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Item#: SCP-6993
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Secondary Class:
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Item #: SCP-6993

Object Class: Keter/Flor Galana1

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel with Level 2 Clearance and above are to report for bimonthly psychological evaluations and medical checkups to test for the presence of SCP-6993. Personnel affected by SCP-6993 are to be temporarily suspended and put on a monthly 12 hour regimen of full-immersion VR recuperative therapy. Following this, personnel are allowed to return to work, and are to be monitored for anomalous changes to their physiology as a result of SCP-6993. All Foundation personnel are to be monitored for signs of Stage 1 SCP-6993, as well as abnormal increases in nootropic sales from Foundation Site pharmacies. Antinootropic drugs2 are to be periodically used to suppress SCP-6993 within personnel at this stage. Personnel with Stage 2 or Stage 3 SCP-6993 are to be considered irrecoverable, and are to be discreetly terminated in a remote open location. The corpses are only to be recovered after a Laniakea-6993 Event has occurred in all terminated individuals.

Description: SCP-6993 is an anomalous psychoneurological condition characterized by abnormal deformation of neuronal and axonal tissue within the brain without any clear origin nor severe detriment to the affected individual that typically accompanies deformation of analogous magnitudes. SCP-6993 can be divided into several stages of advancement.

  • Stage 0 - Little to no changes in cognitive ability, minor behavioral changes identifiable via psychological evaluation. Noticeable deviations from average baseline human tractography3 visible via KRT (Khevtuul Replica Tractography) scans.
  • Stage 1 - Prodromal stage. Heightened cognitive ability, may be misdiagnosed as acquired savant syndrome. Numerous secondary neurological conditions may be reported, such as synesthesia4 and hyperanamnesia5. Significant behavioral changes. Major progressive deviation from average baseline human tractography. Negligible deformation of brain structure and emission of gamma radiation from the head. Progression of the anomaly may be suppressed indefinitely at this stage via the regular application of antinootropics.
  • Stage 2 - Active stage. Cognitive ability randomly fluctuates, accompanied with rapid onset of behavioral, cognitive, and functional neurological disorders. Significant deformation of brain structure and surrounding tissues. Considerable emission of gamma radiation from the head. Tractography is not advised at this stage due to constant reconnection of dendrites. Progression of SCP-6993 considered irreversible.
  • Stage 3 - Residual stage. Severe to total loss of motor function due to disorders developed at Stage 2 and/or deformation of physiology. Cognitive ability stabilizes. No further deformation to the brain or head recorded. Precedes a Laniakea-6993 Event.

The beginning of a Laniakea-6993 Event is characterized by a spike in gamma radiation emission, real-time deformation of the brain and head, and rapid fluctuation of cognitive ability. The brain of individuals undergoing a Laniakea-6993 Event are observed to emit a broad range of electromagnetic radiation throughout. The Event ends after the brain of the individual undergoes a violent outwards expansion, terminating the individual, if still alive, before recoalescing into a bright, levitating, spinning disc of hot radioactive cerebral tissue and blood, designated SCP-6993-ω.

Instances of SCP-6993-ω have been observed to rotate at several hundred km/s without deterioration of its constituent viscera, and maintain an internal temperature between 900,000 to 8,000,000 degrees Kelvin. Shortly after their creation, SCP-6993-ω instances begin accelerating upwards, vaporizing most obstacles in its way before leaving the Earth's atmosphere. The Foundation has thus far failed to contain any SCP-6993-ω instance.

While the exact criteria for an individual to develop SCP-6993 is unclear, it has been understood that several factors greatly increase the risk of such an occurrence, including the following;

  • The individual has ideated multiple complex and/or esoteric concepts within a short period of time.
  • The individual has been recently subjected to psychological stresses for extensive periods of time.

Following extensive testing and observation of control groups, it has been determined that SCP-6993 is unlikely to arise in baseline civilian populations due to the absence of any requirement for the continued ideation of complex and/or esoteric concepts. The presence of SCP-6993 has not been recorded in any known GoIs.

SCP-6993 is believed to almost exclusively develop in Foundation personnel as a direct result of the unique cognitive load required for the successful continuation of its directives at desirable efficiency. This has been corroborated by the fact that all recorded instances of SCP-6993 had developed in active Foundation personnel.

SCP-6993 has been assigned as Flor Galana Class and Gevurah Disruption Class6, due to the inability of the Foundation to completely contain it without compromising efficiency and effectiveness in the development of containment procedures and general anomalous research.

Addendum 6993.01: Dr. Marcus Kaufman was a researcher assigned to SCP-6993, and was promoted to Senior Researcher following numerous contributions to several projects, including the study of SCP-6993, most of which were derived from self-observation. An excerpt from the diary of Dr. Marcus Kaufman is attached.


Another power outage today, Research Wing B. This is the third time in a month, it's a miracle we haven't had a containment breach yet. I write this entry by candlelight as I mourn the demise of our electric w Never mind, the lights are back. Good thing too, positioning my phone flashlight correctly was getting tiring. Back to work.

There appears to be an issue with back-up generators 1 to 4, I had the engineers look at it but they tell me they haven't been trained in anomalous adiabatic engineering. I swear to god, the standards we lower ourselves to these days. I will be taking this up with Admin soon.

Can't make the theory work. I know how the anomaly works, and how the people affected by it end up, but fuck if I know what happens in the middle. Trent's speculated that the neurons undergo an analogue of Wrighton's Syndrome but I disagree. We haven't seen secondary symptoms, and I call bullshit on labelling it a bootleg Wrighton's for that. I know I'm right on this. I'm so close.


Success! Called Trent out on his bullshit, AND got my working theory accepted for consideration by the very good Project Head Fred. KRT is coming in at 3, looking forward to verify it. Hope the subject doesn't expire before we hook him up to the machine. Can't wait to see Trent's face when I give the demonstration. This may be the greatest work I have written since that one paper that made the Foundation scout me out. Can't let them down now, especially Fred.

fuck fuck fuck fuck I made a mistake a massive fucking mistake

How the fuck did I miss the arteries???????????FUCK

I don't dare show my face in front of Fred anymore. Got called out by him at the KRT demonstration in front of half the neurology dept. A few tiny blood vessels just invalidated 7 months 7 FUCKING MONTHS OF WORK. MY WORK. Not to mention any shred of confidence he has left in my capabilities, I'm sure of it. TRENT the SMUG BASTARD was snickering in the corner I fucking saw him do it. I am seriously considering resigning and hiding in a hole for the rest of my life. Maybe I should go back to John Hopkins, but do they even remember me anymore?



Back on my bullshit. Redrafting the theory, this time taking the arterial networks into account wrt deformation. KRT is a huge help and a sore reminder of my hubris.

Axonal tissue deformation is consistent with early stage DHCC atrophy. Anterior lateral arteries intact, at least for our patient here. I honestly didn't expect to get anything concrete this quick but I can't argue with the findings. This'll show them all, Fred, Trent, the lot of them. I have confidence in my ability as a neurologist.

I can see how everything fits together. The anomaly is different from what we have in our records, deformation is surprisingly consistent from certain angles. It's not random, and it's not a transmissible disease. I can prove it. I must.


Fred reviewed the paper. So far so good, he says. He also dropped an apology for last week's incident. I know he's not actually sorry, I could tell from his intonation. I've heard plenty other lies today.

Power outage at Research Wing B again. The engineer that was supposed to be on shift was wheeled out on a stretcher, I suspect she's been affected by 6993 as well. Checked the adiabatic engine myself, apparently she wasn't only fixing up the engine, she was improving it.

Honestly I'm impressed with what she's come up with to mitigate the Hawton dissipation effect. It was incomplete, but I did what I could to finish what she started. It's like a puzzle, but sometimes you have to make your own pieces.

Everything has become a lot easier to do recently. Can't complain.


Work has caught the eye of the higher-ups. Whether this entails a promotion or suspicion remains to be seen. I've done nothing wrong? Can't explain how I'm blitzing through work, I guess.

Got a promotion, now assigned to the main team on 6993. Other concerns have also been confirmed however. They're keeping tabs on me, more than usual at that. In any case, they'll only ever get to see me studying 6993. We're on the right track here.

Trent, being Trent, has tried to joke about the CACD vessel complex incident again. Humor based on my pain hubris is undesirable, but I have more important matters at hand.


Splitting headache. I might call in sick today if this keeps up. Aspirin

hard to lh thj think can t spek barly wrlte

h elp isee a brite melodee

i am falling a part how do i do i do i do iiii i

I have just recovered from an attack of some sort, neurological in origin. I cannot help but compare this to SCP-6993. I will be looking through files on previous SCP-6993 patients, as well as for some viable countermeasure against the attacks.

Most of the records are inaccessible to me. Disappointed, but not surprised. Will dig further into archives. Adderall has proven to be a decent countermeasure.

I have retrieved some files on SCP-6993, but only on a small number of Foundation engineers. No connections to each other, the files merely state they developed the condition, as well as recorded symptoms, but it ends there.

Going by what I've found, I cannot deny that I have indeed developed SCP-6993. This is a great opportunity. I will be noting down the SCP-6993 effects I experience first-hand as it progresses, and then turn myself in after I'm done with the report. No one needs to know until then.


Compiling a draft with my findings via the KRT and reports on the attacks, but I've reworded them to obscure the fact they are my own. I confess that I feel that assignment to SCP-6993 isn't enough for me. I cannot afford to lose momentum. I have applied for assignment to other projects.

It looks like there's still work to do for 6993, because I can no longer see color.


my head unravels around my brain my eyes my ears my sight my eyes

i see the star s my stars with in me my sky when i look up

i heer my minds eye and it hurt to heer it shine

I need to fix this. I can think my way out of this. I have to. The attacks are becoming more frequent and I can't down adderall nearly as fast enough.

Addendum 6993.02: Dr. Marcus Kaufman was discovered in his home on 21/05/20, 4 days after failing to report to work at Site-81. Post-mortem analysis revealed multiple anomalous deformations within his brain and on his head, including, but not limited to: atrophy of the occipital and parietal lobes, expansion and exencephaly7 of the frontal lobe, and osteoporosis and open fracture of the frontal skull bone.

Dr. Kaufman is believed to have remained alive and fully conscious until his expiration from nootropic overdose. Remote KRT imaging reveals that Dr. Kaufman lost almost all motor function, with the exception of his extraocular muscles, and certain muscles within his left hand.

Despite the expiration of Dr. Kaufman, dangerous amounts of radiation continued to be emitted from his head, warranting the removal of his body to an appropriate environment for the facilitation of a Laniakea-6993 Event.

Several hand-written documents pertaining to SCP-6993 were discovered within the vicinity of Dr. Kaufman during investigations, reporting the progression of the anomaly and secondary symptoms in great detail, as well as an incomplete theory on the nature of SCP-6993, attached below.

SCP-6993 is a peculiar thing, it can augment or hinder cognitive ability without the slightest effect on memory. Testing on subjects has revealed that during periods of low cognitive ability, I subjects still remember memories previously available to them, if not all of them, as granted by the secondary affect of hypernamne hyperanamnesia if the subject has it. Inexplicably, SCP-6993 blocks the successful expression of these memories, as well as knowledge held by the affected subject, generating a façade of cognitive inability. SCP-6993 does not arise as a result of any sort of chemical or hormonal imbalance in the brain, it is a conseqeuence cons c

it wants too leav me my brain wants too leav

i'll be damned if I have to correct these spelling errors before I finish writing this. It is my belief that SCP-6993 arises as a combination of the exposure of Foundation personnel to the anomalous, as well as the pressure placed on them in their tasks. We are required to think of explanations, containment solutions, testing procedures, there's a limit to the cognitive load we bare beer bear after which shit starts hapening

nootropics only work for so long at this point

neural activi t acelerrate fast spin faste r we must think clearer ide ate my solution

my sky of neurons spins a web of contianment for all that needs it but also me I secndary brian spin generate radeasion


how to STOP





i can see my brain from here

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