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Item#: 6918
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Special Containment Procedures

As SCP-6918 was discovered post-neutralization, it does not require direct containment. While staff are advised to be on the lookout for similar events, no other occurrences of the precise phenomena of SCP-6918 have been discovered. Disinformation regarding the disappearance of Harley Warren is to be disseminated under standard cover story for persons of interest "St. Agnes's Outsider"1.

Analysis of Warren's remains has not revealed any anomalous qualities. Though anomalous circumstances lead to Warren's death, the method by which Warren died was not anomalous. Autopsy did not find anything out of the ordinary for victims of non-anomalous drowning. As such, Harley's remains and belongings (sans journal) have been returned to Warren's family for burial. The precise location of Warren's burial site near Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, has been recorded for Foundation archives should need arise for disinterment and further analysis.


SCP-6918 refers to a personal, reiterative temporal anomaly2 affecting Harley Warren between the dates of September 19th, 1989, and February 22nd, 1990. The temporal anomaly is believed to have spontaneously ceased moments prior to or immediately following Warren's death, perhaps as a direct result of it. The precise nature of the anomaly is currently unknown; no other individuals with whom Warren had contact during the events described in his journals seem to have been affected by the anomaly. Further research is required to determine the cause of the anomaly. Research into other missing persons cases in the area has not yielded evidence of similar temporal phenomenon, but investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

Addendum 1: Journal Entries

The following entries are transcribed from a journal found on Harley Warren's corpse. Prolonged exposure to seawater has rendered almost all of the journal unreadable. Through use of the Sculptor-Hypnos AI, several of the journal entries have been successfully reconstructed. As the precise cause of SCP-6918's activation remains unknown, lead researcher Dr. Uwe has elected to include all successfully recreated entries yielded by Sculptor-Hypnos regardless of perceived relevance in the hopes that some information about SCP-6918's nature may be gleaned from them.

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