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Project: SERAPIS » Supplementary Document ‘FOXTROT’

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GALLIO: This is Agent Hector Gallio. The following is classified Level 5 under Project: SERAPIS — O5 EYES ONLY.

Research into anomalous events in the Shibbet’s Vale area of Southern Montana have turned up references to an incident that occurred at the Camp Apesawa summer camp in the summer of 1974. This was the unsolved disappearance of four children while staying at the camp. They were: Sally Aspinall, 12; Roberta Little, 11, known as ‘Bobbi’; Pearl Krause, 10; and Margaret Pendlemore, 10, known as ‘Maggie’.

The four girls vanished one night, evidently having left their cabin at the campsite of their own accord. They were never found, and no one was ever found responsible for their disappearance. The prevailing law enforcement theory was that they entered the woods for a prank or on a dare, and became lost, after which they died of exposure or animal attack. However, the fact that no bodies were ever found despite the extensive search led to persistent theories of foul play or a cover-up on the part of the camp staff.

That summer, Camp Apesawa was host to around fifty children and seven staff members and counsellors. Prior to the disappearances, there were no notable incidents, nor had there been for the past few years of the camp’s operation. The four girls were housed in the same cabin, and were designated the ‘Blue Herons’ in the camp’s system of dividing the campers into small groups for activities. The disappearance occurred on the fourth night of the camp, and afterwards the rest of the children were sent home as the search effort got underway.

My research into the incident through Foundation channels recovered a curious footnote to the disappearances. In 2002, Jennifer Krause, the mother of Pearl Krause, was dying of emphysema and admitted on her deathbed that she had found evidence pertaining to the disappearances while aiding the search effort. She told her niece, whose married name was Gertrude Foss, that she had found Pearl’s backpack in the forest, and that inside were journals and unsent correspondence from all four girls.

After reading some of the journals, Jennifer had decided not to inform the authorities and instead kept this evidence herself. After Jennifer Krause’s death, her niece informed the Montana State Police of this evidence, but the police failed to follow up on it. It was from their records that I was able to discover the existence of this evidence, and I directly approached Gertrude Foss claiming to be from the state police’s case review unit.

Shortly after this, I received a set of facsimiles of the evidence Jennifer Krause had found regarding the disappearance of her daughter and three other children. This evidence, along with the results of the police investigation at the time, forms the basis of my research into this incident and any possible anomalous aspects. Gertrude Foss is the only person outside the Foundation believed to have seen this evidence, and her communications are under Foundation surveillance to determine if this information has reached anyone else.

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