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Instance of SCP-6963 related media

Special Containment Procedures

Due to post-Veil circumstances and the relative harmlessness of SCP-6963, no protocols have been enacted to confine those affected by the anomaly. Subjects of SCP-6963 treat their targeted individual as fictional, and as such, should be publicly considered so in order to bring little suspicion to the person in question.

Research into the cause behind SCP-6963’s creation to possibly methodize a way to reverse its effects is currently ongoing.1


SCP-6963 denotes an abnormal phenomenon surrounding Dr. Jack Bright, the criteria in which one is affected remains unclear. To date, an estimate of ~250,000 individuals worldwide have been subjected to the anomaly’s effects, and amnesticization has proven to be ineffective. However, those influenced by SCP-6963 are wholly convinced that Dr. Bright is merely a fictional character, despite a lack of evidence regarding the "persona’s creator."

Subjects affected by SCP-6963 display intense feelings of affection towards Dr. Bright, oftentimes showing their appreciation for him via methods most appropriate to them. Examples of SCP-6963 related activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Drawing pieces of art depicting Dr. Bright in some fashion.
  • Producing music pertaining to Dr. Bright in some way.
  • Writing fiction featuring Dr. Bright as the main protagonist.
  • Creating merchandise of Dr. Bright.

The perpetrator responsible for SCP-6963‘s existence, if applicable, is unknown.

Addendum-1: Instance Log

The following are examples of media pertaining to Dr. Bright as a result of SCP-6963, used for the sake of briefing associated personnel. More excerpts are available upon request.

Addendum-2: Interview

Personnel Involved:

  • Dr. Jack Bright (Site-19)
  • Director Tilda D. Moose (Site-19)

Subject: SCP-6963

BEGIN LOG - 22:54

Moose enters the interview room, holding onto a clipboard. Bright is already seated, tapping his foot, and notices Moose as she pulls back the chair and sit down. Both are silent for a brief moment.

MOOSE: You had something you wanted to discuss with me, Bright?

BRIGHT: (Nods) Mhm, it's… it's about 6963. You see, I was wondering if-

Moose crosses her arms.

MOOSE: If you're requesting to be transferred, then I'm going to refuse your offer.

BRIGHT: How come?

MOOSE: It's practically harmless, Bright. I'm sure you've been through worse.

BRIGHT: Moose, when I first worked for the Foundation, I did not expect I'd develop a fanbase overnight. I did not ask for this, I did not sign up for this, and I surely didn't spend over a century to suddenly have people craving my very presence.

MOOSE: But you did agree to research anomalies, and that includes your… followers.

BRIGHT: What part of this would you consider as "research"? We're merely observing a crowd of people violently thrashing at each other's necks over a doll that's apparently supposed to look like me, when it couldn't be farther from how I actually look.

MOOSE: How do you think celebrities feel?

BRIGHT: Look, my point is: Why can't you accept my request?

MOOSE: Bright, you have your reasons, and I know what you're going through is certainly an uncomfortable experience for most, but it's not as simple as reassigning you. You'd still be exposed to all of the fictions revolving around you and their indiscernible imagination. It's basically fruitless.

Bright shrugs and averts his gaze.

MOOSE: And unless we can find a way to fix this mess, you're just going to have to deal with it. I'm sorry, but I don't know what you expect me to do.

BRIGHT: (Sighs) I know, I know, but still… it's exhausting. I didn't want this.

MOOSE: Cheer up, Bright. At least they're not aware you exist.

BRIGHT: I doubt that makes this situation any better, but thank you, I guess.

MOOSE: My pleasure. Just (pause) don’t stress yourself too much. If you ever want to take five, all you have to do is tell me. I don't mind giving you a break from all the… work.

BRIGHT: Sure, I'll keep that in mind.

Moose checks her watch before standing from her seat.

MOOSE: Anyways, I'll be heading off now. I have other duties to attend to… actually, there's something else I wanted to say before I leave. Bright?


MOOSE: (Inhales deeply) Do me a favor and keep yourself together, alright?

Moose exits the room.

BRIGHT: (Quietly) Right.

END LOG - 22:59

!!! UPDATE !!!

A recent spike in SCP-6963 activity has been reported. Cause believed to be an announcement made on an online web forum known as "brightnet". Action to mitigate the spread of SCP-6963 is currently underway, though no progress has been observed thus far.

The aforementioned post has been transcribed below for reference:

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