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Item#: 6902
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6902 contains a tracking device. At all times, at least one Foundation agent is to wait at the baggage claim in Newark Liberty International Airport. Whenever SCP-6902 appears in this baggage claim, said agent is to take it to a secluded location until it dematerializes. In the event that an unknown party claims SCP-6902, the identity of said party is to be determined as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-6902 is a red rolling suitcase that lacks any form of branding or iconography. Approximately every six hours, SCP-6902 will dematerialize from its current location and rematerialize within a baggage claim carousel at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Upon discovery, SCP-6902 had a baggage tag identifying it as belonging to flight 1814 from PHX1 to EWR2, on January 12th 2004. Notably, this flight crashed due to a mechanical failure, killing all passengers on board. This baggage tag has since been removed.

As SCP-6902 dematerializes, all items within it will become an SCP-6902-1 instance. Whenever SCP-6902 materializes, all SCP-6902-1 instances will materialize within it as well.

The following list comprises all SCP-6902-1 instances:

  • Five long sleeved dress shirts;
  • A pair of dress shoes;
  • Three neckties;
  • Seven pairs of underwear;
  • Four pairs of dress socks;
  • A pair of sunglasses;
  • A black leather belt;
  • A disposable camera;
  • A toiletries kit;
  • An empty leather folder;
  • A gift bag containing a stuffed bear.

The following message is embroidered on the inside of SCP-6902 itself. "For Jason. You won't lose this one."

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