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Item #: SCP-6910

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6910 is kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Access to brewing equipment and beverage supplies has been granted to SCP-6910 for recreational purposes and mental stimulation.

Weekly psychological treatment of SCP-6910 is ongoing. Approval for SCP-6910 to operate in the site's cafeteria is currently under review. Further experimentation is pending Ethics Committee approval.

Description: SCP-6910 is a female humanoid, measuring 2.2m in height and weighing 80kg. Distinguishing features include hazel brown hair and deep purple eyes. A heavily faded tattoo reading "Ms. Reminisce, from Little Misters ® by Dr. Wondertainment" is located on SCP-6910’s right forearm.

SCP-6910 possesses a perfect photographic/long-term memory, having shown the ability to recall memories from up to twelve years in the past, describing major and minor details with seemingly perfect accuracy. SCP-6910 will recall memories when they choose, or unwillingly when triggered by specific prompts, such as photos or verbal references to an event or location. Testing shows that SCP-6910 is completely immune to the effects of amnestic treatment, hypnosis, and all other memory alteration methods.

Subjects discussing topics with which SCP-6910 is knowledgable of have displayed superior memorization and understanding of the information taught. Information learnt can however be removed from the subject’s memories with standard amnestic treatment.

Through the utilisation of their abilities, SCP-6910 has dedicated its time to becoming a coffee barista. SCP-6910 is capable of preparing a multitude of recipes for both hot and cold beverages, and operating brewing equipment and utensils near flawlessly. Drinks brewed by SCP-6910 are considered by both casual and expert coffee consumers to be of high quality and taste. None of these skills or the drinks produced are anomalous.

SCP-6910 was previously employed by a coffee shop privately operated by GoI-116 "Ambrose Restaurants", in Chicago, United States. Since containment, SCP-6910 has expressed no desire to learn any additional skills other than those which involve making coffee.

Addendum.1: Interview Transcript

Addendum.2: Recovery Log

The following two items were in SCP-6910’s possession upon discovery. The first is a torn piece of paper, and the second is SCP-6910's ID badge worn during their employment at Ambrose Restaurant:

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