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Illustration of SCP-7017-A by Johannes Kepler

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7017 as a whole does not require additional containment as long as the Decree of Large Numbers remains in effect. For specific Containment Procedures related to SCP-7017 see:

  • Supplement: SCP-7017-A Market Share
  • Supplement: Containment Chamber Cube
  • Engagement Protocol: Underground Skill Throwing Rings
  • Engagement Protocol: Type Blue
  • Supplement: Counter-Cleromancy

Description: SCP-7017 is a universal phenomenon in which the result of rolling or throwing an SCP-7017-A instance is dependent on the results and circumstances of that instance's prior rolls and throws.

SCP-7017-A refers to objects shaped like one of the five platonic solids Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron. Rolling or throwing an SCP-7017-A instance will hereafter be referred to as a random event.

Any random event past the first one is increasingly influenced by various physical factors like slight changes in gravity or the speed of the object. After enough random events, the result may also be influenced by random events from other SCP-7017-A as well as results and circumstances of future random events. Conversely, an SCP-7017-A instance may also influence random events from other SCP-7017-A, mostly from the same category, with a large enough series of random events. These SCP-7017-A can be used to calibrate other SCP-7017-A to achieve the desired result.

SCP-7017-A are universally driven by the "urge" to "land on the right side", as far as they're aware. SCP-7017-A may value self-preservation only in so far as it assists their primary goal. What the right side to land on is, depends on the individual SCP-7017-A instance and the situation they are in but are normally not human standards. SCP-7017-A can be trained to land on desired sides, which works better with unrolled instances.

History: SCP-7017-A predate recorded History, making the origin of SCP-7017 unknown. Currently, the prevailing theories are that SCP-7017 was created by one or more Apex-Tier Pluripotent Entities,2 or is a natural trait of platonic solids. A man-made creation is deemed unlikely. Under the guidance of GOI-D50, SCP-7017-A played a role in the following events:

  • The Fall of Troja
  • The Ruin of the Library of Alexandria
  • The Fifth and Sixth Occult War
  • Plato's and Euclid's writing
  • The Collapse of the Roman Republic
  • The Fall of the Sui Dynasty
  • The Victory of the American War of Independence
  • 1979 Nuclear False Alarm Incident

This list is not comprehensive.

Related Groups: Multiple Groups of Interest exist which make heavy use of, or are built around SCP-7017. A comprehensive list can be found under the GOI-D designation. The most significant of these Groups is GOI-D50 ("Platonic Progenitors") consisting of the 5 SCP-7017-A instances with the most random events behind them, and thus the greatest historical relevance.

Collectively GOI-D50 is able to decide the result of every random event. GOI-D50 consists of POI-D4, POI-D12, POI-D8, POI-D6, and POI-D20 ordered roughly by the date of their first appearance.

Person of Interest File #D4


POI-D4, prior to its ascension

Form: Tetrahedron

Alias: "The Ascended"

Preferred Method of Roll Manipulation: Temperature Changes, Spin

Foundation Alignment: No relation. POI-D4 has as of yet not encountered the Foundation.

Rules of Engagement: Do not engage. If a situation arises in which POI-D4 decides to arbitrate, a risk analysis is to be performed by the Administrator before using POI-D4 is granted.

Biography: The oldest records of SCP-7017 date to the 3rd millennium BC throughout Egypt and Sumer. Both used SCP-7017-A enough for SCP-7017 to become noticeable. Through the Royal Game of Ur, a Sumerian game featuring 4-sided SCP-7017-A, were specific SCP-7017-A instances exposed to enough random events for their behaviour to gain interest outside a single game.

POI-D4 was an often used SCP-7017-A instance from that game. It gained small renown for always rolling "in a fair way". POI-D4 was subsequently used in games with higher and more politically motivated stakes. POI-D4 eventually gained the attention of two or more Pluripotent Entities that were active at that time. It was asked to arbitrate in matters concerning the Theochorus.3 With its agreement, POI-D4 subsequently went through apotheosis to a ⅔-Tier Pluripotent Entity under the name "𒀭𒋫𒈾𒀀(Antanaa)".

This ascension caused a shift in the behaviour of SCP-7017-A. From thereon, most instances showed a bias toward rolling numbers which would lead to it being used in more important decisions.4

POI-D4 has only made brief appearances on earth since, with the more prominent being a roll by Julius Caesar during the siege of Alexandria in 48 BC, resulting in parts of the Library of Alexandria being burned and its subsequent decline. It was also used as part of the ritual in the Sixth Occult War (1875–1882 AD) that resulted in the death of the Demiurge from severe burns.

It is unknown whether or not POI-D4 was ever restricted by the Decree of Large Numbers.

POI-D4 is currently arbitrating in Undervegas over matters of whether or not their casinos want to move away from using SCP-7017-A or not.

Behaviour: Unlike most other members of GOI-D50, POI-D4 shows almost no interest in SCP-7017-A, future random events or its own self-preservation. Its decision-making is completely focused on causing a "fair" result for any particular random event. It does this in accordance with its own as-of-yet mostly undeciphered standards. POI-D4 may be influenced in its decision by not appreciating its role as an arbiter, in which case a more detrimental result is likely for the next random event.

Given its status as a ⅔-Tier Pluripotent Entity, it is likely that POI-D4 takes the entirety of history into account for deciding the result of any random event. All games or rolls using POI-D4 have had severe consequences mostly involving something burning either in a physical or a metaphorical sense.

POI-D4 does not participate in GOI-D50 directly, but its decisions are seen as sacrosanct and often influence the behaviour of the rest of the group.

Threat Analysis: The Decree of Large Numbers makes empirical proof of SCP-7017 impossible. SCP-7017-A are in principle able to threaten the veil and civilians through weaponization, deception of randomness and divination. Instances weaponizing themselves only happens in rare circumstances and should be dealt with as containment of the offending instance in its own file. Instances deceiving civilians into decisions they think were decided randomly has likewise been eliminated as a concern after the decision of GOI-D50 to focus on hobby and sub-veil activities. The additional danger posed by instances being able to become Type-Blues or Half-Constructed Intelligences8 should be handled through their respective protocols.

Divination remains an uncontained danger by the few instances capable of it. This threat can be mitigated by staying on neutral to positive terms with all of GOI-D50 and through them all SCP-7017-A. The close relationship of the Foundation with POI-D6 should be able to act as an additional deterrent for using such abilities against the Foundation.

It is the Administrator's belief that the history of SCP-7017-A could not have evolved to the degree it did without the outside help of pluripotent entities, historical individuals like Plato, and organizations like the Foundation. Left to its own affairs, GOI-D50 struggles with the same problems of self-sabotage and unpredictability of social developments that most conspiracies do.

Therefore, the only Foundation action necessary in dealing with SCP-7017 as a whole is to enforce the current level of influence and unpolitical focus that SCP-7017-A have. The benefits the Foundation gets from SCP-7017 through POI-D6 and the success of veiling SCP-7017 by GOI-D50 both prior to and after the creation of the veil make the otherwise lax Containment Procedures and the Memet Classification the optimal choice.

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