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Item #: SCP-7019 Level 4/7019
Object Class: Thaumiel Classified


SCP-7019 (2022/7/25)

Special Containment Procedures: Due to concerns that his removal may compromise MTF Epsilon-11's operational effectiveness, SCP-7019 is allowed to maintain his position until further notice. He is to be kept under constant surveillance. Experiments may be conducted under the guise of post-operation examinations. Personnel aware of SCP-7019's properties are advised to avoid contact with him or his subordinates unless otherwise instructed.

Description: SCP-7019 is an adult male human by the name of John Vulpes. SCP-7019 is currently the commander of MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox").

SCP-7019 has consistently demonstrated tactical prowess that cannot be accounted for by normal means. Casualty rates on missions where SCP-7019 is in command are consistently below average, and he was the sole survivor of 7 different missions before his promotion to commander in 2020. Based on analysis of operation reports, this is almost certainly the result of some sort of anomalous clairvoyance. However, the mechanics of this property are currently not well understood.

Due to security concerns, SCP-7019 and his subordinates are currently kept unaware of his classification as an SCP object.

Background: Official records indicate that SCP-7019 was born in Innsbruck, Austria on 1991/12/27 and remained in this area until he joined the EKO Cobra1 in 2011. SCP-7019 confirms this; however, most of the references he provided denied personally knowing him.

SCP-7019 was recruited from EKO Cobra in 2014 after his unit encountered an anomaly now classified as SCP-████. He was the sole survivor. Upon recruitment, he was inducted into MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") and temporarily promoted to field team leader (Zeta-9 was experiencing a personnel shortage at the time due to high casualty rates, making SCP-7019 one of the few members with any leadership experience). This promotion was made permanent after his first four operations suffered half the unit's expected casualties as well as achieving operational objectives.

SCP-7019 requested a transfer to MTF Epsilon-11 in 2017, citing psychological concerns. The transfer was approved. He was later promoted to Commander in 2020. Under his control, MTF Epsilon-11 has seen a similar performance improvement to Zeta-9 and is now commonly used to train recruits for transfer to other task forces. However, there have been numerous formal complaints from SCP-7019's subordinates regarding his controlling tendencies and occasionally "unusual" behavior.


DATE: 2022/5/15
TO: ████████████
SUBJECT: Regarding John Vulpes

Dr. ████████,

I am writing to express concerns regarding Commander John Vulpes of MTF Epsilon-11. I understand that there have been several complaints already lodged against him- most of which involve his odd demeanor and controlling tendencies. However, this warrants more immediate concern. Based on my analysis of operation reports and my observations of Commander Vulpes's behavior, I strongly suspect that Commander Vulpes possesses anomalous properties.

I realize that this is a very serious charge to bring against a superior, but Commander Vulpes has consistently demonstrated knowledge that he would be unable to obtain through non-anomalous means. Examples include knowledge of breaches before they have been reported, identifying the contents of uncleared rooms, and unusually extensive understanding of his subordinates' backgrounds. These tendencies would be difficult to identify from operation reports alone - most of which are written by Commander Vulpes himself and divert attention from these inconsistencies - but are much more evident when witnessed firsthand. I have attached a thorough analysis of operation reports to this email, which should dispel any suspicion that these incidents can be attributed to chance.

While Commander Vulpes has proven himself to be effective, we cannot safely dismiss these concerns. His history suggests that he has exhibited these properties since before his recruitment. He also seems to be actively attempting to disguise his nature. If his own goals do not align with our own, his clairvoyant properties would make him a formidable adversary. Regardless of our feelings towards Commander Vulpes, we cannot afford to ignore the fact that a Mobile Task Force is under the control of an unpredictable anomalous humanoid.

I hope that you will consider this information carefully.


Captain Thomas Lawrimore
MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox")
Callsign: Toad||eromirwal.samoht

Observation Log:

DATE: 2022/7/28




NOTES: This footage was captured by a hidden camera planted in Epsilon-11's locker room to monitor SCP-7019. It encapsulates a conversation between SCP-7019 and Captain Liam "Crispy" Forsythe, one of his subordinates. Captain Forsythe worked with SCP-7019 in MTF Zeta-9 and was later transferred to MTF Epsilon-11 at SCP-7019's request.


[SCP-7019 is leaning over a sink and looking at his reflection in the mirror. He is visibly shaking. Muttering and pained laughter can be heard coming from him.]


[SCP-7019 starts]

SCP-7019: Oh. It's just you.

FORSYTHE: You okay, John?

SCP-7019: I'd have preferred you didn't see that.

FORSYTHE: Better me than one of the others, at least. Tough day?

SCP-7019: You could say that.

FORSYTHE: What happened?

SCP-7019: The last op didn't go as well as I'd hoped.

FORSYTHE: Yeah, I heard. Sounded like a mess.

SCP-7019: I just keep thinking about Zelenka.

FORSYTHE: The kit?2

SCP-7019: Yes, him. He had so much potential, but then he panics, makes a wrong move, and before you know it, he's gone.

FORSYTHE: Makes you think of all the close calls you've had yourself, huh?

SCP-7019: Something like that.

FORSYTHE: Sounds like you need a vacation.

SCP-7019: [chuckles] If only…

FORSYTHE: I'm being serious. You've been burning the candle at both ends for years now. You need some time off.

SCP-7019: And leave Captain Lawrimore in charge of everything? No thanks.

FORSYTHE: Why not, what's wrong with Toad?

SCP-7019: They snubbed him when they gave me command of Nine-Tailed Fox. He's been a thorn in my side ever since.

FORSYTHE: …is this about your secret?

[There is a long pause]

SCP-7019: [hushed] How long have you known?

FORSYTHE: Toad told me a few months ago.

SCP-7019: Jesus, we're in that timeline. What exactly did he tell you?

FORSYTHE: Not much. He told me that he thought you had some kind of anomalous clairvoyance after he looked at some operation reports.

SCP-7019: Who else knows?

FORSYTHE: I don't know, but I haven't told anyone else about it.

SCP-7019: If Toad knows then he'll have told the higher-ups about it, god dammit.

FORSYTHE: I'm sorry John… I suspected something ever since Mole Rats, but-

SCP-7019: Of course. [stands up straight] You have questions. Ask.

FORSYTHE: Okay, uh… how does it work?

SCP-7019: How does what work?

FORSYTHE: Your clairvoyance.

SCP-7019: Right. I can see… not so much what will happen, but what might happen. Possibilities. Every choice someone makes creates a ripple across time. I tell a squad to turn left, they obey, and I hear their dying screams over the radio. I tell them to turn right, they obey, and they survive. Or they ignore me, and they die anyways.

FORSYTHE: So you can see the future.

SCP-7019: In a sense. I see my own choices and their possible outcomes, up until my inevitable death.

FORSYTHE: How long have you been like this?

SCP-7019: As long as I can remember.

FORSYTHE: So if you knew what would happen, then you joined the Foundation on purpose.

SCP-7019: Yes.


SCP-7019: Because I saw what would happen if I didn't.

FORSYTHE: Why, what would happen?

SCP-7019: [shudders] I'm sure you'd rather not know.

FORSYTHE: Come on, you can't just say that and leave me hanging.

SCP-7019: [gravely] You remember what it was like to be set on fire?

FORSYTHE: [chuckles] How could I forget.

SCP-7019: I know what that feels like. Or at least something like it.


SCP-7019: Most likely.

FORSYTHE: And you're sure about this?

SCP-7019: I've never been wrong before.


SCP-7019: The exact date changes, but it usually ends the same way. Unless we follow one of a few very specific paths. I have to join the Foundation, I have to join Nine-Tails, so-and-so has to survive so that he can help stop this breach. The list goes on. I'm walking on a tightrope; if I make a wrong step, everything around me burns.

FORSYTHE: So if you had to join Nine-Tails to stop… whatever it is, is what causes it already in containment?

SCP-7019: I've thought about that a lot. Frankly, I don't know. I know what events are important, but I can't see how any of it connects. It's all so… inconsistent. Nine-Tails wasn't the only option either, it was just the most reasonable. So no. I have no idea what the underlying cause is. All I can do is match what I've seen step by step, and pray to whatever god will listen that nobody pushes me off.

FORSYTHE: You can't see what causes it?

SCP-7019: I'm limited to my own perspective. Apparently, nobody ever tells me what it is. Maybe nobody else will know either.

FORSYTHE: Why haven't you told anyone about this until now?

SCP-7019: [chuckles] You know where we are?

FORSYTHE: They have anomalies on the payroll, you know. If you're as good as you sound, you are a massive asset.

SCP-7019: Most of those were already personnel before they developed anomalous properties. You'll also notice that they don't let them work directly with skips anymore, for the same reason you don't mix random chemicals together. I've seen what would happen if I spoke up. It's not impossible for them to accept me, but those odds are extremely remote. I'd at least lose my position as commander, and I can't risk that. Though… if Toad's been snitching about it, it may not matter anymore.

FORSYTHE: So… what now, then?

SCP-7019: Now? Now that you know, I can keep you posted on what to expect. You've been a good friend, Liam, and I appreciate that. Keep following my orders, and I'll do everything I can to make sure both of us come out alive. Though with Toad as a hostile agent… he's still useful, sure, but since that rookie died early it may be you or him…

FORSYTHE: The rookie? What about him?

SCP-7019: He worked at Site-228 before he came here. They hadn't even revoked his keycard access yet.

FORSYTHE: Site-228? What's at Site-

[SCP-7019 shushes him, looking at the door. A few seconds later, two agents walk in while talking to one another]

SCP-7019: You know, Liam, you look tired.

FORSYTHE: …what?

SCP-7019: Why don't you take tomorrow off?

FORSYTHE: What are you… oh. I see. Are you sure you won't need me?

SCP-7019: Yes, I'll take care of it. Go take Mia somewhere nice.

FORSYTHE: I… okay. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

SCP-7019: I will. Enjoy your day off.

FORSYTHE: Take care of yourself, John.

SCP-7019: Thanks, Liam. See you Saturday.


The day after this exchange (2022/7/29), MTF Epsilon-11 was deployed to respond to a mass containment breach at Site-228. While the operation was ultimately successful, four Epsilon-11 agents, including Captain Lawrimore, were killed after becoming trapped in a maintenance corridor. They were unable to use the main hallways because they were not granted keycard access in time to prevent the breach from spiraling out of control, despite SCP-7019's repeated requests for emergency access.

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