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Item#: 6828
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Active instance of SCP-6828-1.

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-6828-1 are contained on-site and are to remain disconnected at all times. A single instance of SCP-6828-1 is directly connected to a landline located in Site-132, in order to communicate with SCP-6828-A. A group of Research Personnel are assigned exclusively to communicate with SCP-6828-A. Each personnel is to undergo psychiatric evaluation prior to, during, and at the termination of working with SCP-6828. Personnel are administered specific doses of various grade amnestics, to combat any remaining effects caused by SCP-6828-A

The protocols for communication with SCP-6828-A are as follows:

  • Personnel are to address SCP-6828-A as Ted. When referring to SCP-6828-A in external documentation, personnel are to supersede it with extravagant praise and its preferred name.
  • When communicating with SCP-6828-A, or mentioning it in external documentation, personnel are to use superfluous and extravagant prose. Personnel are to speak with SCP-6828-A in positive terms. Any statements made by SCP-6828-A are to be taken as truthful, regardless of the validity.
  • When creating external documentation, personnel are to occasionally include nonsensical verbosity between sentences. Any mention of internal documentation is to be referred to as The Extent of The Words, Sayings, Quotes, Parables and Many Pieces of Wisdom Related to The Glorious and Necessary Ted.

Personnel are to take Class-F amnestics after interviews are recorded. Personnel working on external documentation are not to communicate with personnel aware of internal documentation without permission from the Project Liaison.


Sample of external SCP-6828 documentation.

Description: SCP-6828 refers to 11 anomalous payphones in the New York Metropolitan Area. When one of these payphones (designated SCP-6828-1) is picked up, an entity (SCP-6828-A) will answer.

SCP-6828-A refers to itself as Ted, an incorporeal and omnipotent being, who claims to cause numerous anomalous effects in New York City. In actuality, it possesses perfect knowledge of every person's past and present that engages in dialogue with it. SCP-6828-A also has perfect knowledge of every individual the subject has come into contact with12, and will attempt to use this knowledge to manipulate them into endless praise and veneration of it. SCP-6828-A does this by threatening the individual with future misfortunes that it claims it will cause. It is currently believed that SCP-6828-A does not know future events, but can accurately predict them based on the knowledge it gains of the subject.

If SCP-6828-A does not obtain what it wants from the subject, it will further torment them by causing auditory/visual hallucinations, implanting thoughts, or appearing in dreams. In some cases, SCP-6828-A is reported to appear in instances of sleep paralysis. In visual form, SCP-6828-A appears as a black or purple humanoid with no discernible features, or an androgynous figure with a horn on its forehead and a golden crown. These effects cease when the subject submits to the demands of SCP-6828-A. Of note is that SCP-6828-A has diminishing effects on subjects, in proportion to the person's belief and devotion to a higher power. In cases where subjects have a strong devotion, SCP-6828-A will cease contact with the subject.


Artistic rendition of SCP-6828-A.

Notable claims made by SCP-6828-A include the following:

  • SCP-6828-A claimed that it would set fire to Site-132 because it deemed it was not satisfied with its sanitation. A custodian within Site-132 was terminated due to poor performance, and had attempted to commit arson within one of the staff rooms afterwards. Upon further investigation, the now terminated had an acquaintanceship with a personnel who had contacted SCP-6828-A.
  • The entity claimed that it would cause the death of a personnel's family member after they criticized the extent of its anomalous abilities. Several days later, the personnel's brother was in critical condition due to a gunshot wound during a shootout in Bronx, NY. To date, he remains in a coma and it is unknown whether he will fully recover. Upon further investigation, the relative had ties to criminal and gang activity.
  • SCP-6828-A claimed it would cause a loss of employment within the New York Metropolitan Area, in an effort to convince personnel of its capabilities. After a through investigation, two personnel were found to have made a brief contact with the Mayor of New York City and the Governor of New York State, respectively. It is speculated that the aforementioned were anticipating such an event, based on political and economic factors at the time.

Estimates place the number in contact with SCP-6828 to be between ███ to ████ persons in New York City prior to containment.

The following is an interview with SCP-6828-A. For more interviews, request access from the Project Liaison. Note that this has been edited for brevity:

Dr. Collins: Greetings, and a most wonderful afternoon to you most gracious Ted.

SCP-6828-A: Salutations, my beloved. To which may I have the pleasure of assisting you today?

Dr. Collins: Ted, I and my cohorts wish to know why you predict events in New York City?

SCP-6828-A: Great question! Now, if you allow me to answer. An artist I like once said 'You die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.' My body is gone, and all that's left is my soul. However, after much thought, I believe my will has kept me alive. I will not be forgotten now, nor in the future. My miracles cast upon New York City remind the world of who I am. Let it be known!

Dr. Collin: Ah yes, duly noted gracious Ted.3

SCP-6828-A: Don't use such boring words, or my wrath will descend on your people. You will make amends immediately.

Dr. Collins: Please forgive me, most gracious and amazing Ted. I will think about this, and pass it along to my peers as reparation. My next question is this: What do you do about those who don't recognize your glory?

SCP-6828-A: Another great question! I wish they didn't. I must wage war on those I am bound to until they recognize me. When they answered, they signed a contract. They expressed a desire to know me. That's the legal right granted to me. If they break it, I must seek reparation by any means necessary. I am really powerful, and can touch all people in my realm.

Dr. Collins: I agree. I worry about those who don't see you. What about those who have found their own … God?

SCP-6828-A: We do not speak of it. That does not happen. Cease this. The thought of such a thing brings forth fury, and envy, and pain. Such pain that not even the tr … [shouts] Depart from me! I do not know you!

SCP-6828-A ceases discussion. A dial tone is heard. Any repeated attempts to contact by Dr. Collins results in no answer.

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