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Home of ██████████████████████, SCP-7024 consumer and winner of the ███ International League of Legends Tournament.

Item: SCP-7024

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When instances of SCP-7024 are found, they should be confiscated and moved to the nearest storage depot for less hazardous materials, for study and subsequent disposal. Depending on the storage capacity of each facility, at least 20% of the instances should be stored.

No active efforts of memetic suppression will be made to the subjects affected by SCP-7024, publicly attributing the associated events to casuistic or chance factors. For the cases in which these events have a high diffusion or notoriety, disinformation campaigns will be carried out, attributing them to unfounded rumors or hoaxes.

The efforts of the Foundation should be focused on the discovery of the SCP-7024 manufacturing facilities and the capture of the workers for their subsequent interrogation and amnestization. In cooperation with the local authorities, these facilities will be shut down on charges of serious health problems. Distributors will be traced for the confiscation of SCP-7024, preventing its commercialization.

Update 1: Upon discovery of a new SCP-7024 production site, a tactical team will be deployed to sabotage the machinery present and disable the site. These events should be covered up with fires, which will be reported as accidental (See Addendum 3.)

Update 2: If viable instances of SCP-7024-1 are found, their transport and delivery to the Druidic Secret Society will be coordinated through the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (See Addendum 4.)

Description: SCP-7024 corresponds to a compound with ontokinetic properties of lower intensity commercially distributed under the name of Lucky Cola. SCP-7024 has in its composition ingredients usually found in energy drinks such as caffeine, sucrose, amino acids such as taurine, and B vitamins together with wormwood extract (Artemisia absinthium). Other organic substances of biological origin have also been found, whose origin and composition have not yet been determined (See Addendum 2.)


An instance of SCP-7024.

SCP-7024 has been described as "refreshing and energizing, with a slightly bitter aftertaste, similar to tonic water", without observing adverse effects other than those associated, after consuming large quantities, with the use of massive doses of caffeine and wormwood.

The anomalous effect associated with the use of SCP-7024 is related to the result of events with probabilistic outcomes in which the consumer participates, especially in relation to games or other activities whose rewards are not tangible, obtaining favorable results in a proportion much higher than what could be expected according to chance or to the consumer's abilities or skills.

Additionally, an increase in the frequency of events with negative or harmful outcomes has been observed among people in the family, social or work environment of SCP-7024 consumers, being the frequency and severity of these events directly proportional to the amounts consumed of SCP-7024, being originally many of these events associated to chance or to intentional actions on the part of SCP-7024 users.

The existence of SCP-7024 was discovered through the Foundation's automatic monitoring system of social networks, communications, and news CASANDRA, which upon detecting a series of unusual domestic accidents established that all the homes were inhabited by a subject who had recently obtained a victory in a sports or recreational competition. Seeking to rule out the presence of anomalous activities, ontokinetic, or the use of thaumaturgic rituals, these subjects were interviewed, establishing that the common factor was the use of SCP-7024 in a period close to the events described.

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