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Item#: 6868
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6868 is to be contained in a standard animate object containment unit at Site-228. All handling of SCP-6868 is to be performed while wearing gloves.

SCP-6868 is not to be brought near any liquids.

Description: SCP-6868 is an animate and sentient rubber duck toy, which is 9x9.5x8 cm large. On its bottom a stylized W has been printed in purple. SCP-6868 is able to maneuver itself slowly with small jumps.

Since recovery, SCP-6868 has refused all attempts at communication, hopping away from any personnel attempting to come near it. It has been determined that SCP-6868 has haphephobia.1

Its main anomalous property is triggered upon physical contact with any liquid. SCP-6868 is able to transform liquid substances into purified water and pink soap bubbles. The bubbles then form small animate replicas of various types of ships, submarines, and airplanes, which then start to fly and sail autonomously. These bubbles are noted to be edible and taste similar to strawberries.

This anomalous property is capable of converting liquid to purified water at a speed of 5 liters per second. This process is automatic with SCP-6868 seemingly having no control over the effect. Once removed from the liquid, the conversion will immediately stop and all converted liquids show no further anomalous properties.

Addendum 6868-1: Discovery Log
During routine text message surveillance, a series of texts seemingly referring to an anomalous object led to the discovery of SCP-6868 in Klaus Heartz's personal effects. An excerpt of text messages between Klaus Heartz and Otto Knebel has been included below.


what's up

found a box on the side of the road. remember opening that stuff at the warehouse?

of course I do! u gonna open it?

you know it. mystery box time.

ugh I hate these stupid scissors. I just cut my finger opening this

lol serves you right for STEALING!

hey, there could be anything in here

it's probably some dude's mail. you're gonna feel like a horrible person in 3… 2…


that's weird

the box is rattling

congrats, you just stole someone's pet snake

don't think so. there's no airholes

…aaaaaand it's a rubber duck and a note.


Note: Heartz then sent a photo of a hand-written note, which has been transcribed below:


Got a new prototype from work for ya! I'm sorry I haven't been there that much. Hopefully Bobby will keep you company while I'm gone ♡

Love, Dad

oh, it's worse. you stole from a child.



thing moves on its own. no batteries either! how???:


he's kinda cute

it's just hopping around on its own. neat toy.

send a video

look at this!! i havent touched it!!!


your cat's gonna eat it lol

he's fast

ok, I've cornered him

The doors locked, could you let me in?

Klaus, you coming to the door?


During the autopsy of Klaus Heartz, all bodily fluids were found to be purified water with a large number of pink soap bubbles found inside Heartz' chest cavity.

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