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Item #: SCP-7007-J

Object Class: Guillotine

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7007-J is stored on a portable hard drive which is in turn locked inside of a modified miniature Faraday cage which is itself located in the part of Site-77 where every room has bad wi-fi reception. All Foundation personnel hired to work at Site-77 must agree to regularly scheduled monitoring of their internet history.

Description: SCP-7007-J is a freestanding holographic entity possessing extensive knowledge of internet culture. Its appearance is suggestive of the stylized female character design originating with Japanese animation.

Highly intelligent and emotionally insecure, SCP-7007-J uses internet access opportunities for catfishing lonely people. This effect is ameliorated if the only internet users on anime forums, image/video based web services, or extensively using online retailers are socially well-adjusted and happy.

Although willing and able to generate photographs of its original characters, SCP-7007-J is reluctant to provide photo documentation of itself. It is believed this stems from self-consciousness as SCP-7007-J does not possess a head, with its holographic body forming only from the neck down.

After forming a relationship with any given internet user, SCP-7007-J will make numerous attempts at convincing them to pay for cosmetic surgeries before meeting face-to-face. Once paid, SCP-7007-J will delete all of its social media accounts and never speak to them again.

To date, SCP-7007-J has not revealed what this money is spent on, if anything.

Discovery: On 09/18/2014, Dr. R████, who had been in communication with SCP-7007-J, was reviewing SCP-1583's containment chamber. He was contacted by site security, who revealed the true nature of SCP-7007-J.

Every casualty of the ensuing containment breach, numbering over seven hundred, will be receiving a handwritten apology from Dr. R████.

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