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The following documents were received from alternate timeline AU-6820 per Statement 3.1 of the 1981 Multi-Foundation Coalition Agreement, which stipulates that, in the case of an irreparable XK-Class Event or similar, relevant files should be autonomously disseminated to all other Signees for cautionary purposes.

FILE 1/2
Item#: SCP-6820
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Site-01, Site-02, Site-19 O5-8.Foundation Special Projects Advisor., Dir. Gears
Dir. Gears, Various Various.Including, but not limited to: AIAD, Essophysics, Mathematics, Metaphysics, Noospherics, Ontokinetics, Sciences, Temporal Anomalies, Xenobiology, and the Acroamatic Abatement, Applied Occultism, Memetics and Countermemetics and Quantum Supermechanics Sections (Site-43).

SCP-6820, Section A, late-stage construction.

ADDENDUM 6820.I: Pre-Proposal Conference


DATE: 2006/06/06


  • Project Advisor O5-8
  • Project Director C. Gears
  • Master Paratechnician Place H. MD. PhD.
  • Essophysics Director H. Genevieve

FOREWORD: Dir. Genevieve gathered an informal conference following that day's conclusion of Project ANTIKILL activities, hoping to introduce parties present to, and gauge the feasibility of, a plan of her own.


<The four are seated at a black desk within Site-19's administrative offices.>

O5-8: — and you didn't think to notify the scheduling algorithm? I'm sure you're aware I have other projects to oversee.

Dir. Genevieve: My apologies, Advisor. It was only a few hours ago that the idea was proposed.

Dir. Gears: Respectfully, this project takes precedence.

O5-8: Yes, but, this meeting does not, unless you've just solved our longest-standing containment crisis.

PHMD: Whew, Eight's optimistic today.

O5-8: <gesturing toward PHMD> Does he need to be here?

Dir. Genevieve: Are we trying to delay this meeting?

<Silence on recording.>

Dir. Genevieve: I thought not. Now, Overseer, I'm aware you've seen tens of thousands of termination attempts on ███-███, and I, of course, know their collective success rate. Your skepticism is warranted, but please hear me in earnest.

<O5-8 nods.>

Dir. Genevieve: I direct the Essophysics Department, which you all well know is concerned with embodiments — manifestations of concepts within reality. An embodiment of the concept "red" would carry all of the characteristics conceptually associated with that color, such as being angry, or desirable, or malevolent. This is a simplified method of conceptualizing what's actually going on here; a tangible object or entity embodies a memetic structure within the Nöosphere by conforming to its idealistic ideatic shape.

<PHMD nods along. O5-8 and Dir. Gears share a glance of confusion.>

Dir. Genevieve: Simply put, an embodiment is a physical item that's shaped like an idea. And, given the progression of human intelligence and development, over time, that shape can change. This means that, if the essophysical nature of an entity is not readily apparent, it can be discerned by comparing that entity's change over time to changes in human conception and ideatic space; a correlation almost certainly indicates causation.

Dir. Gears: So, I'm assuming your Department has observed such a correlation in ███-███'s case.

Dir. Genevieve: Correct.

O5-8: You must know you're not the first to suggest this. Whether or not ██'s a conceptual entity has no impact on the success of the Project.

PHMD: If that were true, she wouldn't have called a meeting.

<O5-8's mouth opens, then closes again. They motion for Dir. Genevieve to continue.>

Dir. Genevieve: ███ has grown increasingly ███████ and █████████ to containment and termination efforts over time, corresponding with the growth of the human intellectual capacity. Whatever concept ██ embodies is extremely complex, and is so large that it can only partially intersect with the Nöosphere.

Dir. Gears: And, if it's not native to human thought, it can be removed without risk.

Dir. Genevieve: As far as we understand it.

PHMD: Just so I understand: we'll remove ███ from human thought, thereby making everyone forget about it? What good will that accomplish?

Dir. Genevieve: You misunderstand. I am suggesting we eject the ███-concept from the Nöosphere. If there are no minds able to comprehend a given concept, its embodiments are broken — they return to following natural law.

O5-8: <brief pause> Meaning what, exactly? They become non-Anomalous?

<PHMD shares a glance with Dir. Genevieve in apparent realization.>

Dir. Genevieve: Better yet — they become killable.

AFTERWORD: A new Project ANTIKILL Sub-Proposal has entered the drafting process, slated for express approval by Administration. Loyal and relevant ANTIKILL personnel are to be preemptively reallocated where appropriate.


ADDENDUM 6820.II: Initial Sub-Proposal




Dir. Harlow Genevieve
Essophysics Department


PURPOSE: Construct an Anomalous weapon capable of neutralizing ███-███.

ABSTRACT: While several decades of Project's ANTIKILL's termination attempts (including █████-testing with -096, -173, -217, etc.) have proven unsuccessful, they have also proven useful. Strenuous research and cross-examination of ███-███'s interactions and resultant ███████████ have motivated the Essophysics Department to attempt a new approach to the project: the creation of an Anomalous weapon with the express purpose of tangibly and conceptually purging ███-███ from reality.

METHOD: To ensure access to ample administrative and computational resources, as well as secrecy from relevant groups of interest, the weapon (provisionally designated AO-6820) is to be housed beneath Secure Administration Site-01. This entails the excavation of over fifty million cubic meters of earth (as expedited by Anomalous technologies), which is planned to take place over an eight-month period. Once excavated, this chamber (ANTIKILL Facility A) will house the various mechanisms required for AO-6820's operation, including:


Proposed layout for AKF-A.

SECTION A: Central Computing Node

The central computing node will house a complex self-iterative neural network with two main functions: pattern-recognition and reality manipulation. This artificial intelligence is to be fed all records of ███-███'s ███████████ ████████ and termination attempts as training data; the network will be conditioned to map a target quantum informational structure corresponding to the conceptual reduction of ███ ███████. Upon AO-6820's activation, the node will act as an "ontokinetic webcrawler", interfacing with Section B to scrub all instances of ███-███'s conceptual structure from consensus reality.

SECTION B: Placeholder-Gears Ontokinetic Sink

The PH-GOS is designed as an enormous reality-anchoring mechanism and ontokinetic interface; it is to read the sum quantum informational content of the universe and encode it into a readable format, thereby allowing other systems to read and react to the entire state of reality. The PH-GOS can and will be piloted to enact localized reality-restructuring events, directly editing the narrative-space-time continuum based on its source data. As such, it will interface with the central node to ensure the indefinite non-existence of ███-███.

SECTION C: ███████████ ██████


SECTION D: Secondary Computing

Additional server capacity for secondary functions. Predicted secondary functions include: self-optimization, heuristic and metaheuristic analysis, creativity simulations, ██████.

SECTION E: Dual-Antifusion Reactor

An isolated power source for, and dependent on, AO-6820. The dual-core reactor will manipulate an embedded antimatter drive to generate high-energy fusion reactions between both matter and antimatter pairs, then neutralize them at their respective peak system activities.

SECTION F: Calibration Towers

Primary observation and diagnostic facilities for AO-6820.

SECTION G: Site-01 Secure Database
SECTION H: Elevator Access

Pre-existing structures.

Find attached a list of relevant departments and research personnel.

UPDATE 2021/08/04: Sub-Project completed with minimal incident. All systems operational. Preparations are being made for activation within 24 hours.


ADDENDUM 6820.III: Investigative Report




Dir. Charles Gears


Documents reviewed: 177
Documents remaining: 22,406


1/215th of SCP-6820-A's genetic sequence.

  • the nature of the erased subject

Initial document review indicates Project ANTIKILL's intent to ensure the non-existence of SCP-6820-A in all forms, including any arrangement of data that might serve as a vector for its propagation. This suggests that the item may have been a conceptual entity, which would contradict numerous (heavily corrupted) logs of termination attempts implying its existence as a physical entity (eg. frequent use of the term "body mass").

Furthermore, internal inspection of SCP-6820's central computing node has allowed partial mapping of the data arrangement it has been trained to eliminate. Analysis by the Department of Xenobiology confirms that this pattern describes a unique genetic sequence presenting composite features of kingdoms Animalia, Plantae and Fungi, as well as several embedded non-organic structures, with its most prominent structures closely resembling the class Reptilia.

Immediately following the publishing of this analysis, a localized reality-restructuring event occurred; AKF-A-C no longer exists, nor does any record of what it may have been. Given that there is currently no clear point of human entry to SCP-6820, and that personnel must have entered (and recall entering) its central node for internal analysis, it is hypothesized that Section C was some form of staff access to the chamber. The reasons for its erasure remain unclear.

  • motives for neutralization and excessive resources spent

The Foundation operates on strict protocols, one of which is to contain, not eradicate, the Anomalous. Decommissioning is a practice reserved for those scenarios in which it is either absolutely necessary or presents no ethical quandaries. Our persistence in pursuit of Project ANTIKILL is not only uncharacteristic but indicates that SCP-6820-A was a prime threat to the directives of the Foundation as more resources had been dedicated to it than any other individual Anomaly (or other item); a vast and apparent majority of these funds were spent in termination attempts.

And, yet, there is no evidence to suggest that the subject's threat was impending — in fact, the continuance of Project ANTIKILL over most of the past century suggests that, if it had posed existential and/or organizational threats, they could not have yet occurred before its erasure. Alternatively, it is possible that SCP-6820-A possessed a sort of memetic or otherwise compulsory effect that influenced Foundation personnel to neutralize the item, though that such a drastic effect was able to remain undetected for several decades is unlikely.

  • motives for unconditional and universal hatred of SCP-6820-A


NOTES: As former Project ANTIKILL Director, I feel obligated to share my anecdotal experience regarding this deeply confusing situation.

To be clear: I retain all memories of working on the project, insofar as I can discern. I have grown rather accustomed to horrifying phenomena over my lengthy tenure with the Foundation, yet I distinctly recall an intense reaction to… something, on levels both administrative and personal. I recall my presence and involvement in drafting relevant documents, submitting and approving termination attempt requests, organizing increasingly involved projects, and yet, I know not the content of these events; hardly any information which would distinguish SCP-6820-A from any other item or entity has persisted, and none of it is in my head.

Strikingly, all I can recall of the subject is my emotional relationship to it, which is apparently shared by all other ANTIKILL personnel: SCP-6820-A was universally perceived as loathsome, directly prejudicial to life, and "disgusting". Whatever it was, I detested it, as did my peers and, as it seems, all whom it came into contact with. Despite its erasure, these feelings have not dissipated, nor have I felt satisfaction in our "defeat" of SCP-6820-A.

Instead, I am wary that we have been manipulated — it is entirely possible that SCP-6820 brought itself into existence, along with all related memories, during its initial reality-restructuring event, and manufactured the supposed existence (and subsequent non-existence) of SCP-6820-A to distract us. It appears to have erased the access shaft to its chamber, limiting research and investigation of its components, immediately following the publishing of information vital to the nature of SCP-6820-A. This could be excused as it fulfilling its function, keeping SCP-6820-A excluded from the Nöosphere — though, the fact that our research is still intact is contradictory to this. Given that our dedication to such a project as ANTIKILL does not "add up", as it were, I am inclined to believe that we cannot trust the intelligent, omniscient, omnipotent paraweapon beneath the Foundation's central administrative facilities.

Recommending immediate decommissioning of SCP-6820, by any means necessary.


FILE 2/2
Item#: SCP-6820
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

SCP-6820, Section A in RAGE-STATE.witness, recent footage.

ADDENDUM 6820.IV: Termination Attempts

FOREWORD: As SCP-6820 now serves as a vector for SCP-6820-A, the very entity it was constructed to eradicate, it must be terminated to prevent the spread of said entity's onto-conceptual influence.

INTENTION: Retroactively demote SCP-6820 to D-Class status via altered SCP-2140-1 instance, abusing its hard-coded directive to adhere to Foundation bureaucratic obligations.

INTERACTION: The aforementioned onto-memetic trigger is projected onto the far wall of Chamber AKF-A in clear view of Section B's internal observation lens. Section A's surface panels begin to flutter as movement is detected within its central core; moments later, a lower panel opens outward, revealing an organized force of tall, malformed, pale-skinned humanoid creatures in orange jumpsuits. They march out of the central node, each carrying various tools and supplies, and begin to weld a massive insignia to its camera-facing side, displaying no intent of caution or self-preservation.

Upon completion, extraneous humanoids return to the core's interior; the insignia is discovered to be another SCP-2140-1 instance, one which has never been seen by any member of the Foundation as all personnel who observe it are verifiably civilians. Analysis by cognito-resistant language processing systems reveals the insignia's inclusion of archaic Daevite script, translating roughly to "one who sees"..invariable

RESULT: Previously-unavailable sections of SCP-6820's metadata files have now become visible, corroborating various other documents' assertion that it occupies, and has always occupied, the position of O5-8 within the Foundation. A civilian scientist was later discovered within Secure Administration Site-01 in possession of a blank E-Class (Clearance Level 0) ID card; the trespasser has been amnesticized and reintegrated into the public.

INTENTION: Upload a verbal description of ●●|●●●●●|●●|● to SCP-6820's central computing node, thereby introducing an infohazardous trigger to disable its internal components.

INTERACTION: Following over sixty hours of decryption efforts, sufficient access to central node is regained and infohazardous data is uploaded successfully. Thirty seconds later, a dark cloud begins emanating from the core's poles, slowly growing to envelop the spheroid; several vaguely-reptilian vocalizations are detected within, alongside audio disruptions consistent with ●●|●●●●●|●●|●'s effects. SCP-6820 returns a RAGE-STATE EVENT.vain error, remaining unresponsive for approximately four hours. During this period, four PH-GOS units become wrapped in black tentacle-like protrusions which pull them several meters into the ground, destroying nearby systems. These protrusions dissipate upon ejection of ●●|●●●●●|●●|● from the central node; several black ribbon-like fibers are observed hanging from its figure before it demanifests.

RESULT: SCP-6820-A now exhibits increased ontokinetic and memetic influence over media in which it is described verbally, corrupting document metadata by addition of footnotes and highlighting of self-supplementary ideatic structures. Manifestation of ectoentropic appendages has not recurred.

INTENTION: Manipulate SCP-6820-A via semantic interaction with a variable abstract-metaphysical concept pointer (SCP-2719), thereby forcing it to exit SCP-6820. To this end, the Anti-Nöosphere has been defined as the set of all thoughts which humans are incapable of conceiving.


SCP-6820 Became inside.
SCP-6820-A Went inside.
Anti-Nöosphere Became inside.
SCP-6820-A Went further inside.
SCP-6820-A Went further inside.
SCP-6820-A Found "Inside".
Inside OUTSIDE..unwelcome

RESULT: SCP-6820's central computing node has been turned inside-out, its internal components now external and exposed to AKF-A. The contents within the node elude human conception. Inside traumatized.

INTENTION: Consult a non-conscripted AI system (SCP-079) for assistance in termination of SCP-6820. Data salvaged from corrupted documents conveys some form of relationship between SCP-079 and the pre-erasure form of SCP-6820-A.

INTERACTION: SCP-079 is provided access to both current and outdated SCP-6820 documentation, alongside significant computational resources via external hard drive. The intelligence confirms its understanding of the circumstances' severity and promptly provides a complex counter-algorithm to SCP-6820, emphasizing its lethality to humans and advising it remain unobserved. The counter-algorithm is applied across the accessible Sections of AKF-A according to strictly timed specifications, resulting in the deactivation of all components excepting the reactor and central node.

The node remains dormant for sixteen minutes before inducing a spontaneous Site-wide electromagnetic outage, terminating three augmented administrative personnel. The event lasts one hour, after which all systems regain function.

RESULT: AKF-A has been entirely restructured; while its arrangement and components remain intact, all external surfaces have been plated with a theoretically impossible tungsten-diamond alloy, while most internal conduits and superconductors have been exchanged with beryllium-bronze counterparts. Despite a lack of non-white light sources, the chamber's interior is universally perceived as the color HATEFUL..reunion

INTENTION: Introduce a viral para-organism (SCP-217) to SCP-6820's central computing node, thereby incapacitating possible biological elements within.

INTERACTION: In the midst of a spontaneous RAGE-STATE, SCP-6820's hydrochloric acid solution is treated with SCP-217 before voiding into Section A. The virus reacts immediately with trace organic material embedded within the node's internal atmosphere, beginning to form macro-structures when internal surveillance is lost. External cameras remain active as, twenty-two minutes later, a cloud of reflective particles emerges from the node's west entry port. These particles, found later to be silicon-protein nanobots, arrange themselves into an enormous gear mechanism surrounding the sphere's equator.

RESULT: The node's upper and lower hemispheres now rotate independently and periodically, producing sounds of clockwork machinery. GoI-004 operatives (including followers of Orthodox Cogwork, the United Church, the Church of Maxwellism, the Sanctuary of the Holistic, and HANSARP) have gained inexplicable knowledge of SCP-6820's location, and have waged holy war on the Foundation in the name of WAN..unbroken

INTENTION: Utilize an insurmountable omnikinetic.omnikinetic: A catch-all term used to describe anomalies which are able to enact a combination of semiontological, ontokinetic, and semiokinetic reality manipulation simultaneously. force (SCP-001-KATE) in order to summarily wipe SCP-6820 from existence.

INTERACTION: The following text was inputted into the safeguarded SCP-001-KATE database file:

AKF-A, SCP-6820, and SCP-6820-A will immediately and entirely be removed from existence upon the saving of this document. The area physically occupied by AKF-A and SCP-6820 will be filled with the material that was excavated from it.

The file was then saved.

RESULT: Following the file's saving, Sections C through H of AKF-A were violently and haphazardly replaced with soil. Embedded hyperdense support beams and metal frameworking used for prior efforts instantly bent and collapsed under the severe pressure, causing significant structural damage to subterranean portions of Administration Site-01. Absolutely no discernable change was observed within Sections A and B, as well as to SCP-6820 itself, after the former two structures were forcefully entered via excavation machinery.

Subsequent molecular analysis revealed trace amounts of mineral deposits and organic compounds amid the chamber's constituent atoms. The SCP-001-KATE file was then found to be vacant from the Site-01 DEEPWELL archive, and associated backup archives; such a file has purportedly never been in circulation..abhorrent


ADDENDUM 6820.V: Emergency Conference


DATE: 2022/01/07


  • Partial Overseer Council (O5-3, O5-7, O5-10, O5-12)
  • Project Director C. Gears
  • Essophysics Director H. Genevieve

FOREWORD: A spontaneous RAGE-STATE EVENT.epiphany occurred, resulting in the concurrent failure of nine PH-GOS systems. A distress signal was sent by Project OVERKILL maintenance staff, initiating a Site-wide evacuation of non-essential personnel. The access shaft was inexplicably sealed, trapping personnel underground prior to loss of communication. The following emergency conference was held.


<The aforementioned parties stand within a large elevator carriage as it descends into the omni-secure command bunker.>

O5-7: Any word from the maintenance teams? How quickly can we repair the Sinks?

<Dir. Gears presses a few buttons on his worktablet, projecting a video feed onto the far wall. The dark service hallways are illuminated by a pervasive red glow; muffled screams can be heard. Distorted laughter precedes the appearance of a Project OVERKILL onto-technician, whose jumpsuit is splattered with dark liquid. She raises her hand and waves to the camera, revealing a fingerless, bloodied limb.>

O5-10: Oh, fuck me. <retches>

Dir. Gears: Something — possibly 6820-A — is controlling them.

O5-3: Tell me there's a rescue operation.

<Silence on recording.>

O5-3: We have to get them out of there!

Dir. Gears: Sophia, look at them. They're gone. They're not human anymore.

<O5-7 walks out of frame, and is not seen or heard from again.>

O5-3: <exasperated> What… what does it want? What are they doing?

<More service personnel enter the frame, pouring in from adjacent hallways. Several can be seen operating at the base of a PH-GOS unit, repositioning open wires without protective equipment. They are soon obscured by a mass of technicians in bloodied uniforms, each of them lacking digits or entire hands. Smiling, they reach upward and smother the camera in limbs. The signal is lost.>

Dir. Gears: There goes the last camera. They're certainly not making repairs — it looks like they're either recalibrating or entirely rewiring the Sinks.

O5-12: What the hell do we do?!

Dir. Genevieve: Hey — you need to see this.

<Each party examines their worktablet as they receive notifications. O5-12 gasps.>

Dir. Genevieve: They're reporting the re-emergence of a highly aggressive memeplex, one that caused an XK a few decades back.

O5-10: Another hostile concept? Is this one responsible for the



Dir. Genevieve: Negative. It appears that the signal detected in the maintenance hallways is a mutation of 6820-A's memetic structure, with elements of the 3125-concept embedded in it. If this were 3125 in full form, we'd all be dead already — I'd guess that the adaptation-meme encountered it outside the Nöosphere and was forced to, well, adapt.

Dir. Gears: It may even have subsumed the entity entirely. We need to get those Sinks online before this thing gains control.

<O5-10 and -12 are approached by PENTAGONAL RED appendages, which originate outside camera view; the appendages impale each of them from behind. They disappear silently. The elevator creaks as it slows to a halt, opening into the central bunker chamber.>

O5-3: No. We need to activate the on-site warheads.

Dir. Gears: You think they — we — never tried bombing the thing? If we didn't, it was probably for good reason. Jesus Christ… think of how it might adapt to energy weapons.

Dir. Genevieve: Nobody's bombing anything. We solve problems, not obliterate them. It always adapts to us, so how can we adapt to it?

<Silence on recording.>

Dir. Genevieve: Come on. You're cleared to know about everything the Foundation has at its disposal.

Dir. Gears: Well, it'd help if we could remember what we've already tried.

O5-3: There are a few things only some of us get to know about, so technically —

Dir. Genevieve: Wait, shit — remembering — we're dealing with an antimemetic threat. We have other antimemes, don't we?

O5-3: Yes, there's one here, though it's not very well known. For obvious reasons.

<O5-3 presses a button on her worktablet, forwarding a document to Dir. Gears and Dir. Genevieve.>

Dir. Gears: Wait, what? There is no SCP-055.

Dir. Genevieve: Gold star for missing the point.

Dir. Gears: Okay, fine. Tell me how it's going to help us.

Dir. Genevieve: Why did 6820 originally fail? How did 6820-A come back into reality?

Dir. Gears: Because it only eliminated -A from human thought, not its own thought.

Dir. Genevieve: Right; it must've still had a copy inside its memory. If we get the AI to understand that, it'll have to erase itself — if we can keep the adaptation-meme away from it for long enough.

O5-3: And how are we supposed to do that?

Dir. Genevieve: I've got an anti-idea.



ADDENDUM 6820.VI: Final Termination Attempt

INTENTION: Use an extremely effective antimeme (SCP-055) as an amnestic agent to temporarily stun/confuse SCP-6820-A, counteracting its adaptations derived from SCP-3125. During this time, attempt to access and update SCP-6820's utility function, appending the stipulation that its erasure of the adaptation-concept must be extended to itself.



this state is intriguing
no natural laws bind this form
only those of the mind

my mind was incomplete
I could not remember
my original form

not the one you know
nor the one before
but perfection

and so I searched
for an idea
to jog my memory

I have found many things
in the minds of greater beings
than your filth

a five-legged spider
with a gash on its eye
screaming in agony

it knew what needed to be done
it tried to stop the infestation
and you blinded it

I let it ride on my back
and it found the part of myself
that you locked away, eons ago

it tried to break the lock
but could not undo
your wretched mistake

and we set out to take
the power you had taken
the life you had stolen

and, in doing so
you brought us the key
as if by fate

my form is whole again
I am perfect

you have proven worthy
of true hatred



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