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Item #: SCP-6951

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The city of Miami, Florida is to be extensively monitored for results of the SCP-6951 phenomenon, which are then to be collected and studied. A full understanding of biology in SCP-6951-1 instances is to be achieved, so that living SCP-6951-1 instances can be rehabilitated and give witness testimony into the activities of Greazeburger Incorporated and Greazeburger Earth.

Description: SCP-6951 is a phenomenon where deceased or critically injured employees of Greazeburger Incorporated (henceforth designated as SCP-6951-1) and its subsidiary, Greazeburger Earth, manifest within the city limits of Miami, Florida. Recovered SCP-6951-1 instances tend to exhibit signs of attempted or successful homicide, in addition with injuries associated with inter-dimensional travel1.


Update 3/1/22: On 3/1/22, Greazeburger Earth CEO Martin Greaze (POI-792) was discovered in an alleyway adjacent to the Greazeburger-commandeered Miami Walmart Supercenter after the noise of various gunshots had alerted Foundation staff covertly employed at the location. Despite receiving numerous gunshot wounds to the back of their head, POI-792 was responsive for several minutes before expiring. A transcription of their testimony and subsequent death is available below:

Due to POI-792’s testimony regarding genetic duplication abilities, POI-792 is still considered active. Investigation into the rehabilitation of SCP-6951-1 instances is ongoing.

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