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Project: SERAPIS » Supplementary Document ‘BRAVO’

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GALLIO: This is Agent Hector Gallio. The following is classified Level 5 under Project: SERAPIS — O5 EYES ONLY.

The discovery of an anomaly, SCP-6881, in the area of Shibbet’s Vale, Montana, and the loss of the Mobile Task Force sent to investigate it, prompted the O5 Council to seek information on the area’s history and any intelligence on the nature of the anomaly. Going by my initial research, there is no shortage of unexplained events around Shibbet’s Vale. The region is currently unpopulated and unused, and has been since 1997, when a ski resort on the lower slopes of the Mourning Cloak Mountains was abandoned shortly before it was due to open for its first season.

I was working a hunch when I looked into the resort. I’ve learned to pay attention to them over the years. I might not be running around with a gun and a badge anymore, but I still know to trust the hairs on the back of my neck sticking up and my mouth going dry. It’s saved my life more than once. It might do again.

On the surface, the Whitetail Lodge Resort was just an investment gamble that didn’t pay off. The Mourning Cloak Mountains had decent slopes, beautiful scenery, and potential for off-season hiking and hunting. It also had almost zero infrastructure except for the handful of cabins from its use as a summer camp years before. Looked like another failed attempt to create a tourist market where one hadn’t existed before. But like I said, I had that hunch. And I believe in being thorough.

My days as a field agent have given me a few connections I can still call on. One of them now works in the office of the Assistant Director at the FBI’s Unusual Incidents Unit. I tapped him up for a search on Shibbet’s Vale and he dredged up an old deployment from 1997, just before the Whitetail Lodge closed down. He got copies of them to me through some old Foundation liaison channels, with a note that said I definitely owe him one for this.

Fortunately, the two agents sent to the resort were diligent in their record-keeping. I had transcripts of their interviews, notes, photographs, debriefings, the whole thing.

It started with a body. Of course it did.

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