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AO-19377033 before Incident-AO-7033-01.

Item #: AO-19377033

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: AO-19377033 is contained upside down within a soundproof containment locker. Personnel are advised to wear earplugs.

Description: AO-19377033 is a toy school bus measuring 25 centimeters in length. Other than the lack of any branding, it is visually unremarkable.

AO-19377033's primary anomaly is its ability to continuously produce music, more specifically, the instrumental to the American folk song The Wheels on the Bus by Verna Hills. All attempts to halt this ability have failed.

AO-19377033 also possesses the following minor anomalous attributes:

  • All wheels spinning simultaneously;
  • The windshield wiper stickers animating on AO-19377033's windshield;
  • The steering wheel continuously rotating;
  • The sound of a vehicle horn and light emanating from the grill and head lamps respectively at random;
  • The sound of an infant crying and loud shushing emanating from the object; this is the loudest sound AO-19377033 produces to date.

AO-19377033 was discovered at a Toys "R" Us store in Indiana, United States after a handful of parents made several noise complaints to the manager. The object was found at the bottom of the bargain bin section. All witnesses were administered Class-A amnestics and AO-19377033 was collected.

All information written above is scheduled to be updated pending the results of Incident-AO-19377033 Addendum-7033.3

Incident-AO-7033-01: On 07/26/1999, various anomalies identified on the Anomalous Item Catalogue were scheduled to be analyzed for a routine inspection. The inspection went as planned until AO-19377033 was involved.

As Ommer unintentionally destroyed a minor anomalous item with an extremely low-research priority, he was only given a warning. AO-19377033 was declared neutralized and was scheduled to be incinerated at a later date.

Addendum-7033.1: In the following weeks, multiple personnel had complained to human resources regarding to the behavior and actions taken by Ommer. Ommer had not only disrupted the work of others, but also have been accused of being unstable. Below are a partial series of incidents that support this claim.

After the latest incident, Ommer was detained following his outburst. Due to the belief his psychological impairments were a result of excessive stress and being a valued member of personnel, Ommer was detained in a holding cell until a full-fledged psychiatric analysis was conducted.

Addendum-7033.2: On 08/31/1999, Ommers was discovered to be absent from his cell. The Site was searched thoroughly, and although he wasn't present in the facility, official documentation permitting him to leave was found and had the Site Director's signature on it.1

Foundation agents searched Ommer's residence but were unable to locate him. A journal and camcorder was recovered during the investigation. The journal was located on top of his bed.

Addendum-7033.3: Unlike what was depicted in the footage, Ommer's residence did not appear to suffer any form of damage with the exception of the garage door. The camcorder was recovered near a toll road, next to a tree that had recently fallen over.

Underneath the tree was an anomalous item nearly identical in appearance to AO-193770335 with the exception of three holes being present on its windshield and its front-left tire being damaged.

This new object emitted similar sounds to AO-19377033 with the addition of a new sound; instead of an infant crying, it now emits the sound of a adult male voice whimpering alongside a series of shushes in an excited tone.

SCP-7033's object class was changed from neutralized to pending.

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