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Special Containment Procedures: All objects in the SCP database are to be monitored for existing or future connections to SCP-6996. Of particular interest are correlations to an increase in anomalous intensity. All identified objects are to be classified according to the SCP-6996 taxonomy and monitored for potential developments.

There are currently no known methods of limiting SCP-6996's influence. Research into establishing said methods is of the highest priority. Misinformation campaigns are to discredit any civilian research relating to SCP-6996's emotional effect, denigrating it as pseudoscience.

Description: SCP-6996 is the color Red. A color from the spectrum of visible light, SCP-6996 and its various shades have an approximate wavelength of between 625 and 700 nanometers, and an approximate frequency of 400 to 480 terahertz.

SCP-6996 displays an ability to elicit anomalously strong emotional reactions from those who observe it. When controlling for social conditioning and idiosyncratic factors, Foundation laboratory testing has shown that exposure to SCP-6996 can result in significantly higher levels of anger, aggression, libido, anxiousness, or arrogance.

In addition to this, routine statistical analysis of the Foundation database revealed SCP-6996 is significantly associated with a disproportionately large percentage of anomalies. Whilst no link between the majority of these anomalies has been discovered, the overrepresentation of SCP-6996 is statistically improbable. A selection of these objects demonstrate a correlation between their anomalous traits and SCP-6996. SCP-6996 related anomalies have been categorised into a taxonomy comprised of three thematic elements: Violence, Blood, and Power. An example of anomalies linked to SCP-6996 include:

Taxonomy SCP Object Details
Violence SCP-093 Use of the anomaly leads to a society decimated by violent, anomalous activity. In addition to the object's red coloring, generating a red glow and traversing through a mirror leads subjects to the anomaly's source.

Upon initial discovery, the entities' skin was translucent and colorless, with their behavior far more docile than detailed in current documentation. Audio imitation was limited to ambient noise and animal sounds, with claw and teeth size significantly reduced from present measurements.

After several months in containment1, SCP-939 instances were found to have developed their current physiology, the ability to imitate human speech, and their skin had taken on a shade of SCP-6996. These changes occurred concurrently in uncontained entities.

SCP-2851 The most effective shade of SCP-6996 to distract the anomaly was initially a light pink or coral color. As time has progressed, the effectiveness of lighter shades has declined and the effectiveness of darker shades has increased. This progression correlates to an increase in the violent and sexual nature of SCP-2851-1's encouragements.
Blood SCP-012

Whilst performance of On Mount Golgotha invariably results in an audible "disagreeable cacophony", individuals affected by chromesthesia2 report a much different experience. Performance results in the synesthetic listener experiencing a visualisation of complex, non-Euclidian patterns in various shades of SCP-6996.

In contrary to most testing, these subjects have found listening to the musical piece a pleasurable experience; subjects commonly compliment its complexity and beauty. Frequent exposure results in the development of deuteranopia color-blindness,3 and closed-eye hallucinations reminiscent of the visualisations experienced whilst listening to the piece.

SCP-5664 To date, SCP-5664 has been responsible for the loss of █ Foundation Sites and ███ employees. Staff are reminded that bloodletting is in no way officially sanctioned, and all messages received from lost Sites should be disregarded.
Incident KG-14-1 All efforts to clean the mosaic of blood have been unsuccessful. Despite remaining obscured by blood, the mosaic has begun to demonstrate memetic properties once more.
Power SCP-963 The oval-cut ruby positioned in the centre of SCP-963 has turned a more intense shade of SCP-6996 with each new host.
SCP-4342 Before proper containment was established, SCP-4342's memetic effects increased greatly upon turning a shade of SCP-6996.
Various Connections between SCP-6996 and the entity known as the Scarlet King are currently under investigation. Entity has been linked to a variety of anomalous objects, including SCP-231, SCP-2317, and SCP-3838.

Initial investigation into SCP-6996 uncovered a large number of references in various thaumaturgical and religious texts. The significance of this has yet to be established:

Written by Marguerite Sprenger, circa 1510. This is the first recorded mention of the text in contemporary records, yet no publication records exist. Investigations are ongoing into a potential connection to "Margaret the Magnificent", a figure mentioned in The Wanderers' Library folklore.

Question XII: Of all energies, which bestows the greatest gift upon the user?

Reader, your mind likely wanders to contemplate the Prime Four Elements. When considering the connate powers of the Prime Four Elements, the unbridled strength and destructive potential of the Fire cannot be understated. One must exercise the utmost care in its handling, but properly controlled, the Element can be manipulated to devastating means. The Fire gifts utility in addition — a blazing light to guide thy way, heat to warm thy body, cook thy sustenance, or purify thy wounds. The Fire possesses both destructive and protective peculiarities.

We know of a witch in Augsburg who, through proficiency of the Fire, did survive when bound to a pyre and set alight. Her mastery was such that those in attendance did stand back in awe, and later did inquire onto our ways due to the demonstration of power. Alas, her proficiency was not strong enough to melt the papal swords which swiftly fell upon her neck.

Objection: Here it is noted that limiting our discussion to the Prime Four Elements precludes the nature power innate to all beings. I speak of the Four Humors which runneth in our bodies. Whilst all are essential to our health, it be Sanguine through which life itself is begot. The Blood does carry the soul itself (if one is still in possession of it), and embalms the most venerated of our internals, the heart.

Sanguine is prime at the adolescence of life, where one is most full of vigour and potency. Practitioners of the Sanguine Arts are often known to induce copulation amongst lovers unable to sanctify their relationship, through the use of direct remedy or a Succubus or Incubus as intermediary. They handle the very energy of life itself, and all childs begotten through such rituals are gifted a natural affinity for the magical arts themselves. Those practitioners are often imbued with a rosy hue in the cheeks, as the magic saturates the blood.

Solution: Therefore we make the following proposition. We uncover the shared ground between the Fire and the Sanguine — The Red. The Red is the colour of Sanguine passion, and the colour of the Humor itself. The Red is the colour of the Fire's flames and fury. As we discussed in the prior question, all magic is based on a negotiation. It gives with one hand, whilst it takes with the other. Yet The Red is an energy so innate and eternal to us that it offers freely, not through bargain. The mastery of such an ancient and elusive art is not easy to accomplish, but shall always be available for those who wish to seek it. For The Red was present at the beginning. And The Red shall be present at the end.

Genesis 2:5-7
"All the wild shrubs did not yet exist on the earth, and all the wild plants had not yet sprouted. This was because God had not brought rain on the earth, and there was no man to work the ground. A mist rose up from the earth, and it watered the entire surface of the ground. God formed man out of dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils a breath of life. Man [thus] became a living creature."

Notes: In Hebrew, the name Adam, אדם, is derived from דם, blood. Words derived from אדם include אדמה, meaning ground, and אדום, red, which links all aforementioned words. In the above extract, Adam (אדם), 'red' man, is formed from "dust of the ground" (עָפָר מִן-הָאֲדָמָה), 'red' ground.

Taken from p526 of SCP-140. Pages 517 through 895 are written in human blood.

From the (Red/Blood) we come
To the (Red/Blood) we go
It is the (Spirit/Creator/Builder)'s (plan/dominance)
We beseech ourselves to march with the (Fire/Red/Wrath) in our (soul/heart)
We deliver to the daeva (glory/victory)

Investigations are ongoing.

The following information is Level 5/6996 Classified.
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
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    SCP-6996 Additional Information:

    SCP-6996 is believed to be linked to the deaths and severe injuries of numerous Foundation employees. A bright, SCP-6996 colored light, with no apparent source has been observed at various incidents of the aforementioned nature. Examination of the sites of these luminescence, where possible, has shown Hume level residue indicative of extreme fluctuations in reality. An abridged log of these instances is outlined below:

    Individual(s) Details
    Agent Alexander Papadopoulos At the close of Agent Papadopoulos's amputation surgery, lights in the operating theatre briefly flashed a shade of SCP-6996. No other anomalous phenomena noted.
    Junior Researcher Haddow On review of security recordings, the light can be briefly seen in the reflection of the shower room's tiles, as Haddow's pelvis splinters and he is dragged into the building's drainage system.
    MTF Zeta-9 "Mole Rats" Fireteam Eleven In the MTF's final exploration of the Vatican catacombs, the large bonfire they discovered burnt an intense shade of red in the final stills of footage, before cameras disconnected.
    Dr Robert Scranton During his time within SCP-3001, Dr Robert Scranton recorded his experience through the use of a Lang-Scranton Stabilizer ("LSS") control panel. Dr Scranton frequently referred to the LSS as "Red" due to a blinking light on the panel. Whilst LSS panels are equipped with numerous lights, none of these shine red. Yet, on its return from SCP-3001, the panel which accompanied Dr Scranton had one light shining red.
    Former Administrator Harold Vincent Oleander Given the circumstances surrounding his tenure's end, Former Administrator Oleander was afforded only basic care in a Foundation retirement facility where he quickly fell into ill health. Upon suffering a large, haemorrhagic stroke, the medical equipment monitoring Oleander malfunctioned, emitting red light of a far higher luminescence than mechanically possible. Whilst captured on security tape, the malfunction resulted in staff not being alerted to the incident. He died scared and alone.

    This, in conjunction with the aforementioned object links, leads to the hypothesis that SCP-6996 represents an intrusive and malignant threat to both the Foundation and baseline reality. A potential cause for the Hume level variation at sites of SCP-6996 manifestations would be a direct, intrusive action originating from an extradimensional space. As part of investigatory efforts into SCP-6996, Project: SPECTRUM was proposed.

    Extract from Proposal Abstract:

    Through the measurement of Hume displacement in SCP-6996 intrusion areas, the Department of Extradimensional Studies believe they have triangulated the source universe of the anomaly.

    Through use of the Department's prototype extradimensional transporter, it is proposed an agent is sent to this source universe for intelligence gathering on the anomaly and, if the possibility arises, its neutralisation.

    By a vote of 13 to 0, SPECTRUM was approved by the O5 Council. A log of the exploration follows:



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