's home world, which we believe to be a parallel universe of an unknown divergence level. The potential of this anomaly is immeasurable, and I am formally requesting significant funding for SCP-7035's research team to try to research and utilize this anomaly to the fullest.
-Site-43 Director Scout

Request approved
-Adm. T. H. Moorer, Chairman of PJCS.PENTAGRAM Joint Chiefs of Staff

Addendum August/1976:

Addendum September/1976:

Addendum October/1976:

On October 10th, 1976 Nx-84 increased in anomalous activity detected by an extreme rise in plant growth in the Boston area, however, unlike previously predicted, Nx-84 spread outwards from its original spatial anomaly. Containment efforts began immediately, however, personnel responding failed to effectively fight the plant growth originating from Nx-84, of which the original entrance was unable to be accessed by October 11th due to anomalously large and dense plant growth. By October 20th the area formerly comprising Boston was overgrown, and growths began to resemble structures or varying forms and colors, frequently featuring bright and varied colors.

By November 1st, significant United States military presence was called in as Nx-84 had expanded to the size of Massachusetts. Due to strict media control in place due to SCP-7993, public knowledge of this event was largely unknown. The areas closest to Nx-84, primarily Boston, now closely resembled a city-sized theme park of varying bright colors. As the growth of Nx-84 did not slow down, the O5 Council declared an RK-Class Restructuring Scenario, and in accordance with this declaration, the veil was lifted announcing the Foundation's presence in the world.

On December 24th, 1976 Nx-84 stopped expanding, having covered the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Large portions of Maine, New York, and Pennsylvania. The resulting area was reclassified as Nx-84, and exploration was chosen over destruction, as it was detected a large number of humanoid entities resided in Nx-84.

The following is the only exploration log of Nx-84. Following this exploration is prohibited and Nx-84 is to be monitored but not interacted with:

Following this, as well as private transmissions to the O5 Council and PJCS from NX-84, the Foundation, PENTAGRAM, and UIU have been prohibited from operating in Nx-84.

Addendum January/1978:

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