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Project: SERAPIS » Supplementary Document ‘CHARLIE’

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GALLIO: This is Agent Hector Gallio. The following information is classified Level 5 under Project Serapis. O-5 Eyes Only.

I started research into anomalies in the Shibbet’s Vale area of Southern Montana by starting with the most recent events, and working backwards. After the incident at the White Tail Ski Lodge, the next incident was from the county search and rescue service. This outfit conducts operations to find people lost in the wilderness across much of the southern part of the State.

In 1992, the service conducted an operation to search for three missing hikers on the southern slopes of the Mourning Cloak Mountains. The post-operation briefing was sealed. That’s strange enough. Stranger still is, the local police and emergency services had no record of it at all. Foundation protocols let me get hold of a copy of the operation’s records, which existed only on paper in the search and rescue service’s offices and were never computerised. The reason for all the secrecy became obvious as I read through it.

What I received was a package of documents including written materials recovered during the operation and transcripts of interviews with the rescuers involved. In particular one of them, a former fireman and search volunteer named Gerald McCoffrey, kept detailed journals of operations to use in training. It was his notes that let me reconstruct the events of 1992.

McCoffrey died at the age of 72 two years ago, of chronic emphysema. It seems he never spoke to anyone, at least in any official capacity, of what happened in 1992. I wish I could have met him in person.

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Item #: SCP-8921-EX.

Object Class: Euclid.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8921-EX is to be kept in a standard humanoid holding cell with the addition of a self-contained air purification and recycling system with filters fine enough to catch the biological particles given off by SCP-8921-EX. These filters are to be regularly changed and cleaned. All contact with SCP-8921-EX and its cell is to be conducted under Level 4 biological hazard protocols including protective gear, decontamination, isolated air supplies for all personnel and compartmentalisation of areas and utensils.

Biological material shed by SCP-8921-EX is to be gathered and burned, all under the same level 4 biological hazard protocols.

Description: SCP-8921-EX is a humanoid formerly known as Roman Blisset. Chronologically it is 63 years old but the normal ageing process of a human male has not taken place for over thirty years. SCP-8921-EX appears human from the hips down, albeit with pallid skin riddled with prominent greenish veins. The rest of its body is disfigured with plantlike, fibrous growths forming bifurcating branches that push up from beneath the skin. So extensive are these growths that few vestiges of the original human form are left.

SCP-8921-EX sprouts leaves and flowers, which then wither and drop away, on a twelve month cycle. Experiments with light deprivation suggest a lack of light causes this new growth to be stunted, but not to stop entirely. During this process, SCP-8921-EX sheds spores which can latch onto and, through a mechanism not yet understood, burrow into living skin. Experiments with lab animals and limited tests on D-class personnel show these spores can take root and germinate in a host body’s skin, creating plant-like growths similar to those on SCP-8921-EX. These spores have very high potential for infesting Foundation personnel and other SCPs and are the reason SCP-8921-EX must be kept isolated with a contained air and water supply.

SCP-8921-EX was first contained when it was reported to local police wandering the border between Montana and Wyoming, where it had become the subject of an urban legend concerning the so-called ‘Green Man’. It was captured and contained at Site [REDACTED] without incident and was able to converse with interviewers, using the name Roman Blisset and maintaining it was a hiker that had become lost and become infected with spores from anomalous fauna. The infection caused a deterioration in cognition and so it was unable to specify where this infection had occurred. It was gradually rendered non-verbal by plant growths on its jaw and could only communicate by writing. Its deterioration, both cognitively and physically, meant it lost the ability to do this approximately five years into its containment. The last legible word it wrote was ‘Please’.

Following an O-5 directive, SCP-8921-EX is in the process of being reclassified as SCP-6881-1.

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