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Item#: 6930
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-6930's avatar during a live stream

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has created and edited wikis about SCP-6930 to include modified information in order to prevent the civilian public from becoming aware of SCP-6930's anomalous nature or origins. In the event that wikis not supervised by the Foundation are created, they will be taken down and the event will be explained with an alibi. The same applies to any post on the Internet that references SCP-6930's backstory.

A group of bots has been dedicated to the supervision of the live streams of SCP-6930 to detect any mention of classified information or some other informational anomaly. If found, multiple software will be activated to cut the connection and end the live stream abruptly.

Description: SCP-6930 is an entity of unknown nature that manifests on video platforms and social networks, mainly YouTube and Twitter, under the name of "Patricia 'Paty' Skinner" or simply "Paty".

When manifested, SCP-6930 will take the form of a Virtual You-Tuber1, whose avatar has the appearance of a stylized young woman with straight brown hair. Notably, the skin of SCP-6930's avatar is a dark grayish hue with what appears to be a noise texture and has a series of opaque capital A's across the face, neck, and chest; her eyes are a brilliant scarlet reddish hue. It is currently unknown if this is related to its actual theoretical appearance. See Addendum 6930-04 for more information.

Her clothing varies, although she is often featured in a magenta shirt that has her logo stamped across the front.

Recovery Log: SCP-6930 drew Foundation's attention on January 9, 2030, when the audio tracking bot Listie.iac and reportage bot Claire.iac submitted a report with possible mentions to a previously cataloged Level 5 Classified Anomaly, which were obtained from a live video on YouTube, later confirmed as the "debut streaming" of SCP-6930. Below is an excerpt from the report.

SCP-6930: Alright, we'll be starting with my name! My name is Patricia Skinner, but you can call me Paty! Although I've got to admit that it is not quite a Russian name… 'cause I'm Russian, you know? That explains both my accent and my broken English! (Laughs) Yeah, yeah… I come from Usinsk! That's spelled as U, S, I, N, S, K! It's- uh, well, I don't want to speak for everybody else that lives there but… my stay in Usinsk wasn't good, to be honest.

SCP-6930: My place was… quite strange. It was a really big facility, and it looked like some sort of big old lab or an office conglomerate. It was also dark most of the time, but truly dark. That's why my eyes are red glowing! They're adapted to see in the dark! I could even say they were designed to see in the dark… But worst of all, it was boring. There was absolutely nothing to do except cleaning the dust of the place over and over again. There was a TV but it was pretty much broken and I couldn't use it…

SCP-6930: Anyway, long story short, I got tired of being there and I decided to leave, which was unusually easy to do, don't know how did I not tried to do it before… Enough talk about my past, let's move on to my height!

SCP-6930: OK… Jeez, my birthday… Are we already starting with the complicated questions? (Laughs) Well… I don't quite remember when it was… What? Didn't you hear how was the place where I used to live? Do you really think I'd be counting every single day that passed? (Sigh) However, I think I was either born or created at some point in the 70s. Actually, you know what? Let's change this thing here… (Unintelligible babbling) Done! Now it's "Date Of Creation". Cool, innit? [sic]

SCP-6930: Why creation? Well, I'm not 100% sure, but everything I found points that I was created as some sort of experiment. Why are you writing shocked-acting things in the chat? It's cool! Anyway, I think… that some smart people were trying to make me, but somehow ended up turning the whole lab into… me? I know it's quite to understand but… yeah, you know what? Let's keep moving on to the next field, ok? It seems that I am narrating the plot of Dr. Strangelove and I-don't-know-what-else.

SCP-6930: Likes… Huh, what do I like? I think… I like to exist? I mean, yes, it's nice to be. Nice to exist. You've been existing your whole life, haven't you? How does it feel like? Probably something neat! I've been existing since some time ago and I'm already feeling good! So yeah, let's write that down. (Slowly) Existing. (Normally) Alright! Look at that! Ha!

SCP-6930: Now… on the "dislikes" section. Well, what can I dislike? Everything exists, and I love existing, and existing things. I think we're going to leave it blank. Ah! Do you know what would be better? Let's write "N/A" in there. I've seen a couple of important people write that when there's a blank field they don't want to leave blank. Moving on!

SCP-6930: No, wait, actually… Does fearing something means that you don't like it? (Babbling) Ok, then I think there's something I fear and therefore dislike. I have to confess that I'm really scared of… ceasing to exist again. Not dying, but stopping being. That's also why I ran away from Russia. Something tells me that… if I go back to that forest… I'll be- I'll stop existing again. Let's just write "Forest", ok? The Forest of Usinsk. Yeah, the forest. The forest that is located in Usinsk. Yeah, Usinsk's Forest. The forest. That one forest. The dark hidden forest… Forest Gump, heh.

SCP-6930: Alright, alright. Let's see, the user "D's Nottes" asks us about what kind of experiment am I. Well, I think it's related to, uh, something called The Cold War. I bet you've read that name a lot in your history textbooks, haven't you? Spionage stuff was really popular back then… Yeah, so, some grimish doctors from the Soviet Union were tasked with making a super spy, completely unnoticeable! That explains why I'm greyish, I guess. In any case, they quickly got to work on- (Ringing sound) Oh! Looks like our time is over. But don't worry! We'll be streaming again soon, and we'll finish the story while we play some fun games! It'll be real soon, I promise! Thank you for coming! See you later! Bye!

Subsequent attempts to trace the source of the live stream were impossible, as the signal turned out to be, for unknown reasons, impossible to locate.

After this, SCP-6930's channel began to be constantly monitored in case another live stream was broadcasted; however, this would not occur until a week later, and the live proceeded normally, with no mention of the origin of SCP-6930 or other related anomalies being made.

SCP-6930 would continue to air one to three live streams per week, and no mention was made of any of the previously mentioned abnormalities. After β–ˆβ–ˆ months without incidents or possible leaks of information, SCP-6930 was reclassified as Neutralized and tentatively as an Extranormal Event. Additionally, manual channel supervision was withdrawn, leaving only the bots Claire.iac and Listie.iac in charge of the daily automatic inspection.

Addendum 6930-01: On September 16, 2031, SCP-6930 aired a live stream titled «[β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆ] Gaming, Chilling & Answering Questions!». The transmission continued normally until 2:11:39 when allusions to the same anomaly that was mentioned during her initial discovery were again detected.

Members of the Foundation's External Relations Department quickly contacted YouTube staff to end the live stream; however, it was reported that due to unknown technical difficulties and unforeseen events, it was impossible to do so. Given this, the Foundation deployed the bot Nombre.iac to run a DTHCP Firewall2 and block the transmission, under the alibi of loss of connection from SCP-6930.

Multiple live streams with a similar theme would be broadcasted over the next two months. In most of them, mentions and questions were made about the origins of SCP-6930, with Nombre.iac deploying a Firewall, causing her to lose connection instantly regardless of whether she had read the comment aloud or not.

Addendum 6930-02: On November 24, 2031, an anomalous event occurred on a global scale that, similarly to one previously occurred in 199β–ˆ, almost completely interfered with the EVE patterns of individuals and entities, temporarily disabling the DTHCP Firewalls and making impossible the task of preemptively blocking any live stream carried out by SCP-6930.

Members of the Foundation's ERD contacted YouTube's administrative staff again to request the blocking of the permissions of SCP-6930's channel to broadcast live streams temporarily while the Anomalous Event dissipated; however, it was reported that, anew, it was impossible to remove the permissions from SCP-6930's channel, so the Foundation then requested that the word "Usinsk" was temporarily added to the YouTube Word "Black List" and any comments that include it could not be made. YouTube staff agreed and this was implemented a few hours later.

The following day, SCP-6930 aired a live stream titled «[β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆ] Finishing campaign mode!». Preventively, multiple members of the Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers") were deployed to monitor the chat section and, if required, send multiple miscellaneous comments to obfuscate any other message in relation to the origins or nature of SCP-6930.

This process was repeated for a week and a half until the abnormal event, now classified as SCP-β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ, finally ceased, the DTHCP Firewalls could be run again, and the ban of the word was withdrawn; however, seven days prior to this, it was reported that multiple individuals had noticed this and manifested it on social media, primarily Twitter and Reddit.


A tweet complaining about the temporary ban on the word "Usinsk" on YouTube

This was originally dismissed by the Foundation since it was planned to explain the banning of the word through an alibi and it was believed that the news would not spread considerably; however, five days after the creation of the alibi, an estimated 5251 Twitter threads, and 3340 Reddit threads, were reported talking about the subject, among which multiple users stood out assuring that there was a connection between the word and the sudden losses of connection on the part of SCP-6930.

It should be noted that, although SCP-6930 had only 1.5K subscribers on her YouTube channel and 1.7K followers on Twitter, it is estimated that a total of 13.8K Internet users obtained knowledge of the theories and a total of 10.2K users found out about the word's ban on YouTube.

Mobile Task Forces Mu-4 ("Debuggers") and Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") were quickly deployed to locate and amnestize the subjects involved in the situation, as well as to eliminate all publications or notes related to the event.

Following this incident, SCP-6930 was reclassified back to Keter and manual monitoring of live stream content was implemented again. Additional efforts to intentionally decrease SCP-6930's audience were approved and began to take place shortly thereafter.

Addendum 6930-03: On October 3, 2033, SCP-6930 broadcast a live stream named «A Few Words Before Leaving», which was attended by a total of 404 users, of which 57 were members of the Foundation who were allowed to attend. Below is an excerpt from the live stream.

SCP-6930: (With trembling voice) Hello again. It's- it's me, Paty! Thank you very much for… for coming, today's live stream will be something special because… (Pause) It's probably the last one I'll do.

SCP-6930: Some things have happened these months, and you can imagine that this whole thing of the slow but constant descent of views has made me wonder if I really should keep doing this. Not for nothing, but because I really feel that no matter how much I give my all, it will continue to be a free fall and there will come a time when, finally, no one supports me. It might sound stupid and that, and maybe it is, but for a long time all I knew was silence, and, well, there was nothing that really made me feel alive or gave me the strength to carry on. (Sob)


SCP-6930: But I suppose this is a kind of cycle at the end of the day, everything that goes up has to come down, and my content is not something really special either, is it?

SCP-6930: Yes, it is nothing special.

SCP-6930: Yeah, uh… About the connection drops… Honestly, I never really knew what they were due to. They didn't help in the least; I was desperate to try to constantly reconnect over and over again, mostly because you are my audience and I wanted to… (Sobbing) I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

SCP-6930: Anyway… It was nice to be with you one last time. Be good, you are asked by a 2D girl who does not give much more. And also…

(SCP-6930 takes a deep breath)

SCP-6930: Even though it ended like this, thank you, everyone. I love you all. I won't forget you, guys.

(A cry is heard in the distance)

SCP-6930 was tentatively classified as Neutralized after this. However, two days later, Res. Kore submitted a proposal to Lead Researcher Dr. Miller regarding SCP-6930. Below is a log of the mail.

FROM: Researcher Vanna Kore
TO: Doctor Louis Miller
SUBJECT: Proposal on a possible update to SCP-6930's containment methods

Greetings, Doctor Miller.

If I may, I have to say that I do not at all agree with the methodology used with SCP-6930 and the procedures that have been created for her containment. I am aware of her anomalous nature and the mishaps it could cause against the maintenance of the Veil. However, and despite our role being to contain, we also have ethics, and I feel that on this one occasion, Doctor, we should have proceeded differently.

I say this for the obvious: her career has been ruined. Although it is something that, really, is not that serious considering other things that we have done previously, I believe that it has gone further. Everyone, practically the entire Internet, has laughed at her; we have laughed at her in her lowest moment of weakness. You just have to see what some users do to illustrate my point, I attach files.


I know they are just harmless visual jokes on their own but, looking at SCP-6930's previous behavior and attitude (which, by the way, seems to have been completely ignored during the execution of the protocols), it is more than plausible that they have contributed negatively to the way in which she dealt with the situation that we ourselves have caused her.

After all this, I have felt quite dissatisfied, and, thinking about it, I have come up with a containment proposal that does not expose the anomaly to a more than probable psychological damage, which, if it occurs, we do not know to what extent it could destabilize it.

The proposal is as follows: we can control and manage both the advertising and actions of SCP-6930 on social networks indirectly through the use of a front company to promise advertising in exchange for a series of conditions, being the main ones:

  • Change the fictional background of the character to one that does not involve additional anomalies, or modify it considerably.
  • Avoid any mention of possible abnormal or classified information.
  • Deliver a percentage of between 40 to 60% of the general earnings obtained per week from the live streams made.

If I am authorized to carry out my proposal, I personally offer myself to monitor the progress and evolution of SCP-6930's behavior with the suggested containment procedures; if there is no improvement in the situation after one year, feel free to continue with the current protocols.

Res. Kore

Addendum 6930-04: After the proposal was approved, Res. Kore contacted SCP-6930, claiming to be a member of the front company "Sponsoring Creative People". Below is a record of some conversations that took place.

Wed, 13:53

Greetings, Paty!
I'm Ashley Castinger, manager of the audiovisual company Sponsoring Creative People, and we take care of finding talented people like you to give them an opportunity to stand out on social media!
We have recently become interested in you and your content and, since we think it could be a good time to also venture into the world of streaming, we would like to offer you a special deal. For that we would like to know a little about your story, as well as that of your character, to see if we can somehow help you get ahead by being associated. πŸ˜„

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for your interest in my content!

About the story… Well, it all started quite a long time ago, about 60 years or so. You may have heard of the Cold War and the significant involvement of the Soviet Union in it. From what I remember seeing and hearing, a group of various scientists was conducting intensive research on something they called "Izucheniye Nemyslimogo"3. Basically, it was related to things that exist, but cannot be perceived; not sure if you understand what I mean.

They wanted to create a kind of… "Espionage System" based on these principles? Something like that. However, it was possible to perceive these imperceptible things under certain circumstances or with certain technologies, and the Soviets did not want to risk being discovered, which could lead to the capture of the spy in question and the enemy side could decipher their ES with reverse engineering.

It was proposed that a method be investigated so that only certain authorized individuals could perceive the spy; it was tentatively designated as "Tolko Dla Vas"4, and despite being theoretically possible, it was decided to discard the investigation due to the risk that spies from the Western Bloc could gain access to the information.

Perhaps driven by paranoia, they took a somewhat more extreme course for research: create something that technically did not exist, but could perform actions or something similar. It sounds complicated to understand, and honestly, I am not very clear about how it works, much less how they achieved it, but they did. I am the result of this. I am, and at the same time, I am not, an inexistence to which an attempt was made to give shape and character, appearance and essence.

I had non-existed practically forever, but it wasn't until I became self-conscious that I realized it was… painful, to say the least. I was a shapeless, amorphous mass screaming in agony, but none of them seemed to even notice, and if they were aware, they did a good job of ignoring it.

There was more and more testing, more research, more studies, more analysis… but I don't think they were ever able to understand what "nothing" really was. I can't even understand it. Although they were smart, I'm sure with enough time they could have done it. Unfortunately, that was not what happened. At some point, something went terribly wrong. I couldn't say what, and no one even saw it coming. Suddenly, in less than a second, a great void even emptier than me appeared aggressively and began to expand violently, assimilating and erasing from existence - but not from perception - everything it touched. Soon, the entire facility and much of the outside terrain had ceased to be. As fast as it started, it ended.

Despite not existing, each one perceived the rest, which in a way shaped them within their own nonexistence. They quickly tried to leave the place, however, they were unable to do so for some unknown reason. Trapped in the facility, the scientists tried to find a way to escape; sadly, soon after, things would get worse. They started out as little arguments, and eventually ended up as more aggressive fights. With each word they said, the men were distorted by changes in the perception of their peers. Also, little by little their 'essences' became weaker. They weren't like that, I've never seen them fight that way, and I suspect what consumed them had to do with it. That 'something' filled them with hatred, and they soon ended up screaming even louder than I ever screamed.

Eventually, they ended up melting into the void that surrounded them. Only I remained, but I did not cease to be, although there was no one left to perceive me. Or maybe the void was staring back at me, and it knew I was there. Perhaps the void was aware of me and hated me deeply as it whispered "Traitor".

Time passed, and I was still trapped inside. Or maybe I was never trapped. Perhaps there was never a barrier; the only real walls are the ones your mind projects, but what happens when there is no mind left to hinder itself?

Everything would change one day when, at last, hard enough, I pushed my way through the void that was pulling hard on me and begging me to stay. Like my screams, I ignored it, and finally managed to get out. I existed! I was no longer just a concept, nor a "Belyi Tip"5, I was something more than that. Something that did not depend on perception. Something on my own.

After some time being, I found out about this streaming stuff, and I thought it was nice. You play something, talk with people and people like you. Sounds good to me.

Woah. That's… complex. Your creativity amazes us! I've been spellbound reading the progress of the story. That dark and "noir" touch of clandestine experiments is something that hasn't been explored much lately. What about you? What can you tell us about your life?

What do you mean? That's my own story. My character doesn't really have one as it's supposed to be a cartoonish representation of me.

Wait a second. So, all the experiments and the screams and everything really happened to you?

Yes. I tried to take refuge and forget everything with the streaming, but, well, I think you will know what happened recently.

Woah, jeez. We are truly sorry to hear everything you have had to experience. We know that right now your situation is not very favorable, but don't worry, you really have potential; we can help you rebuild everything again and give you a second chance to shine.

Thank you very much for this.

Thur, 10:01

What do you think of the little backstory we have made for your character? We think it could be a popular thing to do if it is approached appropriately.

I like it. "Cloverfield" sounds like a friendly name. Although I do not see very well how the aesthetics of the character could fully fit into the story.

That's the neat part: we can help you make a completely new one that fits! 😁

Hm… I really don't feel like my avatar requires a complete redesign, although there are a few things I'd like to change; I do not know if it is possible.

Of course! What are you thinking about?

I was thinking of a new hairstyle and maybe changing my barrette. Perhaps new clothes are appropriate too.

That sounds great! Anything else?

Maybe the color of my eyes, to a more beautiful purple. Other than that, I think I'm happy with my current design.

Alright. πŸ‘Œ

Hey, um, if you don't mind, could you tell us a little about the reason for your avatar? Like, why does it have some unusual physical characteristics?

Sure. As I've told you before, the avatar is supposed to be a cartoonish human-like version of myself. I just added the hair and the cute girly shape. Everything else is pretty similar to how do I look like.

Including the noise effect on your skin?

Yup. It was kind of hard to do but looks nice to me.

That's quite impressive.

Anyway, if everything regarding the character has been clear, I would like to move on to the next point: Guidelines and codes of conduct. Is it okay?


We'll start with the basics: Words you shouldn't mention. I guess you have a mental list of things you shouldn't say because they're rude or inappropriate, right?

Yes. Will even more words that I shouldn't say be added?

Ha ha. Just a few, but we can help you find words that have a similar meaning, in case you need to use them.

The first one is "Foundation". If you need to use it to say when something was created, you can say "Date of establishment". If you need to use it to mention a big group of people, you can say "Organisation" or "Conglomerate. Ok?

The next one is "Usinsk". There has been already an incident with that word some time ago, you should understand why it isn't appropiate.

This are the main words that you should avoid; now, I'll show you some others that are also part of the list.

Fri, 12:36

Well, to finish we would like to ask you one last thing. What was, approximately, your monthly income rate during the previous streams you made, and how much do you aspire to get after joining?

Income rate? What do you mean?

You know, how much money you get during the streams of a month on average. That includes additional related earnings.

The… donation things and stuff?

Yes! You don't need to be extremely precise, a rough approximation might do the trick.

Hm. I would say that I was earning approximately $β–ˆK per month at the peak of my career, although the amount was gradually decreasing. Anyway, I really don't need it. I would agree to receive a minimum just for the feeling of getting something.

So… you really don't need anything at all?

I don't, but it's nice when you know you've got something for yourself. Is it weird?

Uh, I don't think so. Although I would like you not to externalize it too much.


Nice! In that case, and if everything has been agreed… Welcome to the Team, Claire Cloverfield!


After this, a group of Site-β–ˆβ–ˆ Personnel was appointed to be part of SCP-6930's Crew. Below is a summary list.


SCP-6930's current YouTube channel profile picture

General Manager: Emma J. Aznavour6

Illustrator: Charles Phaserfield7

Technical Assistant: Joseph Donner8

Marketing and Advertising: Gina T. GΓ³mez9

Psichological Aid: Mary Landon10

Booking and Contact: Stella F. West11

Stream Chat Moderator: Marshall Clayton12

Addendum 6930-05: On April 7, 2034, and thanks to the influence of the Foundation, SCP-6930 was, along with other β–ˆ Virtual YouTubers, included in the β–ˆβ–ˆth Generation of HoloLive Productions, and reached 6.5 million subscribers shortly after.

Additional Notes:

Look at my girl grow.

— Res. V. Kore

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