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Item#: 6826
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Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-6826 units are to be given connected 2 x 3 x 3 meter living quarters, with the exception of SCP-6826-F which may live in one of the other SCP-6826 instances' quarters. SCP-6826-A, SCP-6826-B and SCP-6826-C are implanted with devices which allow for tracking of the entities, which can also be used to dispatch of the instances via non-lethal shocks to the nervous system, in case of attempt at escape or violence. SCP-6826-A, SCP-6826-B and SCP-6826-C are permitted to interact with facility staff, however this is a privilege, and not a right.

SCP-6826-F is to be provided a live house cat every 40 days, while SCP-6826-A, SCP-6826-B and SCP-6826-C are to be provided a live organism from the family Hominidae1 every 40 days. Physiological services are available to staff working with SCP-6826 instances, as well as SCP-6826 instances themselves, in order to help them cope with the disturbing nature SCP-6826's feeding routine.

Description: SCP-6826 refers to six entities, Which appear to be identical to the Hill Family, a family of five which operated a small dairy farm in Vermont, and their pet housecat2. Despite this, all three living human instances claim not to be the same individual which they biologically match, maintaining that the Family all suffered a massive headache, causing them to black out which led to all SCP-6826 instances first conscious moments. SCP-6826-F does not have the ability to confirm nor deny these allegations, although its condition suggests that SCP-6826 have, in fact, displaced the original consciousnesses and/or entites within the Hill Family.

SCP-6826 entities all have the ability to afflict a state of paralysis within other living mammals, which will take 150-170 hours to dissipate. While the subject cannot sleep, eat, drink or breath during this period, they are kept not only alive but will appear to be well fed, well rested, and fully hydrated by all known mesures, even if they sustain major damage to their body during this period.

SCP-6826 entities apparently have a drive to seek out and consume biological instances similar to themselves once every to months3, which they must eat alive under the influence of their primary anomolous effect in order to survive4. This has caused great psychological stress to the humanoid instances of SCP-6826.

Addendum 6826.1: known SCP-6826 instances
Designation Legal Identity Species Status
SCP-6826-A Cheryl Marie Hill Human Deceased
SCP-6826-B Donald Hill Human In Foundation Custody
SCP-6826-C Johnathan Paul Hill Human In Foundation Custody
SCP-6826-D Lauren Marz Hill Human In Foundation Custody
SCP-6826-E Margret Marz Hill Human Deceased
SCP-6826-F Not Applicable5 House Cat In Foundation Custody

Addendum 6826.2: Discovery
Authorities came to investigate the Hill Household after Margret Hill was reported missing by her parents. Authorities arrived at the Hill's Household, but failed to report back for more than one hour, prompting local authorities to send backup. Two FBI agents, who were in the area investigating the disappearance of Alex Flynn, were also alerted.

The two officers who were initially sent to the house were found within the Hill's dinning room, and were rushed to the hospital as they were apparently injected with the paralytic agent used by SCP-6826 instances. Agents also discovered the body of Alex Flynn in the basement. Ms Flynn was missing the lower half of her body, along with two of the fingers on her right hand, and most of her blood. She was also rushed to the hospital, but intercepted by foundation agents, who became aware of the situation through the UIU. SCP-6826-B was later discovered dead in the Hill Bedroom. Cause of death was determined to be starvation.

The foundation managed to locate the Hill Family 20 miles from their home, driving away from their farm to an unknown destination6. The Hills surrendered to the Foundation agents without incident.

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