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The hallway affected by SCP-6911.

Item #: SCP-6911

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Dr. Everwood's office has been decommissioned. No personnel are permitted to attempt to enter the room outside of SCP-6911 testing periods.

Description: SCP-6911 is a spatial anomaly occurring on hall E, floor 2B of Site-55's personnel offices. The anomaly is activated when a human subject enters the hallway with the intent of entering Dr. Everwood's office. When active, SCP-6911 will shrink the hallway, thus rendering it impossible to proceed beyond a certain point. If other individuals are present in the hallway when SCP-6911 is triggered, they will be pushed beyond the threshold of the shrinking effect.

Dr. Everwood is the only individual capable of bypassing SCP-6911 entirely.

Addendum 6911.A- Interview: Dr. Everwood was interviewed by Nhung Ngo, a psychiatrist consultant from the Spatial Anomalies Department, shortly after the discovery of SCP-6911 to ascertain any involvement or probable origins of SCP-6911.


Ngo: Hello, Jay. I know you're busy, but as I'm sure you're aware-

Everwood: Yeah, I know, I know. My office is an SCP now. Great.

Ngo: Well, not your office per se, but the hallway leading to it.

Everwood: Either way, the whole thing has me quite cheesed.

Ngo: I'll try to be brief then. As I was saying, you're the only person who can successfully bypass SCP-6911.

Everwood: Trust me, if I knew why or how this happened, you'd be the first to know. And much to my surprise, I haven't just become magic despite my best efforts to the contrary.

Ngo: You're saying you've been trying to learn thaumaturgy?

Everwood: That was a joke, Nhung.

Ngo: Oh. Sorry. They don't get many jokesters over at Spatial Anomalies.

Everwood: Figures they'd all be squares.


Everwood: That was a joke as well. Come on, cut me some slack. I've gotta cope with my office being fucked somehow.

Ngo: Fair enough. So listen Jay, I just have a couple of questions about what's happened in your office the last few days, alright?

Everwood: Sure.

Ngo: Alright. So for starters, have any anomalous objects entered your office?

Everwood: Yeah. More than I could count. The Junior Researchers come to my office carrying just about anything they get their mitts on. I get it, they're mostly clueless, but just because the pen has the MC&D logo on it doesn't mean it's anomalous. Give me a break.

Ngo: Any idea of their SCP item designation?

Everwood: Nope. Do you have any idea how many items come across my desk every day? Every time someone finds something from an external group of interest, it's dropped in my lap. A jinn lamp from ORIA? It's been in my office. Tapioca pearls from Marshall, Carter, and Dark? You bet they've been in my office. An anti-theology explosive from SAPPHIRE? Yup, in my office. I could go on.

Ngo: Point taken.

Everwood: Actually, I will go on. Consultations are draining my very soul. The moment someone suspects a GoI even so much as farted in the direction of their object, they come to me. Just the other day I had a fucking dowsing rod, you know those useless sticks that supposedly detect water? The fool thought it detected anomalies. And just because the people they confiscated it from were Parawatch users, they brought that up to my office.

Ngo: I, err…

Everwood: Fucking Parawatch. Those people aren't even on the same side of the veil we are. I had to explain to him that no, they hadn't just magically gained powers and that he had brought a glorified stick into my office. Jeez, Louise.

Ngo: I'm sorry. It sounds like you're very stressed out.

Everwood: Sorry. It's been a rough few… weeks? Months? Years? Anyway, next question, please.

Ngo: You already said you aren't practicing thaumaturgy. So that leaves me out of questions, actually.

Everwood: You know, I don't know if this is important at all, but I think I should say it. I just kind of wished that I could have some peace and quiet. And I did have it! For a few hours, anyway. Later I come to find that the hallway my office is in was quarantined and apparently this happened. I feel stupid even saying this out loud, but it's the truth.

Ngo: I see.

Everwood: Sometimes weird things just happen though, don't they?

Ngo: I suppose they do. But you know what? I have an idea that may solve this little problem of yours.

Everwood: Do tell.


Addendum 6911.02: Following the interview, Dr. Ngo suggested Dr. Everwood take on a research assistant. Researcher Rex Alces was selected by Dr. Everwood, who now oversees a portion of their previously assigned work including consultations and item assessment.

SCP-6911 has not manifested since this change. Reclassification to Neutralized is currently pending.

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