The Man With A Rose For A Head
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Item #: SCP-6810

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No special containment procedures are required for SCP-6810 due to the fact it has been proven to show no intention of leaving its assigned site as well as being extremely compliant with researchers and other SCP staff. SCP-6810 is to be kept on standard site living quarters. SCP-6810 can be let outside of its cell to freely roam the facility upon request for up to 4 hours but must be accompanied by a security guard at all times. In case of emergency SCP-6810's living quarters is equipped to spray it with harmful chemicals to incapacitate it temporarily.

Description: SCP-6810 is a humanoid creature created from SCP-914 after a rose and a D-Class personnel was placed in it on the 1:1 setting as a test to see what would occur if organic material and a human was put in SCP-914. The result of this experiment was a 6'2 120lbs humanoid creature with rose petals surrounding its head. SCP-6810 was immediately tested and interviewed to see if it had any anomalous abilities. SCP-6810 was found to have regenerative capabilities allowing it to completely regenerate any lost parts of its body, although any type of weed killer or any other chemicals that hurt plants have been found to be extremely effective on SCP-6810. Upon being interviewed SCP-6810 was hesitant to talk at first but finally opened up and told the researcher everything it could remember. 2 Days after SCP-6810 was sent to a living quarters it was sent to be researched further and it was found that SCP-6810 actually has a head under the petals which had a mouth, no eyes or any other facial features, SCP-6810 also has no human organs. Although SCP-6810 is missing eyes it can still see just like a human, but it was also found to be achromatopsia colorblind meaning it can not see any color.

Addendum 1: Since SCP-6810 has no human organs and can regenerate it has volunteered to help test other SCP's since it can not be permanently injured by most.

Addendum 2: 2 weeks after containment SCP-6810 requested a black suit to wear as clothing, when questioned why it chose particularly a black suit it simply said "I like suits, that's it"

<Begin Log, [16 Hours After SCP-6810 Being Created]>

Mr.██████: Do you remember anything before being..created?


Mr.██████: Please just talk to me, you can speak correct?

SCP-6810: I- don't remember.

Mr.██████: So you're telling me there's absolutely nothing you remember?

SCP-6810: It's hazy but I remember being somewhere warm.. wait no it changed from time to time, sometimes it just all went black for what felt like an instant but so long at the same I was sleeping.

Mr.██████: Do you remember learning to talk or walk… or anything from the human.. side?

SCP-6810: No it's like it's been engrained in my mind from the second I was.. made.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-6810 was sent to a living quarters and classified as Safe.

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