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Item#: 6842
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6842 is currently in the care of Agent Klein of MTF-Omicron-1 (“Tactical penetration”). Further containment procedures were deemed unnecessary after positive behavioral changes were noted as a result of working with MTF-Omicron-1. Periodic monitoring on a yearly basis of the extent of and potential changes in SCP-6842's anomalous effects should be conducted to ensure classification remains appropriate. These assessments are to be performed at Biological Containment Site- 63.

Description: SCP-6842 is currently (as of 18-4-2019) a Red Merle pattern Border Collie in the care of Agent Klein. of MTF-Omicron-1. SCP-6842 was procured by the Foundation on 27-01-1942 and has undergone multiple metamorphosis since this time. When DNA testing became available both pre-metamorphosis and post-metamorphosis DNA samples of SCP-6842 showed no significant discrepancies, suggesting SCP-6842 remains the same entity.

SCP-6842’s anomalous feature occurs at any point it would be expected to die. When brain death occurs in SCP-6842 it spontaneously combusts. Once SCP-6842’s body is fully consumed its phenotypic and morphological features will reconstruct into a different breed of Canis lupus familiaris1 and general bodily function will resume.

SCP-6842 has attempted to escape containment multiple times and has been noted to metamorphose into breeds whose attributes are advantageous to these attempts. Behavioral changes are reported on in provided test logs. Non-relevant test logs have been left out of the official database entry, but can be made available upon request.

Note 23-07-1963:
All further testing on SCP-6842’s anomalous effects is prohibited, by order of The Ethics Committee.

SCP-6842 was discovered in 1942 as an Ambulance Dog2 working for the British army. The Foundation located SCP-6842 after rumours surfaced of an “immortal Dog” surface within the Unit it was recovered from. At the time of initial containment SCP-6842 had the appearance of a Lurcher3. SCP-6842 is believed to be a byproduct of the 7th Occult war, possibly being the result of anomalous experiments performed by the British government.

Tests with SCP-6842 revealed its anomalous traits and after multiple different tests SCP-6842 was officially given a Euclid classification due to its hostility towards researchers and multiple attempted escapes.

Note 12-08-1953:
Since SCP-6842 was assigned to MTF-Omicron-1, its behaviour has undergone major changes, including a decrease in aggression and an increase in obedience. Following this, its classification was changed from Euclid to Safe. See supplied mission report from MTF-Omicron-1 for a more detailed log of these behavioral changes.

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