The House of Stars

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№: 6900-D
Top Secret
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Sadly, the shadow cabal once again pulled the strings, and prevented me from winning the SCP-6000 contest.
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A portion of the grove SCP-6900 is contained in.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6900 is contained in an extradimensional space accessible from a high-security vault in Site-19. This space consists of a 49-acre forest populated entirely with Scots pine trees, in order to obfuscate and protect the identity of the true SCP-6900. The location of SCP-6900 and maintenance of its containment unit is restricted exclusively to individuals with Level 5/6900-Alpha clearance.

Description: SCP-6900 is a single Scots pine tree (Pinus sylvestris). In terms of its appearance, SCP-6900 is indistinguishable from other trees of its type.

The female pine cones which grow from SCP-6900 have a variety of anomalous effects. The seed scales, despite not being edible on a non-anomalous Scots pine, are edible and nutritious, and noted by test subjects for their high-quality taste. Consumption of these scales provides significant improvements to overall physical health, eliminating fatigue and weakness, and curing or strongly diminishing most illnesses. The stems of SCP-6900's cones are made entirely of diamond, and are surrounded by a thin layer of bark.

SCP-6900 itself has an anomalous effect on those who maintain or care for it1. While within an approximately 10-kilometer radius of SCP-6900, affected individuals will experience strong positive enhancements to their strength, dexterity, skill, and mental health.

Addendum 6900.1

An emergency assembly was called by Site-19's Director Barnes and MTF-Delta-12's Riley Parr regarding an apparent threat to SCP-6900's containment.

In attendance:

  • Dir. Adam Barnes: Director of Site-19
  • Dr. Julia Vaughn: Lead Researcher for SCP-6900
  • Cpt. Riley Parr: Captain of MTF Delta-12 ("Burning Down The House")
  • Dr. Carter Shalamov: Site-19's HMCL2
  • Dir. Calvin Bold: Director of the Decommissioning Department
  • Det. Quinn Roscoe: Site-19's Chief of Investigation

Barnes: Alright, let's begin the log. Thank you for coming, everyone.

Shalamov: What is this about, anyway? The memo did not provide much information.

Parr: I'm afraid that was necessary. This involves some recent leaks, and until we can determine the extent of those leaks, we can't risk information being lost.

Roscoe: I thought we were getting together for chili night.

[A few moments of silence. Shalamov sighs.]

Roscoe: Fine, sorry. Didn't realize y'all hated jokes.

Barnes: Anyway, in front of all of you is the current file for SCP-6900. If you'll take a moment to read it…

[Everyone opens their files and reads through SCP-6900.]

Bold: Pretty short.

Vaughn: Not much to say about it. As for this meeting, director, why wasn't I briefed on this? If 6900 is relevant here, then I should be the first to know.

Parr: This is less about 6900 itself and more about— Well, Adam, why don't you start. With the beginning of all this.

Barnes: [Nods] Right. Two weeks ago, the Site-19 secure database was breached, and an infiltrator was able to access all files for any clearance level. In particular, they downloaded all information relating to SCP-6900. Not just the standard file, but containment specs, reports, test logs, notes, et cetera. Naturally, we alerted Vaughn and anyone else involved, so most of you were already aware of this incident.

Bold: Makes sense. Did you find out who the infiltrator was?

Barnes: Yes. The reason we didn't want to discuss this at first was because while we were able to partially determine their activity, we don't know the full extent of what they viewed, or whether or not they could do it again. We don't want them to catch on.

Shalamov: [Clicks mandibles] So who was the intruder?

Barnes: [Clears throat] Parr, if you will.

[Parr holds out a remote and turns on the conference room's projector.]

Parr: This is Dr. Giaco Capo, but some of you may know him by the name "Game Master," a former member of the House of Stars.

[The attendees display visible discomfort.]

Bold: Sorry, should I know what that is?

Parr: How— I forget you're fairly new. The House of Stars is an old Group of Interest that was active until about twelve years ago. Their main deal was pulling off big heists against anomalous groups. They hit a few Foundation targets, as well as the GOC, MC&D, basically any group with something valuable. My force, Delta-12, was assigned to them until they became inactive. We don't entirely know why they disbanded, but our best theory is that there was some kind of schism. After that, all of their members laid low.

Vaughn: Well, I assume that means Game Master is acting independently?

Parr: Not… quite. Two days after he infiltrated 19, we received intel that he was possibly working with another House member, who goes by "Sheriff."

Roscoe: So what? What's his goal here?

Parr: Two things. First, it's likely they're going after SCP-6900. But also… I believe he may be trying to reassemble the House of Stars.

[Some outcry ensues amongst the attendees.]

Barnes: We're not sure what the extent of this is. But we're keeping tabs on any possible members, and we'll be providing everyone with information on them. Our best course of action is to reinforce ourselves and SCP-6900.

[Parr clears her throat.]

Barnes: Unless worse comes to worst, of course.

Roscoe: What's that supposed to mean?

Parr: Barnes is concerned with the potential loss of resources and personnel involved with stopping this, especially if things get deadly. Personally, I think it's worth the risk to try and stamp out the House now.

Barnes: I'll be assisting with a proposal to decommission the House or 6900 if need be, especially if they keep coming back to try and take the item.

Bold: So that's why I'm here.

Barnes: We wanted to make sure all relevant departments are in on this. That includes yours, Director.

Bold: There's certainly stipulations to destroy an anomaly if we can't keep it out of enemy hands. But the way you're referring to the House of Stars, it seems like there's only a few members.

Parr: Precisely the problem. We're prepared to deal with full-scale containment breaches and incursions, but the House is tricky. All of their members are able to elude capture, and they've demonstrated resounding success. And that's why we need 6900. As bait.

Vaughn: Hold on! I was never consulted on this! 6900 is my project, and I'm not letting you come in and blow it up!

Parr: Vaughn, this is more important than a single pine tree. And we're not completely certain if we'll even need to destroy it anyway.

Vaughn: But—!

Parr: Enough! [Hits table.] You don't know them like I do. They're dangerous, and we need to get rid of them while we have the chance.

[Brief silence.]

Bold: Fine. I'll consider the request when it comes through.

Barnes: One last thing. [Points to Roscoe] I want a thorough investigation while all this is going down. We have to catch anything suspicious.

Roscoe: Yep, got it.

Parr: Alright then. Let's burn down the house.

Addendum 6900.2

CASEFILE 727-6900

This file contains information regarding the recent activities of GoI-727 ("The House of Stars") in regards to SCP-6900, specifically all members known to have been in contact with PoI-727-1 ("Game Master"). Access to this file without Level 5/6900-Beta clearance is forbidden.

Due to the slightly variable appearances of GoI-727's members due to PoI-727-9's biokinetic capabilities, portraits rather than photographs have been included to best match the members' distinguishing features. All images have been created and provided by Dr. Tinks.

Addendum 6900.3

[Location is Site-19's North Wing. Tower of Babel briefly manifests, alarming several personnel present. Two agents open fire at the entity, but it demanifests. Power to the North Wing is immediately lost, and backup generators activate. Alarms begin to sound. Lights remain off.]

Intercom: Warning. We have intruders in the North Wing. Power has been lost. Please wait for personnel to respond.

[Gunshots begin sounding. Several personnel shout.]

Chef: Nobody move!

[Gunshots continue for several minutes before the lights turn on. The bodies of Sheriff and Chef are on the floor. Computer systems report a hostile program has been completely eliminated.]


Access point to SCP-6900's containment area.

[Location is SCP-6900's extradimensional containment unit. The gateway to the containment unit opens and Game Master and Forty step through. Game Master pulls out a spinnable pointer.]

Game Master: Wish me luck?

[Forty rolls her eyes. Game Master spins the pointer and moves in the direction it points. After several minutes, he spins it again and moves in the direction it points. He repeats this process eight more times before stopping at the location of SCP-6900.]

Game Master: There she is. Let's get cracking.

[Game Master and Forty begin collecting branches and cones from SCP-6900.]

Parr: Well, well, well.

Game Master: I was just thinking a well would look very pretty here! You have a good eye for landscaping, Parr.

[The surveillance drone through which Captain Parr's voice is emanating emerges from the grove. Game Master and Forty both turn to look at it.]

Parr: Cute as always. And hello to you too, Forty.

Forty: Parr.

Game Master: I'm very glad they called you in for this, Parr. Rebuilding the House wouldn't have been the same without you trying to burn it down.

[Game Master and Forty begin walking back to the location of the gateway.]

Parr: I volunteered, actually.

Game Master: I'm so glad you missed us too, babe. [He winks.]

Parr: What the hell? No. No! You think I missed you?

Game Master: I mean, you've probably been bored the last twelve years. Twelve? Twelve, yeah.

Forty: And also, you have been watching us through a drone.

Parr: And for good reason. You two have just trapped yourselves in here.

Game Master: Yep. We sure have. If only we'd seen this coming.

Forty: Is Babel ready?

Game Master: They'd better be.

[Game Master and Forty stop at the location of the entrance.]

Game Master: Here's what's gonna happen. We're gonna take these tree parts, walk out of Site-19 with the rest of the House, and none of you will lay a finger on us.

Parr: And what makes you so sure of that?

Game Master: I'd been in this Site for years, figuring out all the ins and outs. I'm more familiar with this part of the Foundation than you are. This is my home turf.

Forty: What is taking Babel so long?

Parr: Well then, I guess it's time we open the curtains.

Game Master: What are you talking about?

[A screen flips down from the drone. Displayed on it is a hallway in Site-19, where the bodies of Sheriff and Chef can be seen.]

Forty: What is this?

Game Master: No. No no no no no. You're lying.

Parr: There's really no point in lying. And we have Babel too. Go on, wait for them to show up.

Game Master: This is ridiculous! Our plan was foolproof!

Parr: Are you joking? There were so many holes in it! It boiled down to "distract the guards while we steal the tree."

Forty: Well, it is not over yet. We still have parts of the tree, and it will be difficult for you to retrieve it or kill us.

Parr: You say that now, but I have no plans on letting either of you live. You two are powerful, but neither of you can prevent this. No amount of luck will save you.

Game Master: I can't believe this. This isn't happening.

Parr: It is! I've won! Do you hear me? I've won!

[Parr disengages from the drone's communications system. Protocol 451 begins activation sequence. Heat emission devices begin activating across the containment space.]

Game Master: No.

Forty: [Leans down.] I am so sorry.

Game Master: No, I'm sorry. [A tear falls down his face.] I'm sorry we fought, I'm sorry for letting it happen, I'm sorry we fell apart. I was so excited to see us back together and I was sloppy and now…

[Forty hugs Game Master. Flames obscure the cameras.]

[Location is Site-19 Central Surveillance Hub. Main feed shows the SCP-6900 containment unit. Parr disconnects from the communications array.]

Shalamov: Was that really necessary?

Parr: No. But it felt good.

[The room watches as the grove within the containment area burns. Dr. Vaughn is seen crying. After a few moments, she exits the room.]

Barnes: You're lucky this is working. I hate to lose all this, and if it were all for nothing…

Parr: No. I— We won. The House was always a threat, and now that the only attempt at recreating it has been stamped out, all of their other former members will hide in the shadows.

[Parr turns around and faces the other personnel, smiling.]

Parr: Thank you, all of you.

Roscoe: As obsessed as you are with this… we did good.

Parr: You did good in particular. Thank you so much, we never would have worked out their plan without you. And I'm especially grateful that you chose to trust me.

Roscoe: Yeah…

[Protocol 451 terminates, allowing for an unobstructed view of the containment area. The entire grove has been seemingly destroyed. Surveillance units begin scanning the area for any signs of life. After several minutes, results come up negative.]

SCP-6900-D and the House of Stars have officially been declared Decommissioned.

Addendum 6900.4

A second assembly was called between some of the personnel involved in the GoI-727 termination operation.

In attendance:

  • Dir. Adam Barnes: Director of Site-19
  • Dr. Julia Vaughn: Lead Researcher for SCP-6900
  • Cpt. Riley Parr: Captain of MTF Delta-12 ("Burning Down The House")
  • Det. Quinn Roscoe: Site-19's Chief of Investigation

Parr: So, what's all this about?

Vaughn: Oh, I think you know very well what this is about.

Parr: A thank you? A congratulations? I helped stop one of the most dangerous criminal gangs from rising up again.

Vaughn: Oh, no. Don't you dare come in and act like you did us a favor. Don't pretend this wasn't some petty personal business.

Parr: Yeah, it was personal. Did you think it wasn't? The House was an enormous threat to us when it was active, and I made countless, countless attempts at taking them down. And when they decided to rear their ugly head, I was the only one willing to put my foot down and say "enough is enough." So yeah, you're welcome. I saved all of you a hell of a lot of trouble.

Barnes: I think the House wasn't the only one causing trouble here.

Parr: Oh please. Y'all are still whining because I burnt down a tree?

Roscoe: That, as well as endangering personnel, unauthorized use of amnestics, bribery, corruption, and so on.

Parr: What the hell are you talking about?

Vaughn: I told you I'd get the higher-ups involved, and I did. Roscoe, the EC, they've been on your case ever since our little incident. And we found some pretty nice dirt on you.

Roscoe: If you're going to be pulling some major protocol violations, it might be wise to destroy any evidence that they happened, even if they're only saved on a personal computer.

Parr: You went—!

Roscoe: Consider it a favor returned, for the cookies you gave me the other day.

Barnes: Not to mention colluding with Shalamov and Bold on this. Certainly both of them are going to have to answer some questions.

Vaughn: So please. Explain this to us. I'd love to see you worm your way out of this.

Parr: It doesn't even matter! None of the rest of you cared, and you wouldn't have cared until the House started hitting harder! What would have been next? 500? Amnestic production? An 001 proposal?

Vaughn: There were a hundred other ways to handle this! Why did Protocol 451 even have to destroy 6900, huh?

Parr: As we said in the plan, it was to prevent—

Vaughn: Any chance of escape or survival through sheer luck, yeah, yeah. Personally, I think you just wanted to kill what they were going for for good measure.

Barnes: This is an absolutely gross violation of protocol, and I will personally see to it that there is disciplinary action taken.

Roscoe: And for what it's worth, all your logs have been uploaded to the 6900 database along with the other relevant House files, for good measure. There's no hiding this.

Parr: Fine! Fine! Demote me, fire me, put me on whatever Keter Duty was back in the day, I don't care. I did the right thing in the end, and none of you—!

[Intercom beeps, signaling an emergency message. Barnes turns it on.]

Barnes: What do you want?

Forensics: Sir, this is the forensics team, we've got something to report.

Barnes: I'm busy, call—!

Forensics: This is urgent, sir. You'll want to hear this.

Barnes: Fine. What?

Forensics: We were performing DNA analysis on Chef's and Sheriff's bodies. And, um— we found a match.

Roscoe: They were smoking? Unbelievable.

[Brief silence.]

Roscoe: Tough crowd. Anyway, a match. Isn't that what we expected?

Forensics: Right, but they don't match, um, previous DNA samples of either of them.

Vaughn: What do you mean?

Forensics: They're matching with two of our agents.

Parr: What?

Forensics: And there's more. Sheriff— well, Agent Fielding, there's some sort of device in here. We don't know what it is, so we're trying not to disturb it, but we're gonna start running scans any moment now.

Vaughn: What does this mean?

Barnes: I think this means… the House isn't all burnt down.

Parr: No. That's impossible!

Forensics: Sir! Sir! We've got a problem here, it—!

At this point, the device implanted in Agent Fielding's chest activated, releasing a powerful electromagnetic pulse across Site-19, disabling power entirely. Despite the presence of numerous backup power generators, they all failed to activate.

During this, there was significant activity within SCP-6900-D's former containment area. Due to it being an extradimensional space, power was still active, and security footage was able to be retrieved.

[The gateway to the containment area opens. Two unidentifiable agents walk into the area.]

Agent 1: [Shouting] All clear!

[For a few seconds, nothing happens. Suddenly, the ground begins shaking more and more violently, and after a few moments, a fissure opens up in the ground.]

[Game Master and Forty emerge from the ground. Shortly after stepping out of the fissure, Forty collapses. Game Master catches her.]

Game Master: That took a lot out of him.

Agent 2: He'd better be alright.

[The agents take off their masks, revealing themselves to be Chef and Sheriff. Sheriff scowls at Game Master before taking hold of Forty, who wakes up.]

Forty: That is a very handsome face.

Game Master: Glad y'all are okay. I assume Babel's still kicking?

Chef: As I planned, they were able to pull a switch on whatever tech wizards they have here, leaving them to keep the backup power from going on. How about all of you?

Game Master: [Holds up a pouch and pulls out a handful of cones and branches.] We're golden. I think Parr's out of touch, honestly. Of course, my terrific acting skills managed to save the day.

Forty: This man is a horrible actor. He oversold everything so terribly. We are very lucky Parr was too excited to figure it out.

Game Master: Hey, let me take the win on this.

Chef: We don't have long. But first, ah, Forty?

Sheriff: Right, but first.

[Sheriff kicks Game Master in the crotch.]

Game Master: [Screaming]

[Sheriff lifts his hands towards Forty. Their bodies start shifting, until Sheriff has taken on the appearance of Forty, and Forty has taken on the appearance of Sheriff.]

Sheriff: This feels much better, thank you.

Chef: [Tosses a Foundation uniform to Game Master.] Put this on. We still need to get out.

[Game Master puts the uniform on. Sheriff's Everycloak transforms into a similar uniform.]

Game Master: Getaway time?

Chef: [Grins] Getaway time.

The House of Stars presumably managed to escape during the chaos caused by the power loss. Investigation into their current whereabouts is ongoing.

Addendum 6900.5

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