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Item #: SCP-7029

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are tasked to remove video evidence contrary to CV-00501. Individuals identified to have personally witnessed SCP-7029 are to be detained and administered Class-C amenstics.

The McGall family is to be put under surveillance for the time being.

Description: SCP-7029 refers to American Airlines flight 150 (ORD to CDG). While traveling over the state of Ohio, the airplane (SCP-7029-A) spontaneously stopped responding to controller input and began heading straight towards the city of Westerville. Air traffic controllers were notified by radio that none of the warning lights were going off; witnesses that observed SCP-7029-A from the ground claimed the anomaly performed a series of loop-the-loops rather than heading straight down.

The Federal Aviation Administration's investigation was taken over by the Foundation after details of SCP-7029 emerged post-crash:

All relevant parties were amnestized with Class-A amnestics. Cover stories CV-33454 and CV-00501 (Smaller plane crash and plane lost at sea) were accounted for the damage of the McGall residence and the absence of SCP-7029-A respectively. Tests were conducted on Max McGall to determine if he possessed anomalous properties. While Max McGall exhibited a higher Hume count, he didn't qualify for reality-bender classification and soon returned to baseline overtime.

The McGall family decided to temporarily relocate to Lincoln Village, Ohio until the property damage at their original residence is fixed.

Addedum-7029.1, Update: A runaway train that has just been reported to have left the tracks it was riding on appears to be heading directly to Lincoln Village. Containment efforts are underway.

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