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As of March, 3rd of 2001 this document is deprecated.

Item #: SCP-6844

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All publicly accessible areas currently affected by SCP-6844 are to be closed under Cover Story 43.1 Foundation web crawlers will continually monitor popular media outlets and social media websites for any mention of events surrounding SCP-6844. If discovered, these mentions are to be removed, with all exposed individuals being amnestized per standard protocol.

Due to SCP-6844's expanding growth, Foundation personnel have determined any containment procedures concerning the anomaly to be ineffective. Methods of future containment have become a top research priority.

Description: SCP-6844 is an anomalous phenomenon which only occurs within a circular2 area of Felli, Greece in which combustion, and by extension heat transfer used for food preparation by humans is not possible. SCP-6844 manifests in the form of chemical combustion being impossible to be achieved, and any form of ignition device fails to start. Other forms of generating heat such as heaters, ovens, and hair straighteners continue to work until used for food preparation, in which they experience an inexplicable mechanical failure.

Distinct connections have been found between SCP-6844, and the Noosphere.3 This relation further revealed that SCP-6844 was the result of unearthed archeological artifacts detailing a story of the fire given to mankind by Prometheus, which was later given back to Greek gods for the forgiveness of his crimes.

Discovery: SCP-6844 was discovered on June 12, 2000, in Felli when reports of inability to start fires surfaced. Subsequent interviews and investigations revealed that prior to SCP-6844 that several artifacts had been uncovered and translation revealed new findings of Greek mythology. Due to the nature of SCP-6844 and the size of Felli, it was determined that the most effective solution was to evacuate all inhabitants under Cover Story 32.4

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