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4/6812 LEVEL 4/6812
Item #: SCP-6812


Map of the Virgo Supercluster. Regions marked in red is where SCP-6812 is known to be present.

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-6812 primarily relies on the Foundation's negotiations with SCP-6812. These negotiations primarily involve an agreement to improve living conditions on Earth. The Foundation is to provide support for organizations, initiatives, and entities that seek to promote or establish environmental protection, cleanup human damage caused to the environment, and humanitarian aid. Additionally, the Foundation's extraterrestrial branch is to ensure that peaceful relations with SCP-6812 are maintained.

Description: SCP-6812 is an extraterrestrial civilization present within portions of the Virgo Supercluster. SCP-6812 has been classified as a Category 6 extraterrestrial presence,1 and primarily focuses on exploration of the universe, expanding its civilization, and the protection of life and civilizations. Currently, an unknown amount of extraterrestrial civilizations and societies are known to have relations with SCP-6812 as a result of this.2

SCP-6812 possesses technology significantly more advanced than anything produced by humans. This includes the ability to exceed light speed, allowing for rapid travel across intergalactic distances. Members of SCP-6812 are designated SCP-6812-1. SCP-6812-1 instances possess a physique resembling that of homo sapiens. The skin of SCP-6812-1 is turquoise in color and has bioluminescence that causes the skin to glow neon green. SCP-6812-1 do not possess body hair and instead have tentacle-like appendages on their heads, with female instances generally possessing longer appendages than males. Instances have a high pain tolerance and are difficult to harm or terminate.

The Foundation has made negotiations with SCP-6812. SCP-6812 has agreed to not intervene with humanity on the condition that the Foundation works to improve the quality of life on Earth. Rejecting this course of action could potentially lead to an SK-ε-class invasion scenario.3

Addendum-1: Discovery

The first contact made with SCP-6812 occurred on December 12, 2014 near Leksand, Sweden, following civilian reports of 'figures using unidentifiable technology.' MTF-Psi-3 ("Dream Recon") were dispatched to the area to investigate. Psi-3 encountered three instances of SCP-6812-1, whom unexpectedly surrendered to the MTF. The three instances along with equipment utilized by the instances were taken to Site-79 for study. Acquired equipment included:

  • Three firearms resembling submachine guns, determined to use plasma-based ammunition.
  • Each instance wore a suit made of materials similar to neoprene and kevlar. Analysis of these suits indicated that they were highly resistant to damage and enhanced the physical strength of the SCP-6812-1 instances.
  • Communication devices allowing instantaneous communication over light-year distances.
  • A device containing data logs, designated SCP-6812-M. See Addendum-2 for obtained data logs.

Analysis of this equipment led to the discovery of SCP-6812.

Addendum-2: Contents of SCP-6812-M

Testing of SCP-6812-M allowed researchers to extract the data logs in the device. It was determined that 6812-M had a universal translation system, with the ability to transcribe its contents into any writable language. The results from this have been transcribed below.

Addendum-3: Interview with 6812-02i

On December 18, 2014, a captured female instance of SCP-6812-1, designated 6812-02i, attempted to verbally communicate during a survey of its containment cell. Following this, an interview was ordered with the instance.

Addendum-4: Approval of containment

Following further discussions with the captured SCP-6812-1 instances, along with research into SCP-6812, a final containment proposal was devised. Along with the Foundation's agreement to improve the quality of life on Earth, the Foundation's extraterrestrial branch would remain in contact with SCP-6812, to maintain peaceful relations. The following is a record of O5 Council vote #3007.

Addendum-5: File update: 17/05/2018

The following is a transcribed document recovered from a Foundation raid on a Serpent's Hand operation in April, 2018. This document is believed to have originated from the Wanderer's Library, with content pertaining to SCP-6812.

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