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Item #: SCP-6947

Object Class: Archon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6947's anomalous effects are undetectable to observers within the universe he exists, and those who could/can detect them are already acquainted with the anomalous. As SCP-6947's effects are presumed to terminate upon his death, no containment procedures are necessary until such a time. Foundation web-crawlers and planted agents are to continuously monitor SCP-6947, as well as discredit any information leaked about his effects.

Description: SCP-6947 (known as Zachary █████████) is a male human of Caucasian descent. Records indicate SCP-6947 was born on ██/██/2015, making him 7 years old.

SCP-6947 exhibits a phenomenon in which his movement through space is defined by the entire universe moving relative to him rather than vice versa. Otherwise, SCP-6947's movement is consistent to outside observers when referenced to an absolute reference point such as Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) unless said observer is separate from the universe in which SCP-6947 exists.

Discovery: SCP-6947 was discovered on 11/4/2020 with his mother Sarah █████████ during an argument at the ███ █████ Mall in ████████, Oregon. Below is the security footage from the interaction, which was collected post-discovery of the anomaly:

<Begin Log>

<Sarah █████████ is holding SCP-6947's hand as they walk through the mall.>

SCP-6947: Mom! Mom! Can we get ice cream?

Sarah: No, Zach.

SCP-6947: Why not?!

Sarah: It'll spoil your appetite, Zach.

SCP-6947: Fine! I want a pretzel!

Sarah: No.

SCP-6947: <upset> But, I'm hungry, mom!

Sarah: We're getting dinner in half an hour, you can wait until then.

SCP-6947: But, I want it!

<SCP-6947 attempts to pull Sarah █████████ in the direction of the food court.>

Sarah: Zach! I said "no!" Quit being such a brat, will you?

SCP-6947: It's no fair! You haven't even gotten me something from the mall!

Sarah: <frustrated> I don't have to get you anything, Zach. I just needed a few small things from here.

SCP-6947: You don't need a new necklace!

Sarah: Zach! We are leaving right now! The world does not revolve around you!

SCP-6947: <yelling> Well, maybe it should!

<At this moment, several Extra-Universal Foundation sites alert Overwatch Command of a newly discovered anomalous phenomenon (now known to be SCP-6947.)>

Sarah: We're going, Zach!

<Sarah █████████ drags SCP-6947 towards the exit.>

SCP-6947: <crying> Noooooo!!

<End Log>

Interception of the anomaly by nearby Foundation agents was deemed unnecessary.

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