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GALLIO: This is Agent Hector Gallio. The following information is classified Level 5 under Project Serapis. O-5 Eyes Only.

Continued research into the history of Shibbet’s Vale, at the foot of the Mourning Cloak Mountains in Southern Montana, uncovered a significant event in 1981 that occurred on the nearby Lake Apesawa. In the autumn of that year an event was organised for fans of the ‘Big Sky Beauty’ series of historical romance novels by author Gwendoline McCoy. These books were set in a fictional region of Montana inspired by the Mourning Cloak Mountains, and so the event was marketed to fans as a chance to see the world of the books in person.

At the time of the event, the series consisted of twenty-two novels and had a devoted readership who organised themselves via a mailing list. Members of this mailing list booked the Comfort Arms Inn, a hotel in the town of Scarslow, as the base for a three-day event attended by Gwendoline McCoy and a group of fans. Among the attendees was Loretta Parsons, a 53-year-old woman from Kentucky who had flown to Montana for the event. She recorded her activities in a journal, which was in the possession of the Scarslow police and was acquired using Foundation protocols.

Gwendoline McCoy was a pen name for New York-based author Gabriella Zampori. She wrote of her experiences at the Scarslow event in preparation for a memoir that was never written. These notes were acquired from her estate via data intrusion by C-Class computer security personnel. Parsons’ journal and Zampori’s notes for the core of the research into the 1981 event.

While the events were publicly known and covered in the media, examination of the first-hand evidence suggests the Scarslow police covered up the potentially anomalous aspects. It is becoming apparent the Scarslow PD is consistently involved in covering up anomalies in Shibbet’s Vale, though it is not yet certain if this was part of an ongoing conspiracy or a series of decisions made by individual police officers. In the experience of the Foundation, law enforcement frequently ignores or destroys evidence of anomalous events for reasons of convenience. The Scarslow PD seems a regular offender in this sense.

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