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A standard Touhou Plush doll resembling SCP-6959

Item #: SCP-6959

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6959 is to be kept in a vacuum sealed chamber suspended by 2 surrounding electromagnets, kept charged by a constant supply of power. Generators are to be inspected every two days for faults.

The object's containment cell is constructed of steel-reinforced concrete, with the only entrance to the cell being a secure airlock requiring clearance 4 or above permission to be opened. Any unauthorized entrance detected within the cell will be met with immediate termination to prevent a containment failure. Any testing performed on SCP-6959 must be authorized by Site Director Roerens.

Description: SCP-6959 resembles a Fumo Plush doll of the character Cirno from the video game "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil". SCP-6959 has no discernable aesthetic differences from any factory-made doll apart from lacking a tag. The object's makeup consists entirely of strange matter, displaying all hypothesized characteristics associated with the substance. It is currently unknown how SCP-6959 came to have its current appearance; research regarding its origin in space and how it came to be on a collision course with Earth is ongoing.

SCP-6959 presents a significant danger to Earth as any matter it comes into contact with will undergo an instant conversion and be added to SCP-6959's mass; it is hypothesized that SCP-6959 could completely convert the earth within 5 hours of initial contact resulting in an XK-Class End-Of-The-World scenario. Due to the properties of strange matter, efforts to destroy or cause cellular decay in SCP-6959 have proved useless, and research suggests SCP-6959 could only be permanently removed if jettisoned into a black hole or through the use of paradimensional anomalies.

Discovery: The earliest record of SCP-6959's existence was a routine NASA drone's report on 2/17/09, it was determined to be on a collision course with the Earth. Foundation efforts were requested and SCP-6959 was successfully inserted into a temporary containment unit on 3/11/22. No origin point for SCP-6959's travel has been determined, further research is pending.

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