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Item #: SCP-6989-J
Clearance Level 3: Confidential

Object Class: Keter
Disruption Class: 1/UltraOmegaAmida
Risk Class: 1/DangerousCritical

Special Containment Procedures: Distributed Task Force λ-10 ("The Task Force")1 is to track SCP-6989-J and initiate the authorised amnestication protocols if the need arises. Research into the anomaly is currently in progress headed by The Task Force.

Description: SCP-6989-J is a wispy, smokelike organism currently located nearby SCP-Foundation Site-120. With observation from The Task Force, it has been concluded that SCP-6989-J has the ability of flight. It is unknown whether it is sapient.

The anomalous properties of SCP-6989-J become apparent when viewed by a human (Homo Sapiens). Personnel viewing the anomaly are unable to determine what shape it resembles, likely due to the effects of a potent memetic hazard.

Descriptions include:

"A wiggly-wobbly looking dog." - Dr. Jacques Wâlturs, Head of the Anomalous Optometry Division

"An anvil on fire." - Dr. Cornelius Gregor, Head of the Daniel Luwin case

"The large head of a cat." - Dr. Jack Gooday, MD

"The corpse of that doctor I killed yesterday." - Agent Raphael Roundabouts, Field Agent

"Looks like my wife's teeth." - Dr. Cole Thereven, Head of the Spatial Anomaly Department.

"Uh…No shape?" - Dr. Nomal A. Writer, SiteCommand

"A giant pile of rocks? I dunno." - Dr. Matthew Chen, Head of the Thaumaturgy Department.

Due to its position and potent memetic effect, the Foundation possesses no means by which to physically contain the anomaly itself. As such, by direct order of the Adminstrator, it is to be decommissioned as soon as possible.

Addendum 6989-J.1: Decomissioning Attempt 6989-J.01

On 12/03/21, fighter jets were sent to bombard the anomaly with cauliflowers, as cauliflowers were considered wards against evil in many religions. Multiple casualties occurred due to The Task Force's visibility being obscured by the anomaly's memetic nature. Attempt unsuccessful.

Addendum 6989-J.2: Decomissioning Attempt 6989-J.01

On 21/03/21, the SCP-7000 contest was launched, and SCP-6989 was entered, and purposefully given no position of victory. No noted change the anomaly's behavior. Attempt unsuccessful.

Addendum 6989-J.3 Decomissioning Attempt 6989-J.03

On 23/04/21, a thaumaturgically enhanced warhead was fired at SCP-6989-J. This successfully decommissioned the anomaly. Approximately 60 million civilians were turned into puddles, but this was considered justified.

Addendum 6989-J.4: Incident Log 6989-J.02

On 31/05/21, it was noted that at least 75% of the troposphere was inhabited by similar anomalies. It most likely remained unknown due to a potent memetic hazard. Further action pending Overseer Vote.

Addendum 6989-J.5: Assistance

The Global Occult Coalition was alerted to this new threat and has agreed to cooperate with the Foundation. Project C.L.O.U.T., a joint effort between the GOC and the Foundation, plans to completely annihilate all SCP-6989-J instances, using nuclear weapons if necessary. Approved by the Overseer Council and the Ethics Committee.

Addendum 6989-J.X: Project C.L.O.U.T. Attempt-0000000001

On 2/06/21, a cow was tied to a projectile and launched into the sky. As cows were considered "pure" in multiple religions, and the nature of the anomaly was considered to be demonic, it was hoped to be able to ward off the anomalies. Mission unsuccessful.

Addendum 6989-J.6: Project C.L.O.U.T. Attempt-0000000002

On 3/06/21, Dr. Matthew Chen was asked to write a short story about SCP-6989-J and reading it aloud to the anomalies. This was done with the hope that reading about itself in an antagonistic way would break its heart. Attempted intervention by the United Nations resulted in dissolution of all world governments by the Foundation. All civilians evacuated into Secret Secure Bunker No.20000. Attempt unsuccessful.

Addendum 6989-J.7: Project C.L.O.U.T. Attempt-0000000003

34 clowns were launched into the sky, along with Dr. Chen, because he was useless and, according to the Administrator "can't write shit", and clowns, according to the Administrator, "freaks me out". This lead to the successful decommissioning of 5 instances. The causalities were considered justified.

Addendum 6989-J.8: Project C.L.O.U.T. Attempt-0000000004.1

On 7/06/21, multiple Scranton-Cornelius-Chen-Wallturz-Writer-Troy-Sulfûr Reality Obliterators were commissioned by personal order of the Adminstrator, and are to be activated on 10/06/21.

Addendum 6989-J.9: Super Secret Overseer Section

On 8/06/21, after a daily check up of Site-01 by the Overseers, a private bunker, most likely owned by the Adminstrator, was discovered.The recording below is horrifying and TOP SECRET: LEVEL 5/6989 EYES ONLY. For the love of God, DO NOT CLICK THAT COLLAPSIBLE.

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