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A building in Šunskai in which SCP-6931 has manifested.

Item #: SCP-6931

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The inhabitants of Šunskai have been persuaded to assist in the containment of information regarding SCP-6931, on the understanding that a leak is liable to result in vastly increased tourism to the area. As such, they will continue the prior tradition of not discussing it with outsiders; anyone moving away is to receive Class C amnestics to remove any knowledge of SCP-6931, as are any outsiders who become aware.

SCP-6931 can only be observed. Cameras and microphones have been set up within all abandoned, sparsely-used and/or public buildings.

Efforts to identify SCP-6931 are ongoing.

Description: SCP-6931 is a Class Undetermined Spectral Entity active in the village of Šunskai, Lithuania. The entity resembles a young man, dressed in the ragged uniform of the Army of Congress Poland.

Every other day, at 05:30 local time, SCP-6931 will manifest in a random two-story structure within the village1 and perform a routine, the elements of which also manifesting unless present. This routine constitutes the following:

  • The entity appears in a bed, as though sleeping.
  • It "awakens," after which it neatly remakes the bed.
  • It washes itself in the bathtub, or any receptacle large enough to contain it. This will spontaneously fill with water prior to contact.
  • It dresses itself. The entity will put its trousers on backwards, before removing and donning them correctly.
  • It descends the stairs, taking exactly eight steps2, before sitting at the table and consuming a bowl of milk soup and potatoes, with a piece of bread.
  • It polishes its boots whilst humming an unidentified piece of music. It repeats the tune twice before completion, after which it will clear its throat eight times and put on its boots.
  • It cleans its rifle, then recites the Lord's Prayer.
  • It exits the building through the front door. The entity will demanifest as it crosses the threshold.

This routine is exactly more or less identical across manifestations,3 and usually takes approximately forty minutes. SCP-6931 is unable to perceive human beings.4

Addendum 10: Recording devices have demonstrated some infrequent discrepancies between routines. Examples include the following:

  • SCP-6931 spends five minutes adjusting its bedsheet.
  • The entity takes the stairs in nine steps. The routine continues as normal until SCP-6931 is into the second round of the music; it pauses, then sighs, returns to the top of the stairs, takes them in eight steps and repeats the ritual, including miming eating its breakfast again.
  • It unties and reties its bootlaces twenty-four times.
  • Without any prior inconsistencies in the routine, the entity hesitates whilst on its way to the exit. It is still for about ninety seconds, mumbling inaudibly to itself, before swallowing, turning and repeating the entire routine from the beginning.
  • Whilst cleaning its boots, it repeatedly tries and fails to make an interval in the tune, until it abruptly lets out a yell and throws a boot across the floor. It sits with its head in its hands until its breath stops shaking, then retrieves the shoe and continues as normal.
  • SCP-6931 spends the entirety of its manifestation standing at the window, staring at the sunrise. Shortly before demanifesting, it is heard to quietly say "Maybe next time, my friends." At no point during the recording is its face visible.
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