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Item #: SCP-7022

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7022, as well as its potential to cause problems within the command structure of the Foundation, are to be thoroughly investigated by its designated research task force. Once a protocol to decommission SCP-7022 has been devised, it is to be implemented with utmost haste.

Description: SCP-7022 is the designation given to the Foundation's current state of decline in certain aspects such as government support, technological development, and available funding. This currently causes an increasing amount of problems such as mass containment breaches, issues regarding the funding of various projects, and the possibility of external Groups of Interest overtaking the Foundation in certain sectors of research or technology.

While the cause of SCP-7022 is unknown, current theories vary from the possibility of SCP-7022 being non-anomalous to it being the result of an unknown entity. On discovery of the true nature of SCP-7022, the Overseer Council will convene to discuss adjusting the procedures for handling SCP-7022.

Nobody’s really sure what’s happening here. I’ll just append some files as we go. ~ Researcher David Ingram

Addendum 7022.1: Expanded Incident Report

Location: Site-19

Date of Incident: 7/14/2020

Description of Incident: Potential containment breach and/or anomalous interference.

Responding Unit: Nu-7 Breakaway Battalion 5 ("All-Seeing Eye")

Prior to the incident, Site-19 was fully stable and operational before becoming unresponsive to communication attempts for several hours. Attempts to access security camera footage were unsuccessful. As a result, a task force battalion was quickly assembled in nearby Area-726 to arrive at the site on near thirty minutes notice.

The assigned task force arrived at the site at 13:42, approaching the building from behind. The initial task force consisted of five personnel, with more prepared outside the facility as reserves in the case of the initial task force becoming unresponsive.

The purpose of the mission is to investigate the given problem and remaining personnel with the containment of any anomalies.



Mobile Task Force Nu-7 — Breakaway Battalion 5 ("All-Seeing Eye") Personnel Report:

  1. Leader: Foxtrot
  2. Co-Leader: Zulu
  3. Ranker: Kilo
  4. Ranker: Bravo
  5. Sapper: Echo

There is one audio log attached.


Foxtrot: Begin to approach the building slowly.

The five task force members walk to the back of the building. The door in the middle of the large concrete wall is visible through the cameras attached to the personnel.

Foxtrot: Begin to examine our surroundings.

The task force begins to the outside of the building and the area around it for any abnormalities.

Zulu: Looks clear.

Foxtrot: Alright. Lets prepare to—

A cracking sound is heard from above, interrupting Foxtrot.

Kilo: Hell was that?

The other task force members begin to look up and make sounds of shock. There is a man, elderly in appearance, hanging from one of the windows with no signs of life.

Foxtrot: …Okay. Echo? You know what to do, right?

Echo: [Sigh]… Yeah, yeah.


Addendum: After the body was collected and sent back to mission command, an autopsy confirmed its identity as the Site-19 Director. No information regarding the cause of this has been uncovered.

After entering, communications with the task force became difficult due to memetic interference. As a result, communications were limited to only brief reports sent out by the task force as mission command worked to counteract the interference.

Foreword: One of the files sent by the task force after the reconnaissance report. Recovered from the office of Level 3 Senior Technician Sidney Sinclair, which contained more memetic interference than the rest of the facility. Rest of the files uncovered in the office still undergoing memetic deconstruction.


Inspected Region: Reality Stabilization Module Room #29131

Notes: Does anyone ever really read these things? Yes, the region is fully stable and active. Has been since I was transferred here. It's not like the machines are just going to grow wings and fly out of the room. Trust me, we've accounted for that possibility. Reality manipulation is weird.

Anyways, hate to use this report to give warning of my lunch break, but I'm heading out for a bit. Bye bye!

The second report was received nearly 7 minutes after the previous file. The team was reported to have descended 17 floors in an elevator before the elevator became non-operational and had to be broken out of.



Mobile Task Force Nu-7 — Breakaway Battalion 5 ("All-Seeing Eye") Personnel Report:

  1. Leader: Foxtrot
  2. Co-Leader: Zulu
  3. Ranker: Kilo
  4. Ranker: Bravo
  5. Sapper: Echo

The mobile task force was covering floor 17 when the report came through. The floor was covered in a thick, unidentified black tar-like substance. The task force continued on, before coming across a hallway that was unable to be illuminated by their flashlights despite its strength.

Before they were able to react, a humanoid flesh-like entity burst out of the shadows and lunged at Foxtrot, before the other task force members began opening fire. Standard firearms had no effect, however an experimental weapon made by Echo was used, terminating both Foxtrot and the creature.

Addendum: Entity was able to be identified as a human that underwent sarkic transformations. No sarkite-related items exist at Site-19, leading to the conclusion that the site was infiltrated by a terrorist. How they got inside is unclear. The task force was cleared for further descent.

After Foxtrot was confirmed to be deceased, a second breakaway battalion was prepared in case the rest of Battalion 5 was to become unable to continue.

Foreword: A second file recovered from Technician Sinclair's office.


This report has one file attachment.

Okay? This thing on? Sorry about the whole audio log thing, hands are kind of full and I don't feel like writing shit today. Currently in the [Huff] … uh … third psychometic reaffiliation deconstruction chamber … [Pause] … who in the hell comes up with the names for these things? Last week I had to perform maintenance on a machine with a seventeen word name, it's like there's some lazy sci-fi author who pulls out a thesaurus to name these so they can sound smart…
Anyways, second system here looks to be just fine… Ah, wait, shit, did I really… [Yelling] HEY! YOU DOWN THERE! WHAT TIME IS IT? … hm …. goddammit, I missed my damned lunch break. At least I … [Huff] … get paid extra for the time I missed.
Theses things are pretty big… You'd think that a lot of people end up screwing things up around these parts every now and again. And yes, you'd be right. Just last week I had somebody blow up a… long-named thingie. It's been happening more and more recently, it almost makes you want to slap our personnel recruiters… who manages that department again?
Seventh system here is also fully operational. If it wasn't that, then what's causing this leak? Oh yeah, forgot to mention, was called here because this machine was leaking some no-no hume emitting fluid. Don't know what it does, those big burly guys won't let me anywhere near the substance. Who knows, maybe its an SCP of some sort?
[Huff]… This is the last system. I don't see any problems, this thing should be fully stable.
What's the problem with this?

Due to the combined presence of potentially dangerous heavy machinery at the lower levels as well as the lack of encountered personnel throughout the facility, accessing the lowest levels was deemed a top priority.

Using a hatch to access a series of maintenance tunnels, the team found a way to bypass another 16 levels of the building.



Mobile Task Force Nu-7 — Breakaway Battalion 5 ("All-Seeing Eye") Personnel Report:

  1. Leader: Foxtrot
  2. Leader: Zulu
  3. Ranker: Kilo
  4. Ranker: Bravo
  5. Sapper: Echo

The task force approaches floor 33 from a maintenance tunnel located on the side. There is a brief argument on who should open the door and head in first, before Zulu orders Bravo to undergo the task. After opening the door and preparing for any potential threats, the entire floor actually seemed to be filled completely with dirt.

The task force continued on through floor 32. Floor 32 abnormally took on the appearance of a still-in-construction part of the facility, noted by building materials laid out over the floors, scaffoldings, and unfinished walls, and no anomalies despite normally being one of the largest floors.

Upon learning of the state of floor 32, the O4 council2 has stepped in to redact information pertaining to the incident. Reason for redaction is unclear.

Foreword: The third and fourth files recovered from Sidney Sinclair's office.


This report has one file attachment.

Yep, here I am again. This time inspecting the… uh… mass temporal anchor. That's right, floor 60. This thingie here is meant to make sure our timeline shenanigans don't get too shenanigan-y. Sorts out paradoxes and what-not. And I was called here because apparently its broken down for the first time in… has it ever broken down before?
Fun little history fact! Nobody knows the origin of this thing… now that I think about it, that describes over half of our anomalies…
…I'm walking through the halls of this thing. Just looks old is all, I think that may have caused it. I'd recommend a new thermal plating on the exterior, that should be all. Hell, maybe we'll be graced with a miracle and another fully-built floor with built-in wifi will show up one day. Before you ask, person listening to this, yes, that did happen.
Anyways, got some more work to do and some more reports to craft, so for now, I'll be signing off.


Proposed by Technician Sidney Sinclair, reviewed by the Site Budget Coordinator

Proposal Result
A full replacement of thermal plating covering the exterior of the temporal anchor Proposal Denied; The budget does not allow for something like this.

If you feel this decision was a mistake, please contact our employee helpline!

Going through a second staircase allowed the task force to descend down to floor 40 before another full report was sent through.



Mobile Task Force Nu-7 — Breakaway Battalion 5 ("All-Seeing Eye") Personnel Report:

  1. Leader: Foxtrot
  2. Leader: Zulu
  3. Ranker: Kilo
  4. Ranker: Bravo
  5. Sapper: Echo

The task force walked into the floor, before being greeted with personnel conducting experiments on anomalies on the floor. Under interrogation, they all claimed to be active Foundation personnel, despite any checks inside the database for their names turning up no results. All of the personnel claimed that there was no containment breach within the facility.

The team checked in the space behind the containment cells, however the chamber for the containment specialist appeared to be completely removed. With no containment specialist chamber, there was no chance that the containment for anomalies present on the floor would still be functional.

Upon hearing of the contents of the floor, the O4 Council gave orders on behalf of command to kill the personnel claiming to be part of the Foundation. The task force members refused at first, but after some repeated negative reinforcement, the task force members complied and shot at the researchers. One of the researchers pulled out a revolver, shooting and killing Zulu before dying.

Reasoning behind the order is redacted.

After the previous report, a second team was sent down to aid with the containment of anomalies. In the meantime, the team was instructed to continue with their efforts to reach floor 60 of the facility.

Foreword: The fifth file recovered from Sidney Sinclair's office.


This report has one file attachment.

Funny thing about those site directors and other higher-ups. They're completely out of touch with reality. Not really anything new with powerful people, that's kind of been a problem since the dawn of man. But with the Foundation, there usually isn't any other option than trusting them, since the alternative is death.
What if I told you that the main option also leads to death?
Yes, I'm talking to you lot reading this from the comfort of your own level 4 lounge after the mass site containment breach — fuck you.
If you weren't aware, my last request was to replace the thermal plating for a key component to keeping this place running. It got rejected for budgetary reasons. But there's no budget problems, so why would they do that?
Well, loyal listener. Looking through blueprints in the archives, or rather the lack thereof, it turns out that there was no blueprints for this machine. No records of it ever being built. Just showed up, with a dead body in it. The people here have been using this thing to clean up their own messes without even knowing how it works or where it came from. And now that it's causing problems, the irreplaceable resource that they've built their whole organization around is now running out, and they continue to extract favors from it.
Yes, I was demoted to level 2 and assigned to fix the air conditioner. And I'm fucking livid.

The next maintenance tunnel allowed for the descent to floor 52, however the team let out at floor 51 due to the presence of high-danger keter anomalies at floor 52.



Mobile Task Force Nu-7 — Breakaway Battalion 5 ("All-Seeing Eye") Personnel Report:

  1. Leader: Foxtrot
  2. Leader: Zulu
  3. Ranker: Kilo
  4. Ranker: Bravo
  5. Sapper: Echo

The task force arrived on floor 51, an advanced technological region for maintenance of both digital anomalies and experimental machinery. The floor also seemed to be covered in a thin coating of the same tar-like substance found on floor 17. Two bare skeletons bearing several burn marks were found in the corner of the entrance, right by the ventilation shafts.

After walking through to the other end of the facility, the existence of the black-tar began to cease. However, while preparing to walk out and go down the final staircase, a solidified, black, tar-like substance broke through the ventilation shaft right by the entrance and latched onto both Bravo and Kilo. Both task force members began to scream for Echo to do something, as Echo began to open fire. Both task force members were pulled through the ventilation shaft before Echo was able to aid.

Echo was instructed to keep moving.

Echo left to go down the final staircase at 16:33.

Foreword: The final file recovered from Sidney Sinclair's office.


This report has one file attachment.

Things come to a head today.
Funny thing, knowing you're about to die. Normally the first rule of dying would be not to, however, knowing it's inevitable, it makes you feel almost at ease.
Yeah, this isn't a standard tech report. Was assigned to unclog the toilets. Instead I'm in my office accessing secret files. People outside are preparing to use a battering ram to break open this barricade I set for myself.
I found a couple… disturbing things. Those random appearances of floors? Turns out, I wasn't going crazy. The reason this site has expanded this much was because things kept popping up out of nowhere, meaning an increase of size for the facility, meaning more funding. And things keep disappearing too. And when they do, "oh no, tragedy", and an increase of funding as a "Get-well-soon" gift to their dear biggest site.
But what is causing these things to swap places in both different times? What if, since the time anchor is now breaking down, and said time anchor was fueling the whole site's activities, it's now malfunctioning and sending entire floors from our fully developed site to the past?
And what do we get back from the past?
You know the answer to this question, Echo. Yes, I know you're reading this, with a surprised look on your face. I'm kind of a genius, I can do some looking into the future if I wish, present of our time-bomb. You know exactly what you need to do.

Echo arrived on floor 60 at 16:46.



Mobile Task Force Nu-7 — Breakaway Battalion 5 ("All-Seeing Eye") Personnel Report:

  1. Leader: Foxtrot
  2. Leader: Zulu
  3. Ranker: Kilo
  4. Ranker: Bravo
  5. Sapper: Echo

There is one audio log attached.


Echo: Good evening command, how are you doing? Listening on to me?

Echo walks out into the ledge surrounding the temporal anchor.

Echo: Too bad you couldn't tell me not to read the files. Woah, what a scandal that would be if it got out.

Echo stops and examines the temporal anchor before her.

Echo: I was the top of my class. A mechanic I was, before I got assigned to mobile task force duties. Apparently I was good enough to turn my duties, y'know, mobile.

Echo stops to sigh.

Echo: The others were never meant to make it here. Or I guess the better phrasing would be that you didn't care if they made it here. You only cared if I did. And for what reason?

Echo continues to walk around the temporal anchor

Echo: To fix the problem that you sat here and caused. You want me to fix this to sort out the paradoxes that you created, and you can go right back to abusing it. Yes, I know how to fix this situation, but it probably wasn't what you were hoping for.

Echo begins to start tampering with the inside of the temporal anchor.

Echo: This thing showed up because it just appeared out of nowhere. But, behold the greatest paradox yet to be sorted out, who made it appear? This thing doesn't just change timelines on its own.

Echo finishes tampering around with the temporal anchor and takes a step back.

Echo: You want something to sort out your paradoxes? Well guess what the best temporal anchor in the universe is — surprise, it's the universe itself!

The temporal anchor begins to undergo some form of self-repair. As it begins to go active once more, it causes the room to begin to shake.

Echo: Nighty night, Overseers.

The feed cuts to static.


Note - Jesus christ, take a look at this. ~ Researcher David Ingram

Addendum 7022.2: Foundation High Command Meeting

The O4 council meeting room has thirteen machines each designed so any one of the overseers can communicate with the O4 council from a remote location, however this function has never been used due to a possible security breach. However, given the situation, it was decided to be used as the O4 council convened with full attendance for the first time in 43 years.


A large amount of talking and bickering is heard amongst the participants.

S. Kowalski4: Silence!

The entire meeting room goes quiet.

S. Kowalski: Thank you. Now, as you all know, we will be hosting the thirteen overseers in our meeting room today. They are currently logged in. I hope you all remember protocol when it comes to them, correct?

O5-13: [Unintelligible static]

S. Kowalski: Sorry, what was that?

O5-13: Ah, sorry, connection error. Just wanted to say not to worry about that stuff, we've got more… pressing matters… to deal with.

C. Raph5: Like, for example, Site-19 blowing up?

S. Kowalski: Raph!

C. Raph: It's true!

O5-1: Gentlemen, if you'd please. Yes, yes, the rumors are true. That's actually what we're here to discuss with you all today.

K. Bernet6: How are we supposed to discuss if half of the damn document is redacted?

O5-2: You aren't to be concerned with why the site exploded. The effects of it have just been… problematic.

L. Donna7: Did anybody die in the explosion?

O5-13: Unclear. It went off near a major population center, so you can come to your own conclusions.

O5-9: …Right. We're currently dealing with the fall-out of the incident, including a possible breach of the veil, and…

C. Raph: Humiliation by the anomalous community?

O5-9: …Yes.

A pause.

S. Kowalski: The Site under my control is also a major site. If something like this happened, then my first action would probably be to cut back funding from other departments and try to build up a new pillar.

Sounds of dismay are heard throughout the meeting room. Kowalski puts his hands up.

S. Kowalski: What?

L. Donna: The only reason you suggest that is because you own over the next-largest site, and would be the benefactor of said funding. None of the rest of us want our paychecks cut for your idiocy.

S. Kowalski: A large amount of Foundation-owned machinery was in Site-19. It has to be replaced one way or another.

L. Donna: Site-19 made their own technology from the ground-up. If you want some of your own, just go make it yourself!

More arguing all around is heard, continuing until all sounds are unable to be heard.


The meeting room goes quiet once more.

O5-1: Thank you. Site-19 hasn't been the only problem to the Foundation. A downward trend has been present in almost all sectors of the Foundation for a long while now. If we can pinpoint the cause of this downward trend, then we could possibly stop it.

D. Ingram8: …And you think they know the answer to that problem, why?

O5-13: Huh?

D. Ingram: We've been working on the solution to that problem well over 5 years. These guys haven't got a clue.

O5-1: We think it may be anomalous activity. It's our duty to figure it out.

D. Ingram: Is it? Well, once you figure out whether it's the hand of god doing this or if it's little 'ol Johnny down the street causing our downfall, do you think that will really change the situation?


I. Carnigee9: …Right. I think our main solution here is that we need to put on a face for everyone else.

O5-3: A face?

I. Carnigee: Yes. That's how we get all of our funding, no? We contain the anomalies. They give us money to keep the ball rolling and the pits of hell out of their back doors.

O5-1: Right. This happened in the United States, we can request emergency funding for them under the pretense of defending against potential threats. Donna?

L. Donna: On it.


From: White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham
To: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna

We just heard from the budget committee head.

They wanted me to relay the fact that they have no money they are able to spare on your expenses. You have my condolences on your Site.


L. Donna: They said no. Lack of available funds.

O5-2: …What?

R. James10: Bullshit. They've not once lacked the ability to grant any emergency funding in my 36 years working here.

C. Raph: Well they do now, and you need to deal with that. We need another plan.


K. Bernet: Anyone?

More silence.

O5-1: This meeting is going nowhere. I suggest we dismiss. Fulfill our cover-up campaign, and once they see how well we do, they'll come crawling back to us like they usually do. Objections?

Everybody looks at one another, and nobody holds any objections.

O5-1: Okay, and with that, you are all dismissed.


Addendum 7022.4: Department of Misinformation Afterword


Researcher David Ingram walks into the office of the department head.

I. Carnigee: Yes, the vending machine on floor 4 is out of Pepsi, and no, I don't know when they refill them.

D. Ingram: Actually, I'm here to talk to you about the Site explosion.

I. Carnigee: W… huh?

Carnigee wipes his eyes and looks up at Ingram standing in front of his desk.

I. Carnigee: Sorry, I saw you at the meeting, but I can't remember your name.

D. Ingram: David Ingram. I'm the head researcher for investigating SCP-7022.

I. Carnigee: And this is important… [Yawn] … because?

D. Ingram: I wanted a report on your response to the event. Might help my research.

I. Carnigee: Jesus christ, if I find one more person who asks for a report on this, I'm about to go crazy. I've been up all night working this shit.

D. Ingram: Sorry if this is a bad time-

I. Carnigee: No, just as good a time as any. Here.

Carnigee slides a stack of papers to Ingram. Ingram picks up the papers and skims through them.

D. Ingram: Says here that the United States government is claiming to be "investigating the explosion".

I. Carnigee: Yep.

D. Ingram: You can't claim to be investigating forever.

Carnigee stops what he's doing and turns to Ingram.

I. Carnigee: Okay. What do you think we should say?

D. Ingram: Volcano?

I. Carnigee: None nearby.

D. Ingram: Nuclear weaponry malfunction?

I. Carnigee: The U.S. government already told the people that there's a zero percent possibility of that having happened.

D. Ingram: Why would they do that?

I. Carnigee: Apparently they think we've got this under control.

D. Ingram: Do we?

I. Carnigee: Absolutely not.

D. Ingram: Sounds problematic.

I. Carnigee sighs deeply.

D. Ingram: Okay, okay, sorry to bother you. And thank you!

David Ingram begins to walk out the door.

I. Carnigee: Hey! Close the door on your way out!


Addendum 7022.3: Relations with Foreign Entities

To assess how this affected the Foundation's relationship with foreign groups, this list of gathered intelligence was compiled by Researcher Charlie Ralph.


From: GOC PR Director Cole Richmond
To: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna

We have currently been informed by the United States government about Site-19 undergoing an explosion. You have our condolences.

However, we worry about the misinformation campaign you have going forward right now. Or, rather, your lack of a misinformation campaign. The United States government cannot handle this on their own. Do you not have a department to handle this?

From: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna
To: GOC PR Director Cole Richmond

Hello, Cole. We do have our misinformation department on this right now. Only issue is, the United States government has not been going along with our wishes thus far.

From: GOC PR Director Cole Richmond
To: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna

We understand the troubles of having governments not cooperate with your organization effectively, however, our data suggests that you do have an anti-memetic artificial intelligence construct designed for handling these types of situations. Are we wrong?

Activation of such a construct would effectively counteract the very need of a disinformation campaign entirely.

From: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna
To: GOC PR Director Cole Richmond

We are trying to activate it right now, however, we seem to be undergoing some technical difficulties.

From: GOC PR Director Cole Richmond
To: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna

Your artificial intelligence construct was attached to the central computation node at Site-19, wasn't it?

From: GOC PR Director Cole Richmond
To: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna



Status Selling
Demand High
Value Value depending on specified item / Market value
Availability Established Supply Chain
Identifier Containment Directory®
Description Item refers to the existent market for a new organizational body to handle containment of anomalies.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Initial Report
Author Iris Dark Date 7/25/2020
Interest High Identifier Containment Directory®
Informants within the United States government have obtained knowledge of the SCP Foundation's Site-19, their largest site, undergoing an explosion with an estimated power of 1 megaton. This opens up a unique opportunity to act as a containment organization on their behalf, while being able to make use of the anomalies we acquire for other purposes.
File opened under: JJ937G/KSHF82/02NFJ
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

From: Office of the Third Overseer
To: Iris Dark

I saw your "Containment Directory" item. This violates the agreement we reached in the third tri-accords at the compendium summit.

Do you mind explaining yourselves? The Foundation wouldn't want to get involved in anything.

From: Iris Dark
To: Office of the Third Overseer

Oh gee, you overseers are so cute when you're trying to be intimidating.

Go ahead and try.


Downfall of the Jailors

The Foundation's collapse, The Dawn of a New Era


The Jailor's biggest stronghold, what they refer to as "Site-19", has recently undergone an explosion. This seems to be indicative of a deeper rot within the foundations of the organization, and if it continues, could lead to the collapse of the Jailor's rein.

Observations & Stories

I've recovered a couple verses that may or may not be related to this event. ~ G.R.

With their keys growing bigger and bigger, the Jailors begin to slow and slow.
The last of the Jailor's recieved fortunes had now stopped its flow.
The heart of the beast had rotted away, and now the brain could not last one more day.


While this development indicates significant progress for our organization, we must not get too cocky. We still have to quietly await their response to this situation, before striking where it hurts most. ~ L.S.

Addendum 7022.4: Relations with Governmental Bodies

From: White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham
To: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna

We have been able to keep this under wraps for quite some time, but its getting increasingly difficult. Can you not perform a misinformation campaign like you usually do?

From: Foundation Head of Public Relations Lily Donna
To: White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham

We are greatly sorry for the incident at Site-19, and we are working as hard as we can to fix this problem. If you have any concerns, please contact a higher up and we will listen to your concerns!

This action was performed by a bot.

D. Ingram: Voicemail?! You left the United States on voicemail?!

L. Donna: What other choice did I have? I haven't slept for three days trying to deal with the press, and what has the misinformation department given me? Nothing!

D. Ingram: They've done nothing? That's likely an overstatement.

L. Donna: No, I'm not overstating shit. The press have been covering this explosion for the past few weeks. It went off near a major population center. There have been casualties.

D. Ingram: Casualties?

L. Donna: Yes! It's been so hard to get people to just ignore it, and every time I go to the misinformation department about it, they say they're working on it. Bullshit, I say.

D. Ingram: I know it may seem tough, but I need you to keep working on—

L. Donna: No! You don't need me to do anything, because there's nothing for me to do. Governments have been crawling up my ass and GoIs down my throat. You want to help? Just accept that the Foundation's screwed themselves on this one. I quit.

Donna takes her badge off and throws it onto the ground, before walking out the door, leaving Ingram standing there silently.

U.N. Resolution S/RES/1843-2


The Security Council,
Noting with concern that the situation with the SCP Foundation is tense, and is likely to remain so, unless a comprehensive plan encompassing all aspects of a potential power vacuum is devised,
Having considered that the United Nations Global Occult Coalition has on several occasions attempted to make contact with the SCP Foundation only to be left with no clear response on a method of misinformation,
Expressing concern of the SCP Foundation's current status regarding its combined military, financial, and civil capabilities when it comes to dealing with the existence of known para-threats,
Expressing concern of the current mental stability of leadership associated with the SCP Foundation, as well as those working under the organization,
Strongly condemning threats to the safety of the populace within the southern United States, the UN:

  1. Calls upon governmental bodies around the world to slowly scale back funding associated with the Foundation and to reinvest into other, more stable organizations;
  2. Expresses full support of the Global Occult Coalition taking over affairs previously left into the hands of the SCP Foundation;
  3. Requests extra aid as the United Nations begins to move away from reliance upon the SCP Foundation.

Addendum 7022.5: Notable Meeting


A couple of Overseers, alongside SCP-7022 personnel sit within a room. O5-1 is pacing around.

O5-1: Fucked. We're fucked.

O5-13: We're not fucked.

O5-1: Our funding just got cut by 32%!

O5-3: Actually, I think it was 38%.

O5-1: Fucking hell.

S. Kowalski: Why were we brought in here, exactly?

O5-1: Don't talk that tone with me. I made a chance allowing you lot Site-01 access.

C. Raph: Former most powerful person.

O5-1: Quiet.

C. Raph: Jesus, you can smell the testosterone from here.

D. Ingram: He did have a good question, though. What is the purpose of this meeting exactly?

O5-13: Budget cuts. Veil is under threat. Personnel quitting. Whole shebang. Call it SCP-7022 duties.

S. Kowalski: You don't seem very cut-up about this whole thing.

O5-13: That's because, hey, if this whole thing doesn't work out, I can just move out and become an Alaskan snow fisher.

O5-3: Get your head out of your ass, dammit.

K. Bernet: Where's Donna?

O5-1: Gone. Thirteen took over their duties for the time being.

I. Carnigee: Oh, thank goodness, now instead of Donna bothering me, I'll have an overseer up my ass every five minutes.

O5-1: We're not here to bicker. Ideas, people.

Silence. O5-1 stands there staring at all the faces before him.

R. James: Our budget and worldwide trust has dropped significantly, but we're still just barely leading in most statistics. I suggest we just reap our losses and continue reconstructing.

O5-1 walks up to James and slaps him.

O5-1: I'm not going to settle with "barely leading". We are going to find someway to crush those other insects under our boot. And if any of you think otherwise, you can leave this room.

The people before O5-1 stare blankly at him.

C. Raph: Question.

O5-1: What?

C. Raph: During my research, I saw that around the Foundation's creation, there were already other players in the anomalous. I'm sure that they had the same mindset. How did they collapse?

O5-6: We dismantled the other organizations, one by one.

K. Bernet: And now you're the one at the top, sitting on your asses as we are slowly being clawed down?

O5-6: It doesn't work like that. We can't go and—

O5-1: Wait!

O5-6: What?

O5-1: That's it! We've been sitting around and working on putting on a show that we're all right so everybody can come and help us. But then our organization will just be taken over by the next. What we need to do is strike first, and strike hard.

O5-13: I don't… understand?

O5-1: You will. For now, Bernet, follow me into my office.


Addendum 7022.6: Fourth Compendium Summit

With the power vacuum being left behind by the Foundation, the leadership of 17 anomalous organizations have gathered to discuss restrictions to set on themselves to avoid any inter-organizational conflicts. The Foundation was not invited to the summit.


Liam Marshall11: …and that's why we argue for an unrestricted market for MC&D for any items that may be captured off Foundation containment breaches.

Loud talking and arguing of the many attendees is heard. Suddenly, a person bursts through the doors.

???: Ma'am!

L.S.12: A lot of ma'ams in this room.

???: Oh, sorry. Al Fine!

D.C Al Fine13: Yes?

???: We have an urgent report from our internal security department!

D.C Al Fine: A terrorist attack? tell them to just assign a strike force to deal with the problem, I'm busy.

???: It's not that simple. An attack from a major foreign group.

D.C Al Fine: Major foreign group? All of the major groups are in attendance.

???: Except one, ma'am. Read it.

Al Fine slowly takes the report from the boy's hand, and skims through it. After finishing, she sits up in her chair and re-reads it once more.

D.C Al Fine: This is legitimate?

???: Yes, ma'am.

D.C Al Fine: Dear god…




Image of initial incident

On 8/15/2020, a Foundation bomber from its department of non-anomalous warfare flew over Global Occult Coalition airspace surrounding a standard military operations site. The pilot was notified over radio of the mistake, but continued to fly onwards.

What is noted to be anti-memetic weaponry was dropped from the bomber and onto the facility, where it then destroyed a large piece of the Coalition's air-way. The bomber was able to flee before being destroyed by the anti-air in the region.

The Coalition has notified the Foundation of a potential error, with no response made. Instead, several more similar incidents have occurred across various Global Occult Coalition owned regions, leading to the assessment that this was a coordinated strike of some kind. A retaliation response is being prepared.

D. Ingram: War?! That's your solution to this problem? War?

O5-1: You just walked into the office of an overseer and begun yelling at me? This is what you use your Site-01 credentials for?

D. Ingram: Do you realize how mind-bogglingly stupid this idea is?

O5-1: It's not stupid. The Foundation rose up from conflict. What's a little more to continue the cycle?

D. Ingram: You sound like a stereotypical movie villain right now.

O5-1: I've heard that one before. Listen, we've run all the calculations. Our manpower may not be as large, but our technology allows us to outrank all other militaries combined. If we win in conventional combat, our longstanding problem will go away and we can go right back to growing. All of the other overseers agree with me on this one.

D. Ingram: Just last year, the Foundation stood behind its vast amounts of intelligent solutions to difficult problems and its brains-behind-the-operations. What are you now apart from a warmonger?

O5-1 slams his hands on his table.

O5-1: The Foundation stood for its resilience despite adversity. I'm simply continuing that trend.

D. Ingram: One dead body at a time? Did all the intelligent people burn alongside Site-19?

O5-1: Get out of my office. Now.

D. Ingram: Fine. If you ever have spare time though, make sure to read through Echo's last words from the incident. Very… eye-opening.

David Ingram walks out the door, leaving O5-1 to sit there before continuing his paperwork.

Addendum 7022.7: Internal Foundation Activities

From: Foundation Head of Containment Ailish Gerd
To: Office of the First Overseer

As for your weekly report, the number of containment breaches has skyrocketed in the past few weeks. Apparently since we didn't have the funds to recapture them, they were acquired by various other groups of interest.

As far as exact numbers go, we've had 73 containment breaches across all Foundation sites with an estimated 182 anomalies lost.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Foundation Head of Containment Ailish Gerd

That should be fine. We are currently in the process of reclaiming those anomalies anyways. Just do your best to stretch out whatever funding we have for containment of remaining anomalies.

From: Foundation Head of Containment Ailish Gerd
To: Office of the First Overseer

That's just our problem. I can reinvest money previously put into employee retirement funds and place it in containment as a temporary wartime measure, but the issue is, nobody wants to actually work anymore. We need men.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Foundation Head of Containment Ailish Gerd

Don't worry. I think I've got a solution that can help us all.

Foreword: This file was sent out to the researchers assigned to SCP-2000.


You are members of the Foundation that have protected such a priceless artifact for so long, and as such, we appreciate your efforts. However, as the Foundation currently is conducting a special military operation against foreign groups of interest, we require your assistance in one more matter.

Attached to this file is a software developed for a special purpose. Please upload it into SCP-2000.

Chief of the Ethics Committee, Abdur Mariano, sits at a table with the rest of the committee members. He puts out the cigar in his hand, and leans forward.

A. Mariano: I'm sure it goes without saying why we are here?

The other members nod, and Mariano continues his speech.

A. Mariano: Right, well, in the past few weeks, it has been a tough time for the Foundation. I've understood that. As a result, I was willing to turn a blind eye to some of the… extraneous… measures that the Overseer council has put in place.

E. Chase: And I've told you from the beginning we shouldn't have let that slide. Now we're at war.

A. Mariano: Yes, yes, I know. I got the report too. But what caught my eye was what was being done with SCP-2000. Alice, debrief?

H. Alice: Yes, of course. We've been in a real pinch with manpower. It's been hard to find new members, and people are now quitting left and right now that the Foundation has mobilized.

P. Prish: Yes, we read the report.

H. Alice: But, what's interesting is, to combat this, the overseer council has given certain commands to SCP-2000… they're using it to generate clones to cover the manpower deficit.

The committee bursts into loud talking and arguing in reaction to this new piece of information. Mariano slams his hands on the table in front of him, and everybody goes quiet.

A. Mariano: This is the exact thing we are here to prevent. These anomalies are meant to save humanity, if we use it for combat, we're no better than the insurgency I say.

Sounds of agreement are heard across the committee chamber.

A. Mariano: Then it's agreed. We will hold a vote in 10 minutes, and decide what to do next.

O5-1: Look at these beautiful guys!

O5-1 waves his hand in front of a guard's face. The guard seems relatively unfazed.

O5-1: These guards are programmed to follow my every command. Isn't that just spectacular? And we have, just about an infinite amount of them. Why didn't we think of doing this before?

O5-1 turns to the other two overseers standing in the room with him, O5-2 and O5-13.

O5-2: …because it's unethical?

O5-1: Hm? I thought that this was a marvelous idea, do you not agree?

O5-2: No, no, it's not…

O5-2 takes several steps back.

O5-2: It's not that I don't like the idea, it's just that we may run into problems with the ethics committee…

O5-1: The Ethics Committee?

O5-2: Yes, we just heard back from them. Apparently they sent an order for us to cease our current activities associated from the conflict. Threatened sending Law's Left Hand over here.

O5-1: Hah! You serious?

O5-2: Serious as can be.

O5-13: …I really think they had a point there.

O5-1: What was that?

O5-1 walks up to O5-13.

O5-13: This conflict has been nothing but disastrous for us. I voted based on our initial estimates of victory, by the department of anomalous warfare and SCP-7022 personnel, but I really didn't think it'd end up like this.

O5-1 pauses for a moment before turning to the clone guard.

O5-1: Treason, then. Take them away.

The clone guard moves towards O5-13, preparing to take them away. O5-13 takes out what appears to be a pistol, and takes several shots at the clone guard until they fall to the ground. He points the pistol at O5-1, before another clone guard comes from behind him and knocks O5-13 out, and drags them away.

O5-1: Now, Mariano. Your move.

E. Chase: You sent the order?

A. Mariano: Sure did. Alice, did you send the notice to task force?

H. Alice: Yep. They should be fully mobilized in two hours.

A slamming is heard against the committee chamber's door. The guards in the chamber exchange looks of concern, and begin to congregate around the door.

P. Prish: What's going on?

Guard: Just stand back.

With another slam, the door bursts open and several identical Foundation personnel walk into the room.

???: On order of the overseer council, you are now being expelled from your position due to insubordination.

A. Mariano: W-What?

The clone personnel begin exchanging gunfire at the committee members, as the guards try to fire back. The guards manage to kill a few off, however several more flood in to take their place.

Guard: It's no use! You have to evacuate!

E. Chase: We're trying! The secondary door is fucking jammed!

With precision, the guards alongside each and every committee members get shot until they are no longer responsive. When the job is done, the guards stand there, idle for a few seconds, before walking back out the door.

Addendum 7022.8: Results of Warfare

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet

How's my favorite department director doing? You got anything to report on?

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet
To: Office of the First Overseer

I'm doing well, sir. A bit tied up in commanding your new regiments around. They're weird fellas, they need a lot of micro-management.

So far we've been on the offensive, and it's been culminating up to a fight over the now-located G.O.C. HQ. Al Fine will likely be nowhere to be seen though.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet

Good. Keep me updated.

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet
To: Office of the First Overseer

Bad news, sir.

Addendum 7022.9: Overseer Council Meeting


O5-2: You've all been informed of recent events?

O5-2 looks at the council before her. However, O5-1 is missing from the group.

O5-2: Thirteen is dead, you all know this. Executed for treason.

O5-8: Yes, and now, what One said would be our greatest battle ended up being a trap set by the opposing side.

O5-2: Right. And you've had all your doubts about one's plan from the beginning, no?

Silence across the council.

O5-2: It's okay, you can say it. One isn't here.

O5-9: I was going to vote against it all at first, but after what happened to the Ethics Committee, I didn't want to take any chances.

O5-5: Yeah… the thing about the Ethics Committee is that it needs the power over the council under circumstances like these, otherwise it doesn't actually work.

O5-2: Right. And if we have nothing we can do without causing worldwide mayhem, then we need somebody who still does have power over the council.

O5-8: Like who? Who like that still exists apart from, y'know, us?

O5-2 clears her throat.

O5-2: Do you all remember the story of how the Foundation was created?

O5-12: Christ, that's all one talks about now.

O5-2: What he neglected to mention was the fact that this was done with help by none other than the Administrator.

O5-6: Well, two, have you ever made contact with this Administrator?

O5-8: He may not even be alive anymore.

O5-7: If they were even real in the first place.

O5-2: But that's all we have. I made sure to develop an .aic to locate and send a file to them pleading for help.

O5-3: You sure that would work?

O5-2: It's worth a shot. It's all we have.

O5-2 takes a step forward and looks at the eleven Overseers sitting in front of her.

O5-2: All in favor?

All overseers raise their hands.

O5-2: It's agreed then.

O5-2 types a couple of commands into her computer. The .aic leaves for a moment, and then comes back reporting success.


The first overseer sits at his desk, right in front of his computer. He rubs his eyes, before a dinging sound is heard from the laptop.

O5-1: Oh, this, this is great.

He pauses for a moment.

O5-1: I haven't been called the Administrator in a hot while.


Reginald James, the budget coordinator, is walking down a hall. A sound heard from behind causes him to stop.

???: Hey, wait.

R. James: Can I help you?

A. Gerd: I'm Gerd. Here for your weekly report.

R. James: Sorry if this sounds rude, but have we met before?

A. Gerd: We have, only over email. I'm the Containment Department head.

R. James: It's not usual to deliver this by hand, no?


R. James: Did you have something else you needed to discuss.

Gerd looks behind her back, and then back to James.

A. Gerd: None of those things can hear us, right?

R. James: That's right.

A. Gerd: Great. You've heard about what happened to the Overseer Council?

R. James: …Who hasn't?

A. Gerd: And… you've had doubts about the First Overseer recently, right?

James freezes from the question. He slowly looks around him, before looking back at Gerd.

R. James: …Yes.



On 9/5/2020, the entirety of staff at three different Foundation sites and five departments have refused to work, despite repeated attempts at coercing them into doing the work. This has resulted in the theft as well as escape of an unknown number of anomalies.

The O4 Council has unanimously voted to pass a resolution in support of the protestors.

Nobody wants to work anymore? Okay, I'll play along with your little game. Let's see how you like this.


Common Name: "The Foundation Workers Union"

Overview: An impure faction within the Foundation. Their goal appears to be the replacement of the Overseer Council due to perceived "incompetence". The exact membership count as well as leadership of this group is unknown.

The rioters associated with the group have staged a large number of protests that have spread hurtful sentiment. On numerous occasions the faction has attempted to spread documents containing very harmful ideas. All documents have been accounted for and wiped.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet

Need to make a request. How quickly can I get spare men over here?

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet
To: Office of the First Overseer

We're kind of bogged down at the moment. Need everyone on the front lines. Can't you just, I don't know, institute increased benefits?

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet

How in the hell can we be "bogged down"? These are fucking clone-produced men, entire legions at a time.

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet
To: Office of the First Overseer

You can make as many men as you want, but if they don't have the needed weaponry, all you're doing is creating fertilizer.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet

Get me the men. I don't care if it "hurts the frontline" or whatever bullshit you'll give me, I need it now.

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet
To: Office of the First Overseer

The only reason you're so adamant about doing this is because you know your position as the Overseer is in jeopardy if you don't, and that worries you more than holding us together, doesn't it? Go fuck yourself.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head Kernal Bernet

You feel powerful because you've got all these people listening to your command. But what you should know that the soldiers are programmed to listen to me, not you.

You made the wrong move, Bernet.

O5-1: What a beautiful council we have here, today!

O5-1 stands in the O4 Council meeting room, which is filled with cloned men. O5-1 walks up to one of them.

O5-1: So, what is your take on increasing Foundation dental insurance?

MAN: I am not able to have "takes".

O5-1: Exactly! And that's what I like about you. All you understand is my absolutely perfect leadership! Don't you think?

MAN: I am not able to "think".

O5-1: Okay, okay, smartass. My decision was smart, is that not a fact?

MAN: I am not able to check the validity of "Facts".

O5-1: Fine, whatever. Give me the weekly report on our current Foundation personnel makeup.

MAN: I was not given the order to make such a report.

O5-1: What? That's your entire fucking job.

MAN: I do not have a concept of "Job".

O5-1 makes a surprised face, and takes a step back. He stares at the several rows of clone-batched men in front of him, before making a loud groan.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare COIAEHFE8389230295689723046

I heard the seventh legion was wiped out blindly pushing into the forests. What the hell?

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head COIAEHFE8389230295689723046
To: Office of the First Overseer

You told me to stage an offensive against a facility in the region.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare COIAEHFE8389230295689723046

Anyone with a brain would know to push from the plains region, not the heavy forest. We don't have the capacity for forest guerilla warfare against these GoIs.

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head COIAEHFE8389230295689723046
To: Office of the First Overseer

You told me to stage an offensive against the facility.

From: Office of the First Overseer
To: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare COIAEHFE8389230295689723046

I assigned you the position with the assumption that you can come up with simple solutions to simple fucking problems!

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head COIAEHFE8389230295689723046
To: Office of the First Overseer

I was not designed to come up with "solutions". I was designed to take orders.

From: Department of Non-Anomalous Warfare Head COIAEHFE8389230295689723046
To: Office of the First Overseer

What are your orders?

Addendum 7022.10:

Why am I even still updating this file? I haven't been contacted about SCP-7022 in quite a long time. I think they may have forgotten I still have my permissions.

Sorry, I know this isn't meant to be a personal diary or anything, but this is important that there's somebody knows what happened when the dust settles. That is, if there is anybody here then.

Just last week I've experienced 19 containment breaches at my home site. I don't think anybody's coming to help us though. It's all hands on deck regarding the war. Kowalski tried to voice concerns, and ended up getting declared impure, purged, and replaced. Strikes and resignations are rampant. Don't even know how many actual researchers are still left here, the cafeteria is empty at lunchtime.

A bunch of other sites fell to the forces of external GoI's. The Foundation is collapsing. Some world governments have even seized the opportunity to loot this organization's dead remains. How do the Overseers respond?

Well I was tuning into a Foundation meeting yesterday, which now has turned to one simply babbling to himself like a madman. Discussed the potential use of nuclear weaponry. If that happens, we're all fucked.

The Foundation has turned into nothing but a cobra.

And if we all want to live, I need to strike it at its head.

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