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Item#: 6886
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Special Containment Procedures

As a Ticonderoga-class1 anomaly, SCP-6886 currently requires no unique special containment procedures.
MTF Mu-6 "Children of Eden" has been assigned to monitor SCP-6886 and its related phenomena. Any notable changes in activity or behavior shall be reported immediately. Staff without level 5 clearance are barred from establishing communication with the entity known as Mu-6, any attempts by the entity to do so shall be ignored and reported.

In case that the Cultural Corruption Index index of humanity approaches 85% the Exodus protocol shall be activated.


SCP-6886 itself refers to an ecumenopolis2, roughly 1.6 Earth radii, which serves as the origin of several related anomalous phenomena.

The formal name of SCP-6886 is Central Providence, however many of its inhabitants simply use the term Providence for brevity. Other common terms used when describing SCP-6886 include Home, Salvation, Sanctuary and Quarantine Sector Zero.

Extensive descriptions of SCP-6886 and anomalies derived from it can be found in addendum SCP-6886.2.
Of note in particular is the entity designated Mu-6, an advanced artificial intelligence which acts as the leader of SCP-6886 and the entities that reside on the planet. Residents of SCP-6886 usually refer to Mu-6 with the term Mother.

Despite the self-suppressing, highly cooperative and amicable nature of Mu-6 and SCP-6886 related anomalies, their scale makes them impossible to fully contain. Per 05-5 request, it is recommended to read discovery addendum SCP-6886.1 which supplies further context and perspective on containment.

Addendum 6886.1

On april 17, 1912 an unknown object manifested within the office of O5-5. The object was described as a white glossy cube, 60 cm in height, which could project images on its surface and produce speech.3 Following lockdown and analysis the object was deemed not an immediate threat and contained. On several occasions the object politely requested having an audience with the O5 council. It provided no resistance when its requests were denied. After extensive experimentation the object was not found to cause any negative effects on saff who interacted with it. Following this, O5-5 herself requested to speak with the object.

The following is a message from O5-5 regarding the event.

And that is all. You may be wondering, what is the importance of this addendum within the file? That is the second question you probably asked after why is this SCP being given such low containment priority? Or why is this the 05 taking such a lax stance towards this anomaly?

It's been over a hundred years and the information we have gathered on SCP-6886 should terrify us. Many of you think we should be scrambling to find a way to neutralize it. Or at least find a way to conceal ourselves from it. I’ve heard some of the younger staff dramatically exclaim that this SCP should be designated as Tiamat or even Apollyon.

There are in fact two reasons why we haven't done any of that. The first simple, the second more complex and rather philosophical in nature. I shall begin with the easy part.

As all staff worried about this file are quick to point out we have known about this anomaly since the tail end of the second industrial revolution. They also claim we have done nothing significant about it yet. If you have spent any time reading the historical records of this file you would know that is very much not true. We were concerned at first, very concerned. An unknown object appeared inside my office and when I opened that door I was sure for a moment my consciousness was about to be obliterated by some cognitohazard. Or maybe it was just going to shoot me. Instead, I was treated to a single polite exclamation.

Greetings from Central Providence.

The following six years we tried every test we could think of, yet all signs pointed to it simply being a mechanical drone with communication abilities. An ambassador.

It could render itself indestructible, but it never retaliated after our attempts that proved it indestructible. I observed many of these tests. It just floated, static, glowing. Many colorful lights under its surface. There was something oddly captivating about the object. Eventually I realized, as I looked upon it, that I felt a strange sense of calm every time I did. Serenity. Purity.

Our next test after that was for memetic hazards, of course. Nothing. It was simply a part of its identity.

I eventually requested to speak with the object. Needless to say it explained a lot of things, too many to write here. Mother -an overt name perhaps, but the only accurate translation- said we had an important choice to make. And by we I mean humanity as a whole. It had been studying our planet for eons, before we even discovered fire. Before our predecessors walked the surface. Before the cities of our great civilizations were erected between the rivers.

The whole time Mother hoped we never began to slide down that slippery slope so many before us have. Of course, we did. It was a matter of time. When the spreading corruption in humanity could no longer be ignored there was no choice but to move onto the next step.

Given the volatile nature of the world at the time Mother deemed us, the Foundation, the best representatives for humanity. As such, according to its non-intervention protocol, we were to be contacted first.

And that non-intervention policy, it is thorough. We asked it to continue concealing itself from humanity at large and it did, we asked for more time to decide and it allowed us plenty more. Mother was concerned with our current tendency, but it also said we still had time before a definitive decision could no longer be delayed.

Yes. There is the one notable exception to the non-intervention policy. But honestly I can not in good faith deem it unjustifiable, and I know several of the O5 agree with me.

It has been over a hundred years, in that time we have learnt that the forces inhabiting SCP-6886 could snap us out of existence at any moment. They could do it now, and they could have done so over a hundred years ago. And yet they have not. Instead all we have ever received from them is cooperation and communication. The power of this anomaly, while awe-inspiring and terrifying, is not the fascinating part about it.

I can understand your concerns, the idea that something that has many times the power of humanity is not actively attempting to subjugate us is hard to process. But that says more about us than it does about them. Being fully honest, the team we have designated to monitor SCP-6886 activities in case Mother may be deceiving us is functionally obsolete. Mother is not going to change, but maybe we can.

The second reason, well that is a bit harder to explain. And in a way I do not believe I should explain it. Suffice to say, if you cannot fathom any way to deal with SCP-6886 other than hostile or defensive actions, then you may be part of the bigger problem.


Addendum 6886.2


Due to standard documentation maintenance protocols the following addendum has recently undergone rewrittes by lead Researcher Dr. Hannah Carter, which are yet to be revised.
This process took place between December 2020 and April 2021.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

SCP-6886 itself is a rocky planet which orbits an A-type main-sequence star, the single planet in the system. The exact location of SCP-6886 is yet to be determined but it is known to exist beyond the edge of the visible universe.4 Orbital scanning reveals 62% of the surface is covered by land and 38% by bodies of water and ice caps.

Analysis of the land shows that 74% is covered in urbanization of some type, with the remaining 26% used for green spaces. Many of these are comparable to urban parks on Earth while some others are much bigger and seemingly more comparable to artificial nature reserves.

Defined urban planning guidelines can be seen uniformly applied through the entire planet-wide city. A minor portion of the urbanization is characterized by dense circular city sections dominated by skyscrapers. It is believed that these areas constitute a mix of residential development, leisure complexes and places of cultural diffusion.

The rest of the urbanization on the planet is characterized by arcologies5 that are heavily interconnected to each other and to the circular city portions by highly developed public transport.. These arcologies can be found all over the surface including floating over the oceans, at the top of the ice caps or hanging from cliff walls.

Despite the level of urbanization, vegetation is easily discernible in all areas of the planet where the climate allows for it, including the dense circular city center portions. No areas dedicated to industrial or economic purposes have been detected.

Further documentation of SCP-6886 is limited due to the presence of the planetary shield6 encompassing the entire celestial body approximately 40 km above the surface. The nature of this planetary shield (henceforth designated SCP-6886-1) is not well understood, however its effects are clear. SCP-6886-1 makes it impossible for matter or energy of any kind to travel outside of itself in any way, including teleportation, dimensional offsetting and even temporal dissonance. Photons are therefore incapable of traversing through SCP-6886-1, which makes the nature of the visible surface unknown. It is theorized that SCP-6886-1 effectively detaches all the contents inside it from base reality, however, it allows for travel to any other location in the universe contained within other SCP-6886-1 instances. Therefore, other planets enclosed by SCP-6886-1 instances are commonly referred to as being part of the Network.



Due to the presence of the SCP-6886-1 no foundation personnel have been able to document SCP-6886 themselves. Autonomous drones (henceforth designated SCP-6886-2 instances) are capable of relaying messages from the inhabitants of SCP-6886. The following is a message relayed from an inhabitant of SCP-6886 further referred to as POI-3137. It is meant to primarily showcase the ideological stance of entities residing within SCP-6886 rather than describe the planet with further detail.

Greetings from Central Providence.

My nomenclature is Arrellan. I am an individual who was tasked by Mother to provide a narrative of my experiences existing in Providence. Apologies for my likely stunted use of your communication methods. These are highly foreign to my type. Mother provides advanced machinery, however it does require exercise on my part to perfect the communication transformation. Gathering the precise significance of your words is under process to me.

Home is beautiful. Home is kind. Home is at the center. The photosynthesizers are prevalent, although not all are yellow-blue like on Earth. We have catalog from many a sun complex. We also have individuals from many a sun complex. In fact, the human evolutionary archetype is common, one of many. All archetypes live in harmony. My species has our own habitation structure but we are free to traverse and interact with all individuals.

Mother provides for all with her magic. Her magic makes geometry subjective. Her magic materializes enough sustenance from the beyond. Mother needs no industry to provide for us.

I love Mother. I love Providence. The guidelines are inflexible but kind. And necessary. The guidelines saved us from the disease. The guidelines saved old home from the disease. Now old home is a secondary sanctuary.

The quarantine is necessary.

No progress without purpose.

Addendum 6886.3

On June 08, 2021 Dr. Hannah Carter was declared missing after not being able to be located for three days. The only evidence of her whereabouts was recorded by the security camera in interrogation room 24 at site-49. The camera itself had been tampered with, its vision was partially obstructed by a piece of cloth.

<Begin log>

A sliver of the interrogation room floor can be seen to the right of the frame. The rest is covered by cloth which darkens the image. Towards the top right corner a magenta light can be seen glowing faintly through the cloth.

Dr. Carter: So, what happens when the others… when they get to that point.

POI-3137: There is no guarantee your kind wi-

Dr. Carter: I know! I… I know. But, tell me Arellan, what happens if they do.

POI-3137: You know Mother. The choice of how the transition shall occur is up to your kind, that is, unless your kind rejects reason. I know your foundation will not allow that to happen. They shall allow the exodus to begin if they deem it necessary.

Dr. Carter: Right right, fuck you had told me that already before.

Dr. Carter laughs nervously.

POI-3137: Something bothers you.

Dr. Carter: I… yes. I have one more question.

POI-3137: Ask.

Dr. Carter: What happens after?

POI-3137: After we are gone?

Dr. Carter: Yes… but more than that. What happens after… everything. What even is our legacy?

POI-3137: When the stars have died and skies have grown dark. When black holes fade and every molecule has been torn apart. When the network fails and the last bastions of our legacy dissolve into nothing. Then, at the center of all that ever was or will be, Providence shall remain.

Dr. Carter: What's the point though? What does it even matter if everything else will be dead, what purpose will we even have then.

POI-3137: Once we have forgotten time itself, we shall remain. Singing our songs. Dancing our dances. All wondering in unison if any of it was ever worth it.

Dr. Carter laughs sarcastically.

Dr. Carter: Well, that's bleak as hell.

POI-3137: That's the thing, I think all of us will agree. For all the damage and destruction we may have caused, our songs, our stories and our lives were worth it.

Dr. Carter: I see…

POI-3137: Are you ready?

Dr. Carter: I think so.

At this point an intense colorful light can be discerned glowing through the cloth, at the same location where the magenta light formerly was. Staff who have witnessed the video have reported a hypnotic quality to the light. A monotone voice can be heard.

Mother: Come, life awaits.

Dr Carter: Thank you, Mother.

The light grows in intensity for three seconds, which causes the recording to begin distorting. The video suddenly cuts to black.

<End log>

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