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Item #: SCP-6832

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-6832 is neutralized, no containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-6832 was a phenomenon involving the spontaneous manifestation of house ants (Tapinoma sessile) on meals in the Site-55 cafeteria. Manifestations occurred when subjects were distracted or otherwise not paying attention to their current meal. The ants produced by SCP-6832, hereafter referred to as SCP-6832-1, followed pheromone trails that appeared to lead off the edge of the surface before vanishing at the precipice.

SCP-6832-1 instances which followed this trail to the end would then teleport to an unknown location, typically carrying an amount of food taken from the meal they manifested on. SCP-6832-1 have not manifested in any location other than the Site-55 cafeteria despite multiple attempts at prompting their appearance in other locations.

The anomaly first manifested on 31/06/20201 in the meal of Dr. Blank (Monterey chicken) when his attention was called away from his food by Dr. Wettle slipping on the recently cleaned cafeteria floor. By the time Dr. Blank returned his attention to his meal, SCP-6832-1 instances were moving towards the edge of the table and disappearing, causing him to suspect the presence of a new anomaly. The resident Anomalous Entomology Department Lead, Dr. Morrison, was informed and SCP-6832 was classified shortly after.

Addendum 6832.A: The following is an abridged log of SCP-6832 manifestations and attempts at manifesting the anomaly.

Affected Individual: D-1221

Meal: Nutraloaf

Notes: D-1221's attention was drawn away from his meal while being informed of the purpose of the experiment. SCP-6832 failed to manifest; the current theory on proper manifestation is that SCP-6832 will only manifest with individuals who are not aware of SCP-6832's nature.

Affected Individual: D-09534

Meal: Nutraloaf

Notes: SCP-6832 failed to manifest. The current theory on proper manifestation is that SCP-6832 will only manifest with individuals who are eating proper food and not Foundation-issued meal replacements.

Affected Individual: Dr. J. Everwood

Meal: Grilled chicken with black beans and rice

Notes: This is the first recorded manifestation of SCP-6832 under new procedures. SCP-6832-1 instances were noted to prefer taking pieces of the black beans rather than the chicken.

Affected Individual: Dir. D. Asheworth

Meal: Rosół

Notes: SCP-6832-1 manifested in the broth and 95% of recorded instances drowned. Asheworth's attention was returned to his meal before he could be alerted to its contaminated nature, and he was able to eat a spoonful before being informed. Dir. Asheworth proceeded to vomit and subsequently express outrage at being utilized for an experiment without his consent. Despite being informed of the nature of the anomaly, Asheworth remained irate for the duration of his stay at Site-55. Dir. Asheworth did not exhibit any negative traits as a result of consuming SCP-6832.

Affected Individual: Dr. J. Cimmerian

Meal: Pimento cheese sandwich

Notes: Dr. Cimmerian picked the SCP-6832-1 instances off of his sandwich and ate it, claiming, "It's a perfectly good sandwich, I'm not wasting it."

Affected Individual: Researcher J. Waltzer

Meal: Cinnamon rolls

Notes: SCP-6832-1 instances were observed to take Waltzer's cinnamon rolls in a record time; 7 minutes 53 seconds prior to all instances disappearing. It is believed that, like house ants, SCP-6832-1 has an affinity for sweet foods.

Addendum 6832.B: Following the manifestation on Researcher Waltzer's meal, SCP-6832 failed to further manifest. Upon consultation, Dr. Morrison stated that cinnamon is toxic to ants. Due to the evident self-neutralization of SCP-6832, further research into the anomaly has been deemed impossible.

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