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Item#: 6919
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Containment Procedures

As SCP-6919 is no longer cleared for use by Foundation personnel, containment efforts are to focus instead on identification of anyone suffering symptoms of prolonged SCP-6919 exposure. Such individuals are to be surveilled, but containment of affected individuals is deemed unnecessary in all but the most severe cases.

Any individuals claiming to know or be Dr. Alfred Delapore are to be sent for immediate psychological evaluation.


SCP-6919 is the former Class-D amnestic designated AMN-980. Although individuals exposed to SCP-6919 have exhibited a wide and often conflicting array of responses, commonalities among all sufferers include: affinity for aquatic activities such as swimming and surfing, sporadic appearance of "colored lights" on the edges of their vision, resistance to amnesticization processes and associated implantation of false memories, resistance to hypnotism, loss of sense of self, spontaneous and often inappropriate activation of the mammalian diving reflex1, and renewed faith in divine powers. Individuals suffering from thalassophobia2 have been known to overcome the condition after being repeatedly dosed with SCP-6919.

In the most severe cases, individuals have been discovered to possess knowledge of Foundation sites and contained anomalies in areas they have never visited, occasionally far exceeding the level of security to which they have access. In light of Incidents 5389-B-Alpha and 5389-B-Beta3, it is theorized that massive doses of SCP-6919 may either cause temporary physiological changes to the individual or alter the perception of the individual by those around them. At present, this remains purely speculative; testing of this trait has been denied due to the potential for test subjects acquiring sensitive information from SCP-6919's aforementioned anomalous properties.

The anomalous qualities of SCP-6919 were only brought to the attention of the Foundation in the wake of the suicide of Dr. Delapore. Having been under Foundation employ for decades, Delapore had been dosed with AMN-980 many times over the years due to the anomalies he worked with. At present, only 91 individuals have been identified in advanced stages of SCP-6919 exposure, the majority of them Foundation personnel or D-class individuals.


Addendum 1: Personal Journal of Dr. Delapore

Addendum 2: Summary of Incidents 5389-B-Alpha and 5389-B-Beta

On October 8th, 2019, an individual initially identified as Dr. Alfred Delapore (hereafter referred to as SCP-6919-A) attempted entry into the restricted area surrounding SCP-5389-B and was summarily detained. Despite the claims made in his journal, he had never attempted entry to SCP-5389-B prior to this, nor was he ever previously detained by the Foundation. Furthermore, there exist no records of any guard having been posted outside of Dr. Delapore's office; no security staff on-site recall conversations or events similar to what was described in Delapore's October 2nd or October 7th journal entries.

Later that evening, SCP-6919-A was found deceased within his cell. Autopsy revealed a lethal quantity of SCP-6919 in his system; cause of death was ruled to be suicide. Following the events of December 15th, 2019, SCP-6919-A's corpse was exhumed. Investigation found that they were not Dr. Alfred Delapore, but instead a D-class individual that had been on-site during the collapse of SCP-5389-B. Investigation into how they escaped the collapse is ongoing.

On December 15th, 2019, Dr. Alfred Delapore was once again detained attempting to enter the secure perimeter around SCP-5389-B. Following his detainment, Dr. Delapore was found dead in a similar manner to SCP-6919-A. Autopsy revealed a lethal dose of SCP-6919 within his system; cause of death was ruled to be suicide. Investigation into the personal belongings of Dr. Delapore revealed that several journal entries had been written on his computer in the time between SCP-6919-A and Dr. Delapore being detained at SCP-5389-B's perimeter.

Addendum 3: Further Personal Journals of Dr. Delapore

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