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3/6946 LEVEL 3/6946
Item #: SCP-6946
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned MTF
Area-34 Dr. Ezra Everest Dr. James Yun Epsilon-23 ("Scaffolders")

Threat Level: Red


SCP-6946’s optical relay system, transmitting a view of Manila Bay from its current resting spot.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6946 is currently pending neutralization. A 200m deep trench, an artificial island and an offshore fish farm have been built to conceal it, with members of MTF Epsilon-23 (“Scaffolders”1) routinely accessing the platform, surveying the zone for any changes. A deep-sea seismometer and several vibration sensors have been placed adjacent to SCP-6946; were they to detect movement tied to the locomotion of the entity, SCP-6946 will be considered a Type-Black threat, with the areas of Manila, the island of Luzon and the Japanese prefectures of Okinawa and Kagoshima requiring immediate evacuation.

Under no circumstance are any personnel or other individuals of Japanese descent allowed within a 5-km radius of SCP-6946.

Description: SCP-6946 is a massive biomechanical automaton, with a height of 229 meters, weighing approximately 18,200 tonnes, built by the Foundation’s War-Time Production Division in 1944 as part of Project Corregidor, and used to break through the paramilitary forces of Imperial Japan during the Asia-Pacific War. It deactivated during the Battle of Manila in February 1945, 19 kilometers from the bay.

SCP-6946 is composed of approximately 10,000 tonnes of metal, most of it taken from battleships taken out of service during the War, a small amount taken from the American scrap drive movement. Its body has been fortified through the use of a 3-to-5 layering system. The rest of the weight is distributed among a complex-movement hydraulic system, a thaumaturgical compound engine, 1,163 decommissioned anomalies the engine uses as fuel and a further 483 anomalous components used for its construction and long-term maintenance.

The anomalous components on SCP-6946 give it several upgrades that allowed the Foundation to bring crucial victories over Imperial Japan’s IJAMEA, and have historically impeded the entity’s deactivation. The most relevant components are:

  • A Mark-IV thaumaturgy compound engine that distills thaumaturgy-imbued items into a purer essence SCP-6946 uses as fuel. 1,163 anomalies have been allocated to be destroyed to power the engine. This fuel powers all internal components, including a threat proximity detection system and an optical relay system. The fuel consumption rate is expected to allow SCP-6946 to be able to function for up to ten thousand years.
  • 32 Strength enhancing components as part of its hydraulic system that allow SCP-6946 to exert up to forty times the force it would normally be able to. This also allows the entity to move despite its weight.
  • A Neo-Assyrian era “supercomputer” mechanism able to detect and analyze all living beings within a 1,5 kilometer radius. Can give and be given rudimentary instructions. Able to work regardless of massive internal damage sustained.
  • A double-layered Vapula-Type resistance sigil system that grants enhanced protection to conventional and thaumaturgical attacks.
  • A Vepar-Type resistance sigil system that makes SCP-6946’s body unable to be corroded, and a Focalor-Type resistance sigil system that allows SCP-6946’s body to be unaffected by sudden pressure changes.
  • Several Berith-Type resistance sigil systems that prevent hexes and curses from dispelling other sigil systems.
  • A biomechanical entity assembled into the “supercomputer” that functions as the automaton’s “brain”, henceforth referred to as SCP-6946-1.

SCP-6946-1 is a massive entity with the rough shape of an ophiuroid star, an eye in its center. The entity was captured and killed in 1918, then artificially reanimated in 1944. The entity was capable of transmitting conceptual ideas into the mind of anything it touches, overpowering over any other idea, extremely resilient to most types of interference. It was also able to integrate itself into inanimate objects and act as a primitive ‘mind’, akin to a poltergeist’s possession. These qualities were deemed ideal for usage in Project Corregidor, with the War-Time Production overseeing the anomaly’s death, integration with a control system that allowed them to manipulate the idea to transmit into SCP-6946-1, and following integration into SCP-6946.

The last concept given to SCP-6946-1 by the War-Time Production was to {‘destroy the Japanese Empire’}, order constantly being transmitted to SCP-6946. Idea was originally able to be stopped and edited on command, but the control system is believed to have been disrupted by one of the many attacks sustained by the automaton, disabling the Foundation’s control over the entity. Without a way to update the directive given, SCP-6946-1 has no knowledge of the Empire of Japan’s dissolution in 1947. It is understood that upon any person of Japanese descendance’s entrance into SCP-6946’s radius, it will activate again. Other parameters might reactivate the entity, but have not been tested due to the inherent danger posed.

Addendum SCP-6946.1

While not considered an immediate threat, its rogue state and capabilities for destroying entire territories, with high casualty, veil-breaking methods being the only counter-response have placed SCP-6946 as a target for decommissioning. Decommissioning efforts have been informally performed since 1946, and formally since 1950. A total of 31 formal decommission attempts have been tried, with all attempts having failed thus far. Due to its location, use of destructive paraweaponry has been severely limited.

Decommissioning efforts were halted in 1992, and revived by Dir. Everest in 2018. Following the failed 31st attempt at decommissioning SCP-6946, the committee in charge of its neutralization met to establish a new approach to the anomaly.

Committee Meeting

Date: 2019/05/21

Everest, Felipe - Area-34 Director, AWD’s2 Director
Yun, James - AWD’s Occult Studies Division Manager - Area-343
Purugganan, Asuncion - AWD’s Branch Director - Site-924
Hokkyōbō - AWD’s Branch Director - Site-505
Ricci, William - Global Occult Coalition Liaison
Matsushiba, Kano - JAGPATO Liaison6

<Extraneous dialogue removed>

Matsushiba: Who would like to start with the report?

Ricci: <Raises hand> I will start. So, uh, the cannon failed, obviously. We can start with that.7

Everest: Yeah, you can definitely start with that. Hasn't it been tested before?

Ricci: It was tested on a similarly constructed test subject out in the Pacific. We can’t exactly shoot at Manila Bay if we don’t have solid proof that it will work.

Everest: But then you had it, and it didn’t work.

Ricci: See, that’s the thing. As far as we understand these hexes, the cannon should have at least disrupted the outer layer of thaumaturgy placed on it. We tested it thrice. Jamie here helped with the calculations.

Yun: I did help, yes, and I can confirm that it should have worked. We made sure it would, and yet, as you pointed out, it did not.

Purugganan: Is there a working theory?

Yun: Less impressive that we hoped for, but there is, yes. We believe a paraweapon used by the IJAMEA during the Battle of Manila could be causing the interference. It’s what damaged the automaton and caused it to go rogue, so its effects might still linger within the thaumaturgical layer of the machine, even after all these years.

Purugganan: Alright, the same theory then. Do we have the weapon this time?

Everest: If we had it, we wouldn’t be dealing with this crap, now would we?

Purugganan: <Turns towards Hokkyōbō> Do we have it?

Hokkyōbō: I’m sorry, but we do not. I worked on the project, but not long enough to retain much.8 We looked for any surviving paper but we were unsuccessful. It must have been lost when the headquarters in Manila fell.

Matsushiba: We’ve also done our research, and I’m afraid these documents might be gone for good.

Everest: We don’t have any leads then. Fucking great.

Purugganan: Now, now, Hokkyōbō still did work at the time. You do know what the project was about.

Hokkyōbō: Of course I do. We have been unable to replicate it before. I doubt we can replicate it now.

Ricci: We can try. What do we have to lose at this point?

Hokkyōbō: The entire Manila Bay area? Luzon Island? All of southern Japan?

Ricci: Oh for… We’re not doing this again.

Hokkyōbō: <Sighs> Very well. It was a mind control ray, sort of. That was what it was intended to be used as. A massive howitzer able to fire several-tonnes projectiles infused with the souls of deities tortured such that they could not but scream in despair, even after death. Upon impact, the powdered remains would psychically overwhelm anything a mile around said impact, trading the minds of all targets with the death throes of a long dead Kami. It was meant for use in the conquest of the Pacific, bolted into a dreadnought and sent its way, but when the Umibōzu9 emerged and walked through Corregidor10, we used everything to stall its path.

Mind control or not, the projectiles the siege machine fired were still enough to level mountains, so they were fired at the machine. One of them was lucky enough to stop it… Maybe.

Everest: Maybe?

Hokkyōbō: It took two hours for the effects of the weapon to take effect, if they indeed did take effect. By then the machine had been reduced to ashes, and Manila to rubble.

Everest: So we still have nothing then?

Hokkyōbō: We’ve had nothing since 1945, Everest, but yes.

Ricci: Really, nothing?

Hokkyōbō: The documents most likely do not exist anymore, and we cannot will them into existence. Even if we could, which we probably can, we are not allowed to.

Everest: It wouldn’t hurt to send a proposal to the O5, see what they say about it.

Hokkyōbō: It wouldn’t hurt, no. That being said, this project has been nothing but a waste of time and resources. I doubt they would allow more money to be spent. Why don’t we abandon the project? It had been shelved for a good reason.

Everest: No, we can’t. The project has just been revived. I’m sure there are more options that we haven’t studied yet.

Hokkyōbō: I’ve been part of this committee for over 70 years. Believe me when I say there are not.

Ricci: I think we should at least shelve it for a time. This failure right after revival isn’t gonna look good no matter what, so if we’re keeping this project alive, we need to gather more information. Maybe get something going that previous teams haven’t managed to get accepted, like moving the damn contraption into the Philippine Sea so we can do more without having to worry about a metropolis within a couple miles.

Everest: … I’ll see what we can do.

Matsushiba: Shall we move onto the next project, then?

<Extraneous dialogue removed>

Addendum SCP-6946.2

In 2021, following a raid on a warehouse believed to be owned by Touhei Heavy Industries, blueprints for a radio array with similar function to the paraweapon used by IJAMEA against SCP-6946. A short radio array was built by the GOC along the Bataan Peninsula, and after several tests, was successful in disrupting the unknown interference on SCP-6946 for several minutes. Following this discovery, Surrogate Dir. Yun11 organized three meetings which resulted in the following proposal:

Anomalous Weapons Development Proposal

Project Corregidor

Area 34 - James Yun, Occult Studies Division
Site 50 - Hokkyōbō, Engineering Division
Site 92 - Asuncion Purugganan, Engineering Division

Regarding Project Corregidor, a new breakthrough has surfaced in the shape of a radio array capable of interrupting a series of signals believed to be the remains of Shinto deities weaponized during the Pacific War, which have thus far compromised the control system of SCP-6946. We are under the understanding that this will finally allow us to take back control of the automaton, and remove all dangers it poses. Furthermore, control of it will allow the Foundation to use it if the need arises.

The proposal consists of allowing the Anomalous Weapons Development Department to join forces with the Global Occult Coalition and JAGPATO to construct a system capable of, in order:

  • Step 1: Relocating SCP-6946 to a less populated zone
  • Step 2: Turning off the interference
  • Step 3: Turning off the sigil system on SCP-6946
  • Step 4: Accessing and repairing SCP-6946-1’s control system
  • Step 5: Reactivating the sigil system and assisting SCP-6946 in reaching an extraction location

This plan requires the following:

Step 1: A Fushimi-class river gunboat with kotodama inscriptions for speed and resilience, to guide SCP-6946 out of the Manila Bay area, with a crew of 91. Two Nagara-class light cruisers with similar inscriptions are deployed to assist the gunboat, with a total crew of 684. [Provided by the Foundation; overseen by Asuncion Purugganan]

Step 2: Thirty six radio transmitting stations alongside Manila Bay, the Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island, disrupting the magnetic field on SCP-6946 through the use of weaponized ‘kami’ energy, with a total of 115 operators and personnel. [Provided by JAGPATO; overseen by Kano Matsushiba]

Step 3: An orbital cannon above SCP-6946, with a dispelling rune charge projectile loaded. [Provided by the GOC, overseen by William Ricci]

Step 4: Special Task Force Dai-8 “Tenjō Tenge”, composed of 7 Tengu, each carrying a control system built according to original schematics, to replace the one on SCP-6946-1. [Provided by the Foundation; commandeered by Hokkyōbō]

Step 5: A provisional site on the Bataan Peninsula to oversee the mission, and control SCP-6946 following the plan’s success. [Provided by the Foundation; overseen by James Yun]

Fundings will be allocated to the project by the Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition (GOC) and the Japanese Anomalous Groups Peace and Amity Treaty Organization (JAGPATO), necessitating approval from all three groups. JAGPATO has already allocated funds to the project, with the GOC following once the project is approved.

It must be said that an opportunity such as this has evaded us since the inception of the department. This proposal's success would close an issue that has haunted the Anomalous Weapons Development Department for well over seventy years. Such an action would positively ripple throughout several Sites, and help better relations between the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, damaged enough by the previous failures of Corregidor Project.

The proposal was approved the same year, with the decommission project being carried out on 2023/12/02.

Addendum SCP-6946.3

On 2023/12/02, the 32nd decommissioning attempt was carried out. The artificial island and fishing project were removed the week prior, the plan proceeding as expected at 4:30 AM, time at which the radio array was activated. At 5:21 AM, EVE levels were detected, signaling for the orbital cannon to fire at SCP-6946. The impact reached the automaton at 5:33 AM, the sigil system successfully being powered down.

At 5:36 AM, the Fushimi-class river gunboat began leading SCP-6946 away from Manila Bay, towards the Luzon Sea area of the South China Sea. The gunboat was impacted twice during this period, but managed to move SCP-6946 into open waters with relative ease. The two Nagara-class light cruisers joined the move, distracting SCP-6946 as team captain Hokkyōbō flew towards the automaton with the first control system in hand. The system was successfully connected at 7:56 AM, at the cost of Hokkyōbō’s life.

At 8:04 AM, personnel at the provisional site attempted to regain control of SCP-6946, failing to do so. An outcome within expectations, information was quickly sent to all other teams, with another control system being prepared for installation. Before this could be accomplished, a distinct thaumaturgical wave was sent from two of the radio stations on Corregidor Island, reactivating SCP-6946’s sigil system. At 8:10 AM, SCP-6946’s began moving again, away from Manila and up north, towards the Luzon Strait. Four towers within the radio station, including the previous two had internal components malfunction, causing a fire that quickly engulfed the buildings, creating a cascading failure that disabled the system array.

Despite efforts by the remaining ships, and the orbital cannon preparing and shooting another projectile into the automaton, SCP-6946’s ignored and evaded capture efforts. For the following four hours, the entity made its way towards the Marianas Trench, losing its signal three hours in, finally disappearing several miles northwest of the Challenger Deep point.

Foul play was determined to be the cause of the incident. An investigation was immediately launched, with the project halting, officially terminated two days later.

Investigation Report

Following the incident, a total of 1,327 people were interrogated, with 61 detained once it was confirmed that the incident was deliberately caused by members of the project, under the orders of deceased Branch Director of Site-50's AWD Department, Hokkyōbō.

It is understood that Hokkyōbō and his team built a control system that allowed him to take sole control of SCP-6946-1, with the extra systems prepared being duds. This information was unknown to the control team, the maritime team, and the orbital team. This information was known to key members of the radio team, whose interference allowed the sigil system to be applied to SCP-6946 again, allowing the anomaly to move across deep waters and stopping all attempts to regain control.

Several schematics pertaining to Site-50’s AWD department have been deleted from their corresponding databases, indicating their involvement in boycotting the Foundation. During the investigation, the following video was found on Hokkyōbō’s personal computer, recorded three weeks before the incident:


<Hokkyōbō is seen adjusting the device recording him, before stepping back to sit on a bench area across from it. Area has been identified as a pathway in Las Piñas-Parañaque protected coastal area in Metro Manila.>

Hokkyōbō: Good evening, whoever’s watching. Uh, how do they start these?… ‘If you’re watching this, it means I’m already dead’? Well, that’s what I would hope for. Else the plan has failed.

<Silence for 6 seconds>

What am I supposed to say, really? I didn’t want for things to go this way. I still don’t, but you just never understood what you were playing with. Or perhaps you did. It doesn’t really matter.

When I joined the Foundation, I thought things would be different. After the Agency, the desire to truly help the people instead of sacrificing everything for a man-made-God was irresistible. Move away from the people who diluted deities into weaponry. Away from the massacres, the death marches, the misery. Ironically, such an opportunity was only offered after the Umibōzu walked through Manila, desecrating anything we hadn’t managed to.

I convinced myself it had been a necessary evil, like Tokyo, like Hiroshima. For years I left it at that. We cleaned the slate, poured concrete over the machine, and forgot about it. But you couldn’t forget for long. You saw a new toy you could play with, and amidst the red scare, it felt justified. The automaton flattening Incheon and Seoul to recover them felt like history repeating itself, so I opposed. The idea of powering the machine again was horrifying; the idea of making more a nightmare. Eventually, the Wall fell, a moment of lucidity. Everyone realized the horrors of the hydrogen bomb, of the agent orange, of massive war machines. Once again the concrete sealed away the machine. We focused on containment, on security. War was for those on the other side of the veil, because war was wrong; war was ungraceful. We knew better.

… And then you decided to awaken the Umibōzu from its slumber yet again.

<Hokkyōbō sighs>

I hope this will serve as a lesson, if anything. When I joined, I truly believed in our motto, and I still do. If everything goes according to plan, the Umibōzu will end up in a place you logistically cannot pull it from, finally at rest. It will be secured, contained, and protected. If you value any of these words, you’ll leave it there. If you don’t, then… I don’t know. I won’t be alive to ponder it.

<11 seconds of silence, before moving closer to the recorder>

I believe it's time for me to part. I will not waste any more of your time. You have better things to do, as do I.

Recovery of SCP-6946 is currently under review by the Department of Logistics, with the Anomalous Weapons Development Department having been relieved from duty. Site-50’s AWD Department has been dissolved during the investigation, and is expected to be renewed following its conclusion.

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