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Item #: SCP-6907

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In the event SCP-6907-1 manifests again, it is to be brought to a regional containment site and await transfer to a more permanent residence based on psychological evaluations. A standard containment team is needed for this.

In the event SCP-6907-2 manifests again, all Foundation personnel are advised to vacate the immediate vicinity of the anomaly and evacuate civilians, if possible. Agents are to maintain surveillance and record details of SCP-6907's actions and log them until a sufficient thaumaturgical response can be devised in order to contain the anomaly. SCP-6907-2 is currently awaiting designation as a separate SCP object.

Description: SCP-6907-1 is a Type White humanoid anomaly that appeared on 07/26/2014 in western Maryland. It bears the appearance of an adolescent human male and lacks notable anomalous abilities besides biological immortality and increased durability and endurance. It is currently theorized that SCP-6907-1 is unable to manifest in this plane of existence of its own ability (see addendum) and that any further anomalous traits it does have are similarly unrelated to its capabilities.

SCP-6907-2 is a Type White humanoid anomaly that appeared on 07/31/2014 inside of the temporary containment site constructed to contain SCP-6907-1. It bears the appearance of an adult human female, and possesses several anomalous abilities, including:

  • Biological immortality .
  • Dramatically increased durability and endurance.
  • Dramatically increased physical capabilities.
  • Creation of spatial rifts, theorized to be extradimensional.
  • Psionic projection of force.
  • Ability to summon a large entity consisting of bone and viscera, although it is unknown at this time if this is truly a distinct entity from SCP-6907-2 or a psionic projection.
  • Ability to rapidly manipulate blood and fresh remains.

Unfortunately, due to the limited information the Foundation has regarding SCP-6907-2, several of these abilities are poorly understood, and the anomaly is expected to possess undocumented capabilities as well.

Addendum 6907.1: Recovery

Addendum 6907.2: Intake interview

Addendum 6907.3: Breach log

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