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Item #: SCP-6995

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To prevent instances of SCP-6995 from recurring, the Foundation will encourage the legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis throughout the United States via front organizations and covert funding of cannabis legalization initiatives. In the event that SCP-6995 manifests outside the United States in the future, the Foundation will use similar non-anomalous methods to encourage jurisdictions surrounding the manifestation location to legalize and regulate cannabis as well.

Foundation agents embedded in the United States cannabis industry are currently monitoring select adult-use dispensaries for recurrences of SCP-6995. Any SCP-6995 instances found are to be confiscated prior to sale. A semi-permanent containment team has been assigned to Ontario, Oregon due to the high volume of SCP-6995 instances that manifest there.

Update [24 Jan 2021]: Any SCP-6995 instances sent to Foundation Sites are to be destroyed. Consumption by personnel is prohibited.

Description: SCP-6995 is an anomalous strain of cannabis indica that displays antimemetic properties whenever cultivated or consumed in jurisdictions where the possession, consumption and/or cultivation of recreational cannabis is illegal. SCP-6995 takes the form of any number of retail consumer cannabis products (flower, seeds, edibles, vapor pens and cartridges, etc) branded as being produced by the company “Cannabincognito”; all instances are labeled with the strain/flavor name “Cannabincognito OG”. No such company is known to exist in any jurisdiction where medical or recreational cannabis is legal, and the physical location (if any) where SCP-6995 instances are produced has yet to be found.

When a person consumes an SCP-6995 instance in any jurisdiction where the act is illegal, the SCP-6995 instance and any byproduct of its consumption (e.g. smoke and vapor) will remain entirely undetectable by all observers. Perception of the subject will be altered via anomalous means to exclude SCP-6995 instances. Use of non-anomalous smoking materials to consume SCP-6995 instances results in the perception that the subject is consuming tobacco instead.

Additionally, SCP-6995 instances display a secondary antimemetic effect that is active at all times; said effect renders SCP-6995 instances undetectable under all circumstances. Although the secondary effect is not as precisely measurable as the first, persons with the following traits are known to be susceptible to it:

  • All active members of local, national, and international law enforcement organizations in jurisdictions where recreational cannabis is illegal.
  • Individuals who strongly oppose the legalization and/or use of cannabis for recreational purposes.
  • Individuals who find cannabis personally distasteful.
  • Individuals who feel strongly compelled to report all crimes to local law enforcement regardless of severity.

SCP-6995 instances manifest at adult-use cannabis dispensaries that border jurisdictions where recreational cannabis is illegal. When questioned, employees will claim the products were delivered as part of a recent wholesale purchase but will be unable to recall the details of said purchase. Employees will stock SCP-6995 instances with other similar products, but will display no knowledge of their anomalous properties and will not attempt to compel customers to purchase Cannabincognito products in place of other brands.

Locations where Cannabincognito-branded products have been acquired include:

Location Date SCP-6995 Product
Bingen, Washington 22 Dec 2014 3.5g dried cannabis flower. First known SCP-6995 instance. Recurrences of SCP-6995 instances at Bingen dispensaries ceased in October 2015, when adult-use cannabis dispensaries opened in Oregon.
Antonito, Colorado 3 Apr 2016 1g concentrated cannabis vapor cartridge.
Huntington, Oregon 31 Mar 2018 Five cannabis cookies shaped similar to question marks.
West Wendover, Nevada 22 Jan 2020 Cannabincognito-branded glassware used for concentrated cannabis consumption (“dabbing”). Non-anomalous when used with cannabis products that are not SCP-6995 instances.
Ontario, Oregon 2019-present Numerous instances at all dispensaries in the city. Currently the location where SCP-6995 instances most frequently manifest.

Extensive testing has confirmed that SCP-6995 instances display no anomalous properties besides their antimemetic capabilities, with THC strength varying from 20-30% in flower products and 75-95% in concentrated products. No means have been found to prevent instances of SCP-6995 from recurring aside from the legalization of adult-use cannabis sales in jurisdictions that border its manifestation locations. To date, all SCP-6995 instances have ceased to manifest once the dispensaries it appeared in begin to border a jurisdiction where cannabis can be legally purchased.

Experimental Data:

Subject Location Date Result
D-237611 U.S. Highway 285, New Mexico, near the Colorado state line. 24 May 2016 Subject is instructed to consume cannabis flower ten minutes before driving. Subject is then pulled over by police due to taillight that was broken for purposes of experiment. Despite being visibly impaired and smelling strongly of cannabis, subject is treated as sober and fully alert by responding police officer. Successful baseline test.
Sr. Researcher Martinez Central Park, New York City, New York Spring-Summer 2017 Researcher Martinez cultivates seven cannabis plants derived from SCP-6995 seed instances via the use of Class W mnestics. All plants are cultivated in open view and frequently tended to. Odor emanating from the plants is only detectable by Researcher Martinez and he is perceived as cultivating non-cannabis plants. Despite local prohibitions on personal plant cultivation in Central Park, observers do not find the activity noteworthy.
D-991327 Tokyo, Japan 21 Oct 2018 Subject takes SCP-6995 instance through LAX airport in Los Angeles and boards flight to Tokyo, Japan. After arriving, subject openly consumes flower instance of SCP-6995 in the interior of Haneda Airport and remains undetected. Successful international baseline test.
D-432777 Chicago, Illinois 23:55 31 Dec 2019 - 00:05 1 Jan 2020 Subject begins consuming SCP-6995 instance before midnight on 31 December and finishes five minutes after midnight on 1 January, when recreational cannabis became legal in Illinois. Researchers are unable to perceive D-432777 from 23:55 to 23:59, but anomalous properties of SCP-6995 instance cease and subject becomes visible at precisely midnight. Test confirms properties of SCP-6995 directly correlate to the effective date of laws.

Addendum: On 19 Jan 2021, a series of containers branded with the Cannabincognito logo arrived at four separate Foundation sites via internal mailing networks. Each contained boxed 1g cartridges of concentrated cannabis, with the logo on the individual boxes replaced with an extended middle finger. Inside each was a note reading “TO THE ASSHOLES STEALING OUR PRODUCT.”

Laboratory testing of the cartridges revealed each contained dangerous levels of vitamin E acetate, a cutting agent found in some non-regulated vapor cartridges believed to the primary cause of vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI); all known instances of SCP-6995 purchased at adult-use dispensaries do not contain this alteration. Five cartridges were kept for testing purposes and the remainder were destroyed via incinerator. Containment procedures updated to account for potential Cannabincognito shipments to Foundation sites.

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