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4 people are sitting in a small interview room. Two people in lab coats (Doctors Akabi Hayk and Cole Thereven) are sitting across from a person wearing a black jumpsuit (SCP-7018). Sitting in the corner of the room is a woman in a lab coat, who appears to possess frilled gills and an elongated aquatic tail (Doctor Azariah Ravioli).

Dr. Cole Thereven clears his throat.

Dr. Thereven: Hello— I am Dr. Cole Thereven, the Director of the Department of Anomalous Communications and Relations. This recording is taking place in Site-225 with Dr. Azariah Ravioli, Senior researcher, overseeing. Dr. Ravioli— proof of presence?

Dr. Ravioli: Hello?

Dr. Thereven: Today we will be holding SCP-7018's initial interview and testing. I am here with Dr. Akabi Hayk, Foundation Parapsychologist. 7018, Dr. Hayk, proof of presence?

Dr. Hayk: Present.

SCP-7018: Hey.

Dr. Thereven: Well, sorry about that. Done with the… formalities. Ugh. How is everyone this morning?

Dr. Hayk: Feeling fine, a bit groggy.

Dr. Thereven: Right there with you.

Dr. Ravioli: Well I had to wake up early and come here to oversee this, so you tell me, goatee.

Dr. Thereven: Funny.

A couple seconds of silence.

Dr. Thereven: You, Ekene?

SCP-7018: Fine.

Dr. Thereven clears his throat again.

Dr. Thereven: Well, then. I guess we should get to it. For the record— SCP-7018 has been shown opening wormholes of varying sizes. These wormholes grant access to assorted 'multiverses'. These wormholes seem to open at times of need, with objects that are useful in different circumstances.

Dr. Hayk: For example, we will give SCP-7018 a D20 die, and have them roll an 8 three times.

Dr. Thereven: Sounds good.

Dr. Cole Thereven reaches into his labcoat, and comes back out with a grey 20-sided die. He sets it on the metal table in front of him.

Dr. Hayk: Hey, Ekene, could you roll three eights?

Without saying anything, SCP-7018 reaches across the table, while glaring at Dr. Thereven and Dr. Hayk, and grabs the D20. They shake it in their cupped hands.

They let it drop to the table, and it rolls. In mid-roll, a bright, blue light flashes around the die. When the light is gone, the die is seemingly replaced with a wooden engraved D20. It slows, and lands upwards on 8.

SCP-7018 picks up the D20, cups their hands again, and rolls it. They let it drop on the table and roll. A bright, blue light flashes around it again, and it is replaced with a glass D20. Inside of the glass D20 is a miniature, purple, humanoid entity, pounding on the sides of the die. The die lands upwards on 8.

Dr. Ravioli: Oh, wow. A purple people eater.

SCP-7018 picks up the glass D20, cups it in their hands, rolls it, and lets it drop on the table. Again, the bright blue light flashes around it, and the glass die is replaced with the original grey die. The die lands upward on 8.

Dr. Thereven: Thank you, Ekene.

Alarms start blaring.


Dr. Ravioli: Uh—it's fine, you three. Just keep going. These usually blow over quickly.

Dr. Hayk: Alright. Cole?

Dr. Thereven: Yup. Ekene, do you remember gaining these abilities at all?

A pause.

SCP-7018: I…don't. I think I've always had them.

Dr. Hayk: Interesting. If you had these abilities your entire life, the Foundation should have found you way earlier.

Dr. Thereven: Perhaps your abilities…changed?

SCP-7018: Exactly. It didn't happen this often.

Dr. Thereven: What do you mean?

SCP-7018: Well, I-

Gunshots echo from the hallway outside of the room.

Dr. Ravioli: How— How did they get here so quickly? We're on the bottom floor, security would have found them before they reached us.

Gunshots come from the other side of the hallway.

Dr. Ravioli: Sounds like they're getting taken care of right now.

Alarms sound from within the room.


The door to the room shuts, and locks. A metal grate comes down from the top of the door frame, and locks in place at the bottom.

Dr. Thereven: Shit.

Dr. Ravioli: Hang on. We're literally the only ones here.

Dr. Ravioli looks at SCP-7018.

Dr. Ravioli: They're here for Ekene.

Dr. Hayk: Do we have any other way out of here?

Dr. Ravioli: What?

Dr. Hayk: You're a senior researcher of this site, you must have a back door.

Dr. Ravioli: Well, I do. I'm going to warn you though, it won't be comfortable.

Dr. Thereven: Whatever it takes.

Dr. Ravioli: First thing's first.

Dr. Ravioli gets under the table. She then removes a metal grate from the floor. She takes her clearance card from the inside of her labcoat, and inserts it inside a slot in the floor. It clicks, and a small door pops up from the floor, revealing three weapons. She comes back up, holding them in her arms.

Dr. Ravioli: I'm glad I studied the plans for the site. They keep weapons in almost every room in case of a breach just like this. Here.

She tosses both Dr. Thereven and Dr. Hayk a Glock 19 each. They tuck the Glock 19s into their lab coats.

Dr. Ravioli: These should be fine. Ekene, you're stuck with me for now.

Dr. Ravioli moves to the back corner of the room.

Dr. Ravioli: Over here is a ventilation grate, it's big as we need it to be.

She points to a tall grate at the corner of the room, which is about 1.9 meters in height, and .30 meters in width.

Dr. Ravioli: let's get this open.

Two flashes of bright, blue light appear above the group. When the flashes dissipate, two crowbars clatter to the ground. One of which is wet, rusted, and has barnacles attached to it. The other seems to be made of compacted sand.

Dr. Thereven: Thank you, Ekene.

Dr. Ravioli and Dr. Thereven both pick up a crowbar, and get to work opening the ventilation grate.

SCP-7018: I didn't do that on purpose. I…panicked. It's like it doesn't want me to fail.

Dr. Hayk: What doesn't want you to fail?

SCP-7018: Nothing.

Dr. Hayk: That's alright, we can work on that later.

Dr. Hayk travels across the room, closer to the camera. She presses a button on the bottom, and a propeller comes out from the bottom of the camera. It lifts itself off the tabletop, and comes to eye level with Dr. Hayk.

Dr. Hayk: We can at least document this.

Shouting comes from the hallway.

??: Hey! It says two more just came up over this way!

SCP-7018: Shit, shit, shit! They know.

Dr. Ravioli: It's going to be fine Ekene. Look—Cole and I just got the grate off.

The camera pans over to the corner of the room, where the grate is detached and lying on the floor. Behind where the grate once stood it a thin ventilation passage with cooling pipes. A red hue light comes from the passage.

Dr. Thereven: I could have taken a fucking vacation day today.

He turns his head over to SCP-7018.

Dr. Thereven: Not that it's not a pleasure meeting you. Azariah, would you and Ekene go through first?

Dr. Ravioli: It'd be our pleasure.

Dr. Ravioli enters the passage sideways, back to the wall.

Dr. Ravioli: You coming, Ekene?

SCP-7018 enters sideways after Dr. Ravioli. Next Thereven enters, and then Dr. Hayk. The camera follows them through.

Dr. Thereven: Akabi, do we really have to record this?

Dr. Hayk: I'd just feel better if we did.

Dr. Thereven: Suit yourself.

Dr. Ravioli: So, this passage should lead us to the parking garage. I don't think we can take my ride, it has a Foundation tracker on it.

Dr. Hayk: Well, the Foundation's not after us.

Dr. Ravioli: I know, I know. But we need to be secured if 'others' start tracking us.

Dr. Thereven: Well, after my Nissan Sentra disappeared in another Foundation parking garage, they let me borrow a…fucking clunker. It's shitty, but gets me from point A to point B.

The group is near the end of the passage, as is indicated by the sun shining through the grate at the opposite end of the passage. Dr. Ravioli pushes the grate, and it clatters to the ground. The group then exits the ventilation passage. Dr. Thereven feels around in the pockets of his lab coat.

Dr. Thereven: Here it is.

Dr. Thereven lifts a keychain out from the pocket of his lab coat, and presses an unlock button.

A beep echos in the garage.

Dr. Thereven: Oh, that's where I left it.

Dr. Thereven starts walking farther into the garage, while the others follow. Dr. Thereven stops at a Citroen Xantia VSX Hatchback.

Dr. Thereven: What did I tell you?

Dr. Ravioli: Shotgun!

Dr. Hayk: Really?

Dr. Ravioli ignores Dr. Hayk as she gets into the passenger seat of the car. Dr. Hayk sighs as she opens the door to the backseat, and gets in. The camera follows her, deactivating its propeller and falling neatly into Dr. Hayk's arms. SCP-7018 gets in next to her.

Dr. Ravioli: Roadtrip, everyone.

Dr. Thereven: You are—

He closes the door, and buckles himself in.

Dr. Thereven: Hilarious. We need to go.

SCP-7018: Where to though?

Dr. Hayk: A safehouse, maybe?

Dr. Thereven turns on the automobile and pulls out of the parking spot.

Dr. Ravioli: No, no. They'll expect us to go there.

She looks at Dr. Thereven.

Dr. Ravioli: Just get us out of state. And you?

She looks back at Dr. Hayk.

Dr. Ravioli: Quit recording.



SCP-7018, shortly after Foundation containment.

Item #: SCP-7018 writing this on the go, sorry for the informal writing - A.H.

Object Class: Safe Euclid they managed to use their ability to manifest a crowbar, reminder to mention that - A.H.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7018 is currently held in the low-risk humanoid containment wing of Site-225 within a SHACC-S. SCP-7018 is currently awaiting further testing in order for more specialized containment procedures to be put into place. SCP-7018 is currently under the custody of Doctors Akabi Hayk, Azariah Ravioli and Cole Thereven. Efforts are currently being made by these three to return SCP-7018 to Foundation custody once their safety has been ensured.

Description: SCP-7018 is an African non-binary individual in their late twenties, identifying as "Ekene Chydi." SCP-7018 demonstrates the anomalous property to manifest objects that prove useful in their current situation. SCP-7018 does not seem able to control this ability. For example, when asked to eat a meal, SCP-7018 manifested a set of utensils to use. The exact limits of SCP-7018's property are unknown, but they have so far been recorded manifesting only handheld items. It is also unknown whether SCP-7018 is capable of manifesting weaponry.

The objects that SCP-7018 manifests appear alongside flashes of bright blue light. Likewise, these objects usually demonstrate some sort of irregularity or quirk, such as being made out of exotic or hard-to-obtain materials, unique manufacturing styles, or displaying anomalous properties themselves. The exact implications of this are unknown and further research is required.




The camera turns on. All but Dr. Thereven in the automobile are asleep. The automobile follows a long, straight road, flanked by flat fields. It is midday.

Dr. Thereven: Hey— everyone—

Dr. Thereven presses the automobile horn.

Dr. Thereven: Wake up.

Dr. Ravioli: WH—WHAT! Where the hell are we?

Dr. Thereven: We're in bum-fuck middle of nowhere Colorado.

Dr. Hayk is also startled awake.

Dr. Hayk: Crap.

The only one who has not woken up is SCP-7018, who is sleeping wearing earmuffs. They look as if they're made of woven grass. Dr. Ravioli notices, and she reaches to the back, and shakes SCP-7018 awake until they stir.

Dr. Ravioli: Hey! Ekene! Wake up.

A bright, blue light flashes around SCP-7018's head. Once it dissipates, the earmuffs disappear.

SCP-7018: What…what happened?

Dr. Thereven: We're in Colorado, Ekene.

Dr. Hayk: We should make a stop soon.

Dr. Thereven: What the fuck do you think I'm trying to find, Akabi?

Dr. Thereven sighs.

Dr. Thereven: No, I'm sorry. I've been up for a while. I'll be fine once I get cheap coffee and 5-hour energy drink in my system. Speaking of which—

A small, old gas station appears in the distance.

Dr. Thereven: There's a gas station. Um— Azariah, if you open the glove compartment, you'll find some cash in there.

Dr. Thereven pulls the automobile into the small gas station parking lot. Dr. Ravioli rifles through the glove compartment.

Dr. Ravioli: Sure, I'll get some snacks.

Dr. Thereven: And coffee.

Dr. Ravioli: Don't worry, Cole. I won't forget your special coffee.

Dr. Thereven parks the automobile, then he and Dr. Ravioli exit. Dr. Ravioli goes inside the gas station center, and Dr. Thereven goes towards the gas pump.

Dr. Hayk: Well, we should probably use this time to stretch.

SCP-7018: Yeah, sure.

Dr. Hayk presses the button on the bottom of the camera and opens the door of the automobile. The camera activates its propeller, and levitates out of the automobile. SCP-7018 also exits the automobile, and slams the door.

Dr. Thereven: Hey— be careful. The car barely holds together without you slamming it.

SCP-7018: Oh, sorry.

Dr. Thereven: That's fine.

An eighteen-wheeler truck pulls into the gas station, and parks at the gas station entrance.

Dr. Hayk: Strange.

Dr. Thereven: What is it?

Dr. Hayk: See for yourself.

Dr. Thereven: So?

Dr. Hayk: Would you think there would be a lot of traffic here?

Dr. Thereven: I mean…

The three watch as a man climbs out of the truck. From what the camera can see at a distance, the man is white, has a ginger mustache, a black top hat, and a dark red velvet tailcoat tuxedo. He starts walking towards the group. Dr. Thereven turns back towards the pump.

Dr. Thereven: Stop staring, everyone.

Dr. Hayk: But what if-

Dr. Thereven: But what if nothing, Akabi. He's probably going into the center to buy shit.

The man continues walking, and walks past the entrance to the gas station center.

Uknown: Hello, assholes!

Dr. Thereven: Oh wow.

SCP-7018: Excuse me, who are you?

Fuller: Doesn't matter who I am, but if your curious ass really wants to know, I'm Herman. Herman Fuller.

Dr. Therven: Herman Fu… that Herman Fuller?

Fuller: You know of me! Of course you do, everyone knows Herman Fuller.

Dr. Hayk: But— Haven't you been dead for a while now?

Fuller: I was brought back as a puppet, but I eventually escaped. How did I separate myself? Doesn't matter! I'm Herman fucking Fuller! But you're asking the wrong question.

Dr. Hayk: Well, why did you come find us?

Fuller: Bingo.

He reaches underneath his tuxedo, and brings out a wound-up bullwhip. He points it at SCP-7018.

Fuller: For them.

Dr. Thereven: Shit.

SCP-7018: What? Why?

Fuller: Isn't it obvious? I want you for my act.

SCP-7018: Wait- are you with the people who broke into…

SCP-7018 looks at Dr. Hayk and Dr. Thereven for assistance.

Dr. Thereven: Site-225.

SCP-7018: Site-225?

Fuller: What..?

Fuller looks visibly confused.

Fuller: No. I'm a one-act man now. But if you were to join me, you could be safe. All you would have to do it perform your magic popping thing for goggling masses! Help me rebuild the circus.

Dr. Ravioli comes out of the center, with assorted foods and liquids in her arms.

Dr. Ravioli: What the hell is going on here?

Fuller looks at Dr. Ravioli.

Fuller: And perhaps I'll take frills there for good luck!

Dr. Hayk: Go!

Dr. Thereven disconnects the gas pump from the automobile. Dr. Ravioli runs towards the automobile's front passenger seat, and gets in, dumping the food items all over the floor of the automobile. Dr. Hayk grabs the camera out of midair, and rushes to get inside the automobile with SCP-7018. Fuller pulls the bullwhip back behind his head while the automobile is starting, and shatters the rear window glass with the whip, sending glass flying.

Dr. Ravioli: Cole! Go go go!

Dr. Thereven: I fucking know!

Thereven rushes the car out of the gas station lot, and quickly skids onto the main road.

Dr. Ravioli: Who the fuck was that??

Dr. Hayk frantically brushes glass off of herself

Dr. Thereven: Fuller!

Dr. Ravioli: Who?

A loud crash is heard from behind the car. The camera turns back to see Fuller driving his eighteen-wheeler through the gas station pumps, and onto the road. The truck's horn loudly honks as it begins to give chase.

Dr. Thereven: Herman Fuller!

Dr. Ravioli: The circus clown!?

Dr. Hayk: Technically not a clown, clowns are their own spe-

Dr. Thereven: Shut it, Akabi!

Dr. Hayk: What matters is that he use to be in charge of the Circus of the Disquieting!

Dr. Ravioli: And why does he want Ekene? And me?

Dr. Thereven: He's rebuilding his circus.

Dr. Ravioli: What about his other acts?

Dr. Hayk: The Circus runs itself now ever since Fuller got the boot.


Dr. Thereven: How the fuck would I know?

SCP-7018: Shit!

SCP-7018 is sitting backwards on the seat, facing the rear window. The camera turns towards where SCP-7018 is looking. Fuller's 18-wheeler can be seen barreling towards Dr. Thereven's automobile. Fuller leans out the window while driving. Underneath his arm, he holds a Thompson Submachine gun. Fuller's voice comes out of a megaphone attached to the top of the truck.

Fuller: (Laughter) Get a load of this!

He lifts the Thompson Submachine gun partially above his head, and shoots.

Dr. Ravioli: No!

A large flash of blue light appears behind the automobile. When it dissipates, several pots and pans of varying colors and sizes appear floating in midair. Once they deflect several bullets, they disappear yet again in a blue flash of light.

Fuller: OoooOH? Showing off, are you? Ha! No need to impress me, you already have the job!

A smaller blue flash appears under the right side of Fuller's wheels. When the flash dissipates, several needles appear and pierce about three of Fuller's tires. The needles disappear and those tires become deflated, leaving the 18-wheeler to keep driving somewhat unevenly. Fuller does not seem to take notice.

Dr. Thereven: Hold on, everyone.

Dr. Hayk pushes the button underneath the camera, and the propeller activates. The camera levitates out of the rear window, and flies above the two vehicles. It captures the left side of the road.

Dr. Thereven stomps on the gas pedal, and the automobile moves slightly quicker, putting more distance between the two vehicles. A large flash of bright blue light appears between the two, and then dissipates. What appears seems to be a sloppily colored, two dimensional object resembling a cannon. In messy black handwriting on the side reads, "CLOWN GUN". The scale of the object is roughly around 2.9 meters in height. A 2 dimensional ball like that of a pen scribble comes from the front of the "CLOWN GUN" and builds up. It then launches itself at Fuller's truck.

Fuller: Oh shit!

When the ball hits Fuller's truck, several things happen. The "CLOWN GUN" disappears in a blue flash of light, the front of Fuller's truck implodes, and Dr. Thereven's automobile recoils from the impact, and is sent flying off the highway. The camera travels to where the automobile wreckage is. The automobile lands on the side of the road, and has been turned upside-down. Dr. Hayk, Dr. Ravioli, and Dr. Thereven take several minutes to climb from under the wreckage. The camera gets closer.

SCP-7018: Guys? Guys? Fuck, my arm's stuck!

Dr. Ravioli: Shit, are you alright?

SCP-7018: I'm really not!

Dr. Ravioli: Hold on, we'll get you out. Cole! Akabi! Over here!

Dr. Thereven and Dr. Hayk rush over to them. Dr. Ravioli grabs onto SCP-7018's arm, and starts pulling.

Dr. Ravioli: Help!

Doctors Hayk and Thereven grab onto Dr. Ravioli, and pull.

Dr. Hayk: It's not enough pull.

A flash of blue light appears next to SCP-7018.

SCP-7018: What?

When the light dissipates, an axe made of stone appears, floating near SCP-7018. The axe pulls back and cleaves SCP-7018's right arm off. SCP-7018 screams and the group pulls them out.


Addendum 7018.01 Further Abilities I'll tidy this up later -A.H.

Ekene's abilities are much more interesting than we initially thought. It appears that they are capable of going past what the laws of motion would consider "possible". Furthermore, they also seem to be capable of manifesting objects which maintain two-dimensional properties. This raises the question — could Ekene manifest objects that exist on a four-dimensional scale? A five-dimensional scale? I'm fascinated by the thought. However, I do wonder what situation would render such objects "useful".

What's really interesting, however, is the fact that Ekene's abilities do not appear to completely protect Ekene, per se. Earlier, Ekene's arm got stuck under Cole's crashed car, and we couldn't get him out. After we pulled, Ekene manifested an ax, which cut their arm clean off. What's fascinating about this, is that this was useful to Ekene! Because if Ekene's arm wasn't chopped off, Ekene would have been stuck there, and most likely would have died.

This raises even more questions. Are Ekene's abilities intelligent? Can it determine the exact danger of a situation? Does it have regard for Ekene's safety? Well, they clearly do to some extent on that last one, as cutting off Ekene's arm saved their life. But then, why not just manifest a new arm?

I don't have time to brainstorm at the moment, I need to go help Ekene, they're in bad shape. We're going to try and get out of here tomorrow morning.




The camera turns on. It is apparently strung around Dr. Hayk's neck. The rest of the group can be seen walking along the side of the very same highway in the last transcript. It appears to be late morning. A torn arm of Dr. Thereven's lab coat can be seen, tightened around SCP-7018's latest injury. Due to blood loss, SCP-7018 rocks slightly while walking. Dr. Ravioli has her thumb out towards the road, apparently hitch-hiking.

Dr. Hayk: I'm telling you, that's not going to work. Not out here, at least.

Dr. Ravioli: Well, what if it does?

Dr. Thereven: Stop bickering, you two. We just need to get to a…town or something. So fucking hot out here.

SCP-7018 feels where their arm was, apparently trying to grab onto it, forgetting that it is now gone. SCP-7018 stops.

Dr. Ravioli: Uh— Ekene, are you feeling alright?

SCP-7018: I'm kind of freaking out.

Dr. Ravioli: What's wrong?

SCP-7018: Oh, I don't know probably the fact that I was kidnapped, shown a secret organization that plays god, had to escape from a…a…facility with three doctors, and I just got in a car chase with a fucking clown?

Dr. Hayk: Ringleader.

SCP-7018 looks at Dr. Hayk, in disbelief.

SCP-7018: Are you kidding me?

Dr. Hayk does not respond.

SCP-7018: And now my arm's just fucking gone? It's gone? Just like that-

Dr. Ravioli: Hey, hey. Calm down. We can figure this out if we-

SCP-7018: I will not calm down!

A blue flash of light appears under Dr. Ravioli's lab coat, then disappears.

Dr. Ravioli: What…what did you do?

Dr. Ravioli pulls back her lab coat to reveal a canteen, clipped to her pants.

Dr. Ravioli: You replaced my clean drinking water with…

Dr. Ravioli takes the canteen off her pants and shakily holds it. She takes the cap off and peers inside.

Dr. Ravioli: Shitty canteen water? I need clean water to survive, Ekene. Switch it back.

SCP-7018: Doesn't everyone need clean water?

Dr. Ravioli: No, no. You don't understand. If you haven't noticed, I'm part axolotl. Have you noticed the fucking gills, Ekene?

Dr. Ravioli ruffles her gills.

Dr. Ravioli: Pure, filtered water is the only liquid I can survive on.

SCP-7018: I told you all, I don't have any control over what I bring.

Dr. Ravioli: Don't trifle with me. I-

Dr. Thereven quickly crosses to Dr. Ravioli's shoulder.

Dr. Thereven: Do you maybe want to slow down? You forget yourself.

Dr. Ravioli is breathing heavily, and glaring at SCP-7018.

Dr. Ravioli: I need that water.

Dr. Thereven: We understand that, Azariah. I promise you that Ekene didn't replace your water on purpose. They're just…scared.

Dr. Ravioli: I..I…

Dr. Thereven: If we're going to get out of this, we can't argue over petty shit.

A bright blue light flashes in Dr. Ravioli's hand. When it dissipates, Dr. Ravioli holds a long metal water canister.

SCP-7018: I'm…I'm sorry.

Dr. Ravioli: No, I am. Cole's right, I fucked up.

Dr. Hayk: But how did you…control it?

SCP-7018: Dunno.

Dr. Thereven: We should really be asking another question, I think.

Dr. Ravioli: Such as?

Dr. Thereven: For starters, how do so many people know about Ekene? Ekene's 'acquisition' happened so quickly another group wouldn't have had an opportunity to know about them.

Dr. Hayk: I've heard of GOIs smuggling their own AICs into the Foundation's database to observe new entries and such.

Dr. Ravioli: Isn't that quite literally impossible? The Foundation has some pretty impenetrable security.

Dr. Thereven: Unless some former employee had an old AIC already in there?

Dr. Ravioli: No way to know.

Dr. Hayk and the camera turn, to face a pickup truck going towards them. Dr. Hayk holds her thumb out.

Dr. Hayk: Hey!

Dr. Ravioli: Really?

Camera and Dr. Hayk turn back.

Dr. Hayk: I saw an opportunity and took it.

Dr. Ravioli sighs.

Dr. Thereven: Azariah, tuck in your gills.

Dr. Ravioli: Yeah, good idea.

Dr. Ravioli tucks her gills behind her hair and hides her tail under her labcoat. The pickup truck slows to a stop in front of the group. The window rolls down, and an older man looks out the window. He has a red, but greying beard, a 'Cabela's' baseball cap, a dark red, long-sleeved collared shirt, and overalls.

?: Hey, strangers. Where ya headed?

Dr. Ravioli: Hey, sir,-

Landon: You can call me Landon, miss.

Dr. Ravioli: Yes— Landon. We just need to get to where there's water and food.

Landon: Perfect. I'll take yall into town.

Landon notices SCP-7018's injury.

Landon: Say, what happened to yer arm?

Dr. Thereven: It's nothing, sir-

SCP-7018: We got into a nasty car crash earlier on this road.

Landon: You mean the one with the 18-wheeler?

SCP-7018: You know about it?

Landon: Do I know about it? There's a whole ton a' cop cars investergatin' the crash. Even saw a fancy feller being loaded onto a strecher. Do I need to get you to a hospital?

SCP-7018: No, sir.

Landon: As you wish.

He opens the side door in the front.

Landon: What was your name again?

SCP-7018: Ekene.

Landon: Well, Ekene, I want you to stay up front so I can keep an eye on that wound of yours.

SCP-7018: Yes sir.

SCP-7018 gets into the side of the pickup truck.

Landon: Rest of yall, this here truck only seats two up front. I apologize, but you'll have to get into the bed of the ol' pickup and sit tight.

Dr. Ravioli: No need to apologize. Thanks for the ride.

Landon: No problem.

Dr. Thereven: Yeah, thank you.

Dr. Ravioli and Dr. Thereven head to the bed of the pickup truck, climb in, and sit down. Dr. Hayk stay back a few moments, apparently suspicious, and then goes to the back, along with the camera to sit.


Addendum 7018.02 Further Abilities This will be a shorter entry. -A.H.

Today, Ekene switched out Dr. Ravioli's purified drinking water with murkier water in a canteen. Ekene displayed absolutely no control over this incident. Being a life-threatening situation, Dr. Ravioli lost her, and forgive my informality, "cool", and engaged in an aggressive argument with Ekene. Ekene began to panic, and returned the purified water. This brings up the question, can Ekene's abilities possibly be controlled? Their understanding of needing to return the original water, and the actual return of the original water bring up an interesting opportunity for improvement. If their abilities can be tamed, that would aid us greatly in our journey. More on this later.




Dr. Hayk turns on the camera. It is dawn, and Dr. Hayk is sitting up. Doctors Ravioli and Thereven are still asleep. The three are still in the bed of the pickup truck, and behind the truck can be seen a wooded area divided with a road. Through the back window in the driver/passenger compartment, SCP-7018 can be seen, sleeping while Landon drives.

Dr. Hayk: (Whispering) Hey, you two, wake up.

Dr. Ravioli stirs.

Dr. Ravioli: Oh, hey Akabi. What—

Dr. Ravioli stretches and yawns while talking.

Dr. Ravioli: Has you up this early?

Dr. Hayk: I think it's something we should have discussed a long time ago.

Dr. Ravioli looks at Dr. Hayk curiously, then shakes Dr. Thereven awake.

Dr. Ravioli: Cole, get up.

Dr. Thereven: What— I'm awake! I'm awake.

Dr. Hayk: So— I think we should discuss our…intentions.

Dr. Ravioli: Meaning?

Dr. Hayk: Where this whole "trip" is going to get us.

Dr. Ravioli: Weren't we going to try and get Ekene to another facility?

Dr. Hayk: Yes, but which facility? We have to choose carefully.

Dr. Ravioli: Have you considered us going out of country?

Dr. Hayk: To be safe, we should go to a facility in the states.

Dr. Thereven: We could go to Site-87.

Dr. Hayk: In Wisconsin?

Dr. Hayk eyes Dr. Thereven suspiciously.

Dr. Thereven: It's a Site where we can lay low for a bit. Pretty calm there.

Dr. Ravioli: I don't think we want to risk getting caught up in a narrative anomaly while stuck in this situation.

Dr. Hayk: We could go to New York.

Dr. Ravioli: New York?

Dr. Thereven: Isn't there just a small Site for containing small artifacts?

Dr. Hayk: Yeah, I know the one you're thinking of. 28.

Dr. Ravioli: But why New York?

Dr. Hayk: I caught word of a new Site being built there. Under Central Park. Site-900, I believe. They apparently focus on humanoid anomalies.

Dr. Thereven: Let's say we traveled there. Would they even take us?

Dr. Hayk: As long as we have our IDs.

Dr. Ravioli: We'll… think about purchasing plane tickets.

The pickup truck slows to a halt in front of a small, old wooden house with a farm in the distance and at least two acres of land. Landon can be seen tapping SCP-7018 on the shoulder, waking them up. He turns around, and talks to the group in the back of the pickup.

Landon: Hey, y'all. We're here.

Dr. Ravioli: Thank you, so much.

Landon: Aw, it's no problem.

He comes around to the backside of the pickup truck, and opens the small rear door to the bed. The group begins to climb out.

Landon: Say, do you bunch want to join me for breakfast? I have fresh eggs and warm coffee.

Dr. Thereven: That is the best thing I've heard all week.

Landon: Come on in then!

Landon begins walking a dirt path to the small house. At that moment, SCP-7018 groggily gets out of the passenger seat.

SCP-7018: (While yawning) Morning.

Dr. Ravioli: Hey, uh— did you sleep alright?

SCP-7018: Slept just fine.

Dr. Thereven: Landon invited us in for breakfast, Ekene.

SCP-7018: Oh, that's nice.

SCP-7018 looks at the group, apparently concerned.

SCP-7018: What's wrong?

Dr. Ravioli: Nothing, nothing.

Dr. Hayk: Before we go in, Ekene, I'd like to give you something.

Dr. Hayk unclasps a side compartment on the camera, and takes out what looks like a necklace with a small black disk on a string. He hands it to SCP-7018.

Dr. Hayk: This is a smaller camera that will capture new abilities, if they do happen when we're not around.

Dr. Thereven: Why are you so obsessed over documentation?

Dr. Hayk: We should still do our job, correct?

SCP-7018 puts the necklace around their neck, and walks up to the house. They are followed by Dr. Ravioli, Dr. Thereven and finally, Dr. Hayk.

SCP-7018's miniature camera activates. Dr. Hayk deactivates her camera, slipping it into her labcoat. The rest of the video is recorded by SCP-7018's camera. In the front of the porch is planted several bushes. Blue paint can been seen peeling off of the porch. Out front sits a rocking chair. The door to the house is open, although the screen door is still closed. Several things can be been from this perspective: a staircase in the center, a living room (on the right) and a kitchen (on the left).

SCP-7018: Hello? Landon?

Landon: Just come right in! Door's open!

SCP-7018 opens the door and enters the house. Landon can be seen near a gas burner stovetop, with a spatula in hand, and piling on various breakfast food items onto a plate from a stack of several plates.

Landon: Make yourselves comfortable. Son, would you make our guests feel welcome?

Further into the kitchen, sitting at a hand-carved circular table, is a boy in his teen years. The boy has darker features such as dark brown hair. He is wearing a red collared shirt under a dark gray hoodie.

Landon: That there is my son, Kyle. Say hello, Kyle.

Kyle: Um— hello.

Landon: There's a fresh pot on the table, have at it.

Dr. Thereven: Excellent.

Dr. Thereven walks past SCP-7018 and takes a seat next to Kyle. He pours himself a cup of coffee.

Landon: Why don't yall come plate up?

SCP-7018 walks towards Landon, and starts putting food on their plate. Landon has a coffee mug, and goes to lean on the counter near to the stove.

Landon: I've been meaning to ask, what's with the labcoats? You doctors or something?

Dr. Thereven: Um, yeah actually. We work for a…medicinal company.

Dr. Hayk: We're actually traveling to a conference to announce it.

Landon: Where to?

SCP-7018 walks towards the table and takes a seat next to Dr. Thereven.

Dr. Ravioli: We're headed to New York, actually.

Landon: That's a mighty long way away.

Dr. Ravioli: Yeah, we're actually thinking about getting plane tickets.

Landon: Does Ekene also work at this company?

Dr. Ravioli sits down next to SCP-7018.

Dr. Hayk: They do not. they actually have a rare condition that our medication will treat.

Kyle: What does she have?

Landon: I think they go by they, Kyle.

Kyle: (Chuckles) I don't think so. How can a person be multiple people?

Landon: Watch your tongue, sonny-boy. Respect our guests.

Kyle: I'll respect our guests once they respect basic biology.

Landon: Son, these nice folk ain't caused us no trouble. I'd expect you do the same for them.

Kyle: I don't have to do anything of the sorts, Pa. These are the same kinds of people who've rotted your mind into believing all of that pronouns shit!

Landon: Those people are some of the nicest folks I've ever met, and these here fellers have done nothing but ask for a ride. You've got no business disrespectin' the identity of nice folk who done nothin' to you.

Kyle: And they've got no business forcing their agenda onto me! I shouldn't participate in something I don't believe in.

Landon: It's not like a religion son! It's completely different.

Kyle: How, Pa? How is it different?

Landon: I'm not doing this right now, son. Go to your room.

Kyle: I'm fifteen dad, you can't send me to my room!

Landon: I sure shootin' as can! Head to your room, now.

Kyle rushes out his seat, almost toppling the chair. He continues rushing up the stairs. A door can be heard slamming.

Landon: I'm sorry 'bout that, you'll have to forgive him. It's my own damn fault he's not educated in diversity.

SCP-7018: Thats… alright.

Landon: You were saying?

SCP-7018: Oh, yes. My condition, It's difficult to talk about.

A few minutes go by, filled with eating. SCP-7018 finishes their plate.

SCP-7018: I think that I'm going to get some air.

SCP-7018 gets up from the table and leaves the kitchen. They exit out the front door and sit down in the rocking chair on the porch. SCP-7018 sighs loudly and looks at their wound. SCP-7018 rests their elbow on their knee and puts their hand to their face. SCP-7018 and remains in this position for several minutes, until the front door can be heard opening. SCP-7018 quickly looks up, with tears apparent, running down their cheeks. Standing in the front of the porch is Kyle, who apparently walked around the house.

SCP-7018: Oh, it's you. How'd you get here?

Kyle: That's not important.

A few moments of silence go by.

Kyle: So… your arm. What happened?

SCP-7018 rubs their nose.

SCP-7018: Oh… um— I was in an accident.

Kyle: A car accident?

SCP-7018: Yeah.

Kyle: That's rough. Think you'll get-

Kyle put's his hands on his hips and sighs.

Kyle: You know, I'm not going to pretend I care. You have something I want, Ellen.

SCP-7018: It's Ekene. And what do you want?

Kyle: I know, Ekene. I know that you're magic.

SCP-7018: But— how?

Kyle ignores them.

Kyle: I can help you. And you can help me in return.

SCP-7018: Help? I have plenty of help.

Kyle: You need people who know what's happening within you.

SCP-7018: And who are these people?

Kyle: We call ourselves the Serpent's Hand.

SCP-7018: And?

Kyle: Have those…jailers told you what they really do?

SCP-7018: Jailers?

Kyle sighs.

Kyle: The doctors.

SCP-7018: Sort of.

Kyle: They oppress people like you. They oppress them to keep their cookie-cutter world intact. We work to topple what they're ingrained into the world.

SCP-7018: I wouldn't call how they've treated me 'oppressive'.

Kyle: How did they come to 'contain' you then?

SCP-7018: I… Doesn't matter right now. The Foundation as a whole might be like that, but not these three. How did a kid as young as you come to be in this cult, anyway?

Kyle scoffs.

Kyle: A cult? We're a group that's simply protesting the status quo.

SCP-7018: Look kid, are you going to answer my question or not?

Kyle: Fine, fine.

Kyle pauses for a brief moment.

Kyle: As a toddler, I used to play in the fields. Despite my pop constantly howlin' my name, trying to find me. I would even sneak into the coop and spook the chicken. One day while I was playing, I went too far. I ran towards the woods right on the edge of the farm, and it was fun for a while. I'd poke long sticks at funny-looking bugs, all that jazz. I was out there for far too long. It got dark, and I got lost. That's when I found it.

SCP-7018: What?

Kyle: The Way.

SCP-7018: Doesn't clear much up.

Kyle: A Way is basically a 'portal' to this giant library.

SCP-7018: A library?

Kyle: Yeah. The Wanderer's Library. I went in, scared. I swear, this library went on forever. There were monsters, monster librarians, and I remembered a giant centipede that was going through books. The profanity that came out of that thing's mouth…

SCP-7018: Get to it.

Kyle: And there were these people in robes. They called me over. They bought me a mug of hot coco from a shop in the library. Strange. They asked me what I had going on, and where I came from. Somewhere along the line, they told me about themselves. The Serpent's Hand. I was enamored. Who woulda hidden magic from the world? Later, they walked me back to the edge of the field. I've been coming back there ever since.

SCP-7018: And… you're just part of their group now? A bunch of people in robes let a small child into their magical group?

Kyle: Hey. I was officially initiated when I was twelve. Watch your mouth, fuckhead.

SCP-7018: That's not even old enough to be on Twitter. With how you're talking, you'd probably be better off there.

Kyle: I'd expect you to be on Twitter, Ms. pronouns!

SCP-7018 scoffs.

SCP-7018: I don't need this from a kid.

Kyle: Listen, pissbaby. I'm trying to help you! Those jailers will lock you up and never let you see the world again. Is that what you want? Do you want you and your magic to be locked away forever?

The front door is heard opening. SCP-7018 looks to the door, and both Dr. Ravioli and Dr. Thereven are seen on the porch. Dr. Hayk is in the doorframe.

Dr. Thereven: What's going on here?

Kyle: For fucks sake. You jailers are in everyone's business, aren't you?

Dr. Thereven: Jailers?

Dr. Ravioli: Excuse me?

Dr. Ravioli begins to walk towards SCP-7018. Kyle quickly moves in front of Dr. Ravioli and punches her across her face. Dr. Ravioli's gills are revealed due to the punch.

Kyle: What the fuck?

Dr. Ravioli punches Kyle directly in the face. Kyle is knocked to the floor, and lays there motionless, presumably unconscious.

Dr. Thereven: …shit!

Dr. Ravioli walks towards Ekene, and kneels down next to them.

Dr. Ravioli: Are you okay, Ekene?

SCP-7018: He knew. He knew. We need to get away from here and quickly.

Dr. Hayk: Ugh. I knew something like this was going to happen.

The group looks at her.

Dr. Hayk: Well, I don't know about getting out of here, but there's a barn a bit back where we can stay hidden. Landon is not going to like it if we're standing on the porch with his unconscious kid.

Dr. Ravioli: Good Idea.

SCP-7018: For what it's worth, I'm glad you punched him. Kid was a jackass.

Dr. Thereven: For what it's worth, I'm not. We weren't doing anything illegal until now, and now if we're found by the police, Azariah could be charged with aggravated assault. Of a minor. Nice going.

Dr. Ravioli: It's my pleasure. Come on, let's get to that barn.

Dr. Ravioli begins running towards the barn behind the house. She is followed by Ekene, Dr. Hayk, and finally Dr. Thereven.They arrive at the wooden fencing surrounding the barn. Dr. Ravioli unlatches a gate in the fence, and the group goes through. The barn is open once they get there, and they enter. The barn looks as if it hasn't been repaired in the longest time. Light shines through cracks in the wood. A copious amount of unbundled hay is stored in this barn. In the far right corner can be seen a rusted, old 1950 Bristol automobile.

Dr. Ravioli: Wow, this place is kinda musty.

Dr. Thereven: Tell me about it.

SCP-7018 rushes towards the 1950 Bristol.

Dr. Ravioli: Ekene! What are you doing?

SCP-7018: Getting us our way out of here.

Dr. Hayk: We don't even know if the car still works.

SCP-7018 walks over to the driver's seat side of the automobile. They then ram their elbow into the glass window of the car, shattering it. SCP-7018 reaches into the car, and grabs on the handle, open the car from the inside.

SCP-7018: Dr. Ravioli, please drive.

Dr. Ravioli: Wh-

SCP-7018: Please just get in the driver's seat.

Dr. Ravioli walks over to where SCP-7018 is standing. She clears off the broken glass on the seat, and gets in.

Dr. Ravioli: I don't have an ignition key, Ekene, how-

A blue flash of light appears near the driving wheel. When it dissipates, a glass stained key with a gold cross can be seen in the ignition. Dr. Ravioli turns it, and the automobile turns on.

Dr. Ravioli: Oh.

Dr. Ravioli closes the door to the driver's side, and SCP-7018 gets in the front passenger seat. Dr. Hayk and Dr. Thereven rush to sit in the back seats of the automobile.

Dr. Ravioli: Hold on.

Dr. Ravioli pushes the gas pedal, and the 1950 Bristol rushes forward and out of the barn, pushing hay along with it.

SCP-7018: Where to?

Dr. Ravioli: The airport.


Addendum 7018.03: ObservationsI'm writing this in a car right now, I apologize if my writing isn't of quality. - A.H.

Ekene's ability may be thaumaturgical in nature. The stranger who picked us up - Landon - had a son who claimed to be a member of the Serpent's Hand. Furthermore, he also claimed to be aware of Ekene's abilities, calling them magical. Maybe he meant that in the literal sense and could detect the E.V.E. coming from them. Or perhaps he was just using it as a catch-all term for the anomalous. Eitherway, I wouldn't be able to tell without a Observer, which we obviously don't have with us.

Ekene has been changing as well, behaviour-wise. They've been taking the lead more and more. It's safe to say that they have become a lot more confident, both in themselves and in their anomalous properties. Despite everything that's happened, I think it's safe to say this whole mess has been having a positive effect on their psyche.

We managed to get plane tickets to New York and are on our way to the airport now. I hope nothing else of note happens, but knowing our luck…




Dr. Hayk's camera turns on, apparently by itself. Dr. Hayk is sleeping and sitting in the center seat between the window seat and the aisle seat. Dr. Thereven is sitting in the window seat. He has headphones in, and is apparently watching "HOME ALONE" on his iPhone.

The camera can that out the window, the plane is just under the clouds. The sky is dark. For a couple moments, nothing happens. Then a largely sized avian figure comes into view. Upon closer inspection, its body takes on a humanoid shape, although covered in dark feathers. it is apparently wearing chest armor that has a purple glow.

It seems to be searching for something and looking into the windows. Suddenly, the being starts to swerve up and down, seemingly losing balance. Its wings become limp, and it falls out of view.


Addendum 7018.04:

We've arrived in New York City without incident. We're still in the airport as I'm writing this, but once we get out it's straight to Site-900. We can only hope it's safer than Site-225 was.




The camera turns on while sitting on Dr. Hayk's lap. Dr. Hayk is sitting in the front seat of a cab. Next to her sits the driver. Presumably sitting behind her is the rest of the group. The camera's point of view cannot see much of anything, due to being below the dashboard.

Driver: Alright, here's your stop. You sure you ain't got no luggage?

Dr. Hayk: Yeah.

Driver: Alright. That'll be…ten bucks. On the dot.

Dr. Hayk looks to the back. The camera turns back with her.

Dr. Hayk: Anyone else? I don't have money on me.

Dr. Thereven reaches inside his labcoat and pulls out a wallet.

Dr. Thereven: Fuck, fine.

Dr. Thereven takes out a 10-dollar bill from his wallet and hands it up front to the driver.

Driver: Thanks, pal. Take it easy.

Dr. Hayk opens the door to the cab, then hooks the camera around her neck. She then gets out. After slamming the door shut, she turns to the back of the automobile to see the rest of the group filing out. Dr. Thereven and Ekene come out from the sidewalk side of the car, while Dr. Ravioli steps out into the street, and walks to the rest of the group. It's midday outside. The sidewalks are filled with fast-paced walking individuals. Several conflicting songs are playing, which makes it difficult to hear the group.

Dr. Ravioli: Welcome to New York, people.

Dr. Thereven scrunches his nose.

Dr. Thereven: It smells like shit here.

SCP-7018 scrunches their nose too.

SCP-7018: Oh fuck, it does.

Dr. Ravioli: Also, shouldn't we look less like we work at where we work?

Dr. Hayk: I think we'll be fine. Have you seen how many street acts are here?

Dr. Ravioli: Guess you're right. Where are we right now?

SCP-7018: Signs say we're on… East 60th and Park Avenue.

Dr. Hayk: Long way to walk.

Dr. Ravioli: Better start now, then. Come on!

Dr. Ravioli takes the lead, and the rest of the group walks around her in a diamond formation. A man with graying hair with a brown flat cap, a trenchcoat, and a scarf rubs shoulders with Dr. Ravioli while walking past her.

Dr. Ravioli yells back at him.

Dr. Ravioli: Hey! I'm walkin' here!

The man doesn't bother to look back while responding.

Man: We don't say that, you fuckin' tourist.

Dr. Ravioli readjusts herself.

Dr. Ravioli: Rude.

Dr. Thereven: Have you ever actually met a New Yorker, Azariah?

Dr. Ravioli: Yes, I have! He would always say "Hey I'm walking here!"

Dr. Hayk: Are you sure he was actually from New York and didn't just like the phrase?

Dr. Ravioli: He was my dad, Akabi. Of course I know where he's from.

Dr. Thereven: Your father's from New York?

Dr. Ravioli: He was. Lived by Central Park, actually.

SCP-7018: Would we pass his apartment?

Dr. Ravioli: Never been to it, I wouldn't know.

The group comes to a crosswalk and stops in front of the street. Dr. Thereven walks over to the crosswalks call button and presses it. The traffic signal is not affected by this. Dr. Thereven presses the button again, and then another three times.

Dr. Ravioli: Cole, it's New York. The pushy button's not gonna work.

SCP-7018: Maybe Cole just has bad luck.

Dr. Hayk chuckles. SCP-7018 looks to her.

SCP-7018: What?

Dr. Hayk: Nothing, just a bad pun.

The traffic light indicates for pedestrians to cross. The group crosses the street along with several other pedestrians. One of the pedestrians brushes past Dr. Ravioli's shoulder. Azariah looks towards them.

Dr. Thereven: Do not.

Dr. Ravioli makes an exaggerated frown at Dr. Thereven. SCP-7018 chuckles.

Dr. Thereven: Oh don't give me that.

The group comes upon a small hotdog stand, with a red and white striped fabric sun cover. Behind the stand is a larger white man, with slicked-back black hair and a mustache. He wears a white kitchen shirt with an apron that goes up to his waist.

Dr. Ravioli: Holy shit, guys, it's a New York hotdog stand. We have to get one while we're here.

Dr. Hayk: Shouldn't we focus on getting to Central Park?

Dr. Ravioli: Oh relax, Akabi. We're in the home stretch now and have plenty of time.

SCP-7018: I mean, I guess we could.

Dr. Ravioli: That's the spirit. Do you like mustard or ketchup on your hotdogs?

Dr. Ravioli and SCP-7018 can be seen talking in the distance as they walk away from stationary Doctors Hayk and Thereven.

Dr. Hayk: Azariah can be a bit reckless sometimes.

Dr. Thereven: Tell me about it.

Dr. Hayk: I don't want something to happen because we're loitering about. Am I a "prick" for that?

Dr. Thereven: I don't think anyone called you that. And no, it's perfectly fine to be worried about this shit. How often do you get a target put on your back and chased after 3 separate groups?

Dr. Hayk: Guess you're right.

Dr. Thereven: But, doesn't it also pay to get food in your system? I mean, we haven't eaten for at least 12 hours now. And I'm fucking ravenous.

Dr. Hayk chuckles. Dr. Ravioli and SCP-7018 come back, with the hotdogs. The hot dogs each have their own thin, red and white cardboard containers.

Dr. Ravioli: One for you!

Dr. Ravioli hands Dr. Thereven a container.

SCP-7018: And one for you too.

SCP-7018 hands Dr. Hayk a container. The group all open their containers and begin eating their hotdogs.

Dr. Ravioli: I told you. Good, right?

Dr. Hayk: Yeah.

Dr. Hayk looks towards the street as she eats her hot dog. On the street, a green armored SUV drives past the group. Dr. Hayk watches the SUV as it drives towards Central Park, and takes a right turn.

Dr. Hayk: That's strange.

SCP-7018: What?

Dr. Hayk: That armored truck, over there.

Dr. Thereven: I'm sure it's just some US military presence moving through.

The group pauses as they finish their meals. As they dispose of the remnants in the garbage, Dr. Ravioli takes notice of something across the street.

Dr. Ravioli: Oh hey, an alley. It should be a quicker route if we travel through here.

Dr. Hayk: I-

Dr. Hayk sees Dr. Thereven looking at her, intently.

Dr. Hayk: That's…a good idea.

Dr. Ravioli: You heard it here folks!

Dr. Ravioli walks towards the nearest crosswalk, and the group follows. They wait at the crosswalk for a moment, until the traffic lights indicate for them to cross. The group crosses the crosswalk and follows Dr. Ravioli towards the alleyway.

Dr. Thereven: So, do we even know how we can get into the Site from Central Park?

Dr. Hayk: I have no idea, honestly. All we can hope for is a fluke that reveals the entrance.

Dr. Ravioli: Maybe that truck you saw earlier was a Foundation agent undercover? Did you see where they went?

Dr. Hayk: No, I didn't. And the Foundation isn't that reckless, they'd disguise the vehicle.

The group moves further into the alley. The alley gets darker as the group moves further, with buildings and clotheslines above them blocking portions of sunlight.

An unknown voice calls out.

Unknown: Hey, you four.

The group halts. Dr. Ravioli reaches into her lab coat pocket.

SCP-7018: Who's there?

The group moves close together and looks outwards, searching the alley for the source of the voice.

Unknown: You know, a lot of money's on your head right now.

A second voice speaks.

Uknown-2: And we've been sent to collect bounty!

Dr. Hayk: Who sent you? How do they know about us?

Uknown-2: Micheal, Carter and…and… Daniel?

Uknown: Dark, you nitwit.

Uknown-2: That can't be right, Arro-

Arro: Shut it, Cathelo! We can talk about the name of our client later. It doesn't matter. And as for you…Ekene…

Shifting is heard from the roof. A figure can be seen descending into the alley by jumping side to side downwards. A second figure jumps down from the roof, and lands on their feet. The first figure lands on the ground, gracefully after the second. The first figure is dress in a skin-tight spandex suit. The second figure has mechanical armor on that ends at their head. The second figure speaks, apparently owning the first voice.

Arro: You're coming with us.

Cathelo: Yeah!

Arro reaches behind his waist, and pulls out an overengineered hand-held gun, scaled to the size of Arro's mechanical suit. Cathelo reaches behind his back with both hands and unsheaths two long, serrated swords. Dr. Thereven reaches into his labcoat and pulls out his firearm. He fires a singular bullet at Cathelo. Cathelo swiftly deflects the bullet, sending it into the air.

Dr. Thereven: Fuck.

Dr. Ravioli: This is some anime shit. Run!

The group begins to run in the opposite direction. Dr. Ravioli pulls out her firearm, and fires 6 shots toward Arro and Cathelo while running. Cathelo swiftly deflects several bullets with their sword, while Arro quickly activates an enhanced magnetic shield on their wrist, which quickly attracts the rest of the bullets to itself.

Dr. Ravioli: God fucking damn you, gun.

Arro fires off his gun, letting off a green beam of light toward SCP-7018. A blue flash of light appears behind Ekene and when it disperses, a small shield made out of diamond-like material appears, absorbing the beam of light. It then sends in back to Arro, partially paralyzing him.

Cathelo: Shit, Arro!

Arro: Well, what are you waiting for, dimwit? Catch up to them!

Arro stays back as Cathelo pursues the group. Cathelo catches up to the group, being more athletically inclined.

Cathelo: You!

Cathelo swings one of his swords at SCP-7018. Just in that moment, a blue flash of light quickly appears behind Ekene as Ekene turns around, and a thick, floating block of metal takes its place. Cathelo's blade goes halfway through the block, forcing him to pry it from the block of metal. This gives the group enough time to run out into the sidewalk.

SCP-7018: Who the hell are these guys??

Dr. Hayk: I think they mentioned MC&D.

The group turns onto the sidewalk and runs in the direction of Central Park.

SCP-7018: Who??

Dr. Hayk: Marshall Carter and Dark. They're a multibillionaire megacorporation with deep roots in the anomalous-

Dr. Thereven: Shut up Akabi! You can provide a deep analysis later!

A loud crash is heard from the rooftops. Atop the building next to the group, Arro is seen. He jumps off the building and utilizes what appears heavily modified a jetpack to fly down from the building. Several civilians notice Arro, and panic ensues in the street.

Dr. Ravioli: Shit!

Arro flies towards the group, and grabs SCP-7018 off the ground as he passes. The rest of the team stops running.

Dr. Thereven: Ekene!

Dr. Hayk: No! Ekene!

Arro flies higher into the air, holding SCP-7018 by the waist. SCP-7018 starts punching Arro's armor, but fails to cause any damage. Arro holds two fingers to his ear.

Arro: Cathelo, I've got them.

Indistinct chatter is heard from Arro's ear.

Arro: No, I don't care, nimrod!

A flash of blue light appears in SCP-7018's hand, then dissipates. Now present in SCP-7018's hand is a sledgehammer.

Arro: Just meet me there, and then I'll help you with your sword!

SCP-7018 swings their sledgehammer at Arro, hitting him directly in the face. Arro exclaims, and both individuals fall.

SCP-7018: Shit!

Arro falls towards SCP-7018. SCP-7018 grabs the sledgehammer from the air and swings it into Arro, causing him to fall away from them. SCP-7018 looks down, as they fall closer to the ground.

SCP-7018: Shit shit shit, fuck, FUCK!

A trampoline manifests beneath SCP-7018 in a flash of blue light. The trampoline is angled towards a nearby apartment building. SCP-7018 lands on the trampoline and is sent flying through the air, and through a lower-level window in the apartment building. SCP-7018 lands in an apartment room, atop a bare mattress.

SCP-7018: Owch, fuck.

SCP-7018 remains on the bed for a moment, before getting up and moving to the now shattered window. They look outside, to see the doctors approximately a block down the street, calling their name.

SCP-7018: Guys. Guys! Guys I'm over here!

Dr. Ravioli notices SCP-7018 and points them out to Dr. Thereven and Dr. Hayk. All three doctors begin shouting, however, what is being shouted is inaudible. SCP-7018 begins waving their arm at them before they are suddenly pulled back into the apartment and thrown to the ground. Standing above them is Cathelo.

Cathelo: Time to make my money's worth!

Cathelo swings his sword at SCP-7018, who quickly rolls out of the way to dodge it. SCP-7018 evades another swing from Cathelo as they jump onto the mattress. Cathelo jumps towards SCP-7018, and spins in the air, twirling his swords. SCP-7018 bounces off of the mattress to evade the attack, however as they do, a green gelatinous substance in the shape of a cube manifests around Cathelo, completely entrapping him within. SCP-7018 stares at the cube, as Cathelo inaudible shouts, and starts slicing through the wall of the substance.

SCP-7018: Wait a second…

SCP-7018 looks to the mattress, then to Cathelo, as he slices through the cube.

SCP-7018: Did…

SCP-7018 looks around the room. It spots a lamp atop a nightstand. SCP-7018 looks at the lamp, then at Cethelo, who has sliced open a portion of the wall.

Cathelo: You shouldn't have done that!

SCP-7018 looks back to the lamp, and closes their eyes. They face who is furiously slicing away at the lower portion of the wall.

Cathelo: You'll be sorry, kid!

The lamp flickers.

Cathelo: You'll be DEAD!

Cathelo slices away a large chunk of the wall and jumps towards SCP-7018. As he does, SCP-7018 opens their eyes, and a flash of extremely bright light.approximately 6,000 lux emits from SCP-7018. This flash presumably temporarily blinds Cathelo, as he screams as the light flashes. He falls to the ground and holds his hands to his eyes as the light quickly dissipated. SCP-7018 is apparently unharmed by the light.

Cathelo: Fuck! My eyes!

SCP-7018 looks to Cathelo, then to the lamp, then back to Cathelo.

SCP-7018: I… did it?

SCP-7018 excitedly smiles, and happily laughs.

SCP-7018: I did it. I did it! I-

Arro suddenly flies through the broken window and punches SCP-7018 in the stomach. The punch sends SCP-7018 against the wall, then to the floor. Arro's jetpack deactivates, and he lands in the room. Blood is apparent on his head. He grunts and looks to Cathelo.

Arro: You moron. You tried to kill them, didn't you?

Cathelo stumbles to his, feet, one hand still over his eyes. Arro helps him up, as SCP-7018 groans and attempts to push themselves up on the other side of the room.

Cathelo: They… they attacked me, Arro! I got angry!

Arro: We don't get paid if you kill them, fuckhead!

SCP-7018 grunts as they slowly stand up. They lean their hand against the wall to balance themself. They go to hold their stomach with their other arm, however, appears to remember it is not there.

Arro: We're not soldiers anymore, Cathelo! You need to get that in your skull!

Cathelo attempts to open his eyes. They are Extremely bloodshot and slightly bleeding. He quickly closes them again and winces in pain.

Arro: (sighs) Sit this one out, Cathelo. But I'm only giving you 45% of the cut!

Arro looks at SCP-7018 and approaches them.

Arro: You. You're coming with us.

The apartment door opens next to SCP-7018. SCP-7018 looks to the door, to see Dr. Ravioli in the doorway. Dr. Ravioli yells down the hall.

Dr. Ravioli: Guys! I found them!

Arro quickly fires his gun at Dr. Ravioli. Dr. Ravioli, at the last moment, moves to the side. Shouting is heard from the hallway. SCP-7018 looks around the room. They spot rubble from the wall on the ground, then look at their fists. They then look to Arro.

Arro: Get the fuck over here before I blast your hands off!

Arro quickly moves towards SCP-7018. SCP-7018 looks to the rubble, then to Arro. They close their eyes and punch towards Arro. As they do, a flash of blue light emits in front of their fist and manifests what appears to be a large fist made out of obsidian. This large fist strikes Arro, sending him flying back into Cathelo, both of which are then sent flying out the window. SCP-7018 opens their eyes, as the fist quickly de-manifests. SCP-7018 looks at their fists in disbelief.

Dr. Ravioli: Ekene? Ekene??

Dr. Ravioli peeks into the room. Once she notices just SCP-7018 is present, she quickly enters the room and runs to SCP-7018. Dr. Thereven and Dr. Hayk quickly follow from the hallway.

Dr. Ravioli: Ekene?

Dr. Hayk: Ekene, are you alright?

SCP-7018 looks at the three.

SCP-7018: I— I did it.

Dr. Thereven: You did… what?

SCP-7018: I controlled it.

Dr. Ravioli: You… oh! OH! You did?

Dr. Hayk: Holy shit.

Dr. Ravioli: How?

Before SCP-7018 can speak, Dr. Thereven interrupts.

Dr. Thereven: I would love to hear the tale, but it has to wait. There's a shit ton of cops outside.

SCP-7018: Shit.

Dr. Hayk: The Foundation will know there's something going on here now.





This transcript is recorded from the perspective of SCP-7018's camera.

SCP-7018 is running behind Dr. Hayk, Dr. Thereven, and Dr. Ravioli. The group has just entered Central Park.

Dr. Ravioli: Do we even know how to get into Site-900?

Dr. Hayk: Don't think we do. Best we can do is run.

Dr. Ravioli: Awesome.

Dr. Thereven: Didn't we just help create a disruption in normalcy? 05'll have our heads for this.

Dr. Ravioli: They can take care of this easily. And besides, they shot first. We were acting in self-defense.

Dr. Thereven: Why the fuck would those bounty hunters attack us in broad daylight?

Dr. Ravioli: Who knows? They don't care about secrecy like we do. Hey, Ekene-

Dr. Ravioli looks back at SCP-7018.

Dr. Ravioli: You okay?

SCP-7018: Yeah, yeah.

A couple of moments go by without anyone speaking. They pass the Hallet Nature Sanctuary while moving north.

SCP-7018: Do we even know where we're going to?

Dr. Thereven: Not one clue.

Dr. Hayk's phone rings. She takes it out of her pocket.

Dr. Ravioli: What is it?

Dr. Hayk ignores her, and answers it, still while running. She then puts it on speaker phone.

Dr. Hayk: Hello?

Uknown: Is this…Akabi Hayk?

Dr. Hayk: It is.

Uknown: And you're with Azariah Ravioli and Cole Thereven, correct?

Dr. Hayk: Yes, I am. Who is this?

KEY: While I'm not allowed to share my name over the phone, fellas in 900 call me KEY.

Dr. Hayk: Oh, you're with the Foundation. Good to hear.

Dr. Ravioli: Thank fuck.

Dr. Hayk: How did you know we were here?

KEY: Our IPD's.Identity Proximity Devices — Devices Implemented into Foundation Site scanners, with the ability to detect Foundation ID's within a 1.5km radius of Sites. picked up your location. We've also picked up an unidentified individual with you, are they Foundation?

Dr. Thereven: Sorta.

Dr. Ravioli: That's Ekene.

KEY: Who?

Dr. Hayk: SCP-7018.

KEY: 7018? What the hell are you three and a scip doing in Central Park?

Dr. Ravioli: Long story. I'd love to retell the tale, but we're in trouble and need an access point to the site.

KEY: 900's currently restricted. You'd need level 4 clearance or higher to-

Dr. Ravioli: I have level four.

Dr. Hayk looks to Dr. Ravioli as she runs, confused.

Dr. Hayk: You do?

Dr. Ravioli: Yeah. I'm not 225's head researcher for nothin'.

KEY: Even with your clearance, I'm not sure we could let a loose scip-

KEY is interrupted by a barrage of bullets coming from the left of the group. Dr. Hayk is shot in her lower arm and stumbles, but Dr. Thereven catches her before she hits the ground. A team of unidentified gunmen emerge from the woods and lay down fire toward the group. Indistinct chatter is heard from KEY.

Dr. Thereven: Akabi!

The group diverges off the main path and moves behind a large boulder to the right. The boulder is on the shore of Central Parks "The Lake". Dr. Thereven helps Dr. Hayk down, who is holding their bleeding arm.

Dr. Ravioli: Where Is the access point!?

Yelling is heard in KEY's background.

KEY: The closest access point to you guys is at the bottom of the Lake. The next closest one is at the Bethesda Fountain, which is on the other side of 79th street.

Dr. Ravioli: At the bottom of the lake? Whose idea was that?

KEY: It's an emergency access point. For emergencies, such as this one.

Dr. Ravioli: Oh this guy's really funny.

Bullets continue to hit the sides of the rock. Voices are heard coming closer. Dr. Thereven pulls out his firearm and returns fire. SCP-7018 closes their eyes, and after a few moments, a glock manifests in their hand.

Dr. Thereven: Shit. You're not kidding.

SCP-7018: Guess I'm not.

SCP-7018 aids Dr. Thereven in returning fire. After a few moments, a bullet nearly misses SCP-7018, causing them to take cover.

SCP-7018: How are we supposed to get to the bottom of the lake?

Dr. Ravioli untucks her gills from behind her hair, and lets her tail down.

SCP-7018: They work?

Dr. Ravioli: Oh yeah.

Dr. Ravioli tosses her firearm to Dr. Hayk.

Dr. Ravioli: This will…take a minute.

Dr. Ravioli jumps into the lake, head first. The camera can see her silhouette in the water, swimming downwards before she disappears.

Dr. Thereven: So strange to have a facility sitting in the middle of a crowded city like this.

Dr. Hayk: I guess this is what people mean by hiding in plain si—SHIT that hurts!

Dr. Thereven: Just keep pressure on it, Akabi. We'll see about getting you to a medic.

Just then, the camera sees two spaced-out green lights activate in the water. The water on the surface of the lake looks like it's being pulled from two different directions. The silhouette of several metal poles can be seen, shooting up from the ground in two lines. The water in the center of these two lines starts to seep into the bottom of the lake. Upon closer inspection, the platform in the center of the two lines of poles is made up of grates. Once all the water in the center is gone, a soaking Dr. Ravioli can be seen on the other end of this makeshift hallway, standing in front of an open hatch, leading to the site.

Dr. Ravioli: Get your asses over here!





SCP-7018's camera is viewing the site. An alarm is blaring, and operatives are seen quickly moving throughout the site. The hallways are pristine, smooth, and white, except for the occasional tarp or plastic sheet hung to hide construction. The hatch is behind SCP-7018, now closed. The hallway currently splits off three ways, to the left of the group, to the right of the group, and in front of the group. A man comes out of the first room on the hallway to the left. He is wearing a grey suit jacket, with a red tie. Two armed security personnel follow him.

Uknown: What the hell is happening up there!?

Dr. Hayk: Are you KEY?

Op. Jacobs: Yeah, but just call me Jacobs. I'm an operative down here, for entrances. Now tell me, what the hell is going on?

Dr. Ravioli: Long story short, we had flee Site-225.

Op. Jacobs: In Nevada?

Dr. Ravioli: Yup.

Op. Jacobs: Well why the fuck did you come over here?

Dr. Thereven: 225 was attacked. We figured they were after Ekene, along with many others.

Op. Jacobs: Ekene?

Dr. Thereven: I— SCP-7018.

Dr. Ravioli: There's a whole group searching for us above ground, they're not messing around.

Op. Jacobs: They're the same ones that got Hayk's shoulder, right?

Dr. Hayk: Uh-huh.

Op. Jacobs: Still cannot fucking believe you've been traveling across America with an anomaly.

Dr. Thereven: Forget it for now, we need medical staff.

Op. Jacobs: Sure, bub.

Dr. Thereven: Bub…?

Jacobs ignores Dr. Thereven, and looks at SCP-7018.

Op. Jacobs: Sit tight, 7018. We'll get you a nice cell, right? You three, follow me.

SCP-7018: …A cell? Is he serious?

Dr. Ravioli looks to SCP-7018, then to Jacobs.

Dr. Ravioli: Is… do they have to be put in containment right now? They won't cause any trouble.

Op. Jabobs: Ma'am, we can't have an anomaly running loose around the facility during a raid. You should know that. Protocol indicates they be put straight in containment

Dr. Thereven and Dr. Hayk solemnly look to SCP-7018. Dr. Ravioli puts a hand on their shoulder.

Dr. Ravioli: We'll be back Ekene, okay? Be safe.

SCP-7018 looks at Dr. Ravioli, then to Dr. Thereven and Dr. Hayk. SCP-7018 nods.

Op. Jacobs: Great. You three, come with me. We'll need your intel in order to suppress this raid. Guards, take 7018 to a temporary holding cell.

Jacobs leads the three doctors through the forward corridor. SCP-7018 watches as they walk off. One of the guards looks to SCP-7018.

Guard 1: C'mon. You've got a cell waiting for you.

SCP-7018 turns to the guards, who lead them down the left corridor. SCP-7018 follows. Along the side of the hallway, is a mural of the Foundation insignia.

SCP-7018: Oh…what if…what if I'm stuck here-

SCP-7018 looks around.

SCP-7018: For the…rest of my life. Shit. I can't live like that.

Muffled thumping can be heard from above.

SCP-7018: What?

The guards and SCP-7018 look up.

Guard 2: What the fuck?

The thumping stops. SCP-7018 is apparently breathing hard. Drilling begins above ground.

Guard 2: Fuckin' hell.

The first guard puts two fingers to his ear.

Guard 1: Site command? Site command the insurgents have breached the perimeter! They're-

The ceiling caves in above the guards and SCP-7018, who all scream. Both of the guards are crushed by debris, however an unidentified object manifests in a flash of blue light over SCP-7018, protecting them from falling debris. Dust fills the hallway, causing SCP-7018 to cough. The object demanifests over SCP-7018's head.

SCP-7018: Guys? Guys?!

As the dust settles, several figures are apparent. Each individual is wearing combat gear, the same as the team of raiders from Central Park. On closer inspection, the insignia of the Chaos Insurgency is apparent on each of their vests. The insurgents spot SCP-7018, and quickly raise their weapons at them.

Insurgent 1: Entity spotted!

Insurgent 2: It's the target.

Insurgent 3: On your knees!

Gunfire is heard from behind, and one of the insurgents is hit. The rest of the insurgents turn around to face the security personnel firing upon them. The insurgents return fire. SCP-7018 covers their hand with their head, before running in the opposite direction.

Insurgent 4: Sir, the target!

Insurgent 1: Well go fuckin' get them, Pluto!

SCP-7018 looks back to see several Insurgents pursuing them. They turn their head back and close their eyes.

SCP-7018: Come on, come on, you can do this.

A flash of blue light appears around SCP-7018's hands. When it dissipates, a grenade of unknown make is present in SCP-7018's hands. They open their eyes.

SCP-7018: Yes!

SCP-7018 removes the grenade cotter pin and throws it behind them. The grenade explodes moments after, catching several insurgents in the blast. 4 Insurgents evade the blast and continue their pursuit of SCP-7018. SCP-7018 takes a right down a corridor and comes face to face with several more insurgents. They try to turn back but are met by the other group of insurgents. They all aim their weapons at SCP-7018.

Insurgent 5: Get the fuck down!

Insurgent 2: You're done!

SCP-7018 looks to both their sides. They close their eyes and slowly move toward the ground. As they do, a small device manifests in their hands, which they quickly throw to the ground. The entire hallway becomes enveloped in smoke.

Insurgent 6: Smoker!

Insurgent 2: Get your thermals up!

SCP-7018 exits the smoke. They manifest a small grenade in their hand and toss it into the smoke. They turn and run as the grenade goes off, terminating several insurgents. SCP-7018 runs down the corridor and moves deeper into the facility. They make it through several sectors with no difficulty and finally enter an open chamber. They press a button inside the chamber, and the door closes. SCP-7018 is panting.

SCP-7018: …fuck…

The chamber appears to be a humanoid training chamber. Several ledges are apparent on the walls of the chamber. Ropes of differentiating lengths line the ceiling, and pillars of varying sizes and shapes are apparent throughout the room. SCP-7018 sits down and rests.

After several minutes pass, a loud bang is heard on the other side of the chamber's door. SCP-7018 quickly turns and stands up. Another loud bang is heard. Several moments after, a beam of green light bursts through the door and into the chamber. SCP-7018 watches the beam.

SCP-7018: Holy…

The beam stops, however, has left a large hole in the door of the chamber. Standing on the other side of the door are three Insurgents, one of who is holding a large, modified firearm, pointed at the door. The Insurgent holding the firearm lowers it, and slowly enters the room. One of the Insurgents follows while the other remains in the corridor.

Insurgent 7: Told you.

The other Insurgent scoffs, as they both enter the chamber.

SCP-7018 breathes deeply.

SCP-7018: Now or never, I guess.

SCP-7018 clenches their fists. A flash of blue light appears around Insurgent 7’s neck. When it dissipates, a chain can be seen.

Insurgent 3: Shit! Group, initiate defensive position five.

The chain continually tightens around Insurgent 7’s neck. Insurgent 7 removes his face coverings, and gasps for air. Eventually, Insurgent 7 faints, and falls to the ground. The chain disappears.

SCP-7018: That got ugly.

When Insurgent 7 falls to the ground, the rest of the Insurgent group can be seen in a diamond shape, with their rifles pointed at SCP-7018. Just then, the wall panel to the side of the insurgent group jets out, knocking half of them to the ground.

SCP-7018: Shit!

SCP-7018 runs to the other side of the room. Bullets can be heard, passing behind SCP-7018, narrowly missing them.

Another blue flash of light appears, and when the flash dissipates, SCP-7018 is holding a metallic spherical object, with spikes on the outside.

SCP-7018: What is th-

The object’s spikes shoot out, missing SCP-7018’s face. The spikes curve towards the insurgent group as if they were tendrils. The sharp end of the tendrils stab through the rest of the insurgents except for one.

The remaining insurgent unsheathes a combat knife, and slices and the incoming tendril. The end falls off, making the object disappear.

The insurgent rushes toward SCP-7018, knife in hand.

SCP-7018: Shit!

SCP-7018 puts their hand above their head, apparently as a way to shield themselves. The camera sees a blue flash of light, and hears colliding metal. When SCP-7018 looks, they see that they are holding in their hand: a Kunai knife made of light, apparently.

SCP-7018: Woah. Badass.

SCP-7018 parries the insurgent’s combat knife, which makes him lose his balance. SCP-7018 then kicks him in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. The insurgent is apparently unconscious.

SCP-7018: I…we…need to leave…


Birthdays are weird when you can already give yourself whatever you want. Especially when you're turning 29 years old. In a sense, you get to know yourself better. You find out what things really make you happy, and that getting exactly what you want isn't always the best.

Escaping that facility was what I wanted, but not exactly what I wanted.

No, of course I didn't want to stay there. Who would? It's like jail, except you've done nothing wrong, and they run tests on you. That's not what I wanted.

But, if I hadn't been at the Foundation, I never would have learned how to control my super special superhero powers. If I hadn't met Azariah, Cole, or Akabi I'm not sure I ever would have learned how to use them. But they helped me. Even though they didn't actually train me in using my powers, they still taught me how.

How? I don't know. I guess they cared for me like no one ever had before, and made me believe I could. Made me believe that I wasn't "abnormal" for having them. That I should be who I am.

When they say "friends are forever", it sounds like bullshit, but it's true. You always remember your true friends, and what they've done for you. Not all friends are like that though.

I guess I was lucky with the people I got stuck with.

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