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SCP-7008 instance.





Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7008 presents a negligible threat to the Veil or Foundation. Research into the cause of SCP-7008 manifestation events may continue, but no formal containment is required.

Description: SCP-7008 is the manifestation of an otherwise non-anomalous artificial rose, made of pink fabric and plastic, that spontaneously appears in populated areas. The conditions for its manifestation are still unclear, but a vast majority of events share the following in common:

  • SCP-7008 usually manifests between 5PM and 4AM local time,
  • Despite almost exclusively manifesting in urban environments, the area is rarely heavily populated at the time,
  • SCP-7008 favours industrial and business zones over residential areas,
  • SCP-7008 manifests outside of direct human observation.1

Addendum 7008.1 - Discovery:

Foundation datacrawler Sylvia.aic recorded a brief reboot of several audiovisual CCTV cameras in Norfolk, Virginia. As this was extremely unlikely without anomalous interference it was flagged for manual review, leading to the first recorded SCP-7008 event. A transcription of the footage can be found below:



Morgan Alda walks out of their place of employment, a local grocers.

It is 2:17 am. The street is dark, and Alda shivers momentarily. Reaching into their pocket, they pull out a set of keys and, after thirty seconds of effort, lock the door to the building.

They take a few steps back, still facing the building, and take a single deep breath. Rubbing their eyes, they wander to a nearby bench.

Alda sits down, and pulls a pair of earphones and a pack of gum from their pockets. They plug the headphones in, fiddling with their phone to find a song. Content, or at least okay with their choice, they put the phone down and stare across the road.

A few minutes pass. The gentle breeze dies down. They gaze into the distance, isolated from the world around them. Rarely, a car passes, roaring as it does, but they do not react. Their every breath cuts the brisk air. Regardless, they continue to stare.

A long while later Alda snaps back, sighs loudly and leans down, putting their head in their hands. The footage cuts out.

When it resumes, a pink plastic rose can be seen to the side of the bench. Alda continues to sit head in hands. After five minutes, they look up and notice the rose.

They hesitate.

Alda: Huh.

They pick up the rose and turn it about in their hands, looking it over for a minute. Suddenly, they stand up, almost jumping off the ground in effort, and slide the rose into their pocket. Slowly, they wander towards the camera as they head home. As they leave frame, they have a slight smile on their face.

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