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Project: SERAPIS » Supplementary Document ‘DELTA’

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GALLIO: This is Agent Hector Gallio. The following information is classified Level 5 under Project: SERAPIS — O5 EYES ONLY.

In 1986, a series of murders occurred in Camp Apesawa, a children’s summer camp, where a group in their late teens were staying during the off-season. Five of them went missing, with four bodies found. The killer was never found, and the case has been cold for more than thirty years. Aside from the bodies recovered, there was very little evidence and no significant leads. Police suspect the killer was a drifter or hunter who left the area immediately afterwards, but by their own admission this is purely speculation.

That is the official story.

In truth, there is a great deal of evidence, but it has never been made known to the public so it could be used to rule out dead leads and false confessions. This additional evidence was found in a canvas duffel bag by a hunter in the summer of 1987 and handed in to the police. It contained several VHS tapes with recordings taken from a handheld video camera, depicting the series of murders.

I found out about the recordings when research into incidents around the Shibbet’s Vale area inevitably brought me to the 1986 murders. I used Foundation protocols to compel the state police to make digital recordings of the tapes available to me.

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